Movie Trailers - August 1920

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1920

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The Penalty Trailer (1920)

15 August 1920

Blizzard, deranged from a childhood operation in which both his legs were perhaps needlessly amputated after an accident, becomes a vicious criminal, and eventually mob leader of the San Francisco underworld.

The Love Flower Trailer (1920)

21 August 1920

A man murders his wife's lovers, escapes with his daughter to the South Pacific. A detective pursues him, joined by a young man who eventually falls in love with the daughter.

The Head of Janus Trailer (1920)

26 August 1920

The film was an unauthorized adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

The Devil's Passkey Trailer (1920)

08 August 1920

The wife of an American playwright in Paris becomes ensnared in the seductive wiles of an American Army officer, but her devotion to her husband convinces the officer to try to extricate her from the gossip and scandal that have ensued.

Nude Woman by Waterfall Trailer (1920)

14 August 1920

A woman poses, in and out of her diaphanous shift.

Why Wild Men Go Wild Trailer (1920)

27 August 1920

Party-hearty college boys Bobby and Jimmy tone it down for Jimmy's dad when visiting, but when Jimmy's sister declares what she wants is a real cave man, Bobby jumps at the chance.

While New York Sleeps Trailer (1920)

23 August 1920

An anthology of three dramas over the course of one evening in New York, with separate characters in each story played in all three by Marc MacDermott and Estelle Taylor.

Die goldene Krone Trailer (1920)

05 August 1920

Earthbound Trailer (1920)

10 August 1920

When Jim Rittenshaw learns that his friend Richard Desborough is having an affair with Jim's wife Daisy, Jim kills Richard.

Der verbotene Weg Trailer (1920)

20 August 1920

The Truth Trailer (1920)

28 August 1920

Becky Warder constantly indulges in the telling of little white lies. In an innocent effort to ease the troubled marriage of her quarreling friends Eve and Fred Lindon, Becky meets secretly with Fred, thereby constructing a web of deceit that leads Eve to suspect Becky of trifling with her husband's affections.

Money to Burn Trailer (1920)

28 August 1920

A 'Snub' Pollard & Marie Mosquini slapstick comedy.

Johann Baptiste Lingg Trailer (1920)

29 August 1920

A 1920 German costume drama from the days of Napoleon Bonaparte directed by Arthur Teuber and starring Carl Auen as Johann Baptiste Lingg.

Palomas rubias Trailer (1920)

18 August 1920

A 1920 film.

Hedda Gabler Trailer (1920)

01 August 1920

Based on Henrik Ibsen's play from 1890-

The Case of Lady Camber Trailer (1920)

01 August 1920

Lord Camber comes under suspicion of murdering his wife, an ex-chorus girl.

Run 'Em Ragged Trailer (1920)

01 August 1920

Run ’Em Ragged, Snub Pollard’s 39th starring vehicle, uses familiar Mack Sennett slapstick—over-the-top make-up, ethnic humor, and a Keystone Cops–style chase across Los Angeles’s Echo Park.

The Soul of Youth Trailer (1920)

15 August 1920

After directing him as the title character in Huckleberry Finn, William Desmond Taylor again used boy actor Lewis Sargent in this picture.

Lepain - 5. Teil Trailer (1920)

20 August 1920

Lepain - 6. Teil Trailer (1920)

20 August 1920

Dutch Tulips and Clogs Trailer (1920)

20 August 1920

Hollandse Tulpen en Klompen – litterally Dutch Tulips and Clogs – consists of two short fragments each describing a traditional facet of post-war Netherlands.

Sons Of The Soil Trailer (1920)

27 August 1920

Sons of the Soil is a Danish film directed and shot by Gunnar Sommerfeldt in Iceland in 1919, based on the novel by Gunnar Gunnarsson.

Wings of Pride Trailer (1920)

01 August 1920

Olive Muir, a haughty society girl, objects when Alice Prentice, a girl of lower station, comes to visit her family.

Beyond the Dreams of Avarice Trailer (1920)

01 August 1920

A doctor inherits a fortune, his wife leaves him and he becomes a miser.

Before the White Man Came Trailer (1920)

31 August 1920