Movie Trailers - May 1950

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1950

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The Asphalt Jungle Trailer (1950)

23 May 1950

Recently paroled from prison, legendary burglar "Doc" Riedenschneider, with funding from Alonzo Emmerich, a crooked lawyer, gathers a small group of veteran criminals together in the Midwest for a big jewel heist.

Champagne For Caesar Trailer (1950)

11 May 1950

What happens when the man who knows everything goes on a quiz show that doubles your cash prize every time a you answer a question correctly? Beauregard Bottomly is that man & what happens is you end up with 40 million dollars at stake.

In a Lonely Place Trailer (1950)

17 May 1950

Dixon 'Dix' Steele, a down-on-his-luck screenwriter needs to adapt a trashy novel. At a night club, the hat-check girl, Mildred Atkinson is engrossed reading it.

Caged Trailer (1950)

19 May 1950

Caged tells the story of a teenage newlywed, who is sent to prison for being an accessory to a robbery.

Stars in My Crown Trailer (1950)

11 May 1950

The story of a young pastor coming to a small town in the United States to set up his ministry. The movie tells of the various relationships and struggles he goes through as he goes about raising his family and preaching to the community.

Annie Get Your Gun Trailer (1950)

17 May 1950

This film adaptation of Irving Berlin's classic musical stars Betty Hutton as gunslinger Annie Oakley, who romances fellow sharpshooter Frank Butler (Howard Keel) as they travel with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Pier 23 Trailer (1950)

11 May 1950

Pier 23 was one of three hour-long mysteries produced by Lippert Productions for both TV and theatrical release.

The Damned Don't Cry Trailer (1950)

07 May 1950

Fed up with her small-town marriage, a woman goes after the big time and gets mixed up with the mob.

Curtain Call at Cactus Creek Trailer (1950)

24 May 1950

Traveling entertainer gets mixed up with bank robbers.

An Egg Scramble Trailer (1950)

27 May 1950

On Porky Pig's farm, Miss Prissy, a slow-witted hen, has never laid an egg. So, one of her fellow hens paints Prissy's name on an egg and places it in Prissy's nest.

Lady Paname Trailer (1950)

26 May 1950

The Reformer and the Redhead Trailer (1950)

05 May 1950

A small-town politician falls for an idealistic zookeeper.

I Was a Shoplifter Trailer (1950)

13 May 1950

A police detective uses any means possible to trap a gang of shoplifters.

Shadow on the Wall Trailer (1950)

19 May 1950

Angered that her sister Celia has stolen her fiance, Dell Faring kills her and allows Celia's husband David, knocked out in an argument with Celia, to take the blame and end up on death row.

Fugitive Lady Trailer (1950)

08 May 1950

A man drives his car off a cliff in an apparent suicide. One insurance investigator is not so sure it was an accident or suicide and gets 48 hours to prove his case.

So Young, So Bad Trailer (1950)

20 May 1950

Idealistic and naive Dr. Jason arrives at a school for delinquent girls and immediately begins to try to make a difference in the lives of some of the inmates.

Prelude to Fame Trailer (1950)

02 May 1950

Prelude to Fame is a 1950 British drama film directed by Fergus McDonell from a story by Aldous Huxley.

Comanche Territory Trailer (1950)

01 May 1950

Silver has been found on comanche territory and the government accomplished a peaceful agreement with the indians.

Fortunes of Captain Blood Trailer (1950)

19 May 1950

When he unwittingly sends some of his men into a trap, pirate Captain Peter Blood decides to rescue them.

The Savage Horde Trailer (1950)

22 May 1950

A charismatic gunfighter who is on the run takes refuge in a frontier cattle town and attempts to help a group of ranchers against a wealthy cattle baron.

Lucky Losers Trailer (1950)

14 May 1950

Slip and Sach's boss, David J. Thurston, has allegedly committed suicide. Slip finds a book of matches with the name of a local nightclub on his boss' desk and finds out from Gabe that a gambling casino is being run out of it.

Last Holiday Trailer (1950)

15 May 1950

George Bird is a salesman of agricultural machinery who finds out that he hasn't long to live. On his doctor's advice, he goes to an exclusive seaside resort to spend his savings on one last holiday.

Primitive Pluto Trailer (1950)

19 May 1950

Pluto's primitive wolf nature emerges and berates him for going soft. But their little hunting trip goes bad when Pluto encounters a rabbit and bear that give him some trouble.

The Reluctant Widow Trailer (1950)

01 May 1950

A young governess becomes embroiled in French spy intrigue, in this adaptation of a Georgette Heyer novel.

The Invisible Monster Trailer (1950)

10 May 1950

A villainous creep kidnaps a group of asylum-seekers and forces them to assist his plan to create an invisible army of conquest.

Zwei in einem Anzug Trailer (1950)

24 May 1950

The Leghorn Blows at Midnight Trailer (1950)

05 May 1950

Foghorn Leghorn tricks a naive young chicken hawk into believing the barnyard dog is a pheasant.

The Jackie Robinson Story Trailer (1950)

16 May 1950

Biography of Jackie Robinson, the first black major league baseball player in the 20th century. Tracs

A Ticket to Tomahawk Trailer (1950)

19 May 1950

Comedy western about a cowboy who is hired by a stagecoach boss to stop the railroad reaching his territory and putting him out of business.

Colorado Ranger Trailer (1950)

12 May 1950

The Shamrock Kid (James Ellison), Lucky (Russell Hayden), and The Colonel (Raymond Hatton) get caught in a feud between outlaws and homesteaders.

The Kid Trailer (1950)

31 May 1950

A 10-year-old Bruce Lee stars as Kid Cheung, an orphan boy who sells comics in a little stall in the slums to survive.

La valse de Paris Trailer (1950)

04 May 1950

A fictitious biography of Jacques Offenbach and Hortense Schneider.

Sending of Flowers Trailer (1950)

26 May 1950

Envoi de Fleurs is based on incidents in the life of French composer Paul Delmet. Played by popular French singing star Tino Rossi, Delmet is depicted as a man all too willing to give up personal happiness in favor of blind ambition.

Love at First Bite Trailer (1950)

04 May 1950

The stooges reminisce about the girls they met overseas while in the military. As they wait for the girls' ship to arrive, they get drunk and Shemp winds up asleep with his feet in a tub of cement.

Tarts and Flowers Trailer (1950)

26 May 1950

While waiting for her cookies to bake, Audrey dreams about a marriage between the Gingerbread Man and Angel Cake about to terminated by the Devil's Food Cake.

Mirror of Holland Trailer (1950)

14 May 1950

In 1950 Haanstra made Mirror of Holland, combining his talent as a filmmaker with his eye as a painter.

Salt Lake Raiders Trailer (1950)

01 May 1950

A man is sent to jail for murder escapes while being transferred, Rocky is sent to bring him in. When he catches him in a ghost town the man claims to be innocent and was trying to clear himself by finding the stolen money that was never recoveded at the time of the killing.

Maharadscha wider Willen Trailer (1950)

31 May 1950

The Miner's Daughter Trailer (1950)

25 May 1950

A Harvard grad tries to start a gold claim, but is immediately beset by the amorous daughter of a rival miner.

The Big Hangover Trailer (1950)

26 May 1950

A young law school graduate is hired by a prestigious firm, but he neglects to inform them he is allergic to even a single whiff of alcohol.

Johnny One-Eye Trailer (1950)

05 May 1950

Johnny One-Eye was adapted from one of Damon Runyon's lesser-known stories. Pat O'Brien and Wayne Morris star as Martin Martin and Dane Cory respectively, former partners in crime who have long since split up.

Amor de la calle Trailer (1950)

03 May 1950

His Bitter Half Trailer (1950)

19 May 1950

Daffy Duck marries for money, but the bossy wife and her raucous, trouble-making little son soon have him filing for divorce.

The Fires of Baku Trailer (1950)

08 May 1950

Dedicated to the development of the oil industry of Soviet Azerbaijan in the background of the first half of the twentieth century, including their selfless work in strengthening the economic and military might of the USSR.

Des Lebens Überfluß Trailer (1950)

17 May 1950

Rock Island Trail Trailer (1950)

18 May 1950

A greedy businessman tries to block the building of a new railroad in his area.

Cuide a su marido Trailer (1950)

12 May 1950

High-society comedy in the screwball vein.

Roaming Through Michigan Trailer (1950)

20 May 1950

This Traveltalks entry roams through the northern end of Michigan's Lower Peninsula and makes a short visit to the Upper Peninsula.

Paul Temple's Triumph Trailer (1950)

01 May 1950

A husband-and-wife detective team look into the murder of one of her friends, whose father--a prominent scientist--has been kidnapped.

The Glass Mountain Trailer (1950)

01 May 1950

An aspiring composer, in the British Air Force for WWII, is downed in Italy and rescued by an Italian girl.

Please Believe Me Trailer (1950)

12 May 1950

A woman in London unexpectedly inherits a Texas ranching fortune, and takes a transatlantic voyage to collect her fortune, not suspecting two men aboard both plan on winning her hand before she reaches America.

Did'ja Know? Trailer (1950)

06 May 1950

This short looks at the following questions: How would you act as an expectant father?; How many greeting cards are sold in the USA each year?

Cow Town Trailer (1950)

19 May 1950

Gene responds to cattle rustling by stringing barbed wire all around his range.

Louisa Trailer (1950)

31 May 1950

Architect Ronald Reagan and wife Ruth Hussey invite his widowed mother (Spring Byington) to move in with them, only to discover the sweet elderly lady is romantically involved with what seems to be every old coot in town.

Motor Patrol Trailer (1950)

12 May 1950

A cop poses as a member of a stolen-car ring to capture the men responsible for the murder of his fiancee's brother.

Operation Haylift Trailer (1950)

05 May 1950

A pilot devises a plan to airlift hay to thousands of ranch cattle stranded and dying due to severe winter weather.

No desearás la mujer de tu hijo Trailer (1950)

18 May 1950

The Angry Street Trailer (1950)

14 May 1950

The Angry Street includes a great deal of location shooting in the rebuilt city, including downtown streets, residential neighborhoods, the campus of the University of Tokyo, and the high life of jazzy dance halls.

Ventriloquist Cat Trailer (1950)

27 May 1950

A cat learns the art of ventriloquism in order to play a series of practical jokes on a slow-witted bulldog.

Customs Agent Trailer (1950)

18 May 1950

An undercover agent (William Eythe) tracks a medicine black market from China to California.