Movie Trailers - May 1936

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1936

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A Day in the Country Trailer (1936)

05 May 1936

The family of a Parisian shop-owner spends a day in the country. The daughter falls in love to a man at the inn, where they spend the day.

Fury Trailer (1936)

29 May 1936

Joe, who owns a gas station along with his brothers and is about to marry Katherine, travels to the small town where she lives to visit her, but is wrongly mistaken for a wanted kidnapper and arrested.

Dracula's Daughter Trailer (1936)

11 May 1936

A countess from Transylvania seeks a psychiatrist’s help to cure her vampiric cravings.

One Rainy Afternoon Trailer (1936)

13 May 1936

An unknown stage actor in Paris becomes an overnight media celebrity after he kisses a woman in a movie theatre.

Osaka Elegy Trailer (1936)

28 May 1936

Ayako becomes the mistress of her boss so she can pay her father's debt and prevent him from going to prison for embezzlement.

Speed Trailer (1936)

08 May 1936

Terry is the chief car tester for Emery Motors and Frank is an Engineer. Jane has just been hired to work in publicity.

Fatal Lady Trailer (1936)

15 May 1936

On her debut as an opera star, Marion Stuart is interrogated and possibly implicated in the death of a male acquaintance.

Thru the Mirror Trailer (1936)

30 May 1936

Mickey has been reading Alice in Wonderland, and falls asleep. He finds himself on the other side of the mirror, where the furniture is alive.

Sons O' Guns Trailer (1936)

20 May 1936

Broadway star Jimmy Canfield stars in a patriotic show on the great white way during WWI. He plays the heroic soldier, but he is doesn't want to join the Army.

Disorder in the Court Trailer (1936)

30 May 1936

The Stooges are key witnesses at a murder trial. Their friend, Gail Tempest (a name whose parts are synonyms of each other), who dances at the Black Bottom cafe where the Stooges are musicians, is accused of killing Kirk Robin (a play on "Who Killed Cock Robin?").

Circus Trailer (1936)

25 May 1936

Circus tells the story of an American named Marion who is banished from the US because a black man impregnates her.

Dancing Pirate Trailer (1936)

22 May 1936

Jonathan Pride is a mild-mannered dance instructor in 1820 Boston. En route to visit relatives, Jonathan is shanghaied by a band of zany pirates and forced to work as a galley boy.

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford Trailer (1936)

13 May 1936

Relations between Dr. 'Brad' Bradford and ex-wife Paula are surprisingly romantic. They divorced because Brad hated being dragged into murder mysteries, to which mystery writer Paula is addicted.

High Tension Trailer (1936)

06 May 1936

Brawling cable layer Steve Reardon doesn't want to marry girlfriend Edith but he also doesn't want her to date other men.

The Lonely Trail Trailer (1936)

25 May 1936

Though he fought for the North in the Civil War, John is asked by the Governor of Texas to get rid of some troublesome carpetbaggers.

Three of a Kind Trailer (1936)

19 May 1936

A truck driver and a gold-digger meet at a swank hotel and both think the other is wealthy. A drama of greed and society.

The Golden Arrow Trailer (1936)

23 May 1936

A fake heiress marries a common reporter to thwart the advances of gold-digging playboys.

The Case Against Mrs. Ames Trailer (1936)

08 May 1936

An attorney falls for the woman he's representing on a murder charge.

The Princess Comes Across Trailer (1936)

22 May 1936

A Swedish princess boards an ocean liner in Europe en route to an acting career in America, and finds herself getting inconveniently attached to a bandleader returning home.

Show Boat Trailer (1936)

17 May 1936

Despite her mother's objections, the naive young daughter of a show boat captain is thrust into the limelight as the company's new leading lady.

Marihuana Trailer (1936)

08 May 1936

A young girl named Burma attends a beach party with her boyfriend and after she smokes marijuana with a bunch of other girls, she gets pregnant and another girl drowns while skinny dipping in the ocean.

Times Square Playboy Trailer (1936)

09 May 1936

A stock broker's small-town best friend thinks the bride-to-be and her family are gold-diggers so he does everything he can to prevent the wedding.

The Cobweb Hotel Trailer (1936)

15 May 1936

A spider runs a hotel for flies where he keeps his guests captive. A pair of fly newlyweds arrive and check in.

The Marriage of Corbal Trailer (1936)

28 May 1936

The film hinges on the love triangle between a young aristocratic lady on the run (Cleonie, played by Hazel Terry), the murderous Varennes, Citizen-Deputy of the Revolution who saves her by disguising her as his nephew (Nils Asther) and finally the Marquis of Corbal of the film's title, played by Hugh Sinclair.

The King Steps Out Trailer (1936)

27 May 1936

Princess is destined to marry the Emperor, until her sister steps in.

The Singing Cowboy Trailer (1936)

11 May 1936

A rodeo singer (Gene Autry) funds a little girl's operation with a show, on television.

Undersea Kingdom Trailer (1936)

30 May 1936

Crash Corrigan, a recent graduate of Annapolis, and Diana, a go-getting reporter, join Professor Norton for a search for the source of a string of earthquakes, Atlantis.

It's Love Again Trailer (1936)

30 May 1936

Elaine Bradford is a young singer and dancer, looking for her big break. Peter Carlton is a gossip columnist facing a deadline and a blank page.

Broken Blossoms Trailer (1936)

20 May 1936

A Chinese missionary comes to England. He helps a young girl ill-treated by her father. A remake of D.

We Are from Kronstadt Trailer (1936)

01 May 1936

In 1919, during the post-revolution Russian Civil War, a naval detachment (made up of communist Redss

And So They Were Married Trailer (1936)

10 May 1936

A bitter widow and a grumpy widower find themselves stuck in a hotel that is cut off from the outside by a snowstorm.

The Plow That Broke the Plains Trailer (1936)

10 May 1936

A documentary about what happened to the Great Plains of the United States and Canada when uncontrolled farming destroyed the soil and led to the Dust Bowl.

I'd Love to Take Orders from You Trailer (1936)

24 May 1936

Quitting time for a scarecrow. He gets home, and his little boy scares him. To the title song, he teaches his son the basics of scare-crowing.

Human Cargo Trailer (1936)

15 May 1936

Bonnie Brewster (Claire Trevor) and "Packy" Campbell (Brian Donlevy), rival reporters on competing newspapers, team up to put an end to a smuggling gang that brings illegal aliens to the United States, and then makes further victims of them by extortion payments.

Arbor Day Trailer (1936)

02 May 1936

Truant officers mistake 2 midgets for members of the gang.

Fish Tales Trailer (1936)

22 May 1936

Porky's going fishing, but his boat careens out of control. He finally settles in and quickly catches several fish.

The Law in Her Hands Trailer (1936)

16 May 1936

A female lawyer (Margaret Lindsay) sets up her own practice but only achieves success as an attorney for the mob.

The Dawn Trailer (1936)

27 May 1936

Set in 1920 Ireland when the Black & Tans were brought in from Britain to help supress revolution in Ireland.

Special Investigator Trailer (1936)

08 May 1936

A lawyer changes from defending public enemies to bringing them to justice after his brother is killed.

Catching Trouble Trailer (1936)

08 May 1936

This short follows a day of work for an Everglades wildlife trapper catching animals for zoos around America.

Down to the Sea Trailer (1936)

30 May 1936

Greek sponge divers in Tarpon Springs, Florida duel over diving methods and fight over the same girl, and only one will survive.

Let It Be Me Trailer (1936)

02 May 1936

A radio crooner spirits a girl away to the big city only to drop her like a hot potato.

Houses of Poverty Trailer (1936)

07 May 1936

Borinage left Henri Storck profoundly disturbed by injustice and social poverty. When he was offered a chance to make the film he undertook an in-depth survey into the working class and slums and shouldered his camera as a militant filmmaker.

Share the Wealth Trailer (1936)

08 May 1936

A local shoe clerk runs for mayor under a "Share the Wealth" platform but finds himself in trouble when he's the recipient of $50,000.

Bingo Crosbyana Trailer (1936)

30 May 1936

Bugs take over a kitchen, prompting a Bing Crosby-esque croon.

Trouble for Two Trailer (1936)

29 May 1936

A decadent prince looking for a good time in London discovers the existence of a secret society called The Suicide Club, and seeks to become a member.

Sous la terreur Trailer (1936)

22 May 1936

Let's Sing Again Trailer (1936)

07 May 1936

An orphan (Eight-year-old boy soprano Bobby Breen) gets a chance to sing opera in New York.

Heut' ist der schönste Tag in meinem Leben Trailer (1936)

21 May 1936

Two twin brothers working in a Vienna fair and who are both gifted for singing meet different luck both in love and their careers.

Under Two Flags Trailer (1936)

01 May 1936

Sergeant Victor comes to the French Foreign Legion after taking the blame for his brother's crime. Cigarette falls in love with him though Major Doyle is in love with her.

Champagne Charlie Trailer (1936)

07 May 1936

The story is told in flashback. Backers want a gambler to marry a rich girl for her dowry.

You Can't Fool Antoinette Trailer (1936)

20 May 1936

No overview found

Treachery Rides the Range Trailer (1936)

02 May 1936

The Indians need the Buffalo to survive and the Government has promised to keep the herds free from hunters.

Flitterwochen Trailer (1936)

27 May 1936

The Flame Trailer (1936)

08 May 1936

No overview found

Woman of the Mist Trailer (1936)

14 May 1936

Otoku asks her brother Bunkichi to speak with her son Seiichi, a young man for whom sacrificed everything but who now seems to be headed for a wastrel life.

Last of the Warrens Trailer (1936)

09 May 1936

Ted Warren returns from WWI to find that everyone thinks he was dead. The culprit is Kent who intercepted his mail, rustled the Warren cattle, took over the Warren ranch, and is now after Ted's girl friend.

What -- No Spinach? Trailer (1936)

06 May 1936

Wimpy is working for Bluto in his diner and trying to filch all the food he can eat. Popeye comes in and orders roast duck, but Wimpy grabs the drumsticks, then coats it with pepper sauce.

The Cattle Thief Trailer (1936)

26 May 1936

Ken, sent to investigate cattle rustlers, poses as a peddler during the day but the Masked Rider at night.

Counterfeit Trailer (1936)

25 May 1936

A cop goes undercover to infiltrate and break up a counterfeiting ring.