Movie Trailers - August 1949

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1949

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The Third Man Trailer (1949)

31 August 1949

Set in postwar Vienna, Austria, "The Third Man" stars Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins, a writer of pulp Westerns, who arrives penniless as a guest of his childhood chum Harry Lime, only to find him dead.

I Was a Male War Bride Trailer (1949)

19 August 1949

Captain Henri Rochard is a French officer assigned to work with Lieut. Catherine Gates. Through a wacky series of misadventures, they fall in love and marry.

Too Late for Tears Trailer (1949)

13 August 1949

One night on a lonely highway, a speeding car tosses a satchel of money, meant for somebody else, into Jane and Alan Palmer's back seat.

Obsession Trailer (1949)

03 August 1949

Dr. Clive Riordan's beautiful-but-flirty wife, "Storm", comes home one night in the company of an American diplomat, Bill Kronin.

Slattery's Hurricane Trailer (1949)

11 August 1949

A pilot wants a life of ease, flying for drug smugglers and looking the other way until his conscience is tweaked by a woman he has misused.

It's a Great Feeling Trailer (1949)

01 August 1949

A waitress at the Warner Brothers commissary is anxious to break into pictures. She thinks her big break may have arrived when actors Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan agree to help her.

Treasure of Monte Cristo Trailer (1949)

27 August 1949

A San Francisco lawyer (Steve Brodie) uses a woman (Adele Jergens) to lure a merchant seaman (Glenn Langan) worth a legendary fortune.

Playing Truant Trailer (1949)

15 August 1949

High school student Margareta fall head over heels in love with a young doctor and announce her engagement to him to her parents.

Black Magic Trailer (1949)

19 August 1949

Hypnotist uses his powers for revenge against King Louis XV's court.

The Red Menace Trailer (1949)

01 August 1949

A couple try to leave the Communist party after a murder by the group they were once loyal to.

Top o' the Morning Trailer (1949)

31 August 1949

A singing insurance investigator comes to Ireland to recover the stolen Blarney Stone...and romance the local policeman's daughter.

Madame Bovary Trailer (1949)

25 August 1949

A provincial doctor's wife's romantic illusions about life and social status lead her to betray her naive husband, take on lovers and run up ruinous debts.

The Windblown Hare Trailer (1949)

27 August 1949

Bugs buys the homes of the three little pigs and the wolf starts blowing them down. Of course you know "this means war.

Wiener Mädeln Trailer (1949)

18 August 1949

Shot in 1944/45, finished and released in 1949.

Wags to Riches Trailer (1949)

13 August 1949

Droopy inherits a fortune, but the will says that if he meets an untimely death all the money will go to Spike, who spends the entire film trying to make this happen.

Tennis Racquet Trailer (1949)

26 August 1949

Two Goofys play a tennis match in typical Goofy style. The announcer sometimes has trouble following the action.

The Grey Hounded Hare Trailer (1949)

06 August 1949

Bugs goes to the dog track, falls in love with the mechanical rabbit there, and has to outsmart the dogs to get to her.

Jolson Sings Again Trailer (1949)

17 August 1949

In this sequel to The Jolson Story, we pick up the singer's career just as he has returned to the stage after a premature retirement.

Rope of Sand Trailer (1949)

03 August 1949

Story of a South African diamond mine watch over by a sadistic policeman tasked with looking out for smugglers.

Honey Harvester Trailer (1949)

05 August 1949

Donald is working in his greenhouse when he notices a bee harvesting nectar (well, actually, it appears to already be honey).

Bandit King of Texas Trailer (1949)

29 August 1949

The Jewel Land Company of Elko, Texas is selling Government land to settlers. Before any of the settlers can claim their land, they are being killed by McCabe's gang.

Sand Trailer (1949)

03 August 1949

Novelist Will James, a specialist in horse stories, wrote the yarn upon which 20th Century-Fox's Sand was based.

The Bad Lord Byron Trailer (1949)

26 August 1949

Death Is a Caress Trailer (1949)

29 August 1949

The story of a working man, who's got a gorgeous fiancée but who falls for a rich older woman - who turns out to be a femme fatale.

Mr. Soft Touch Trailer (1949)

01 August 1949

In this San Francisco-shot comedy/drama, Glenn Ford stars as a WWII vet who’s returned to the city seeking vengeance on the gangsters who stole his nightclub and murdered his partner.

Heaven Over the Marshes Trailer (1949)

03 August 1949

Unlike most Italian films of the 1940s, Augusto Genina's Cielo Sulla Palude opened in Venice rather than Rome.

The Lone Wolf And His Lady Trailer (1949)

11 August 1949

Lone Wolf (Ron Randell) a newspaper man, is accused of gem theft.

The Girl from the Third Row Trailer (1949)

29 August 1949

A ring passes between a lot of different people, giving the bearer or someone close a new meaning to life.

Brimstone Trailer (1949)

15 August 1949

A U.S. Marshal goes undercover to stop a cattle smuggling gang, but when his cover is blown, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Often an Orphan Trailer (1949)

12 August 1949

Abandoned in the country by his old master, Charlie Dog tries to force himself upon farmer Porky Pig, playing upon his sympathies with a histrionic rendition of the horrors of big-city life.

Task Force Trailer (1949)

30 August 1949

After learning the finer points of carrier aviation in the 1920s, career officer Jonathan Scott and his pals spend the next two decades promoting the superiority of naval air power.

Den stjaalne minister Trailer (1949)

22 August 1949

Ghost Cat of Nabeshima Trailer (1949)

23 August 1949

Tanuma Kandayuu is a high class samurai of the house of Nabeshima. He finds a lavish board of Go (a sort of Japanese board game like chess or checker) at Kinbei's store.

Junior Rodeo Daredevils Trailer (1949)

06 August 1949

Old-timer Billy Slater organizes a rodeo for kids.

John og Irene Trailer (1949)

29 August 1949

Roll, Thunder, Roll! Trailer (1949)

26 August 1949

Jim Bannon is back as enduring cowboy hero Red Ryder in Eagle-Lion's Roll, Thunder, Roll. As ever, Ryder's cohorts are Little Beaver and the Duchess, here played by "Little Brown Jug" (aka Don Kay Reynolds) and Marin Sais.

Begegnung mit Werther Trailer (1949)

05 August 1949

The Lost People Trailer (1949)

22 August 1949

Set in a German theatre after the Second World War, two British soldiers are holding a disparate and hostile band of refugees in this theatre, prior to returning them to their homelands.

Masked Raiders Trailer (1949)

14 August 1949

Texas Rangers Tim Holt and Richard Martin are dispatched to halt a gang of masked outlaws terrorizing the frontier.

Haunted Trails Trailer (1949)

21 August 1949

Singing cowboy Whip Wilson, the foreman on a cattle drive, quits his job to pursue five bank robbers who murdered his brother.

Sword in the Desert Trailer (1949)

24 August 1949

First American film about the conflict between Jewish nationalists and the British in the creation of the state of Israel.

Our Funny Finny Friends Trailer (1949)

25 August 1949

A comical survey of the various denizens of the sea, followed up with a Follow the Bouncing Ball song ('The Three Little Fishes').

Farm Foolery Trailer (1949)

05 August 1949

There isn't really any plot or point--Farm Foolery is just an excuse to show animals acting cute, and the second half of the cartoon is filled up by an unmemorable sing along.

The Earth Cries Out Trailer (1949)

30 August 1949

Two Jews and their former British comrade land on opposite sides of the Palestine issue following World War II.

Down Memory Lane Trailer (1949)

01 August 1949

This film is a compilation, with narration by Steve Allen, of comedies from the old Mack Sennett silent studio.

Gentry Skylarking Trailer (1949)

23 August 1949

The main character in the story that takes place in 1896, year of the millennium, is Szakhmáry Zoltán, who, in sharp contrast with the people around him, is neither a cynic nor a lewd, not even someone with a tendency for showing off his strength.

Girls Behind Bars Trailer (1949)

14 August 1949

Venice Film Festival 1949

Daybreak in Udi Trailer (1949)

15 August 1949

An African tribe in the Eastern Nigerian village of Umana work to build a maternity hospital, with the aid of government officials, and against the opposition of some tribal members.

Tar with a Star Trailer (1949)

11 August 1949

Gunfights are diminishing the population (1864- for the time being) in the tough Western town of Cactus Corners.

The Flag Trailer (1949)

13 August 1949

Story about famous ballet dancer Marija who was horrified by the terror of Ustasha regime, and joined the partisans.

Oil's Well That Ends Well Trailer (1949)

05 August 1949

Leon Errol needs to keep his guests apart at dinner.

South of Death Valley Trailer (1949)

08 August 1949

When Steve Downey arrives to reopen his brother-in-law's gold mine, he finds a war between the ranchers and the miners.

Air Hostess Trailer (1949)

25 August 1949

The Hansen School for Air Hostesses, operated by Celia Hansen, welcomes a new group of students; a librarian named Ruth Jackson; Lorraine Carter, a nurse; and Jennifer White, whose husband was an aviator killed in World War II.

Die Freunde meiner Frau Trailer (1949)

25 August 1949

Spills and Chills Trailer (1949)

13 August 1949

Oscar nominated short film

Una mujer cualquiera Trailer (1949)

15 August 1949

Arriba el norte Trailer (1949)

14 August 1949

Husband and wife are reunited after a twenty-year misunderstanding; their grown daughter has her eye on a fella.

Ginza Cancan Girls Trailer (1949)

16 August 1949

Shizuko Kasagi and Hideko Takamine star as young women who try to raise money for a needy old friend by becoming wandering singers who work for tips in Tokyo's Ginza nightlife district.

Troubled Waters Trailer (1949)

26 August 1949

A woman returns to her hometown along the French coast, seeking answers about the death of her brother.

Der Bagnosträfling Trailer (1949)

26 August 1949