Movie Trailers - June 1934

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Randy Rides Alone Trailer (1934)

05 June 1934

Bandits lead by Matt the Mute enter a bar and kill multiple people. Randy Bowers comes to town and is framed by Matt the Mute, who is working with the sheriff (who doesn't know Matt is really a criminal).

The Wise Little Hen Trailer (1934)

08 June 1934

Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies cartoon. This cartoon, based on the fairy tale The Little Red Hen. This cartoon marked the debut of Donald Duck.

Hollywood Party Trailer (1934)

01 June 1934

Jimmy Durante is jungle star Schnarzan the Conqueror, but the public is tiring of his fake lions. So when Baron Munchausen comes to town with real man-eating lions, Durante throws a big party with so that he might use the lions in his next movie.

Going Bye-Bye! Trailer (1934)

23 June 1934

In a packed courtroom, Butch Long vows revenge on 'squealers' Laurel and Hardy whose evidence has helped to send him to prison.

Little Miss Marker Trailer (1934)

01 June 1934

Big Steve Halloway, gambler and proprietor of New York's Horseshoe Cabaret, where his girl, Bangles Carson sings, is in desperate need of money.

Fog Over Frisco Trailer (1934)

02 June 1934

Bette Davis and Margaret Lindsay portray stepsisters from a society family in this atmospheric tale of crime and punishment in the City by the Bay.

Baby Take a Bow Trailer (1934)

30 June 1934

Eddie Ellison is an ex-con who spent time in Sing-Sing prison. Kay marries him as soon as he serves his time.

Mickey's Steam Roller Trailer (1934)

16 June 1934

While streetworker Mickey romances Minnie, Mickey's nephews Morty and Ferdie take control of his steamroller and it's full speed ahead on a very destructive ride.

Now I'll Tell Trailer (1934)

07 June 1934

Golden is a two-bit gambler who has promised wife Virginia he'll quit when he makes $200,000. When he fixes a fight he gets mobster Mossiter mad, then loses his fortune to him.

Art Trouble Trailer (1934)

23 June 1934

Harry Gribbon and Shemp Howard enter the world of fine art in Paris.

The Most Precious Thing In Life Trailer (1934)

15 June 1934

An unwed mother watches as her illegitimate son is raised by others. Director Lambert Hillyer's 1934 drama stars Jean Arthur, Richard Cromwell, Donald Cook, Anita Louise, Jane Darwell, Mary Forbes and Ward Bond.

Back Page Trailer (1934)

01 June 1934

A former New York reporter (Peggy Shannon) is hired as editor of a failing, small town newspaper in California.

The World Moves On Trailer (1934)

27 June 1934

Two families, cotton merchants in England and America, with branches in France and Prussia swear to stand by each other in a belief that a great business firmly established in four countries will be able to withstand even such another calamity as the Napoleonic Wars from which Europe is slowly recovering.

Money Means Nothing Trailer (1934)

14 June 1934

At Joe's Roadside, a popular but rundown New York roadhouse where the wealthy and not-so-wealthy hang out, a wealthy Manhattan girl and a struggling Brooklyn boy meet and fall in love.

Murder in the Private Car Trailer (1934)

29 June 1934

Ruth Raymond works on the switchboard and her boyfriend is John Blake. It has taken 14 years, but a detective named Murray has found her and confirmed.

Smoking Guns Trailer (1934)

11 June 1934

Accused of a murder he did not commit, Ken leaves the country. Three years later Evans finds him in the jungle.

Rawhide Mail Trailer (1934)

07 June 1934

Reed breaks up the first attempted gold robbery. When the outlaws next attempt is successful, Reed is jailed as the suspect.

Are We Civilized? Trailer (1934)

05 June 1934

1934 drama of man's inhumanity to man, starring William Farnum and Anita Louise, directed by Edwin Carewe, screenplay by Harold Sherman.

Murder On The Blackboard Trailer (1934)

14 June 1934

There are plenty of guilty secrets at the school where Hildegarde Withers teaches. When she finds the body of the pretty music teacher, she calls in her old friend Inspector Piper, who promptly arrests the obvious suspect.

The Hell Cat Trailer (1934)

16 June 1934

Reporter Dan Collins tries to expose a crooked gambling ring, but is waylaid by Geraldine Sloane, a feisty young heiress who feels Collins has insulted her.

Black Moon Trailer (1934)

15 June 1934

A woman returning to her island birthplace finds herself drawn to a voodoo cult.

Burn 'Em Up Barnes Trailer (1934)

15 June 1934

Marjorie Temple, owner of a bus line and an apparently worthless plot of land, is set upon by rich oil speculators who know her land actually is worth millions.

The Life of Vergie Winters Trailer (1934)

14 June 1934

An ambitious politician falls in love with a woman in a small town.

The Circus Clown Trailer (1934)

30 June 1934

A man who wants to join the circus against the wishes of his ex-circus clown father.

Hollywood Hoodlum Trailer (1934)

20 June 1934

A PR man for a low-budget movie studio comes up with what he believes is the perfect gimmick--to make a gangster picture with a real mobster in the lead role.

I'll Be Suing You Trailer (1934)

23 June 1934

Patsy is coerced into faking a lost leg in order to win an insurance settlement after an automobile accident.

Wax Works Trailer (1934)

24 June 1934

A woman, unable to care for her son, is placed in the care of Oswald, who's a wax museum owner.

Red Ensign Trailer (1934)

17 June 1934

David Barr is the manager and chief designer of a British shipyard in decline. The shipyard is in financial trouble but Barr has a design for a new ship that will save them all.

A Man's Game Trailer (1934)

16 June 1934

During one blaze, Firefighters Tim and his partner Dave (Ward Bond) rescue pretty stenographer Judy (Evelyn Knapp).

The Loudspeaker Trailer (1934)

01 June 1934

A young man from a small town hits New York City, bound and determined to become a radio star. Amazingly, he achieves his ambition, but in the process alienates everyone around him with his arrogance and egomania.

Underneath the Broadway Moon Trailer (1934)

03 June 1934

Here is the first of two shorts Isham Jones did for Paramount. "You're Just a Dream Come True" (Them"

Slow But Sure Trailer (1934)

14 June 1934

A Terrytoons cartoon released 15 June 1934.

The Key Trailer (1934)

09 June 1934

A British officer stationed in Ireland falls for the wife of an intelligence man.

Shoein' Hosses Trailer (1934)

01 June 1934

Wimpy is such a terrible helper that blacksmith Olive fires him. Both Popeye and Bluto see the help wanted sign; they compete for the position.

Freedom of the Seas Trailer (1934)

12 June 1934

George Smith, a mild-mannered clerk with a crush on his boss's daughter, is led astray by an old friend of his father.

Our Neighbor, Miss Yae Trailer (1934)

28 June 1934

Keitaro (Obinata Den) is a law student and Yaeko (Aizome Yumeko) is a high school girl. They are neighbors, and their friendship is starting to develop into something more romantic.

He Was Her Man Trailer (1934)

16 June 1934

Dan Curly sends two hitmen to kill double-crossing Flicker Hayes, who retreats to a small village with ex-prostitute Rose to hide.

Buddy's Bearcats Trailer (1934)

22 June 1934

Buddy's baseball team, the Bearcats, takes on the Battling Bruisers in the big stadium. The crowd buys tickets and hot dogs before settling down to watch the game.

Why Do I Dream Those Dreams Trailer (1934)

29 June 1934

Rip van Winkle gets the musical cartoon treatment...

Green Eyes Trailer (1934)

15 June 1934

The owner of a large mansion in the country throws a costume party for some of his friends. However, the party turns sour when he is found stabbed to death in a closet.

The Black Abbot Trailer (1934)

10 June 1934

A gang of crooks uses the legend of a ghost haunting an old dark mansion to help them kidnap a rich man.

See the World Trailer (1934)

28 June 1934

A Terrytoons cartoon released 29 June 1934.

Aunt Sally Trailer (1934)

13 June 1934

An ambitious girl who wants to be a cabaret star poses as "Zaza", a French chanteuse, to get a job in a prestigious nightclub.

King for a Day Trailer (1934)

29 June 1934

A talented tap dancer who can't get an audition uses his prowess at playing craps to gain ownership of a musical show, making himself the star.

Dr. Monica Trailer (1934)

23 June 1934

A prominent New York doctor (Kay Francis), unable to have a child, discovers her philandering husband (Warren William) has impregnated her best friend (Jean Muir).

My Mummy's Arms Trailer (1934)

28 June 1934

Two Americans attempt to make time with the daughter of the British financier of an archaeological expedition to Egypt.

Strong to the Finich Trailer (1934)

28 June 1934

Olive runs some kind of boarding school. She serves her charges a huge bowl of spinach, but they are less than enthusiastic about it.

Operator 13 Trailer (1934)

08 June 1934

Union spy Gail Loveless impersonates a black maid in the early days of the Civil War, but complications arise when she falls in love with a Confederate officer.

Goofy Movies Number Five Trailer (1934)

06 June 1934

Number Five in the series consists of "Whataphony Newsreel", featuring a thirty-year-old automobile that still works, a plane that flies itself, and race car drivers.

The Lost Jungle Trailer (1934)

13 June 1934

Clyde Beatty portrays himself, an animal trainer and circus star in this action film. Beatty leads a search for his missing girlfriend and her father who were on an expedition looking for a lost tropical island.

Juarez and Maximilian Trailer (1934)

28 June 1934

The story of Mexican President Benito Juárez and the emperor Maximilian of Habsburg and the empress Carlota.

Betty Boop's Trial Trailer (1934)

14 June 1934

A traffic cop tries to make time with Betty; she speeds to get away, is arrested, and undergoes a musical trial.

How Do I Know It's Sunday Trailer (1934)

08 June 1934

Inside a general store, the products all come to life and happily sing the title song. An Eskimo falls for a cookie and has to come to the rescue when a swarm of flies invades.

She Reminds Me of You Trailer (1934)

21 June 1934

At a super-automated theatre, the Eton Boys (in live-action insert) sing the title song aided by the Bouncing Ball.

The Queen of Hearts Trailer (1934)

24 June 1934

Playing cards come to life. As in the nursery rhyme, the queen of hearts bakes some tarts; the jack of hearts steals them.

Honky Donkey Trailer (1934)

01 June 1934

Wally (the rich kid of our gang team) brings his pet mule along with the gang back home.

Cactus King Trailer (1934)

07 June 1934

A Little King cartoon from the Van Beuren Studios.

Such Women Are Dangerous Trailer (1934)

08 June 1934

An aspiring young writer becomes infatuated with a successful romance novelist, who realizes his life as a philandering Lothario is suddenly threatened.

Can You Take It Trailer (1934)

26 June 1934

Popeye sees Olive going into the Bruiser Boys Club, where she works in the hospital ward. Their motto, "Can you take it?", is a clear challenge to Popeye.

Genroku Koi Moyou: Sankichi to Osayo Trailer (1934)

23 June 1934

When a samurai witnesses a dancing maiden being kidnapped by ruffians, he rescues the poor damsel and takes her to the spring flower dance.