Movie Trailers - August 1935

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1935

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Mickey's Fire Brigade Trailer (1935)

03 August 1935

Mickey, Donald and Goofy are a fire department. As you might expect, their attempts at fighting a boardinghouse fire are not particularly effective.

Anna Karenina Trailer (1935)

30 August 1935

In 19th century Russia a woman in a respectable marriage to a doctor must grapple with her love for a dashing soldier.

Jalna Trailer (1935)

09 August 1935

A young poet (David Manners), accompanied by his new bride (Kay Johnson), returns home to his large family at their Canadian farm.

China Seas Trailer (1935)

16 August 1935

Rugged Captain Alan Gaskell (Clark Gable) sails the perilous waters between Hong Kong and Singapore with a secret cargo: a fortune in British gold.

Woman Wanted Trailer (1935)

02 August 1935

Ann Grey is wrongly convicted of murder. On her way to jail a car accident gives her the opportunity to escape.

Bonnie Scotland Trailer (1935)

23 August 1935

Stan and Ollie stowaway to Scotland expecting to inherit the MacLaurel estate. However Stan's inheritance amounts to a set of bagpipes and a snuff box.

The Crusades Trailer (1935)

21 August 1935

King Richard the Lionhearted launches a crusade to preserve Christianity in Jerusalem.

The Call of the Wild Trailer (1935)

09 August 1935

Jack Thornton has trouble winning enough at cards for the stake he needs to get to the Alaska gold fields.

Alice Adams Trailer (1935)

23 August 1935

In the lower-middle-class Adams family, father and son are happy to work in a drugstore, but mother and daughter Alice try every possible social-climbing stratagem despite snubs and embarrassment.

Dante's Inferno Trailer (1935)

23 August 1935

A carny builds a gambling empire at the expense of his family's wellbeing.

Westward Ho Trailer (1935)

19 August 1935

Ballard's trail jumpers attack the Wyatt Company wagon train, killing young John's parents and kidnaping his brother, Jim.

The Irish in Us Trailer (1935)

03 August 1935

A boxer (James Cagney) and his policeman brother (Pat O'Brien) feud over a police captain's daughter (Olivia de Havilland).

Hoi Polloi Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935

A professor bets that he can turn the stooges into gentlemen. After many attempts to teach them etiquette, he brings them to a fancy society party.

Look Up and Laugh Trailer (1935)

13 August 1935

Gutsy lass Gracie rallies fellow stall-holders at Birkenhead Market to prevent its takeover and demolition by a department store chain.

We're in the Money Trailer (1935)

17 August 1935

Ginger and Dixie are process servers for goofy lawyer Homer Bronson. The two friends want to quit, but they're offered a thousand dollars to serve four subpoenas in a breach of promise suit against rich C.

The Farmer Takes a Wife Trailer (1935)

02 August 1935

A farmer tries to convince a girl to leave her life on a canal boat to live with him on his farm.

Every Night at Eight Trailer (1935)

02 August 1935

Three young girls working in an agency have build a singing trio. They want to 'lease' the dictaphone of their boss to make a record of their singin, but they are caught and fired.

Sundown Saunders Trailer (1935)

01 August 1935

When Sundown wins a horse race he is paid with a deed to a ranch. Arriving at the ranch he finds the Prestons already living there.

Hope of His Side Trailer (1935)

18 August 1935

A British comedy about a blacksmith who in looking to get away from his wife discovers a talent for rugby league.

Watch the Birdie Trailer (1935)

10 August 1935

Prankster Bob is traveling to New York by ship with his girlfriend and he proposes to marry her. Along the trip, he plays pranks on the captain, passengers and his future father-in-law.

The Phantom Light Trailer (1935)

05 August 1935

Criminals pose as ghosts to scare a lighthouse keeper on the Welsh coast, in attempt to distract him.

The E-Flat Man Trailer (1935)

09 August 1935

Elmer attempts to elope with his fiancée, but they escape her parents by driving off in a car that's actually owned by a wanted gangster.

Man on the Flying Trapeze Trailer (1935)

03 August 1935

Hard-working, henpecked Ambrose Ambrose Wolfinger takes off from work to go to a wrestling match with catastrophic consequences.

Old Man Rhythm Trailer (1935)

02 August 1935

Romantic rivalries between father and son enrolled at the same college.

Danger Ahead Trailer (1935)

01 August 1935

Captain Matthews (John Elliot) is paid 40,000 dollars in cash by Nick Conrad (Bryant Washburn, who also played an attorney in 'Prison Mutiny') for his shipment of silk from China.

She Gets Her Man Trailer (1935)

05 August 1935

Esmeralda is a cook in a diner in a small Arkansas town. When a gang of crooks moves into town and plots a bank robbery, Esmeralda unintentionally wrecks their plans, resulting in fame for Esmeralda as the crime-fighting "Tiger Woman," but also further complications.

Cheers of the Crowd Trailer (1935)

05 August 1935

To draw attention to a popular show, a publicity expert hires a former carnival character, not knowing that the man is on the run from the law.

Hop-a-long Cassidy Trailer (1935)

23 August 1935

An evil ranch foreman tries to provoke a range war by playing two cattlemen against each other while helping a gang to rustle the cattle.

The Three Bears Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935

Playing hide-and-seek with her dog, young Goldilocks scampers away into the woods and stumbles upon a lovely little house.

Pardon My Scotch Trailer (1935)

01 August 1935

The stooges are running the local drugstore and mix up a potion that a desperate businessman decides to sell as scotch.

Here Comes the Band Trailer (1935)

30 August 1935

In this musical, a songwriter goes to court to claim the rights to his song that was stolen by an unscrupulous music publisher.

Going Highbrow Trailer (1935)

23 August 1935

A ditzy wife yearns to join "high society" when she and her husband become suddenly wealthy. Comedy.

The Merry Old Soul Trailer (1935)

16 August 1935

Old King Cole marries the Woman in the Shoe. As soon as they get home, the babies show up from every drawer and closet, much to the king's chagrin.

Radio Pirates Trailer (1935)

18 August 1935

Three unlikely people set up a pirate radio station in this musical comedy.

Hollywood Extra Girl Trailer (1935)

22 August 1935

Semi-documentary of a typical "extra girl" on a C.B.DeMille film.

Abdul the Damned Trailer (1935)

05 August 1935

Set amid the turbulence of the Young Turk movement within the dying Ottoman Empire, Abdul the Damned was among the first films directed in Britain by Karl Grune, acclaimed director of 1923’s Die Strasse (The Street), who had fled Nazi Germany in 1933; the film also features starring roles for fellow German émigré and Pandora’s Box star Fritz Kortner, Scottish screen idol John Stuart, and Swedish silent-era heart-throb Nils Asther.

Accent on Youth Trailer (1935)

20 August 1935

A young secretary falls in love with her boss, a middle-aged playwright. Complications ensue when her boss' son falls for her.

Rio Rattler Trailer (1935)

01 August 1935

A dying Marshal gives his identification papers to Tom. After Tom arrives in town, the papers drop and are found during a fight so Tom decides to assume the Marshal's identity.

Det gyldne smil Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935

On the Wagon Trailer (1935)

24 August 1935

Henry and Elmer stay out all night, then fear returning home because of their formidable mother-in-law.

Western Frontier Trailer (1935)

07 August 1935

Ken and his sister are separated while young when the Indians attack their wagon train. Ken, now grown, is sent after the outlaw known as the Golden hair Girl only to find that she's his long lost sister.

Peg of Old Drury Trailer (1935)

27 August 1935

a biopic of eighteenth-century Irish actress Peg Woffington. It was based on the play Masks and Faces.

The Crouching Beast Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935

In 1915 during the First World War, a British secret agent is killed while stealing secret Turkish plans for the Gallipoli Campaign but manages to pass his information to an American journalist.

Wife! Be Like a Rose! Trailer (1935)

15 August 1935

Tokyo salary girl lives with very serious bluestocking haiku writing mother. Salary girl seeks to marry the attendant dish but needs absent father to act as go-between.

Atlantic Adventure Trailer (1935)

24 August 1935

When reporter Dan Miller is once again late to meet his girl friend, Helen Murdock, because he is working on a story, Helen breaks up with him.

Alles weg’n dem Hund Trailer (1935)

28 August 1935

The Cross-Patch Trailer (1935)

07 August 1935

Hot Tip Trailer (1935)

20 August 1935

An amateur handicapper must help his future son-in-law recoup the money he lost while playing the ponies.

In Love at 40 Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935

Edgar falls in love with another woman.

Die blonde Carmen Trailer (1935)

06 August 1935

Bout de chou Trailer (1935)

22 August 1935

The Hunting Season Trailer (1935)

19 August 1935

There is peace in the forest and among all of the animals there, including a pair of ducks who befriend Molly Moo-Cow.

Orchids to You Trailer (1935)

09 August 1935

An unlikely courtroom romance blooms between a flower-shop owner and her unscrupulous landlord's married attorney.

Black Sheep Trailer (1935)

01 August 1935

On a cruise ship a professional gambler comes to the aid of a young man victimized by a jewel thief. The young man turns out to be his son.

Stradivari Trailer (1935)

25 August 1935

Danger Trails Trailer (1935)

02 August 1935

A football star grown up in the East goes West in order to meet his father. He discovers that his parent and his three half-brothers are now notorious outlaws .

Miss Okichi Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935

Kenji Mizoguchi is credited as “supervisor” on this rare Japanese genre film, which stars the stunning Isuzu Yamada (Osaka Elegy, Throne of Blood) as a professional criminal, part con woman and part martial artist, who falls in love with a young man from the straight world.

You Gotta Be a Football Hero Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935

Popeye and Olive are attending a football game; Bluto's team takes the field, and Olive is swept off her feet, becoming a cheerleader for him.

Der Gefangene des Königs Trailer (1935)

12 August 1935

Ich liebe alle Frauen Trailer (1935)

29 August 1935