Movie Trailers - April 1964

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Mothra vs. Godzilla Trailer (1964)

29 April 1964

The 4th film in the Godzilla franchise restores the serious tone of the original Godzilla film. A greedy developer has placed huge machines to suck dry a part of the ocean near Tokyo so he can build luxury condos.

Woman of Straw Trailer (1964)

28 April 1964

Anthony Richmond schemes to get the fortune of his tyrannical, wheelchair-using tycoon uncle Charles Richmond by persuading Maria, a nurse he employs, to marry him.

Charulata Trailer (1964)

17 April 1964

Charu lives a lonely and idle life in 1870s India. Although her husband Bhupati devotes more time to his newspaper than to their marriage, he sees her loneliness and asks his brother-in-law,Umapada to keep her company.

The Evil of Frankenstein Trailer (1964)

08 April 1964

Once hounded from his castle by outraged villagers for creating a monstrous living being, Baron Frankenstein returns to Karlstaad.

Old Shatterhand Trailer (1964)

30 April 1964

Renegades trying to get the army to abandon their fort get the Indians addicted to whiskey, then convince them to attack and drive out the soldiers.

Nightmare Trailer (1964)

19 April 1964

Janet is a young student at a private school; her nights are troubled by horrible dreams in which she sees her mother, who is in fact locked in an insane asylum, haunting her.

The Quick Gun Trailer (1964)

01 April 1964

Gunslinger Murphy helps an ungrateful town fight off a raid by his former gang.

The Chalk Garden Trailer (1964)

02 April 1964

A grandmother seeks a governess for her 16 year old granddaughter, Laurel, who manages to drive away each and every one so far by exposing their past, with a record of three in one week! When an applicant with a mysterious past manages to get the job, Laurel vows to expose her.

633 Squadron Trailer (1964)

06 April 1964

When Norwegian resistance leader Lieutenant Erik Bergman reports the location of a German V-2 rocket fuel plant, the Royal Air Force's 633 Squadron is assigned the mission to destroy it.

Curse of the Hidden Vault Trailer (1964)

30 April 1964

Mobsters conspire to loot another criminal's treasure secured in an enormous booby-trapped vault.

Greed in the Sun Trailer (1964)

16 April 1964

Marec, a truck driver is sent by his boss to track down through the Morroccan desert a reckless youngster who stole a brand-new truck and its payload.

Psyche 59 Trailer (1964)

29 April 1964

An industrialist's (Curt Jurgens) wife (Patricia Neal) tries to remember the shocking sight that made her blind.

Monsieur Trailer (1964)

22 April 1964

Désespéré par la mort de sa femme, le banquier René Duchesne se promène le long de la Seine. Seule la rencontre de Suzanne, son ancienne femme de chambre lui révélant les infidélités de Madame, le sauve du suicide.

Black Peter Trailer (1964)

16 April 1964

Reality movie of a few days in the life of a Czechoslovak teenager when he starts work.

The Best Man Trailer (1964)

05 April 1964

The other party is in disarray. Five men vie for the party nomination for president. No one has a majority as the first ballot closes and the front-runners begin to decide how badly they want the job.

Hercules Against the Barbarians Trailer (1964)

16 April 1964

The eternal Hercules in this film has gone way beyond his usual time and place in ancient Greece and is now helping Poland free itself of Mongol invaders in the 12th century.

Death of a Killer Trailer (1964)

01 April 1964

When Massa (Robert Hossein) is released from prison, he's sure that Luciano (Simon Andreu), an old freind, is responsible for his incarceration.

A Tiger Walks Trailer (1964)

12 April 1964

A tiger escapes from a circus truck as it passes by a small town, and hides itself in the surrounding woods.

It's a Hard Life Trailer (1964)

22 April 1964

Adventures with a Naked Boy Trailer (1964)

15 April 1964

A man boards on a tram together with a naked boy. Somebody has stolen the boy's clothes when he was out bathing, leaving him with not even change for the tram.

The System Trailer (1964)

12 April 1964

In a seaside village, a group of local young men mingle among the seasonal tourists in search of sexual conquests.

An Outlaw Trailer (1964)

05 April 1964

A killer who only hits people who deserve it is tricked into killing an innocent man. He then seeks revenge against the people who employed him and then gets mixed up with drugs and prostitution in Hong Kong.

A Dream Trailer (1964)

01 April 1964

Poetic treatment of the early life of Ukrainian poet and painter Taras Shevchenko.

Nightmare in Chicago Trailer (1964)

02 April 1964

Based on the novel Death on the Turnpike by William P. McGivern, Robert Altman's Nightmare in Chicago was expanded for theatrical release after it originally aired on NBC in 1964 on an episode of Kraft Suspense Theater.

The Curse of the Green Eyes Trailer (1964)

09 April 1964

The German police cannot solve the mystery of the seven murders which have alarmed the local villagers.

Ride and Kill Trailer (1964)

30 April 1964

A small town in Arizona is oppressed by the tyranny of a powerful rancher. The owner of a farm, fed up with constant abuse, decides to hire a former gunslinger, as the town sheriff is recognized powerless to stand against the tyrant.

Oh, Bomb! Trailer (1964)

18 April 1964

During the mayoral election, two ex-prisoners decide to replace the lucky pen of an annoying candidab

Nuts and Volts Trailer (1964)

24 April 1964

Sylvester Cat turns to automation in hopes it will help him catch the fastest mouse in Mexico, Speedy Gonzales.

Never Put It in Writing Trailer (1964)

27 April 1964

The Ninja Hunt Trailer (1964)

14 April 1964

The score alone is enough to make you feel unsettled and looking behind your back for a sly Koga Ninja! A clan is doomed, ninja are the problem, and expendable mercenaries are hired in a desperate gamble for survival.

Pachai Vilakku Trailer (1964)

02 April 1964

Pachai Vilakku (English: Green Lantern) is a 1964 Indian Tamil film, directed by A. Bhim Singh and produced by Rama.

Le Parti des choses: Bardot et Godard Trailer (1964)

30 April 1964

Le Parti des choses: Bardot et Godard is a documentary short following director Jean-Luc Godard on the set of Contempt.

Lo sparviero dei Caraibi Trailer (1964)

04 April 1964

In the mid-1500s, a ship containing Spanish prisoners being sent to a Spanish penal colony in the Caribbean sinks at sea, but some of the prisoners manage to survive and make it to shore at a nearby island.

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald Trailer (1964)

22 April 1964

The Dallas trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F. Kennedy's alleged assassin, is enacted as it might have occurred.

Mia famiglia Trailer (1964)

15 April 1964

Black Sun Trailer (1964)

18 April 1964

You’ve probably never seen anything quite like this manic, oddball, anti–buddy picture about a young, jazz-obsessed Japanese drifter and a black American GI on the lam in Tokyo.

Tiga Abdul Trailer (1964)

22 April 1964

Tiga Abdul (The Three Abduls) is a 1964 Malaysian comedy film directed by and starring P. Ramlee. It tells the story of three brothers who are caught in a web of trickery set by the cunning Sadiq Segaraga who uses his three daughters to fleece the three brothers of all their wealth.

Tolles Geld Trailer (1964)

14 April 1964

The Inn on Dartmoor Trailer (1964)

09 April 1964

A private detective tries to find out how and why some convicts have mysteriously disappeared from the prison of Dartmoor.

The Strangler Trailer (1964)

01 April 1964

An overweight lab technician with low self esteem, brought on by his dominant mother, becomes a serial killer of female nurses.

Mark of the Tortoise Trailer (1964)

23 April 1964

English millionaire Sir Cyrus Bradley is being blackmailed by “The Tortoise” Crime Syndicate. He is to pay £ 100,000.

Kiss Me Kate Trailer (1964)

20 April 1964

Abridged version of the classic Cole Porter musical.

Saturday Night Out Trailer (1964)

01 April 1964

Five seamen and a passenger are intent on making the most of the 14 hours they will spend in London.

Las chivas rayadas Trailer (1964)

02 April 1964

Mom owns a restaurant. Daughter's an aspiring ranchera singer, #2 son's a seminary student/semi-pro wrestler, #3's a star-player on the local football team, #1 is a shmuck, water-boy for his little bro's team.

The Man from the Oak Forest Trailer (1964)

28 April 1964

An ex-servant becomes a lonely Shepard, killer hidden in the mountain woods during wartime. Under disguise of a black marketeer, a woman from the town maintains steady connection between the town and mountain, and organizes a resistance movement.

Darna At Ang Babaing Tuod Trailer (1964)

14 April 1964

It's Darna and she's awesome as ever.

Panic Button Trailer (1964)

10 April 1964

A businessman comes up with a scheme to make money by financing a film version of "Romeo and Juliet" that's destined to fail, thus giving him some major tax breaks.

Trouble Among Widows Trailer (1964)

15 April 1964

When Guillaume Valmont dies in a car accident, the only thing he leaves his wife Isabelle is his pharmacy.

Viel Lärm um nichts Trailer (1964)

22 April 1964

Mauro, Humberto Trailer (1964)

01 April 1964

Der Chef wünscht keine Zeugen Trailer (1964)

23 April 1964

Campaign Manager Trailer (1964)

07 April 1964

This brief portrait follows 28-year-old campaign manager John Grenier as he maps out strategies for Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential run and engineers a takeover of the Republican convention.

Panakkara Kudumbam Trailer (1964)

23 April 1964

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Esse Mundo é Meu Trailer (1964)

01 April 1964

Bene mio e core mio Trailer (1964)

15 April 1964

Of Stars and Men Trailer (1964)

27 April 1964

Of Stars and Men is a 1964 animated film from the Hubley family of animators, based on the 1959 book of the same name by astronomer Harlow Shapley, who also narrates.

Our Big Sister Trailer (1964)

22 April 1964

No movie overview available.

El revólver sangriento Trailer (1964)

02 April 1964

Follows an "unlucky" gun across the paths of five owners.

Everybody Loves It Trailer (1964)

09 April 1964

A janitor finds a four-leaf clover and dreams of his good luck turning him into a television star. Somehow, this translates to "naked women all over the place.

Wherever You Are Trailer (1964)

27 April 1964

Lisa, a young wealthy has just been dumped by one of her lovers. One night at a bar in Torremolinos met Paul Vallier and asks Rudolph will you call tonight? Vallier is a writer in crisis intellectual and sentimental.