Movie Trailers - December 1934

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1934

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Babes in Toyland Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

Ollie Dee and Stanley Dum try to borrow money from their employer, the toymaker, to pay off the mortgage on Mother Peep's shoe and keep it and Little Bo Peep from the clutches of the evil Barnaby.

The Scarlet Pimpernel Trailer (1934)

23 December 1934

Leslie Howard plays Sir Percy Blakeney, an 18th century English aristocrat who leads a double life. He appears to be merely the effete aristocrat, but in reality is part of an underground effort to free French nobles from Robespierre's Reign of Terror.

Lieutenant Kizhe Trailer (1934)

09 December 1934

A sarcastic comedy about the Russian-Soviet bureaucracy, based on the eponymous novella by Yuri Tynyanov.

Lorna Doone Trailer (1934)

09 December 1934

High drama, set in the English moorland of the 1600's. John Ridd wants revenge on the criminal Doone family, but falls in love with the daughter of the family, Lorna.

Flirtation Walk Trailer (1934)

01 December 1934

A Musical-romance with Dick Powell as a private stationed in Hawaii who gets involved with Ruby Keeler, the general's engaged daughter.

Jolly Fellows Trailer (1934)

09 December 1934

Merry Fellows was the first Soviet musical comedy. Set in Odessa and Moscow in the 1930's. Shepherd Kostya Potekhin (Utyosov) is mistaken for an international concert star.

Bright Eyes Trailer (1934)

28 December 1934

An orphaned girl is taken in by a snobbish family at the insistence of their rich, crotchety uncle, even as her devoted aviator godfather fights for custody.

Three Little Pigskins Trailer (1934)

08 December 1934

The stooges are mistaken by a gangster for the "Three Horsemen of Boulder Dam", famous football players.

The Little Minister Trailer (1934)

28 December 1934

In rural 1840's Scotland, Gavin Dishart arrives to become the new "little minister" of Thrums's Auld Licht church.

Forsaking All Others Trailer (1934)

23 December 1934

Dill leaves Mary standing at the altar in order to marry his old flame, Connie, instead. Knowing that Mary still has feelings for Dill, Jeff keeps quiet about his own love for her.

The Live Ghost Trailer (1934)

08 December 1934

Fish market workers Stan and Ollie are persuaded by a sea captain to shanghai a crew for him at the local bar for a dollar a head.

Dangerous Corner Trailer (1934)

04 December 1934

Friends uncover a dark secret when they compare notes about a theft and suicide.

My Elder Brother Trailer (1934)

13 December 1934

The poor novelist Yamamoto is writing his novel, determined and with a headband around his head. With him, the novelist who is always in trouble paying his bills, is the girl Saya who becomes the model for his novel.

Two-Gun Mickey Trailer (1934)

15 December 1934

Minnie rides into town and takes a large sack of money out of the bank. Pegleg Pete gathers his gang to take it from her, and they chase her out of town.

The Ghost Walks Trailer (1934)

01 December 1934

During a stormy night at an old dark mansion, people who claim to see ghosts roaming the halls are later found murdered.

Here Is My Heart Trailer (1934)

28 December 1934

A rich and famous singer disguises himself as a waiter in order to be near the woman he loves, a European princess.

Behold My Wife! Trailer (1934)

06 December 1934

After Michael Carter's fiancée commits suicide, Michael vows to seek revenge on his wealthy family, who sabotaged their marriage.

A Severe Young Man Trailer (1934)

04 December 1934

The film’s content makes no concessions to the usual expectations of Soviet audiences of the 1930s.

'Neath the Arizona Skies Trailer (1934)

05 December 1934

Chris Morrell, the guardian of half-Indian girl Nina, is helping her find her missing white father. so she can cash in on her late mother's oil lease.

The Bands Plays On Trailer (1934)

21 December 1934

A judge hands four wayward boys to a college football coach who turns them into backfield stars.

Father Brown, Detective Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

After notorious jewel thief Flambeau meets Evelyn Fischer during a raid on a casino, he falls deeply in love with her.

Western Justice Trailer (1934)

12 December 1934

Three men, each on their individual quest, meet at a deserted cabin and take the assumed names of Ace, King, and Jack.

The Old Curiosity Shop Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

An elderly shop-keeper and his grand-daughter are threatened by the rich, mean-spirited dwarf Quilp, and decide to flee across England to escape him.

A Wicked Woman Trailer (1934)

07 December 1934

Offspring come to the rescue of a Southern woman (Mady Christians) who turned herself in after killing her abusive husband.

The Man Who Reclaimed His Head Trailer (1934)

24 December 1934

A writer discovers he's being used as a pawn by greedy businessmen. Director Edward Ludwig's 1934 drama stars Claude Rains, Lionel Atwill, Joan Bennett, Henry O'Neill and Wallace Ford.

Lightning Strikes Twice Trailer (1934)

07 December 1934

Mistaken identity comedy involving murder and pretense.

Cowboy Holiday Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

Buck's friend Sheriff Simpson is after the Juarez Kid. Buck knows the Kid and the Sheriff's description does not fit.

Le cavalier Lafleur Trailer (1934)

20 December 1934

White Heat Trailer (1934)

30 December 1934

In this melodrama filmed on location in Hawaii, a sugar plantation manager finds himself falling in love with a native girl, but instead of committing to her, he marries a socially prominent young woman from San Francisco.

Viva Buddy Trailer (1934)

11 December 1934

Buddy goes to Mexico.

Caravan Trailer (1934)

30 December 1934

A member of a royal family is forced to marry a vagabond

The Mighty Barnum Trailer (1934)

23 December 1934

20th Century Fox's highly fabricated film biography of circus showman P. T. Barnum stars Wallace Beery (as Barnum), Virginia Bruce (as Jenny Lind), Janet Beecher and Adolphe Menjou.

Murder in the Clouds Trailer (1934)

15 December 1934

Bob "three star" is the hotshot pilot for Trans America Lines. When he is not flying for the airlines, he can get into trouble doing aerobatics over the field.

Zouzou Trailer (1934)

21 December 1934

Zou Zou tries to help her childhood friend prove his innocence after he's accused of murder.

Babbitt Trailer (1934)

08 December 1934

Middle aged George F. Babbitt is a leading citizen in the town of Zenith, the fastest growing community in America according to its town sign.

Seeta Trailer (1934)

30 December 1934

Directed by Debaki Bose

Something Always Happens Trailer (1934)

10 December 1934

Unemployed car salesman Peter is encouraged by his girlfriend Cynthia to approach the head of a petrol company with his plan for making petrol stations more attractive to customers.

The Broken Melody Trailer (1934)

02 December 1934

A composer goes to Devil's Island for killing his wife's lover, then writes an opera about it.

L'aventurier Trailer (1934)

28 December 1934

A scandalised Frenchman returns from Africa where he has been involved in illegal trading of mines (resulting in the deaths of many African miners).

The Secret Bride Trailer (1934)

22 December 1934

Before Ruth Vincent, daughter of a state governor, and state attorney general Robert Sheldon can announce their marriage, the governor is accused of bribe-taking.

Music in the Air Trailer (1934)

13 December 1934

Constantly quarrelling couple decide to try the jealousy angle when a naive young couple comes along.

Sweet Adeline Trailer (1934)

29 December 1934

In 1898, composer Sid Barnett manages to get his sweetheart, Adeline the beer-garden singer, to sing the lead in his new Broadway operetta; this infuriates Elysia, the erstwhile star.

Le roi des Champs-Élysées Trailer (1934)

10 December 1934

In Paris, a stage-struck would-be actor is mistaken for an escaped convict.

West of the Pecos Trailer (1934)

27 December 1934

Richard Dix stars as Pecos Smith, a strong, silent Westerner suspected of cattle rustling.

The Silver Streak Trailer (1934)

21 December 1934

A high-speed train becomes the star of the film as it rushes from Chicago to Hoover Dam to transport an iron lung to a needy patient.

Ticket to a Crime Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

A Man is found murdered at the Lido Country Club and, although several people are under suspicion, including Elaine and Willis Purdy, the police can not find the murderer; but private detective Clay Holt, and his pretty secretary Peggy Cummings unearth the vital clue and bring the killer to justice.

The Dancing Millionaire Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

The Blondes and Redheads series: To prove his sophistication, a brutish gangster enlists the girls' n

Maria Chapdelaine Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

A young woman has three suitors on her father's logging ranch on the Quebec frontier.

Heave-Ho! Trailer (1934)

28 December 1934

Liebe, Tod und Teufel Trailer (1934)

21 December 1934

The Gay Bride Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

Gangster Shoots Magiz is the producer of the show in which Mary is appearing. She marries him even though she can't stand a thing about him, knowing that in his business he may not be around for long.

Night Alarm Trailer (1934)

10 December 1934

A reporter itching to get off the boring gardening "beat" gets a chance to investigate a series of arson fires that have been plaguing the city.

Loyalty of Love Trailer (1934)

30 December 1934

Hot on the heels of Dinero ed Amore, Loyalty of Love was the second of two Guido Brignone-directed films released within same week.

Secret of the Chateau Trailer (1934)

03 December 1934

Murder results when a group of houseguests converge on a chateau, each plotting to steal a valuable Gutenberg Bible.

Sing Sing Nights Trailer (1934)

14 December 1934

A respected war correspondent is found murdered, with three bullets--from three different guns--in him.

A Peach of a Pair Trailer (1934)

29 December 1934

Vaudeville performers Cook and Butler are mistaken for domestic servants; hilarity ensues.

Radio Parade of 1935 Trailer (1934)

12 December 1934

One of the first screen outings for Will Hay. Hay plays the Director General of the National Broadcasting Group (NBG) who hides away in his office unaware that the general feeling about his programming is that it is too high-brow and the public are not happy.

Tempo massimo Trailer (1934)

30 December 1934

A meek professor is swept over his feet by a very vivacious girl.

Naslednyy prints respubliki Trailer (1934)

12 December 1934

After news of the future birth of a child, Sergei split from his wife, Natasha, and settled in the company of young architects, who occupied a room in a big house.

High School Trailer (1934)

31 December 1934

The love of a young Austrian aristocrat to a circus rider is put on a heavy load test when becomes obvious that the former officer has killed the brother of the young woman, a traitor of the country, in the duel.