Movie Trailers - May 1935

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1935

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Werewolf of London Trailer (1935)

13 May 1935

A strange animal attack turns a botanist into a bloodthirsty monster.

The Cookie Carnival Trailer (1935)

25 May 1935

Cookies, pastries, and other desserts have a parade in this Silly Symphony.

Murder in the Fleet Trailer (1935)

24 May 1935

Seamen hunt down a deadly saboteur.

G-Men Trailer (1935)

04 May 1935

James "Brick" Davis, a struggling attorney, owes his education to a mob member named McKay, but refuses to get involved with the underworld.

The Informer Trailer (1935)

09 May 1935

In 1922, an Irish rebel informs on his friend, then feels doom closing in.

The Devil Is a Woman Trailer (1935)

03 May 1935

In the carnival in Spain in the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the exiled republican Antonio Galvan comes from Paris masquerade to enjoy the party and visit his friend Capt.

Public Hero # 1 Trailer (1935)

31 May 1935

G-Man Chester Morris poses as a crook to infiltrate the notorious Purple Gang, a band of hoodlums which preys upon other hoodlums.

The Kids in the Shoe Trailer (1935)

19 May 1935

The old lady who lives in a shoe has a bit of trouble with her gaggle of children. They won't eat their porridge, won't brush their teeth or comb their hair.

The Hawk Trailer (1935)

13 May 1935

Jay Price's dying mother tells him his real name is Jack King and gives him a locket as proof. At the King ranch he loses the locket which is found by the foreman.

Paris in Spring Trailer (1935)

27 May 1935

Afraid of marriage, Simone (Mary Ellis) breaks off her long term engagement with her fiancé Paul de Lille (Tullio Carminati).

A Picnic Panic Trailer (1935)

02 May 1935

Three singing kettles go on a picnic.

Break of Hearts Trailer (1935)

16 May 1935

Franz Roberti is a famous orchestra conductor who has a number of girlfriends. While talking with his old music teacher, Professor Thalma, he meets Constance, an aspiring music composer.

Brown on Resolution Trailer (1935)

15 May 1935

Forever England gives John Mills his first leading role as Brown. Born after a brief affair between his mother and a naval officer, he joins the Royal Navy during the First World War.

Kentucky Blue Streak Trailer (1935)

01 May 1935

A nosy reporter (Nugent) befriends the dumb Coughlin and pushes the Governor to commute his sentence. Now, Coughlin can ride his family's pride and joy in the Kentucky Derby. BUT, the mean old Warden cancels all paroles--and the idiot decides to escape (even though he's only got 10 more months to serve). So, the reporter has a hunch and goes to see if he can find Coughlin--and the Warden deputizes him!

Rough Riding Ranger Trailer (1935)

12 May 1935

Hanson is using Bobby's carrier pigeons to receive messages. His man Slim shoots them down before they reach Bobby.

Chinatown Squad Trailer (1935)

31 May 1935

Police search for the killer of a man who misused $700,000 intended for the Chinese Communists.

The New Adventures of Tarzan Trailer (1935)

21 May 1935

Tarzan, who has returned to Africa after living in England, sets off to Guatemala in search of an old friend who may have survived a plane crash there.

Tars and Stripes Trailer (1935)

03 May 1935

Naval recruit Elmer is seemingly unable to discharge any of his duties without making life miserable for his irascible commanding officer, who winds up getting doused with paint, splattered with muck, and repeatedly tossed into the water due to Elmer's ineptitude.

Toll of the Desert Trailer (1935)

04 May 1935

When his family is killed by Indians, a bitter cowboy turns into a ruthless hired gunman. Unbeknownst to him, his son had survived the attack, and is now a lawman.

Water Babies Trailer (1935)

11 May 1935

A colony of nymph babies bathe and play in a river in this Silly Symphony.

Crime and Punishment Trailer (1935)

17 May 1935

Pierre Chenal's adaptation of Dostoyevsky's novel, starring Pierre Blanchar and Harry Baur. Bears the influence of German Expressionism and serves as an early forerunner of poetic realism.

Vagabond Lady Trailer (1935)

03 May 1935

Josephine Spiggins is thinking of marrying John Spear, the stuffed-shirt son of a department store owner.

Fighting Caballero Trailer (1935)

05 May 1935

Desperados menace a mining operation.

The Hoosier Schoolmaster Trailer (1935)

14 May 1935

Right after the Civil War, an ex-Union soldier sets out to become a schoolmaster in his small town, even though many locals still harbor a resentment against "Yankees".

Quelle Drôle de Gosse ! Trailer (1935)

17 May 1935

Alias Mary Dow Trailer (1935)

01 May 1935

A taxi-dancer agrees to pose as a girl who had been kidnapped as a child 18 years before.

What Price Crime Trailer (1935)

27 May 1935

Thieves break into a warehouse that stores guns, steal them and kill the night watchman. An undercover agent assigned to the case happens to get into a traffic accident with the sister of the man the police suspect is head of the burglary ring, and in order to work his way into the gang, he romances the boss' sister.

Riders to the Sea Trailer (1935)

30 May 1935

In this story of Western Ireland, the most famous work of Irelands greatest dramatist JOHN MILLINGTON SYNGE is brought to the screen by Ulsters greatest film director BRIAN DESMOND HURST.

The Flame Within Trailer (1935)

17 May 1935

Psychiatrist finds herself falling for her patient.

L'homme des Folies Bergère Trailer (1935)

09 May 1935

Alternate-language French version of Folies Bergère de Paris (1935).

Opera Night Trailer (1935)

30 May 1935

A Terrytoons cartoon released 31 May 1935.

Pitcairn Island Today Trailer (1935)

25 May 1935

This visit to Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific Ocean shows that life for the residents has changed little in the years since Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers on HMS Bounty, along with several Tahitian natives, landed here.

Choose Your 'Weppins' Trailer (1935)

30 May 1935

Policeman Wimpy loses his handcuffed prisoner when he's distracted by a hamburger shop. The escapee drops into the weapon-filled pawn shop Popeye and Olive are running, and quickly gets in a fight with Popeye.

In Caliente Trailer (1935)

25 May 1935

At a Mexican resort, a fast-talking magazine editor woos the dancer he's trashed in print.

Heat Wave Trailer (1935)

30 May 1935

Musical comedy telling the hilarious story of greengrocer Albert Speed’s (Albert Burdon) adventures with would-be revolutionaries in a mythical South American banana republic.

One Frightened Night Trailer (1935)

01 May 1935

No overview found.

Paramount Headliner: Broadway Highlights No. 1 Trailer (1935)

16 May 1935

In the first of Paramount's "Headliner" series, narrator Ted Husing travels up and down and around Broadway and other main stem New York City locations, and views the likes of Earl Carroll picking show-girls for hie Varieties; Al Jolson and Jack Benny rehearsing their radio programs; and other celebs, such as Gary Cooper visiting The Big Apple, and Bea Lillie and Sophie Tucker and others caught by the Headliner camera.

Sanders of the River Trailer (1935)

10 May 1935

British District Officer in Nigeria in the 1930's rules his area strictly but justly, and struggles with gun-runners and slavers with the aid of a loyal native chief.

My Green Fedora Trailer (1935)

03 May 1935

A rabbit is told by his mother to watch out for his baby brother Elmer while she's out of the house, but a wolf has other plans for Elmer after he hears the older brother sing "My Green Fedora.

Circus Shadows Trailer (1935)

03 May 1935

A phoney "psychic" ring tricks a pretty young circus performer into working for them.

Springtime Serenade Trailer (1935)

26 May 1935

Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Rabbit are preparing their summer home, confident that winter has ended. Professor Groundhog, unable to see his shadow, predicts several more weeks of cold weather.

The Leather Necker Trailer (1935)

08 May 1935

Harry and his ex-sergeant recall their rivalry over the same girl.

Border Brigands Trailer (1935)

31 May 1935

Canadian Mountie goes undercover to catch his brother's killers.

Gun Smoke Trailer (1935)

01 May 1935

Parker, seeking revenge on Culverson, is bringing in a flood of sheep. Branning signs on at the Culverson ranch to help fight them off.

Nacht der Verwandlung Trailer (1935)

30 May 1935

Age of Indiscretion Trailer (1935)

10 May 1935

A book publisher finds his business floundering, which prompts his socially ambitious wife to desert him for a society millionaire, leaving him with their young son.

Wunder des Fliegens: Der Film eines deutschen Fliegers Trailer (1935)

14 May 1935

A young German boy meets his hero, a famous flying ace, and dreams of becoming a pilot. However, his mother--whose husband was a fighter pilot killed in battle during World War I--does not want to lose her son, too, and tries to persuade him to abandon his dreams of flying.

Escape Me Never Trailer (1935)

24 May 1935

Romantic quadrangle involving two brothers, one a burgeoning ballet composer; a willful heiress; and a waif.

City of Beautiful Nonsense Trailer (1935)

01 May 1935

A young woman who is in love with a penniless composer, but believes she must marry a wealthy man to please her father.

Let 'em Have It Trailer (1935)

15 May 1935

Let 'Em Have It is a 1935 gangster film. It was also known as The Legion of Valour and False Faces. An FBI agent tracks down a gang leader.

Ehestreik Trailer (1935)

30 May 1935

Mary's Little Lamb Trailer (1935)

01 May 1935

An animated version of the children's story.

Dinky Trailer (1935)

11 May 1935

A mother sends her young son to military school so he won't find out she's been sentenced to a prison term on a framed fraud charge.

The Merry Kittens Trailer (1935)

14 May 1935

[Animated] short of kittens taking unfair advantage of a well meaning dog, who actually is functioning as their protector.

Chasing Yesterday Trailer (1935)

02 May 1935

An elderly bachelor, feeling nostalgic for his youth, seeks out his late sweetheart's teenage daughter, now an orphan forced to attend a strict boarding school.

Rescue Squad Trailer (1935)

15 May 1935

Members of a special firefighting squad set out to track down arsonists.

Composition in Blue Trailer (1935)

02 May 1935

An abstract film in which every motion of coloured shapes is in strict synchronization with music

National Customs Trailer (1935)

13 May 1935

A 1935 B&W Chinese movie, with Chinese intertitles. It stars Ruan Lingyu and Lily Li, two of the biggest female stars of the era, and was Ruan Lingyu's final role, being released after her suicide.

No! No! A Thousand Times No!! Trailer (1935)

23 May 1935

Betty Boop and Freddie appear on stage in a melodrama, wherein Betty sings the title song to the villain.

Black Fury Trailer (1935)

18 May 1935

A simple Pennsylvania coal miner is drawn into the violent conflict between union workers and management.