Movie Trailers - May 1920

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1920

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Swinging His Vacation Trailer (1920)

14 May 1920

When Mr. Givney says business at the railroad station is "too slow" to let him take vacation time, Jerry has an idea to increase ticket sales.

An Eastern Westerner Trailer (1920)

02 May 1920

A young man in New York has exasperated his father because of his constant carousing and irresponsibility, so his father sends him to his uncle's ranch in the west.

The Dancin' Fool Trailer (1920)

02 May 1920

Sylvester Tibble is a clerk in his uncle's restaurant. Sylvester dreams of becoming a famous dancer and tries to inject a little of the jazz life into his uncle's old-fashioned establishment.

Why Change Your Wife? Trailer (1920)

21 May 1920

Robert and Beth Bordon are married but share little. He runs into Sally at a cabaret and the Gordons are soon divorced.

Kiss Me Quick Trailer (1920)

05 May 1920

The Devil's Claim Trailer (1920)

02 May 1920

A Persian novelist living in New York throws aside the woman who loves him, and she gets an American woman to help get him back.

A Husband in Haste Trailer (1920)

07 May 1920

Jack (Earle Rodney) wants to marry Betty (Helen Darling) but inadvertently offends her parents, who demand “anybody in the world but that whippersnapper!” With the help of an “old time actor friend” (Eddie Barry), he makes his prospective in-laws rue their words.

Fate's Plaything Trailer (1920)

10 May 1920

Dolores gets a marriage proposal from the promising young doctor Lucas, but on the day of their marriage, she leaves him in the lurch and takes off with the South American dancer and adventurer Hugo Amadis.

Humoresque Trailer (1920)

29 May 1920

Young Leon Kanter dreams of being a great violinist. His parents scrape up the money for a violin and for lessons, and Leon rewards them by becoming a great player.

Don't Park Here Trailer (1920)

19 May 1920

Not one but two of Charlie Chaplin impersonators, Harry Mann and Monty Banks, a film directed by Charley Chase still under the name of Charles Parrott.

Jes' Call Me Jim Trailer (1920)

23 May 1920

Happy-go-lucky Jim Fenton is in love with Miss Butterworth, the town milliner, who is taking care of little Harry Benedict while his father Paul, an inventor, is in the local insane asylum.

Her First Flame Trailer (1920)

21 May 1920

Thirty years in the future (when women are primary income-earners and men are stay-at-home housekeepers) Miss Hap is elected Fire Chief and leads her crew of firefighters to rescue a couple trapped in a burning building.

School Days Trailer (1920)

03 May 1920

Larry in school and always gets in trouble until he falls asleep and dreams of when he's all grown up.

Riders of the Dawn Trailer (1920)

01 May 1920

A young soldier returns from the war to find his western homeland despoiled by conflict between the wheat farmers and a crooked lawyer.

As God Made Her Trailer (1920)

13 May 1920

A Lady persuades her son's lowly wife to desert him.

The Paper Hangers Trailer (1920)

19 May 1920

Even the story is pretty much a retread of something out of a lesser Keystone from 1915. They eat paste.

Cinderella Cinders Trailer (1920)

01 May 1920

Silent film inspired by the character of Cinderella, but with a contemporary setting.

All Dressed Up Trailer (1920)

22 May 1920

A 'Snub' Pollard slapstick comedy for Hal Roach.

The Sea Wolf Trailer (1920)

15 May 1920

Humphrey Van Weyden and Maud Brewster are rescued by a nearby ship when the ferry they're on is rammed and sinks.

The Circus Trailer (1920)

05 May 1920

One of the "Out of the Inkwell" series of silent short films featuring a combination of live action and hand-drawn animation.

The Midnight Ride of Bud Trailer (1920)

19 May 1920

A Goodwin-Bray Pictograph with Bud and Susie as the main characters and animated by Frank Moser.

Forbidden Trails Trailer (1920)

15 May 1920

The Water Plug Trailer (1920)

13 May 1920

Billy is on the bum. He sees a copper writing a ticket to a driver parked in front of a fire hydrant.

Circus Day Trailer (1920)

11 May 1920

A young boy loves the circus and attempts to make his own.

The Dark Mirror Trailer (1920)

08 May 1920

A Fitting Gift Trailer (1920)

06 May 1920

A cartoon from the J.R. Bray Studios with Rummy and friend buying a girdle for his wife.

The Flapper Trailer (1920)

10 May 1920

A silent comedy about a Southern teen who, sent to a ritzy boarding school, gets into mischief while acting the sophisticated grownup to impress a suave gentleman and match wits with a pair of jewel thieves.