Movie Trailers - January 1920

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1920

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The Garage Trailer (1920)

11 January 1920

Two men who work as both automobile mechanics and firemen operate a garage in a fire station. A car has been left for them to clean, but they destroy it instead.

Within Our Gates Trailer (1920)

12 January 1920

Abandoned by her fiancé, an educated negro woman with a shocking past dedicates herself to helping a near bankrupt school for impoverished negro youths.

Suds Trailer (1920)

27 January 1920

Amanda Afflick is a lovesick laundress who daydreams about customer Horace Greensmith and cherishes the shirt he brought in for washing eight months and sixteen days ago.

From Morn to Midnight Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A cashier in a bank in a small German town is alerted to the power of money by the visit of a rich Italian lady.

The Monastery of Sendomir Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

When two riders come to the monastery seeking shelter for the night they inquire from one of the monks about the founding of the monastery.

Deerslayer Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Leaves from Satan's Book Trailer (1920)

24 January 1920

Dreyer's classic silent film tells the tale of Satan's (Helge Nissen) banishment from heaven.

The Dippy Dentist Trailer (1920)

25 January 1920

The film begins with a girl who is supposedly irresistible to all men. Several guys all come to her to pledge their undying love--including Harold Lloyd's brother, Gaylord (who is a dentist).

Pollyanna Trailer (1920)

18 January 1920

When Pollyanna is orphaned, she's sent to live with her crotchety Aunt Polly. Pollyanna discovers that many of the people in her aunt's New England home town are as ill-tempered as her aunt.

La Belle dame sans merci Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Lola, an iconic and glamorous woman stirs up the rigid system of society.

Charlie Butts In Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A tramp heads home drunk on a Saturday night, finding it hard to make it to his room. When he finally does, he cannot make it to his bed.

Along the Moonbeam Trail Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A magic aeroplane takes two children to the Moon, where they encounter prehistoric monsters and witness a battle between them.

The Created Surface of the Earth Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Directed by Lev Kuleshov.

The Confession Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A priest hears a murderer's confession but can't reveal the truth, even though his brother is being tried for the crime.

Cerâmica Horizontina Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

King of the Circus Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Directed by J.P. McGowan.

Pegeen Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Kampen Trailer (1920)

29 January 1920

Documentary about Kampen, one of the oldest Dutch Hanseatic cities, located along the IJssel. We see its most important buildings, including the Hoofdcursus, which is the training building for army officers.

De dood van Pierrot Trailer (1920)

29 January 1920

A film about the making of a film. A director rehearses with actors and actresses some scenes from his pantomime about the death of Pierrot.

Vampire Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Pinto Trailer (1920)

10 January 1920

When Pinto reaches her eighteenth birthday, the five wealthy Arizonans who adopted her upon the death of her parents decide that ranch life will never make a lady of her.

So ein Mädel Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Heroes All Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Films shot by newsreel companies and army cameramen are featured to tell the story of what it was like for soldiers during World War I.

The Brute Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Directed by Oscar Micheaux.

The Dancer Barberina Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Directed by Carl Boese.

A Daughter of Two Worlds Trailer (1920)

05 January 1920

Some Shimmiers Trailer (1920)

12 January 1920

The night that Eddie's girl announces her engagement to her friends she plans a slumming party, which does not meet with Eddie's approval but the others are so in favor of it he is compelled to go.

A Woman in Grey Trailer (1920)

22 January 1920

This 15 chapter serial is considered to be "the last of the adult serials". Produced in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Silk Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Turkmeni newsreel made in the 1920s.

Roaming Romeo Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

When Spirits Move Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A Simple Coiffure Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

"An "Emile" expert demonstrates a charmingly simple coiffure." British Pathé

The Sagebrusher Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Mutt and Jeff: On Strike Trailer (1920)

16 January 1920

Mutt and Jeff: On Strike (1920) Production Company: Bud Fisher Films Corporation, distributed by the Fox Film Corporation.

Storm P. tegner de Tree Små Mænd Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Directed by Robert Storm Petersen.

Treasure Island Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Young Jim Hawkins is caught up with the pirate Long John Silver in search of the buried treasure of the buccaneer Captain Flint, in this adaptation of the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

A Costly Appetite Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Advertisement for Flit insecticide.

Her Bridal Night-Mare Trailer (1920)

30 January 1920

Mary, a bride-to-be, has a troublesome wedding day.

The Reawakening Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A documentary short on rehabilitating returning World War I veterans

The Breaking of the Drought Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Wallaby Station in the outback is devastated by drought. The sheep are starving, but Jo Galloway (Charles Beetham) and his wife (Nan Taylor) battle on.

Benjamin Rabier's Animals Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

One of the early animation works of Benjamin Rabier, a former designer of Epinal images who produced elegant illustrated editions of La Fontaine's fables and created the trademark image of 'La Vache qui rit'.

Le penseur Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Directed by Léon Poirier.

The Old Arm Chair Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A little girl wakes from a dream about the old armchair in which she has fallen asleep. The dream concerns a hidden letter, a hidden hoard of money and a wrongfully convicted man.

Monika Vogelsang Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Nachtgestalten Trailer (1920)

09 January 1920

"Night people". Thomas Bezug, the richest man in the world, is a solitary, domineering and cruel cripple, who hardly can move on his crutches.

Coves and Caves Trailer (1920)

16 January 1920

One of a series of short films featuring Cornish beauty spots. The style and content is reminiscent of Friese-Greene's subsequent odyssey, The Open Road - indeed, it could well have been the precursor of that journey.

The Screaming Shadow Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Directed by Ben F. Wilson and Duke Worne.

Two Starving Cities on the Danube Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Swedish WW1 documentary.

The Amateur Club Trailer (1920)

02 January 1920

Directed by Kisaburo Kurihara.

The Lure of Crooning Water Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A London actress collapses on stage and is sent by her doctor to stay in the country with a farmer and his wife.

Thora van Deken Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

Film based on danish author Henrik Pontoppidan's novel Lille Rødhaette.

Melchiad Koloman Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

In his search for the Philosophers' Stone which would enable him to understand the mysteries of the production of gold, Professor Dobner goes in search of the notes of alchemist Melchiad Koloman who, according to legend, had uncovered the mystery and produced gold.

Spanish Fiesta Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A Spanish festival reveals the emotional distance between a woman and a man.

Work Trailer (1920)

16 January 1920

Luc Froment, a reform-minded engineer, starts working at a steel mill in a small town. There he founds small groups of workers (and their families) under miserable conditions.

The Cyclone Trailer (1920)

20 January 1920

A Tale of The Canadian North-West Mounted Police

The Fear Market Trailer (1920)

25 January 1920

A woman struggles to overcome a cabal of blackmailers, but learns that the boss of the blackmailers is none other than her own father.

The Great Cheese Robbery Trailer (1920)

16 January 1920

Krazy Kat gets falsely arrested for cheese burglaries.

On Our Selection Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

On Our Selection is a 1920 Australian silent film directed by Raymond Longford based on the Dad and Dave stories by Steele Rudd.

The Harp King Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

First ever Scottish feature film.

Mala yerba Trailer (1920)

01 January 1920

A 1920 film.