Movie Trailers - January 1936

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1936

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The Invisible Ray Trailer (1936)

20 January 1936

Dr. Janos Rukh discovers a certain type of radium that has almost magical healing properties. But the element has a dangerous side, too, and it has already started affecting Rukh.

Legion of Terror Trailer (1936)

02 January 1936

Two newly-appointed postal inspectors, Frank Marshall and 'Slim" Hewitt, set out to track down the sender of a time-bomb to a U.

Riffraff Trailer (1936)

03 January 1936

Fisherman Dutch marries cannery worker Hattie. After he is kicked out of his union and fired from his job he leaves Hattie who steals money for him and goes to jail.

The Crime of Monsieur Lange Trailer (1936)

24 January 1936

A man and a woman arrive in a cafe-hotel near the belgian frontier. The customers recognize the man from the police's description.

Reefer Madness Trailer (1936)

15 January 1936

High-school principal Dr. Alfred Carroll (Josef Forte) relates to an audience of parents that marijuana can have devastating effects on teens.

Chatterbox Trailer (1936)

17 January 1936

A country girl tries to talk her way into a stage career.

Mayerling Trailer (1936)

31 January 1936

The film establishes Rudolph is a rebellious "man of the people", at eternal odds with his despotic father, Emperor Franz Joseph.

Roarin' Guns Trailer (1936)

29 January 1936

An average low-budget Western from short-lived Puritan Pictures, Roarin' Guns starred Tim McCoy as Tim Corwin, an agent for the Cattlemen's Association assigned to look into a range war between settlers and powerful cattle baron Walton (Wheeler Oakman).

Ceiling Zero Trailer (1936)

16 January 1936

War veteran pilots Dizzy Davis, Texas Clark and Jake Lee are working in an airline. Dizzy is fooling with one of the younger pilot's girl-friend and due to this he changes flights with Texas.

Rose Marie Trailer (1936)

31 January 1936

Opera singer, Marie de Flor, seeks out fugitive brother in the Canadian wilderness. During her trek, she meets a Canadian mountie, Sgt.

Mickey's Polo Team Trailer (1936)

04 January 1936

Mickey leads his polo team Donald (on a mule), Goofy, The Big Bad Wolf against an all-star team: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Harpo Marx (on an ostrich), Charles Chaplin, in a game refereed by Jack Holt.

Black Gold Trailer (1936)

19 January 1936

Wildcat riggers risk their lives in the pursuit of oil. Their jobs get even more dangerous when ruthless oil baron J.

Strike Me Pink Trailer (1936)

24 January 1936

Meek Eddie Pink becomes manager of an amusement park beset by mobsters.

Freshman Love Trailer (1936)

18 January 1936

A star rower is forced to join a good school under a pseudonym because his wealthy dad doesn't like schools that have high academic standards.

Headin' for the Rio Grande Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

Western - Singing cowboy Tex Saunders (Tex Ritter) finds himself in a heap of trouble when he agrees to investigate local gangsters at the behest of a lovely lady (Eleanor Stewart).

Three Live Ghosts Trailer (1936)

10 January 1936

Three WWI veterans thought long dead turn out to be still alive and return home - much to the consternation of their friends and family.

Mr. Thank You Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

Japanese film about a friendly bus driver and his passengers over the duration of one journey through the mountains to the nearest train station.

Charlie Chan's Secret Trailer (1936)

17 January 1936

Allen Colby, heir to a huge fortune, is presumed drowned after an ocean liner sinks off the coast of Honolulu.

I Conquer the Sea! Trailer (1936)

23 January 1936

1936 was a different world in Newfoundland - the bigotry and the unexpected ending will give you plenty to talk about and think about in this forgotten masterpiece of human drama.

The Flying Doctor Trailer (1936)

05 January 1936

The real-life Flying Medical Association of Australia was the inspiration for the box-office hit The Flying Doctor.

Ferryman Maria Trailer (1936)

07 January 1936

A beautiful young drifter comes to a small village and battles Death itself to save the man she loves.

César Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

Honoré Panisse is dying, cheerfully, with friends, wife, and son at his side. He confesses to the priest in front of his friends; he insists that the doctor be truthful.

Tough Guy Trailer (1936)

24 January 1936

An unhappy child, accompanied by his dog, runs away from home and is befriended by a gangster on the lam.

Anything Goes Trailer (1936)

24 January 1936

A young man falls in love with a beautiful blonde. When he sees her being forced onto a luxury liner, he decides to follow and rescue her.

Cosmic Journey Trailer (1936)

21 January 1936

Soviet cinematographers created a progressively realistic image of a journey to the moon in these early days of special effects.

Tea Pot Town Trailer (1936)

08 January 1936

Created in conjunction with Lipton as a soft-sell for its products, Tea Pot Town seems largely inspired by the Sunshine Makers narrative.

The Oregon Trail Trailer (1936)

18 January 1936

Army Captain takes a leave of absence to find out what happened to his missing father.....

Bold King Cole Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

Felix the Cat is perched in a tree playing his guitar and serenading himself and a canary with a little ditty called "Nature and Me.

The Land That Dies Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

In Vendée, an old farmer is gradually abandoned by his family who do not see their future in the fields.

King of Burlesque Trailer (1936)

03 January 1936

Warner Baxter plays the ambitious producer of a burlesque show who rises to the big time on Broadway.

Durch die Wüste Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

The Invader Trailer (1936)

02 January 1936

The film follows the same plot as its remake Pest from the West (1939), with a millionaire setting out to win a local girl in Mexico.

The Gay Desperado Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

Opera singer Chivo is currently playing a singing cowboy, and Mexican bandito Braganza kidnaps him (along with Jane, an heiress) so he can learn to become more like the American movie gangsters he admires.

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell Trailer (1936)

13 January 1936

A 12-episode serial in which scholastic sports star Frank Merriwell leaves school to search for his missing father.

La damigella di Bard Trailer (1936)

04 January 1936

Venice Film Festival 1936

Glückskinder Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

To save Ann Garden from going to jail, reporter Gil Taylor pretends to be married to her. Gallantlyt

Exclusive Story Trailer (1936)

17 January 1936

A reporter and his newspaper's attorney try to gather evidence that will put a notorious gangster behind bars.

Snushanerne Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

Snushanerne is a 1936 Danish film directed by Lau Lauritzen, Jr. and Alice O'Fredericks.

Her Master's Voice Trailer (1936)

17 January 1936

Edward Everett Horton plays radio celebrity Ned Farrar, "The Fireside Troubadour." Besieged by his adoring female fans, Ned hides out at the home of his wife Queena's (Peggy Conklin) imperious Aunt Min (Laura Hope Crews).

Ave Maria Trailer (1936)

04 January 1936

Ave Maria was the second film-starring vehicle for legendary operatic tenor Beniamino Gigli. Mourning the loss of the only woman he ever loved, concert singer Tino Dossi (Gigli) is temporarily shaken from his doldrums by vivacious Montmartre entertainer Claudette (Kaethe Von Nagy).

Upper Cutlets Trailer (1936)

23 January 1936

Walter Catlett wants to join a fight club.

The Cardinal Trailer (1936)

04 January 1936

Set in 15th-century Italy, The Cardinal stars Matheson Lang as one Cardinal de Medici. Bound by the rules of the confessional, the cardinal is unable to disclose the multitude of sins revealed to him by one of his most influential parishioners.

Young Hearts Trailer (1936)

04 January 1936

Venice Film Festival 1936

Miss Frontier Mail Trailer (1936)

02 January 1936

Savita, aka Miss 1936, is an amateur hunter while her brother Jayant is an amateur film-maker. Their father, Maganlal, arrested for the murder of a station-master, is defended by their uncle Shyamlal, who is in fact the mysterious Signal X.

I Wanna Play House Trailer (1936)

10 January 1936

Two bear cubs, one black, one brown, frolic near their sleeping father.

The Equation X + X = 0 Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

“If abstract films are really abstract films… they deal exclusively with those abstract relations that can be expressed in terms of shape and motion” wrote Robert Fairthorne in Film Art in 1936.

The March of Crime Trailer (1936)

22 January 1936

The March of Crime (1936) was a series of exploitation stories produced by Dwain Esper of famous gangsters of the 1930s.

Sporting Love Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

Farce of two brothers in a continual trough of financial depression.

Die Erbschaft Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

Short Film from 1936. Banned by the Nazis. First shown 1976. Karl Meier and his wife are some really poor folks.

Silhouetten Trailer (1936)

04 January 1936

Venice Film Festival 1936

Seekers of Happiness Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

During the 1920s, many impoverished Jews searching for a better life made their way to Birobidzhan, the Soviet Jewish Autonomous Region on the Chinese border.

The White Angel Trailer (1936)

02 January 1936

n the midst of the bloody battles of the Crimean War, English heroine Florence Nightingale (Kay Francis) proves to be an ever-dedicated nurse as she does whatever she can to provide the best possible treatment for her ailing patients.

The Call Trailer (1936)

04 January 1936

Venice Film Festival 1936

Three on a Limb Trailer (1936)

03 January 1936

Scoutmaster Elmer Brown loses his heart to the pretty carhop who works in a drive-in diner. Complicating his romantic longings is her policeman fiancé.

Custer's Last Stand Trailer (1936)

02 January 1936

Kit Cardigan seeks the killer of his father...among other plot threads leading up to the famous historical incident.

Devdas Trailer (1936)

22 January 1936

Devdas (Saigal/Barua), son of a zamindar, and Parvati (aka Paro)(Jamuna), his poor neighbour's daughter, are childhood sweethearts.

The Mysterious Avenger Trailer (1936)

17 January 1936

In his second of an unprecedented 131 Westerns for Columbia Pictures, handsome Charles Starrett donned his trademark white Stetson to portray Ranny Maitland, a Texas Ranger whose father (Lafe Mckee) is feuding with his neighbor, Lockhart (Edward Le Saint.

Little Nobody Trailer (1936)

26 January 1936

Pudgy the Pup meets the cute female pup next door, whose owner calls him a "little nobody." But a pep talk from Betty Boop turns Pudgy into a hero.

Il grande appello Trailer (1936)

02 January 1936

Directed by Mario Camerini.

Ali Baba Trailer (1936)

29 January 1936

Ali Baba senior and his son Ali Baba live in poverty. One day they happen to see the Forty Thieves enter their cave.