Movie Trailers - February 1936

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1936

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Modern Times Trailer (1936)

05 February 1936

The Tramp struggles to live in modern industrial society with the help of a young homeless woman.

The Petrified Forest Trailer (1936)

08 February 1936

Gabby lives and works at her dads small diner out in the desert. She can't stand it and wants to go and live with her mother in France.

The Bohemian Girl Trailer (1936)

14 February 1936

Stan and Ollie travel with a band of 18th-century Gypsies holding a nobleman's daughter.

Things to Come Trailer (1936)

20 February 1936

Late 1960 and the world consists of feudal cities after decades of a global war and plague. 2035 and the world has been rebuilt with fantastic technology, but has progress gone too far and has man learned anything.

Wife vs. Secretary Trailer (1936)

28 February 1936

Magazine publisher Van Stanhope is a hard-working, dynamic executive very happily married to his beautiful wife Linda.

Follow the Fleet Trailer (1936)

20 February 1936

When the fleet puts in at San Francisco, sailor Bake Baker tries to rekindle the flame with his old dancing partner, Sherry Martin, while Bake's buddy Bilge Smith romances Sherry's sister Connie.

The Milky Way Trailer (1936)

07 February 1936

Timid milkman, Burleigh Sullivan (Lloyd), somehow knocks out a boxing champ in a brawl. The fighter's manager decides to build up the milkman's reputation in a series of fixed fights and then have the champ beat him to regain his title.

Orphan's Picnic Trailer (1936)

15 February 1936

Mickey and Donald take a truckload of mouse boys on a picnic. The boys delight in tormenting Donald, first by filching the picnic food, then giving him a flower with a bee inside (Donald eventually gets the whole hive after him), and finally a sandwich with another bee in it.

The Story of Louis Pasteur Trailer (1936)

22 February 1936

In 1860, having helped France solve the problem of sour wine, chemist Louis Pasteur turns to the dangers of childbirth: 20,000 Paris women were dying annually.

It Had to Happen Trailer (1936)

14 February 1936

A poor boy rises to power in politics.

The Garden Murder Case Trailer (1936)

21 February 1936

Urbane detective Philo Vance (Edmund Lowe) solves murders caused by hypnosis.

The Prisoner of Shark Island Trailer (1936)

28 February 1936

After setting the leg of John Wilkes Booth, Dr. Samuel Mudd is sent to prison as a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

The Preview Murder Mystery Trailer (1936)

28 February 1936

The star of "Song of the Toreador" receives threatening messages that he will not survive the preview screening of the film.

The Lady Consents Trailer (1936)

07 February 1936

Civilized wife doesn't protest when husband runs off with uncivilized professional golfer pretending to be civilized.

The Lawless Nineties Trailer (1936)

15 February 1936

Federal Agents Tipton and Bridger have been sent to Wyoming where the vote on statehood is imminent. Plummer and his gang are out to make sure the vote fails.

Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Crusoe Trailer (1936)

27 February 1936

Molly Moo Cow washes to shore on an island, the one occupied by Robinson Crusoe. Much of the short is Crusoe extolling the virtues of the solitary life, Molly trying to ingratiate herself to Crusoe and Crusoe trying to get rid of her.

Tango Trailer (1936)

13 February 1936

Believing his wife to be unfaithful, a husband deserts her and his child. Destitute, the woman is forced to take a job as a tango dancer.

Song of the Saddle Trailer (1936)

28 February 1936

Frank Sr. sells his supplies to Hook, but then Hook has the Bannion Boys bushwhack his wagon to get the money back.

Troubled Waters Trailer (1936)

01 February 1936

James Mason is teamed up once again with Virginia Cherill whom he appeared with in his debut film, 'Late Extra'.

The Golem Trailer (1936)

13 February 1936

The Golem, a giant creature created out of clay by a rabbi, comes to life in a time of trouble to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution.

The Perfect Setup Trailer (1936)

01 February 1936

The City of New York Police Captain Detectives Hewitt tells the story of Alan Saunders, one of the most unusual criminals of our time, in "A Crime Does Not Pay Subject" short.

Whom the Gods Love: The Original Story of Mozart and His Wife Trailer (1936)

22 February 1936

Mozart biopic.

The Voice of Bugle Ann Trailer (1936)

15 February 1936

A Missouri farmer's (Lionel Barrymore) son (Eric Linden) loves the daughter (Maureen O'Sullivan) of a neighbor who has killed the farmer's foxhound.

Darkest Africa Trailer (1936)

15 February 1936

A 15-episode serial in which Beatty goes to darkest Africa to rescue the Goddess of Joba, who is being held by the high priest.

Ants in the Pantry Trailer (1936)

06 February 1936

The stooges are pest exterminators who drum up business by planting vermin in a ritzy mansion where a party is going on.

Ghost Town Trailer (1936)

15 February 1936

An old miner is ambushed by outlaws trying to steal the $10,000 he is carrying to start up a new mine.

Prison Breaker Trailer (1936)

01 February 1936

A British secret service agent falls in love with the daughter of a leading London criminal, and soon after becoming involved with her father finds himself in prison facing a charge of manslaughter.

Muss 'em Up Trailer (1936)

13 February 1936

Famous private detective Tip O'Neil is summoned by telegram to the estate of old friend Paul Harding, but finds the telegram was sent by Paul's attractive secretary, Amy Hutchins.

Lady of Secrets Trailer (1936)

21 February 1936

Because of a very unhappy affair she had earlier in her life, a woman shuts herself off from the rest of the world.

Grand Slam Opera Trailer (1936)

21 February 1936

Elmer Butts is a contestant in a radio amateur hour show hoping to win the first price -- by dancing and juggling!

Heart of the West Trailer (1936)

24 February 1936

Problems come in the form of one of Hopalong Cassidy's neighbors, but the matter is settled when Hoppy roots out the troublemaker.

The Man Who Could Work Miracles Trailer (1936)

19 February 1936

George McWhirter Fotheringay, while vigorously asserting the impossibility of miracles, suddenly discovers that he can perform them.

Morderen uten ansikt Trailer (1936)

01 February 1936

Wer zuletzt küßt... Trailer (1936)

27 February 1936

On the occasion of a charity ball in Vienna a kiss of a famous actress should be auctioned. Misunderstandings between the manager of the film star, a record producer and a student lead too all kinds of mistakes, during which a student is mistaken for a prince in disguise and almost breaks his hapiness.

Here Comes Trouble Trailer (1936)

21 February 1936

Donovan unknowingly becomes tangled up with jewel thieves when Evelyn Howard gives him a cigarette lighter containing some hot rocks.

Trial for Marriage Trailer (1936)

08 February 1936

A man feels so much guilt over being infected by venereal disease that he conjures up a personal trial over his own behaviour.

Movie Maniacs Trailer (1936)

20 February 1936

The stooges arrive in Hollywood hoping to make it in the movie business ("There must be a couple a hundred guys in Hollywood who don't know anything about making movies, three more ain't gonna make any difference".

VMV 6 Trailer (1936)

16 February 1936

Coast guard battles the bootleggers who smuggle booze across the Gulf of Finland during the prohibition law.

Mädchenjahre einer Königin Trailer (1936)

28 February 1936

After her Prime Minister Lord Melbourne arranges a marriage for her with the German Prince Albert, the young Queen Victoria decides to leave London and spend some time in Kent.

When Knights Were Bold Trailer (1936)

18 February 1936

Happy-go-lucky soldier Guy De Vere must leave India and return to the family seat at Little Twittering, for he has inherited the family title.

The Cat Came Back Trailer (1936)

07 February 1936

Momma cat is teaching her kittens to catch mice. Meanwhile, across the basement, Momma mouse is teaching her little ones how to avoid cats.

The Widow from Monte Carlo Trailer (1936)

01 February 1936

In this romantic comedy, an aspiring socialite heads for a vacation in Monte Carlo where she befriends a wealthy widowed duchess and then begins blackmailing her after she steals a scandalous letter.

Alpine Yodeler Trailer (1936)

02 February 1936

A Terrytoons cartoon released 2 February 1936.

Kater Lampe Trailer (1936)

19 February 1936

The Kid Ranger Trailer (1936)

05 February 1936

Ranger Ray plans to marry stage driver Bill Mason's daughter Mary, but there are problems ahead....

Ring Around the Moon Trailer (1936)

15 February 1936

Ring Around the Moon was based on the once-popular novel by Vera Hobart. The story endeavors to invite comparisons between the high-toned romantic adventures of wealthy Gloria Endicott (Erin O'Brien-Moore) and more earthy amours of low-born Kay Duncan (Ann Doran).

Le nouveau testament Trailer (1936)

15 February 1936

You May Be Next Trailer (1936)

05 February 1936

Gangster tries to censor a crusading radio station by jamming its signal.

The Reckless Way Trailer (1936)

01 February 1936

The DVD for this film bears the title "The Lure of Hollywood". Marian Nixon plays a girl who doesn't want to settle for second best.

The Phantom Ship Trailer (1936)

24 February 1936

Uncle Beans and the kids are off to visit a haunted ship ('The Phantom') trapped in the ice, hoping to find pirate treasure.

The Dark Hour Trailer (1936)

17 February 1936

A pair of detectives investigates the murder of an elderly millionaire who was the target of blackmail and death threats and find that there is no shortage of suspects, many of them in the victim's own family.

Lucky Terror Trailer (1936)

20 February 1936

A sharpshooter in a traveling sideshow is falsely accused of murdering a local miner.

Der ahnungslose Engel Trailer (1936)

04 February 1936

Drift Fence Trailer (1936)

14 February 1936

Although Larry "Buster" Crabbe earns top billing, the hero of Drift Fence is former Western star Tom Keene as Jim Travis, who, at a rodeo, meets city dweller Jim Traft (Benny Baker), who has come west to erect a fence that will prevent Clay Jackson (Stanley Andrews) from continuing his cattle rustling business.

Boom Boom Trailer (1936)

28 February 1936

World War I, apparently. There is a series of quick blackout gags, including a soldier that throws the pin.

Klondike Annie Trailer (1936)

21 February 1936

Rose Carlton, a kept woman, kills her benefactor and hops on a boat from San Francisco to the frozen north.

Janssons frestelse Trailer (1936)

10 February 1936

John Smith is an accountant at a stockbroking firm, where the firm ends up in the liquidity crisis because of his managerial speculation with the firm's money.

The Early Bird and the Worm Trailer (1936)

08 February 1936

A young worm is chased by the Early Bird, but then two crows and a snake join the chase.

The Girlfriends Trailer (1936)

19 February 1936

Podrugi (Girlfriends) is the story of the friendship between three girls, who start the film aged around 10 and who grow up together, eventually becoming nurses at the Russian front during the First World War.

Divot Diggers Trailer (1936)

07 February 1936

Spanky, Alfalfa and the gang play a bunch of wanna-be caddies.