Movie Trailers - January 1984

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1984

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Taboo III Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Barbara Scott's son Paul moves out unexpectedly, leaving her distraught. She soon becomes jealous of her son Jimmy's girlfriend while she secretly yearns for him.

Bruce Lee: The Legend Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

The Official Golden Harvest tribute to the Master of the Martial Arts Film, Bruce Lee.

Rasputin - Orgien am Zarenhof Trailer (1984)

06 January 1984

The monk Rasputin is summoned by the Russian nobility to use his healing powers to heal the dying heir to the Russian Empire.

Karin's Face Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

A film based on the pictures from Ingmar Bergman's personal photo album, especially the pictures of his mother Karin.

Maria's Lovers Trailer (1984)

27 January 1984

Ivan Bibic returns to his Pittsburgh PA suburb after surviving a Japanse POW camp, causing regular nightmares.

Monaco Forever Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

An American jewel thief in Monaco encounters various characters while trying to set up a robbery.

Kaşık Düşmanı Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

The Elusive Summer of '68 Trailer (1984)

30 January 1984

For the young man who lives in Serbian province town, the maturing coincides with the turbulent political events of the year 1968.

Love and Pigeons Trailer (1984)

07 January 1984

Shown a life in the remote siberian village. Vasia, who never leave his family, village, comes to pass summer holiday on the Black Sea.

Young Russia Trailer (1984)

03 January 1984

The film is set in the era of Peter I The Great, on the Russian North. The plot revolves around the fate of three people: Captain-Commander Sylvester Ievlev, customs army lieutenant Athanasius Krykov vaster and-White Sea Ivan Ryabov.

Violated Trailer (1984)

02 January 1984

An actress in New York City goes against a group of gangsters who are abusing her "party girl" friends.

Breakin' Trailer (1984)

10 January 1984

A struggling young jazz dancer (Lucinda Dickey) meets up with two break-dancers. Together they become the sensation of the street crowds.

Surrender in Paradise Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

After the plane crash survivors passenger and prisoner who is transported to the prison, were stranded on a desert island.

Salt on the Skin Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

After a computer operator has been through a painful relationship, he is determined to look the other way every time any interesting woman enters his life.

Oniroku Dan: Best of SM Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

SM Daizenshu - Best of SM is basically clips from a few "popular" pinku films that is put into the context of a "story" - by adding "book-end" sequences that turn the film clips into slightly more than just a compilation film.

Shaolin Temple 2: Kids from Shaolin Trailer (1984)

26 January 1984

Two rivaling families live on opposite sides of a river. One of them practices Shaolin kung fu and has only sons, while the other has only daughters and practices the Wu-Tang sword.

Promiscuity, the Street Kids of Katia Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

A story of a young woman who is cheating her impotent husband with the surrounding teenagers.

Giddh: The Vulture Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Starring Om Puri, Smita Patil, and Nana Patekar

Postacı Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

The Lonely Guy Trailer (1984)

27 January 1984

A writer for a greeting card company learns the true meaning of loneliness when he comes home to find his girlfriend in bed with another man.

Hot Dog... The Movie Trailer (1984)

13 January 1984

When a hopeful young American hot-dogger goes pole-to-pole with an arrogant Austrian pro, the snow really starts to fly! But as hot as it is on the mountain, it gets even hotter off when the pro's ex-girlfriend (Tweed) sets her eyes on the new blood.

Atla Gel Saban Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

The Secret of the Selenites Trailer (1984)

02 January 1984

The film follows the adventures of Baron Munchausen, who is prompted to travel to the moon by his cousin Sirius, an astrologer convinced that it is inhabited by an ancient race called the Selenites.

Aces Go Places III: Our Man from Bond Street Trailer (1984)

25 January 1984

A master thief is duped by lookalikes for James Bond and the Queen of England into stealing a valuable gem from a heavily guarded location then must help the police recover it.

Airwolf: The Movie Trailer (1984)

22 January 1984

AIRWOLF THE MOVIE It's The First Episode(1984)of airwolf tv series! THE MOVIE THAT INSPIRED THE HIT SERIES.

Il Ragazzo di Campagna Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Mister Blot's Academy Trailer (1984)

30 January 1984

Thanks to the powers of magic, Adaś Niezgódka is transported to the fairy tale land of Mr. Blot – the protagonist of Jan Brzechwa’s classic book.

Funny Boys und Funny Girls Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Sister Fahriye Trailer (1984)

02 January 1984

License to Kill Trailer (1984)

10 January 1984

A grieving family whose daughter was killed in a car crash with a drunken driver is outraged and frustrated as they encounter the inevitable bureaucratic delays in bringing the case to trial.

Ela Na Agapithoume Darling Trailer (1984)

31 January 1984

Stathis, a puckish young man, whose father has a cafe in a Greek island does "kamaki" to female tourists.

The Road Between Heaven and Hell: The Last Circuits of the Leatherman Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

The story of "Leatherman", a legendary vagabond who traveled the same 365-mile loop in the northeastern United States every 34 days between the mid 1850s and 1889.

Standard Gauge Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Standard Gauge is an autobiographical film that examines Morgan Fisher’s work as an editor in the film industry.

Surf II Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Evil Nerd Menlo wants to get revenge on some surfers by selling a bad batch of soda called Buzz Cola which turns people into mutant zombies.

Broadway Danny Rose Trailer (1984)

27 January 1984

A hapless talent manager named Danny Rose, by helping a client, gets dragged into a love triangle involving the mob.

Malombra Trailer (1984)

04 January 1984

Gothic and erotic mystery about a young man called Marco, who goes to stay with his strange uncle, whose wife (Marco's beautiful aunt) died some time ago.

Tujuh Biang Keladi Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

A village girl brings herself after she airless shackled by his family. There he was accused of indecent happened then brutally assaulted by her father.

The Oasis Trailer (1984)

02 January 1984

A plane crash in the Mexican desert leaves a small group of survivors who are desperate for food and water.

Formula of Love Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

A young aristocrat, Aleksei Fedyashev, is languishing in his family's country estate, spending his days reading poetry and confessing his love.

The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Stop-motion animated story of a puppet teachers lessons to a boy.

Breakin' Through Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

STREET DANCERS: They're bold and they're bad; they're breakers — freestyle dancers who know a mean beat as well as a mean street.

Josefine Mutzenbacher - 6. Teil - Wie sie heute wär Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

After the great success of "Josefine Mutzenbacher - how she would be today - Part 5", here now is the sequel.

The Jewel in the Crown Trailer (1984)

09 January 1984

The British Raj: though their position seems secure, thoughtful English men and women know that "their" time in India is coming to an end.

Nissebanden 1 Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

The Extraterrestrial Women Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Extraterrestrial Girl visited Earth.Inventor Blinkov in love with her. His love is awakened in her new emotions and feelings.

Landscapes in the Mist Trailer (1984)

10 January 1984

Naturalistic and almost documentary account of the heroin addicts in Belgrade, in the form of a sad life story of young girl and her wasted life.

The Big Sting Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

If the Three Stooges had been Chinese, with one a woman, this could very well have been one of their movies.

Tarkeeb Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

No Overview

Maid In Manhattan Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Frustrated that her acting career is not as challenging as her college years, Brooke Fields (portraying herself) takes a break from Hollywood by staying with distant family friends in New York City.

Softly...Softly Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

While walking in a garden of statues of women, Ester and her friend Adele see two women kissing. Ester then dreams of kissing Adele and later imagines making love to her while she is in the arms of Oscar, her husband.

Lake Sprite Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Aming travels to his home from America to take some photos for a company but finds a girl named Chiang Jo Ping (Joey Wang), falls in love with her, but actually it turns out that Jo Ping is a ghost.

Slash Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

RAMBO rip-off produced by the Filipino film company Silver Star.

High-Spirited Ghost Loves Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Thai horror comedy.

Proka Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Story about local fruitcake who keeps being assured in human callousness.

Among the Wild Chimpanzees Trailer (1984)

30 January 1984

In 1960 Jane Goodall set out for Tanzania's remote Gombe Stream Game Reserve to study the behavior of man's closest living relative, the chimpanzee.

Black Panther Trailer (1984)

02 January 1984

Directed by Atef Salem.

Solo Trans Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Solo Trans is a concert film by Neil Young, released in 1984. It was recorded at the Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio on September 18, 1983 during Young's Solo Trans tour.

Hughie Trailer (1984)

02 January 1984

Adaptation of the Eugene O'neill play.

Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse Trailer (1984)

02 January 1984

Family film directed by Sheldon Renan.

Driller Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Adult spoof of Michael Jackson's Thriller musical containing a fan of the super pop star known as Mr J and her fantasies that come to life in an unbridled display of cinematic imagination in her sexual misadventures.