Movie Trailers - April 1984

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1984

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Up the Creek Trailer (1984)

06 April 1984

Bob McGraw is in his 12th year of college, goofing his way through life. Bob, Irwing, Gonzer and Max are the four losers forced and bribed to represent their university in an intercollegiate raft race.

Angel Trailer (1984)

19 April 1984

15 year-old Molly is top of her high school class. But nobody suspects that the model pupil earns her money at night: as a prostitute on Sunset Blvd.

The NeverEnding Story Trailer (1984)

05 April 1984

While hiding from bullies in his school's attic, a young boy discovers the extraordinary land of Fantasia, through a magical book called The Neverending Story.

Oddballs Trailer (1984)

06 April 1984

A Canadian sex comedy about saving a summer camp from becoming a shopping mall.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Trailer (1984)

13 April 1984

After the Crystal Lake Massacres, Jason is pronounced dead and taken to the hospital morgue, where he is mysteriously revived, allowing his diabolical killing spree to continue at the camp where the gruesome slaughtering began.

Razorback Trailer (1984)

19 April 1984

In the Australian outback a vicious wild boar kills and causes havoc to a small community.

They're Playing with Fire Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

A married college professor decides to seduce her student, whom she hired as a handyman for her yacht.

Target Eagle Trailer (1984)

26 April 1984

A Spanish police chief hires an undercover agent (a Jewish mercenary(?)) to infiltrate a gang of heroin smugglers.

Swing Shift Trailer (1984)

13 April 1984

In 1941 America Kay and her husband are happy enough until he enlists after Pearl Harbor. Against his wishes, his wife takes a job at the local aircraft plant where she meets Hazel, the singer from across the way the two soon become firm friends and with the other girls become increasingly expert workers.

The Pink Lagoon: A Sex Romp in Paradise Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

The Pink Lagoon is an action-packed adventure film studded with gorgeous girls and interwoven with cleverly designed, passionate love encounters.

The Stone Boy Trailer (1984)

04 April 1984

One summer morning, 12-year-old Arnold Hillerman and his 17-year-old brother Eugene wake at dawn to pick peas and perhaps shoot a wild duck on their family's Montana farm.

After the Rehearsal Trailer (1984)

09 April 1984

Rational, exacting, and self-controlled theater director, Henrik Vogler, often stays after rehearsal to think and plan.

A Sunday in the Country Trailer (1984)

11 April 1984

In France, before WWI. As every Sunday, an old painter living in the country is visited by his son Gonzague, coming with his wife and his three children.

Tales of the Third Dimension Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

This movie is made-up of three tales, the first one is, "Young Blood" it is about a married pair of vampires who adopt a child.

Iceman Trailer (1984)

13 April 1984

An anthropologist is brought to an arctic base when explorers discover the body of a prehistoric man who has been frozen in a block of ice for 40,000 years.

Les capricieux Trailer (1984)

14 April 1984

The Far Pavilions Trailer (1984)

21 April 1984

Story of forbidden love in 1800's India set against the revolution for India's freedom from England.

Voyage to Cythera Trailer (1984)

21 April 1984

An old communist returns to Greece after 32 years in the Soviet Union. However, things aren't the way he had hoped for.

Suburbia Trailer (1984)

13 April 1984

When household tensions and a sense of worthlessness overcome Evan, he finds escape when he clings with the orphans of a throw-away society.

A Voyage Round My Father Trailer (1984)

19 April 1984

A successful lawyer struck with blindness in middle age continues his battles in the courtroom with the assistance of his family.

Apasionata Trailer (1984)

27 April 1984

Romantic drama...

Space Ace Trailer (1984)

16 April 1984

You guide Ace through various dangers as you fight to save his girlfriend Kimberly, from the villain, Borf.

Calendar Girl Murders Trailer (1984)

07 April 1984

Millionaire Richard Trainor is celebrating the fact that his new calendar featuring twelve nude woman is a huge success.

Thambikku Entha Ooru Trailer (1984)

20 April 1984

Overview Coming Soon...

The Jar Trailer (1984)

16 April 1984

A motorist who comes upon an auto accident finds a bottle at the scene. The bottle contains a demon who proceeds to possess him.

Mangetsu no Kuchizuke Trailer (1984)

07 April 1984

It's a horror\romance film, about a love spell gone wrong.

Man and Woman Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

A 1984 Hindi-language telefilm directed by Tapan Sinha.

Biquefarre Trailer (1984)

04 April 1984

Long Live Life Trailer (1984)

18 April 1984

The movie starts with an interview with director Claude Lelouch. He pleads viewers not to disclose the plot of the movie after leaving the projection room.

Flashpoint Trailer (1984)

19 April 1984

Two Texas border guards find a jeep buried for 20 years in the desert, with a skeleton, a scoped rifle, and a box with $800,000 in cash.

Point of Departure Trailer (1984)

23 April 1984

This documentary feature film is set in a two-storey villa, where three generations live together representing four different scales of values and views of life.

Ein Mann namens Parvus Trailer (1984)

10 April 1984

Champions Trailer (1984)

20 April 1984

The true story of jockey Bob Champion who overcame cancer to win the 1981 Grand National

Mermaid Legend Trailer (1984)

14 April 1984

After a woman is framed for the murder of her fisherman husband, she seeks out a bloody revenge on the corrupt businessmen responsible.

The Last Kamikaze Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

No overview found.

Wer war Edgar Allan? Trailer (1984)

11 April 1984

A nihilistic art student meets the mysterious Edgar Allen at a coffee shop in Venice. The fascination for the older man soon turns into paranoia.

Adaminte Vaariyellu Trailer (1984)

21 April 1984

Aadaminte Vaariyellu is a 1983 Malayalam film directed by K.G. George and starring Srividya, Suhasini, and Soorya.

Dangerous Moves Trailer (1984)

15 April 1984

World Chess Champion Akiva Liebskind (Michel Piccoli) faces his former pupil Pavius Fromm (Alexandre Arbatt), who defected to the West from the Soviet Union five years earlier, for the World Chess Championship in Geneva, Switzerland.

Hookers on Davie Trailer (1984)

04 April 1984

Documentary following hookers in Vancouver.

Treffer Trailer (1984)

03 April 1984

Such Was the SO 36 Trailer (1984)

20 April 1984

1984 German super 8 short work

Thanks for the Fire Trailer (1984)

05 April 1984

The failure of Budiño Ramon, who plans first murder of his father and is recognized after unable to carry it out, is due largely to the general attitude of a society that tolerates no dramatic gestures.

New Tales Of The Flying Fox Trailer (1984)

07 April 1984

In the great tradition of Hsu Tseng Hung's The Silver Fox and Chang cheh's Lengend of the Fox comes this exciting adventure, where the only thing between all the clan leaders and certain death is one young woman.

Kometa Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

Mixed Up Trailer (1984)

12 April 1984

An okay kids-in-peril horror comedy with a vampire and something that looks like the frankenstein monster.

Ozzy Osbourne: [1984] Montreal, Canada Trailer (1984)

27 April 1984

Ozzy Osbourne at Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC, Canada Mr Crowley (cut) Rock'n roll rebel Bark at d

Exit - El tricicle Trailer (1984)

23 April 1984

Where the Boys Are '84 Trailer (1984)

06 April 1984

Where the Boys Are '84 is a 1984 remake of the 1960 teen sex comedy film Where the Boys Are, starring Lisa Hartman, Lorna Luft, Wendy Schaal and Lynn-Holly Johnson.

Ciske the Rat Trailer (1984)

29 April 1984

Lovable Amsterdam street urchin, 11 year old Ciske is nevertheless much in need of love as the German 1955 title suggests.

Celestial Navigations Trailer (1984)

28 April 1984

Beginning with his work for a certain public television show that featured a big yellow bird, Al Jarnow captured life's scientific minutia and boiled it down for easy consumption between cookie eating monsters and counting vampires.

Bocet vesel Trailer (1984)

20 April 1984

Run Away Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

Kidnapped by a group of bandits and raped by their chief, Dan Zhu slowly develops feelings for the perpetrator.

Die Friedenmacher Trailer (1984)

08 April 1984

In the Jaws of Life Trailer (1984)

04 April 1984

Two parallel tales about two modern women. One is Štefica Cvek, average and lonely girl who desperately tries to find the man of her dreams.

Mamla Garbar Hai Trailer (1984)

04 April 1984

This Superhit Punjabi Movie (1984) was the Debut Film of Popular Punjabi Singer & Actor Gurdas Maan and is a musical Love Story.

Devanthakudu Trailer (1984)

11 April 1984

Devantakudu movie is a murder mystery. In which, chiranjeevi is a college student who is daring and dashing and has a weakness for betting and challenges.

Schulmädchen '84 Trailer (1984)

06 April 1984

A comedy directed by Nikolai Müllerschön.

Águia na Cabeça Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

The Ebony Tower Trailer (1984)

01 April 1984

A brash young artist invades the secluded retirement of an elderly painter and finds that the great man lives with two young women in a tantalizingly ambiguous relationship.

Vellai Pura Ondru Trailer (1984)

13 April 1984

Overview Coming Soon...