Movie Trailers - September 1920

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1920

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Sumurun Trailer (1920)

01 September 1920

The favorite slave girl of a tyrannical sheik falls in love with a cloth merchant. Meanwhile, a hunchback clown suffers unrequited love for a traveling dancer who wants to join the harem.

One Week Trailer (1920)

01 September 1920

The story involves two newlyweds, Keaton and Seely, who receive a build-it-yourself house as a wedding gift.

Way Down East Trailer (1920)

03 September 1920

A naive country girl is tricked into a sham marriage by a wealthy womanizer, then must rebuild her life despite the taint of having borne a child out of wedlock.

Madame X Trailer (1920)

28 September 1920

Jacqueline Floriot is driven from her home by her husband Louis, a deputy attorney of Paris, because of his unjust suspicions regarding her relations with another man.

The Saphead Trailer (1920)

01 September 1920

Nick Van Alstyne owns the Henrietta silver mine and is very rich. His son Bertie is naive and spoiled.

Genuine Trailer (1920)

02 September 1920

Genuine (original German title: Genuine, die Tragödie eines seltsamen Hauses; literally: Genuine, the tragedy of a strange house) is a 1920 silent horror film from director by Robert Wiene (the same year he directed Das Cabinet des Dr.

Don't Tickle Trailer (1920)

30 September 1920

Clyde gets in hot water with his Amazon wife and her tough sailor brother, culminating in a wrestling match and escape by airplane.

Algol: Tragedy of Power Trailer (1920)

03 September 1920

An alien from the planet Algol gives a man a device that gives him superpowers.

Nomads of the North Trailer (1920)

25 September 1920

A Canadian Mountie allows an innocent fugitive to escape with the women he loves.

Pink Tights Trailer (1920)

25 September 1920

When a circus troupe comes to a small, extremely conservative New England town, the residents go to their minister to have him protest the scandalous fact that the female tightrope walker wears a pair of pink tights.

Get Out and Get Under Trailer (1920)

26 September 1920

The comic adventures of a new car owner.

Headin' Home Trailer (1920)

18 September 1920

The "true story" of baseball great Babe Ruth; Ruth plays himself.

The County Fair Trailer (1920)

05 September 1920

"The County Fair" begins with a nasty rich guy threatening to turn an old lady onto the street--unless her niece (who lives with her) marries this man's son.

Honest Hutch Trailer (1920)

19 September 1920

Ort Hutchins is a confirmed loafer who spends all of his time fishing while his wife toils over the washtub.

Fante-Anne Trailer (1920)

09 September 1920

The story of an orphaned girl brought up by the Storlein family. Young Anne (Asta Nielsen) is brought as an infant to the Storlein farm by her mother, who has been traveling and is in need of a rest.

The Right to Love Trailer (1920)

05 September 1920

Silent drama...

The Wonderful Chance Trailer (1920)

27 September 1920

Upon leaving prison, an ex con vows to go straight, but circumstances force him to return to crime. Meanwhile, a gang of crooks kidnaps a visiting British aristocrat, but the ex-con has an incredible likeness to the Englishman, and his intended hosts take him home to their mansion.

His Own Law Trailer (1920)

01 September 1920

American melodramatic war movie. An American marries the widow of one of his French army friends, who never got back from the front.

Helen Of Four Gates Trailer (1920)

01 September 1920

HELEN OF FOUR GATES was made in Hebden Bridge in 1920 by silent film pioneer Cecil M. Hepworth. Basea

Das Schweigen am Starnbergersee Trailer (1920)

27 September 1920

This is a very early feature by Rolf Raffé concerning the supposedly "mad" King of Bavaria, Ludwig II, probably the first feature film concerning the life of that King.

Mid-Channel Trailer (1920)

26 September 1920

The story has been adapted from the Sir Arthur Wing Pinero play. The title means nothing more than the mid-channel of married life, through a character in the feature likening the roughness of the English channel in the center of the trip across from London to Paris to the woes married folks meet in their wedded life.

The Five Accursed Gentlemen Trailer (1920)

03 September 1920

When five gentlemen humiliate a merchant in a Tunisian bazaar, the latter curses them, telling them the order of their deaths within a given time frame.

The Cradle of Courage Trailer (1920)

19 September 1920

Former crook 'Square' Kelly serves in the First World War. When he returns from the war, one of his comrades-in-arms convinces him to join the police force.

A Woman's Vengeance Trailer (1920)

04 September 1920

A young girl has to prove her skillness with the gun against a gang outlaws, revealing herself as the real heroine of a Western town.

Der Abgrund der Seelen Trailer (1920)

02 September 1920

Er bleibt in der Familie Trailer (1920)

19 September 1920

Don't Weaken! Trailer (1920)

05 September 1920

A dancing instructor gets involved with a newly rich family.

The Decorator Trailer (1920)

03 September 1920

Jimmy Aubrey comedy produced by Vitagraph.

Dud, Lion Tamer Trailer (1920)

09 September 1920

Dud imagines the glory to be derived from killing a lot of animals.

Nonsense Trailer (1920)

26 September 1920

Comedy short

Bookworms Trailer (1920)

30 September 1920

A suitor dons a disguise to woo a chaperoned girl.

Robbery Under Arms Trailer (1920)

30 September 1920

It's a bush-ranging yarn, very popular at the time, about Captain Starlight, played well by Brampton himself, and his co-horts the Marsden family.

Luzon Lingerie Trailer (1920)

05 September 1920

A sophisticated puff piece for Phillipine embroidering industry, showing men designing the patterns and hordes of women embroidering the cloth.

Mules and Gob Talk Trailer (1920)

15 September 1920

The surviving print of Mules and Gob Talk (the original introduction is missing) begins with spectacular vistas of Yellowstone National Park and majestic herds of buffalo (“a snooty lot” in the intertitles) and ends with “wild” deer being fed by tourists and foraging in garbage cans.