Movie Trailers - June 1949

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1949

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Whisky Galore! Trailer (1949)

16 June 1949

Based on a true story. The name of the real ship, that sunk Feb 5 1941 - during WWII - was S/S Politician.

Long-Haired Hare Trailer (1949)

25 June 1949

Bugs Bunny vs. a famous opera singer at the Hollywood Bowl.

Bubble Bee Trailer (1949)

24 June 1949

Pluto is playing with a ball in the park when he mistakes a bubble gum machine for it. He tries briefly to get a gumball from the machine when a bee flies into the machine and carries a gumball off to his hive.

Bowery Bugs Trailer (1949)

04 June 1949

After a man down on his luck comes looking for a rabbit's foot, Bugs Bunny embarks on a campaign of terror that eventually provokes him to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.

The House of Tomorrow Trailer (1949)

11 June 1949

Tex Avery's narrator shows us the amazing features of the ultra-modern House of Tomorrow.

Colorado Territory Trailer (1949)

11 June 1949

Western remake of High Sierra with Joel McCrea taking over the Humphrey Bogart role.

The Great Sinner Trailer (1949)

29 June 1949

A young man succumbs to gambling fever.

Neptune's Daughter Trailer (1949)

10 June 1949

Scatterbrained Betty Barrett mistakes masseur Jack Spratt for Jose O'Rourke, the captain of the South American polo team.

Lust for Gold Trailer (1949)

10 June 1949

A Dutch miner (Glenn Ford) and an Old West couple (Ida Lupino, Gig Young) die fighting over an Arizona gold mine lost in an earthquake.

The Clay Pigeon Trailer (1949)

29 June 1949

A man awakens from a coma to discover he's accused of treason.

Massacre River Trailer (1949)

26 June 1949

Two Cavalry Officers clash over the Colonel's Daughter at a remote outpost with Indian troubles.

It Happens Every Spring Trailer (1949)

10 June 1949

A scientist discovers a formula that makes a baseball which is repelled by wood. He promptly sets out to exploit his discovery.

The Stratton Story Trailer (1949)

01 June 1949

Star major league pitcher Monty Stratton loses a leg in a hunting accident, but becomes determined to leave the game on his own terms.

Not Wanted Trailer (1949)

24 June 1949

After a beautiful but unsophisticated girl is seduced by a worldly piano player and gives up her out-of-wedlock baby, her guilt compels her to kidnap another child.

Winter Storage Trailer (1949)

03 June 1949

It's October 7th and Chip is working industriously to store enough acorns in the tree for the winter.

Edward, My Son Trailer (1949)

02 June 1949

Following the death of his only son, a ruthless businessman reflects on his life, his unhappy marriage and his questionable parenting skills.

Night Unto Night Trailer (1949)

10 June 1949

A bleak mansion sits ominously on a cliff above the sea somewhere on Florida's east coast. In its shadows, two people meet: a scientist haunted by incurable illness and a beautiful woman haunted by the voice of her dead husband.

Hold That Baby! Trailer (1949)

06 June 1949

While working in a laundromat, the boys find a baby hidden among the linen. They soon find out that the baby, who is the heir to a fortune, has been abandoned by his mother so that her two evil aunts can't cheat her and the baby out of the inheritance.

Take One False Step Trailer (1949)

22 June 1949

Prof. Andrew Gentling, in Los Angeles to help found a new college, is inveigled by old flame Catherine Sykes into a midnight drive.

Dr. Laennec Trailer (1949)

17 June 1949

Breton doctor René Laennec fights tooth and nail against consumption, all the more desperately as his brother Michaud has just died of it.

King of the Rocket Men Trailer (1949)

08 June 1949

Prof. Millard pretends to be dead and helps Jeff King ferret out Vulcan, the evil traitor at the science academy.

Witness for the Prosecution Trailer (1949)

10 June 1949

Agatha Christie tale of a man on trial for murder: a trial featuring surprise after surprise. Not to be confused with the later Hollywood adaptation.

Cossacks of the Kuban Trailer (1949)

06 June 1949

In the steppes of the Kuban love is born on two collective farms while wheat is (enthusiastically) gathered.

Illegal Entry Trailer (1949)

01 June 1949

Long before he became producer/director of The Tonight Show, Fred DeCordova helmed the Universal meller Illegal Entry.

Mouse Mazurka Trailer (1949)

11 June 1949

In the Slobovian mountains, Sylvester Cat and a mouse move to the tune of East European folk music as this chase cartoon is propelled to an explosive climax.

The Star Trailer (1949)

06 June 1949

Command of one of the Soviet divisions becomes aware of the alleged enemy counterattack. The scouts sent into the enemy's rear to refine the data returned.

One Last Fling Trailer (1949)

30 June 1949

A jealous wife suspects the worst when her dingaling husband hires his former girlfriend for a position at his company.

Wild Weed Trailer (1949)

19 June 1949

A chorus girl's career is ruined and her brother is driven to suicide when she starts smoking marijuana.

Alimony Trailer (1949)

11 June 1949

A promising young composer is tempted away from his devoted wife by a fortune-seeking woman who cares more for his prospects than for him.

Stagecoach Kid Trailer (1949)

02 June 1949

Crooked ranch foreman Thatcher sends his two henchmen, Parnell and Clint, out to murder his boss, wealthy Peter Arnold who has just arrived to retire on his ranch, bringing in tow his daughter, tomboy Jessie, who despises western life and can't wait to run off back to San Francisco.

Stop Press Girl Trailer (1949)

02 June 1949

A young woman leaves her backwards hometown to go to London to find a runaway suitor. What she doesn't know is that she has inherited a strange ability; if she's in the vicinity of a machine for more than fifteen minutes, it stops working.

Thorvaldsen Trailer (1949)

13 June 1949

Short about the famous Danish sculptor

You're My Everything Trailer (1949)

29 June 1949

In 1924, stage-struck Boston blueblood Hannah Adams picks up musical star Tim O'Connor and takes him home for dinner.

Marry Me Trailer (1949)

07 June 1949

The stories of several individuals who consult a marriage bureau, including a peer of the realm, his butler, a lonely school teacher, a French girl on the run from a violent boyfriend, a country vicar, and a newspaper reporter, sent by his editor, to do an undercover story.

Omoo-Omoo the Shark God Trailer (1949)

09 June 1949

The curse of a shark god follows a group of people who have violated a sacred jungle idol.

Du Guesclin Trailer (1949)

03 June 1949

A chronicle of the life of Bertrand du Guesclin, grand officer of the French army in the 14th century.

The Secret Of St. Ives Trailer (1949)

30 June 1949

A French soldier in the Napoleonic Wars plots his escape after he's captured and imprisoned in a castle fortress in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Arson, Inc. Trailer (1949)

24 June 1949

An arson investigator goes undercover to break up a ring that sets fires in order to collect the insurance.

Vstrecha na Elbe Trailer (1949)

06 June 1949

Советские и американские войска встречаются на берегах Эльбы в последние дни Великой отечественной войны.

Bonheur en location Trailer (1949)

29 June 1949

The lord from the alley Trailer (1949)

07 June 1949

The poor photographer Tibbe turns out to be the heir of the recently deceased count Silfverbaage. But he can only get the money on one condition: he must stop seeing his old friends, including his fiancée Maja.

Spring Song Trailer (1949)

23 June 1949

Winter is nearing its end. The snowmen are melting. Soon it will be spring: a time for renewal, with flowers sprouting, trees getting back their green, and various animals shedding their winter coats, coming out of hibernation, and singing the "Spring Song.

Mission à Tanger Trailer (1949)

07 June 1949

Stallion Canyon Trailer (1949)

15 June 1949

It took a lot of courage to set up a new production company devoted to "B" westerns in 1949, a year when the genre was showing signs of winding down.

The Ski's the Limit Trailer (1949)

23 June 1949

A combination cartoon/travelogue set in the Swiss Alps, with a tuneful sight-seeing tour of Switzerland thrown in, before the bounding-ball comes bouncing along and asks the theatre audience to follow it in singing the ever-popular "I Miss My Swiss Miss, My Swiss Miss Misses Me.

Heap Hep Injuns Trailer (1949)

29 June 1949

"Heap Hep Injuns" is an animated short about how "Indians used to live" (IE: a 1940's, non-PC view of Indian life.

A Cold Romance Trailer (1949)

09 June 1949

That most treacherous of all the treacherous cats, Oil Can Harry, tricks Might Mouse with just a tiny bit of sneering-and-leering treachery and, after binding Our Hero to a stump, takes off after Little Nell, a girl mouse, who has come to the Yukon country in a helicopter to trade fish for furs (although there is no shortage of either in the Yukon.

Hula Hula Land Trailer (1949)

21 June 1949

The Talking Magpies, Heckle and Jackle, open a hot-dog concession stand in Hawaii. The first customer is a dumb dog who becomes the innocent victim of the merry, mischief-making magpies.

Pan Novák Trailer (1949)

10 June 1949

Kongresi i unifikimit të rinisë Trailer (1949)

14 June 1949

Congress for the unification of youth.

Hot Air Aces Trailer (1949)

23 June 1949

Despite the title, the vehicles here are airplanes, not balloons. Bluto and Popeye are racing around the world; Bluto's got a sort of rocket plane, and Popeye's got a sad old prop model that has to be hand-started.

The Blazing Trail Trailer (1949)

05 June 1949

Old Mike Brady built Brady Town and was a leader, but a bullet from an unknown assailant has ended his life.

Triumph der Liebe Trailer (1949)

03 June 1949

La dama del velo Trailer (1949)

01 June 1949

Andrea loves Esteban. Esteban murders his wife and goes go jail. Andrea marries Esteban's lawyer. Twenty years later.

Eterna agonía Trailer (1949)

22 June 1949

Convicted on flimsy evidence of complicity in a jewel robbery, there's nothing he can do afterward to put his life in order.

Late Night Confession Trailer (1949)

21 June 1949

Japanese mystery thriller.

Some of the Best: Twenty-Five Years of Motion Picture Leadership Trailer (1949)

23 June 1949

Released as part of the studio's 25th anniversary (Silver) celebration, the film shows highlights of MGM's major productions from 1924 through 1948.

Dance of Fire Trailer (1949)

08 June 1949

The title of this Argentine film translates literally to Dance of Fire. It is the sometimes profound, sometimes slightly sordid tale of Emilia, (Amelia Bence), a famous concert pianist.

Yo no elegí mi vida Trailer (1949)

14 June 1949

Noir hero tries to avoid being arrested while he tracks down papers that will prove his innocence.

El vengador Trailer (1949)

15 June 1949

Something's rotten in the state of Puebla.