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Belle Starr Trailer (1941)

12 September 1941

After her family's mansion is burned down by Yankee soldiers for hiding the rebel leader Captain Sam Starr (Scott) Belle Shirley (Tierney) vows to take revenge.

The Lady Eve Trailer (1941)

25 February 1941

Returning from a year up the Amazon studying snakes, the rich but unsophisticated Charles Pike meets con-artist Jean Harrington on a ship.

The Egyptian Trailer (1954)

25 August 1954

In eighteenth-dynasty Egypt, Sinuhe, a poor orphan, becomes a brilliant physician and with his friend Horemheb is appointed to the service of the new Pharoah.

Remember the Night Trailer (1940)

19 January 1940

An assistant D.A. takes a shoplifter home with him for Christmas.

Brigham Young Trailer (1940)

27 September 1940

The true story of the famous Mormon leader, Brigham Young and his battle to transport his people across the Rocky mountains to settle in Salt Lake City.

The Sheik Trailer (1921)

20 November 1921

Sheik Ahmed (Valentino) desperately desires fiesty British socialite Diana (Ayres), so he abducts her and carries her off to his luxurious desert tent-palace.

Dracula Trailer (1931)

11 March 1931

In the early days of sound, it was common for Hollywood studios to produce Hollywood foreign-language versions of their films (usually in French, Spanish and German) using the same sets, costumes and etc.

The Great McGinty Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

Told in flashback, Depression-era bum Dan McGinty is recruited by the city's political machine to help with vote fraud.

The Family Next Door Trailer (1939)

30 March 1939

Rose Pierce is discontent with her life as the wife of a small town plumber and has visions of becoming a wealthy socialite.

Robbers of the Range Trailer (1941)

17 April 1941

Railroad agents frame a landowner who wont sell out to them.

Frontier Marshal Trailer (1939)

28 July 1939

Earp agrees to become marshal and establish order in Tombstone in this very romanticized version of the gunfight at the O.

Dixie Dugan Trailer (1943)

12 March 1943

Roger Hudson, a wealthy businessman who has moved to Washington to work for the government as a "dollar a year man," is late for a radio broadcast about his new department, the Mobilization of Woman Power for War.

The Light That Failed Trailer (1939)

24 December 1939

Dick Heldar, a London artist, is gradually losing his sight. He struggles to complete his masterpiece, the portrait of Bessie Broke, a cockney girl, before his eyesight fails him.

A Scarlet Week-End Trailer (1932)

30 November 1932

A woman's cheating husband is murdered at their country estate, and suspicion immediately falls on her.

Lone Star Ranger Trailer (1942)

20 March 1942

20th Century-Fox hoped to make a film star out of Texas A&M football hero John Kimbrough, and to that end placed the gridiron hero in a brace of compact westerns.

My Little Chickadee Trailer (1940)

09 February 1940

Set in the American Old West of the 1880s, Miss Flower Belle Lee (Mae West) is on her way to visit relatives out west.

Moran of the Lady Letty Trailer (1922)

05 February 1922

Wealthy young man Ramon Laredo is abducted and put into service aboard a ship commanded by a none-too-scrupulous smuggler.

Safari Trailer (1940)

14 June 1940

Millionaire Baron de Courland and his fiancée Linda Stewart employ Jim Logan as a guide for their hunting trip in the jungle.

Officer Thirteen Trailer (1932)

15 December 1932

A motorcycle policeman's partner is deliberately run off the road and killed by a member of a syndicate that controls the gambling--and much of the justice system--in his town.

That Other Woman Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

A secretary by the name of Emily Borden comes up with a convoluted plan to get her boss to marry her which backfires after some bad advice.

The Viking Trailer (1931)

21 June 1931

Originally called White Thunder, American producer Varick Frissell's 1931 film was inspired by his love for the Canadian Arctic Circle.

The Penal Code Trailer (1932)

23 December 1932

A man is released from prison and tries to get back into life on the outside without his family and friends knowing he's been in jail.

The Dude Bandit Trailer (1933)

05 April 1933

After Burton kills Dad Mason and makes it look like a suicide, Ace Cooper arrives to investigate. He poses as a coward during the day but at night he becomes the daring Dude Bandit.

East of Borneo Trailer (1931)

01 August 1931

Woman treks through jungle to find her missing husband.

La voluntad del muerto Trailer (1930)

12 December 1930

This is the Spanish-language version of The Cat Creeps, shot at the same time and on the same sets.

A Trip to Paramountown Trailer (1922)

10 July 1922

Documentary short film depicting the filmmaking activity at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, featuring dozens of stars captured candidly and at work.

The Cowboy Counsellor Trailer (1932)

14 October 1932

A con man posing as a lawyer tries to sell copies of a phony law book. Things get serious when he has to defend a young man falsely accused of robbery.

Homicide Squad Trailer (1931)

01 August 1931

The police use a gangster's son to get to him.

Buck Benny Rides Again Trailer (1940)

31 May 1940

Radio star Jack Benny, intending to stay in New York for the summer, is forced by the needling of rival Fred Allen to prove his boasts about roughing it on his (fictitious) Nevada ranch.

Playthings of Desire Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

Jim Malvern is one of the richest men in the world. Unscrupulous and greedy, he uses beautiful young women as his playthings.

The Round-Up Trailer (1920)

10 October 1920

The adventures of a lovesick sheriff.

The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Trailer (1940)

23 January 1940

A man involved in a crime (Nolan) kills his key witness by mistake and resigns himself to death. He changes his name so as not to harm his family.

Young Romance Trailer (1915)

20 January 1915

Two young clerks in a department store meet and fall in love during a seaside vacation in Maine, but part as strangers because, unknown to each other, both had been masquerading as upper-class 'swells', just to see how the better half lives.

The Sea Wolf Trailer (1920)

15 May 1920

Humphrey Van Weyden and Maud Brewster are rescued by a nearby ship when the ferry they're on is rammed and sinks.

Man Of Action Trailer (1933)

20 January 1933

The Sheriff shoots the robber of the Bank and recovers the money bag only to find it empty. Ranger Tim Barlow arrives and takes over the investigation.

Jungle Menace Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

Mystery and adventure, surrounding a stolen rubber harvest.

The Hero Track Walker Trailer (1911)

30 March 1911

Bill is discharged from Bar K Ranch and in his desperation decide to turn train robber. On his way to town he rescues Myrtle Mulligan, who has been driven from protection to the high branches of a tree by a vicious bull.

Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence Trailer (1939)

03 November 1939

New York store clerk joins a hobo and an illegal immigrant heading for his newly bought land in Arizona.

Slim Jim's Last Chance Trailer (1911)

13 April 1911

The prison doors open and Tom Benton, a first timer, and Slim Jim, alias Red Davis, of the underworld, are liberated.

The Call of the East Trailer (1917)

15 October 1917

While visiting Alan, who works in Tokyo, she attends a festival with her Japanese maid while wearing a Japanese kimono.

The Eleventh Commandment Trailer (1933)

25 March 1933

A wealthy recluse dies in her New York mansion, leaving an estate worth $50 million. Shortly after, various people turn up claiming to be the rightful heir to her fortune.

Out of the Darkness Trailer (1915)

08 September 1915

Drama in which Hélène, the owner of a large company goes to work in her own factory, to find out that its staff working in poor working conditions.