Movie Trailers - April 1935

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1935

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Les Misérables Trailer (1935)

02 April 1935

In early nineteenth-century France Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who failed to report to parole, is relentlessly pursued over a twenty-year period by Javert, an obsessive policeman.

Mark of the Vampire Trailer (1935)

26 April 1935

Sir Karell Borotyn appears to have been killed by Count Mora, a vampire believed to haunt the local village.

Mickey's Kangaroo Trailer (1935)

12 April 1935

A friend in Australia has sent Mickey the kangaroo Hoppy, who with her pesky son drives Pluto completely to distraction.

Bride of Frankenstein Trailer (1935)

21 April 1935

Bride of Frankenstein begins where James Whale's Frankenstein from 1931 ended. Dr. Frankenstein has not been killed as previously portrayed and now he wants to get away from the mad experiments.

Cardinal Richelieu Trailer (1935)

18 April 1935

The cunning Cardinal Richelieu must save King Louis XIII from treachery within his inner circle.

Swedenhielms Trailer (1935)

08 April 1935

The Swedenhielms is an old aristocratic family. The head of the family is professor Rolf Swedenhielm. His three children Bo, Julia and Rolf Jr also live in the house. They also have an excellent house maid, Boman. Because of the family's extravagance, they are heading for bankruptcy. But perhaps their problems would be solved if Rolf was awarded the Nobel Prize?

Private Worlds Trailer (1935)

19 April 1935

The work of a progressive female psychiatrist and her colleague at a mental hospital is threatened by the arrival of a conservative new supervisor, who disapproves of both her methods and the fact that she is a woman in a "man's field.

Reckless Trailer (1935)

17 April 1935

Broadway singer Mona Leslie is wooed and wedded by monied playboy Bob Harrison. When she travels home to see his folks, Mona finds local society - and even Harrison's father - closing ranks against them.

The Desert Trail Trailer (1935)

21 April 1935

Rodeo star John Scott and his gambler friend Kansas Charlie are wrongly accused of armed robbery. They leave town as fast as they can to go looking for their own suspects in Poker City.

Star of Midnight Trailer (1935)

19 April 1935

A dancer disappears from a theater and then William Powell and society beauty Ginger Rogers solve the murder.

The Robber Kitten Trailer (1935)

19 April 1935

A kitten runs off to be a robber with a dog in this Silly Symphony.

Sunset Range Trailer (1935)

02 April 1935

Grant hides stolen money in the luggage of Bonnie Shea who is moving west. Later when he and his men arrive to retrieve the money, they also kidnap Bonnie.

Stolen Harmony Trailer (1935)

20 April 1935

Band leader Jack Conrad is impressed by prison inmate Ray Ferrera on saxophone. Conrad hires Ray to join his band and tour upon his release.

The Cowboy and the Bandit Trailer (1935)

02 April 1935

Bill travels to a new state after the outlaw Scarface saves him from a lynch mob. There he takes a job on the Barton ranch and joins in the fight against gang leader Larkin.

Born to Battle Trailer (1935)

01 April 1935

Good-natured troublemaker "Cyclone" Tom Saunders is hired by a ranchers' association manager to investigate recent cattle rustling at one of their ranches and to see if a pair of nesters have anything to do with it.

Baby Face Harrington Trailer (1935)

11 April 1935

Thanks to a series of comic mishaps, a timid, small-town office clerk finds himself wanted by the police and labeled by the media as "Public Enemy No.

Goin' to Town Trailer (1935)

25 April 1935

Goin' to Town is the story of an ambitious woman named Cleo Borden (Mae West) who grew up in a saloon.

Tombstone Terror Trailer (1935)

24 April 1935

Jimmy Dixon, pursued by a band of Mexicans, changes clothes with a tramp, who takes off on his horse.

The Village Squire Trailer (1935)

14 April 1935

Rare Vivien Leigh film exists at British Film Instittute.

The 'Hyp-Nut-Tist' Trailer (1935)

25 April 1935

Popeye takes Olive to a stage show of a hypnotist (Bluto), who also levitates objects. While he's doing this, Popeye makes him lose his concentration, so in retaliation, the hypnotist pulls Olive on stage and turns her into a chicken.

Teacher's Beau Trailer (1935)

27 April 1935

The gang tries to dissuade their teacher from geting married.

Okoto and Sasuke Trailer (1935)

01 April 1935

A period piece about the love of a wealthy blind woman, a teacher of koto and shamisen, and her devoted manservant.

Roaring Roads Trailer (1935)

12 April 1935

Young David Morton, heir to millions, has been over-zealously restrained from normal youthful activities by his two old-maid Aunts, Harriet and Agatha.

The Reckless Buckaroo Trailer (1935)

01 April 1935

Uncivil Warriors Trailer (1935)

26 April 1935

Set in the civil war, the stooges are spies for the north. They impersonate southern officers and infiltrate the enemy ranks to get valuable information.

Party Wire Trailer (1935)

27 April 1935

When the daughter of the town's leading citizen and a local dairyman have a romance,and the man makes a sudden-and-unexplained trip out of town, the local gossips, employing the small-town's shared telephone lines, start a malicious gossip campaign discussing the assumed-but-incorrect reason.

The Case of the Curious Bride Trailer (1935)

13 April 1935

After giving the District Attorney another stinging defeat, Perry plans to take a vacation in China. That is, he was, until Rhoda, his old flame, meets him at a restaurant.

Royal Cavalcade Trailer (1935)

15 April 1935

Made in commemoration and celebration of the Jubilee of King George V, this is the story of the first twenty-five years of his reign, told through the many travels of a penny that was minted in the year of his accession: 1910.

The Miracle Rider Trailer (1935)

11 April 1935

In 1930s Texas, following the murder of his father, Tom Morgan joins the Texas Rangers to avenge his father's death and to follow in his path as a proponent of Indian rights.

The Scoundrel Trailer (1935)

30 April 1935

This modern "Flying Dutchman" story stars actor/playwright Noel Coward as a class-A heel. Coward uses his position as a powerful publisher to break as many hearts as is humanly possible.

Eight Bells Trailer (1935)

10 April 1935

A trustworthy captain is reduced in rank so that the owner's daughter's fiancé may take charge.

Joan of Arc Trailer (1935)

26 April 1935

France in the 15th Century: The country is marked by the wars with England and internal power struggles.

Lärm um Weidemann Trailer (1935)

04 April 1935

Five Puplets Trailer (1935)

18 April 1935

Thie Terry-Toon (titled "Five Puplets" as a pun and takeoff on Canada's famous Dionne quintuplets, and is not titled "Five Puppets")has a stork delivering five puppies (and not puppets)to a town, with all the dog-population householders blocking up their chimneys so the heavy consignment of quintuplets can't be delivered to them.

Loss of Feeling Trailer (1935)

17 April 1935

In an unnamed English-speaking capitalist land, a young engineer invents inexhaustible giant robots to replace the fragile human workers on high-volume assembly-lines, and soon finds his invention co-opted by the military-industrial complex.

On Probation Trailer (1935)

01 April 1935

A corrupt politician adopts a young girl. A few years later he finds himself falling in love with her, but discovers that she in turn loves a rich young bachelor.

Stone of Silver Creek Trailer (1935)

14 April 1935

In perhaps the most tranquil B-Western of the 1930s, Buck Jones, who also produced, plays the tough but goodhearted proprietor of the Bonanza, the only gambling establishment in otherwise God-fearing Silver Creek.

Thoroughbred Trailer (1935)

12 April 1935

An out-of-work reporter wins a horse in a dice game. The horse turns out to be a champion runner. His girlfriend helps him get the horse into professional racing, but they get mixed up with gamblers.

All-Star Vaudeville Trailer (1935)

26 April 1935

A miniature vaudeville show, complete with a title card introducing each act, is presented. First up is The On-Wah Troupe, an East Asian group of contortionists.

Old Mother Hubbard Trailer (1935)

02 April 1935

Old Mother Hubbard is the laundress for the king, but when she finds her cupboard bare, her dog travels to the palace where he winds up performing for the king.

Pie in the Sky Trailer (1935)

09 April 1935

Early film from Elia Kazan (and several other directors) is a spoof of religion.

Strangers All Trailer (1935)

01 April 1935

Domestic drama about an elderly woman and her four squabbling adult children.

Go Into Your Dance Trailer (1935)

20 April 1935

An irresponsible Broadway star gets mixed up with gambling and gangsters.

The Microbe Army Trailer (1935)

09 April 1935

It's all about an army of anthropomorphic germs that are out to infect a family but thanks to the Good Health Brigade, everyone lives happily ever after!

Four Hours to Kill! Trailer (1935)

11 April 1935

A detective who has "four hours to kill" before delivering his prisoner, an escaped killer, spends the time in the lobby of a Broadway theater where a musical is playing.

Fighting Shadows Trailer (1935)

18 April 1935

Mountie Tim O'Hara is sent to Indian River to investigate a fur trading racket. But he quickly finds himself in trouble when he is accused of shooting a prisoner in the back and is then put in jail by a fellow Mountie.

The Ghost Rider Trailer (1935)

07 April 1935

Jim Bullard escapes from prison and returns to settle matters with the Rascob's that framed him. He kills two of them leaving an ace as his calling card.

The Mystery of the Marie Celeste Trailer (1935)

27 April 1935

During a horrific storm at sea, the crew realizes that there is a murderer among them who is killing them off one by one.

Mister Dynamite Trailer (1935)

22 April 1935

A gambler hires a detective to investigate when a murder is committed in his casino.

Social Error Trailer (1935)

30 April 1935

A wild college student gets in fights, steals cars, is caught by the police and finally expelled from college.

The Gypsy Baron Trailer (1935)

16 April 1935

Peasants Trailer (1935)

01 April 1935

The film begins with a love scene in the pig shed: “Do you hear? They’re farrowing!”―Varvara says to her husband in blissful oblivion.

Wagon Trail Trailer (1935)

08 April 1935

The son of Sheriff Clay Hartley, of the frontier town Elder, has gotten into bad company and hangs out with an outlaw gang in which, Collins, owner of the Golden Rule Saloon, is the secret head.

The Cowboy Millionaire Trailer (1935)

25 April 1935

Englishwoman falls for dude ranch cowboy but goes back to England when she thinks he's only pretending.

It's A Small World Trailer (1935)

12 April 1935

Socialite Jane Dale and lawyer Bill Shevlin run into each other in an automobile accident. Clummerhorn is a small town judge, sheriff, etc.

The Misses Stooge Trailer (1935)

20 April 1935

Thelma and Patsy get a job working for a magician.

The Case of Gabriel Perry Trailer (1935)

30 April 1935

An unstable Victorian doctor murders a woman.

Kleine Mutti Trailer (1935)

19 April 1935

The People's Enemy Trailer (1935)

29 April 1935

Money was what gangster Vince M. Falcone wanted most and he did lay hands on millions of dollars by fair means or (mostly) foul.

Smokey Smith Trailer (1935)

01 April 1935

The parents (Horace B. Carpenter)(Vane Calvert) of Smokey Smith (Bob Steele) are murdered while traveling with a wagon train that is attacked by outlaws.