Movie Trailers - July 1936

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1936

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Suzy Trailer (1936)

20 July 1936

A French air ace discovers that his showgirl wife's first husband is still alive.

The Last of the Mohicans Trailer (1936)

02 July 1936

The story is set in the British province of New York during the French and Indian War, and concerns—in part—a Huron massacre (with passive French acquiescence) of between 500 to 1,500 Anglo-American troops, who had honorably surrendered at Fort William Henry, plus some women and servants; the kidnapping of two sisters, daughters of the British commander; and their rescue by the last Mohicans.

The Amazing Adventure Trailer (1936)

28 July 1936

A bored millionaire wagers his doctor that he can support himself at a working class job for year without touching his inheritance.

Winds of the Wasteland Trailer (1936)

06 July 1936

The arrival of the telegraph put Pony Express riders like John Blair and his pal Smoky out of work. A race will decide whether they or stageline owner Drake get the government mail contract.

I Love to Singa Trailer (1936)

18 July 1936

I Love to Singa depicts the story of a young owl who wants to sing jazz, instead of the classical music that his German parents wish him to perform.

Alpine Climbers Trailer (1936)

25 July 1936

Donald, Mickey, and Pluto climb the Alps. While up top, Donald has a run-in with a mountain goat over some edelweiss, Mickey has a row with an eagle over its eggs; one of them hatches, and gives Pluto some trouble (as does the grog a Saint Bernard gives him when he falls into a snowbank).

The Devil-Doll Trailer (1936)

10 July 1936

Paul Lavond was a respected banker in Paris when he was framed for robbery and murder by crooked associates and sent to Devil's Island.

Meet Nero Wolfe Trailer (1936)

16 July 1936

Meet Nero Wolfe is a 1936 mystery film based on the 1934 novel Fer-de-Lance, written by Rex Stout. Set in New York, the story introduced the detective genius Nero Wolfe (Edward Arnold) and his assistant Archie Goodwin (Lionel Stander).

Earthworm Tractors Trailer (1936)

24 July 1936

A salesman tries to sell a tractor to a customer who hates tractors while falling for the girl.

Poor Little Rich Girl Trailer (1936)

24 July 1936

Cossetted and bored, Barbara Barry is finally sent off to school by her busy if doting widowed soap manufacturer father.

The Phantom Rider Trailer (1936)

06 July 1936

The Phantom Rider helps Mary Grayson thwart a plot to steal her land.

36 Hours to Kill Trailer (1936)

24 July 1936

Duke and Jeanie Benson, an outlaw couple hiding out under assumed names. Duke realizes that he has ad

Satan Met a Lady Trailer (1936)

22 July 1936

In the second screen version of The Maltese Falcon, a detective is caught between a lying seductress and a lady jewel thief.

Rhythm on the Range Trailer (1936)

01 July 1936

Cowboy Jeff Larabee returns from the east and meets Doris Halloway, a young girl, that he regards as a vagabond, till he learns that she's the owner of the farm where he works.

Redes Trailer (1936)

15 July 1936

A Mexican fishing village fights against government exploitation.

Public Enemy's Wife Trailer (1936)

24 July 1936

Cesar Romero, (Gene Moroc) is a con serving time in prison and also has a wife named Margaret Lindsay, (Judith Maroc), who served time for her husband by not revealing any information to the police.

M'Liss Trailer (1936)

27 July 1936

The third film version of the Bret Harte tale, starring Anne Shirley as a miner's daughter in a small town who falls for a handsome young schoolteacher.

Guilty Melody Trailer (1936)

21 July 1936

A British spy falls in love with a singer whose husband is working for the enemy.

How to Train a Dog Trailer (1936)

01 July 1936

After a new dog owner decides on which dog to buy at the pet store, this short soon becomes a lesson in how NOT to train a dog.

Spendthrift Trailer (1936)

22 July 1936

A profligate, polo-playing playboy (Henry Fonda) is married to a beautiful but superficial heiress (Mary Brian).

Two Against the World Trailer (1936)

11 July 1936

A radio-network manager's (Humphrey Bogart) boss makes him air a serial based on a murder, tormenting a woman (Helen MacKellar) involved.

The Crooked Trail Trailer (1936)

25 July 1936

After Jim Blake saves Harve Tarlton's life, they become partners in a gold mining claim. After a while Harve reverts to his outlaw way of life.

The Lion's Den Trailer (1936)

07 July 1936

Merwin hires Barton to fight Welsh, but when Barton arrives in town, Welsh mistakes him for the hired killer Single-Shot Smith.

Greedy Humpty Dumpty Trailer (1936)

10 July 1936

Greedy Humpty Dumpty's wall of gold is not enough. He wants all the gold in the sun, too.

Gypsies Trailer (1936)

29 July 1936

A Soviet agent tries to win over a band of gypsies to a happy life on a farm co-op.

White Fang Trailer (1936)

17 July 1936

A woman and her weakling brother inherit a mine. When the brother commits suicide the guide is accused of murder.

Prison Shadows Trailer (1936)

17 July 1936

A boxer is framed for murder after an opponent dies in the ring.

The Bride Walks Out Trailer (1936)

10 July 1936

Barbara Stanwyck takes top-billing as Carolyn Martin, a fashion model who hastily marries her boyfriend, engineer Michael Martin (Gene Raymond).

Der verkannte Lebemann Trailer (1936)

23 July 1936

The Crime of Dr. Forbes Trailer (1936)

05 July 1936

Injured scientist Eric Godfrey asks his protege to give him a fatal dose of opiates to end his misery.

Capricious Young Man Trailer (1936)

01 July 1936

A samurai is ordered by his lord to go to Edo and investigate the truth behind the rumor of a rebellion against him.

Yours for the Asking Trailer (1936)

23 July 1936

Casino operator Johnny Lamb hires down-on-her-luck socialite Lucille Sutton as his casino hostess, in order to help her and to improve casino income.

Bengal Tiger Trailer (1936)

29 July 1936

After causing his friend's death, an animal trainer marries the man's daughter to atone.

The Emperor of California Trailer (1936)

20 July 1936

The film follows the life story of Johann Augustus Suter, the owner of Sutter's Mill, famous as the birthplace of the great California Gold Rush of 1848.

Let's Get Movin' Trailer (1936)

23 July 1936

Olive is moving out of her apartment; she's hired Bluto to move her, but Popeye comes over to visit and won't be shown up - at least, not after he's had his spinach.

Little Boy Blue Trailer (1936)

30 July 1936

The Big Bad Wolf stalks Little Bo Peep and steals one of her sheep. She enlists Little Boy Blue and a dancing scarecrow to assist her and her mischievous black sheep in rescuing it.

Boccaccio Trailer (1936)

30 July 1936

The residents of the town of Ferrara are swept up in a tide of emotion and physical passion by the writings of a Renaissance author.

Women Are Trouble Trailer (1936)

31 July 1936

A young reporter tries to prove her mettle by exposing a liquor racketeering gang.

Straßenmusik Trailer (1936)

09 July 1936

Black and White Rhapsody Trailer (1936)

15 July 1936

ČERNOBÍLÁ RAPSODIE (1936) Black and White Rhapsody Directed by Mac Frič Cinematography: Ferdinand Pečenka Starring: Studio of Marta Fričová Black and White Rhapsody is one of the earlier films by Mac Frič, who is considered to be one of the most important directors of Czechoslovakia.

Hot Money Trailer (1936)

24 July 1936

Salesman develops a fake stock plan in new invention before it is finished.

Weiberregiment Trailer (1936)

09 July 1936

Enoken's The Millionaire, Part 1 Trailer (1936)

21 July 1936

Enoken plays a cloistered rich kid whose father hires a disreputable tutor to teach him how to really be a millionaire: by drunken debauchery, women, and song.

Winter in the Woods Trailer (1936)

13 July 1936

You're Not Built That Way Trailer (1936)

17 July 1936

Pudgy the pup tries to emulate a tough bulldog, but Betty Boop sings him the error of his ways.

Porky's Pet Trailer (1936)

10 July 1936

Porky and his pet ostrich, Lulu, get invited to perform on Broadway for $75/week. But first they have to get there, and the train conductor won't let the ostrich board.

St. Helena and Its 'Man of Destiny' Trailer (1936)

07 July 1936

The remote island of St. Helena, a British possession located in the south Atlantic, is perhaps best known as where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled/imprisoned for the final six years of his life and where he died in 1821.

Puddy Pup and the Gypsies Trailer (1936)

23 July 1936

A Terrytoons cartoon released 24 July 1936.

Schatten der Vergangenheit Trailer (1936)

16 July 1936

The Hot Spell Trailer (1936)

09 July 1936

Farmer Al Falfa and Puddy's farm is shriveling up under the intense heat. A peddler provides magic explosive pills that cause it to rain, and the crops swell up instantly.

Excuse My Glove Trailer (1936)

20 July 1936

A young man, whose main interest in life is stained glass, accidentally accepts a challenge to fight in a fair boxing booth.

Inkognito Trailer (1936)

30 July 1936

West of Nevada Trailer (1936)

21 July 1936

When a gang tries to rob Haldain, Jim and Walla Walla break it up. Haldain is carrying stuffed animals and Jim's suspicion that they are stuffed with gold is soon confirmed.

Cupid Gets His Man Trailer (1936)

23 July 1936

A look into the whole cupid operation; we see how the process is supposed to work, with cupids practicing their archery, and the couples handed off to the stork.

The Hills of Old Wyomin' Trailer (1936)

20 July 1936

Fleischer Studios Screen Song of "The Hills of Old Wyomin'".

Wildcat Trooper Trailer (1936)

01 July 1936

A Royal Canadian Mountie is assigned to bring in a criminal called "The Raven." The problem is that no one has ever seen him.

Trolley Ahoy Trailer (1936)

02 July 1936

The terrible tempered Mr. Bang is commuting to work. When the trolley takes more than 5 seconds to arrive, he follows the tracks to the Skipper's house, where he bets him $10 he won't get to work on time.

The Song of a Nation Trailer (1936)

03 July 1936

This historical featurette dramatizes the events that led to Francis Scott Key writing the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner.

Farmer Al Falfa's Prize Package Trailer (1936)

30 July 1936

Farmer Al Falfa receives a gift from his brother Hank in Australia: a pet kangaroo named Kiko, who proves to be a demanding and mischievous house guest.

Bocage Trailer (1936)

11 July 1936