Movie Trailers - June 1943

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1943

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The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp Trailer (1943)

10 June 1943

General Clive Candy lives through four decades of war and peace - from the Boer War to World War II - trying to stay true to his belief that "right will always defeat might" and trying to stay relevant while the world changes irrevocably around him.

The Underground World Trailer (1943)

18 June 1943

Superman has to save Lois Lane from a cult of hawk-people in an homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs's "At the Earth's Core".

Action in the North Atlantic Trailer (1943)

12 June 1943

Lieutenant Joe Rossi is 1st Officer on a Liberty Ship in a great convoy bound from Halifax to Murmansk.

Pilot #5 Trailer (1943)

24 June 1943

A small group of Allied soldiers and airmen on Java are being bombed by Japanese 'planes daily. With only one working fighter of their own, and five pilots anxious to fly it, the Dutch commander chooses George Collins to fly a mission to drop a 500-lb bomb on the Japanese carrier lying offshore.

Jitterbugs Trailer (1943)

05 June 1943

The two-man Laurel and Hardy Zoot Suit Band find themselves fronting a scam for "gasolene pills" in wartime oil-short America.

The Constant Nymph Trailer (1943)

23 June 1943

Fourteen-year-old Tessa is hopelessly in love with handsome composer Lewis Dodd, a family friend. Lewis adores Tessa, but has never shown any romantic feelings toward her.

Good Luck, Mr. Yates Trailer (1943)

29 June 1943

A 4F military school teacher's lie about being accepted for active duty causes problems on the home front.

Stage Door Canteen Trailer (1943)

24 June 1943

A young soldier on a pass in New York City visits the famed Stage Door Canteen, where famous stars of the theater and films appear and host a recreational center for servicemen during the war.

Hit the Ice Trailer (1943)

02 June 1943

Flash Fulton (Bud Abbott) and Weejie McCoy (Lou Costello) take pictures of a bank robbery. Lured to the mountain resort hideout of the robbers and accompanied by Dr.

Bataan Trailer (1943)

03 June 1943

Japan has just invaded the Phillipines and the US Army attempts a desperate defence. Thirteen men are chosen to blow up a bridge on the Bataan peninsula and keep the Japanese from rebuilding it.

Nasreddin in Bukhara Trailer (1943)

06 June 1943

Smart Man Nassredin easily penetrates into Bukhara Emir inner circle posing as Wise Man from Damascus.

Dixie Trailer (1943)

23 June 1943

A young songwriter leaves his Kentucky home to try to make it in New Orleans. Eventually he winds up in New York, where he sells his songs to a music publisher, but refuses to sell his most treasured composition: "Dixie.

1812 Trailer (1943)

06 June 1943

A biopic about Prince Kutuzov, the defeater of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Hitler's Madman Trailer (1943)

10 June 1943

Story of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, Nazi SS commander, by Czech partisans and the reprisals inflicted by the Nazis on the Czechs.

Millions Like Us Trailer (1943)

01 June 1943

Millions Like Us is a 1943 British propaganda film, showing life in a wartime aircraft factory in documentary detail.

Two Soldiers Trailer (1943)

06 June 1943

A story about the friendship between two young men, two soldiers - Arkady from Odessa and Sasha from Ural.

Coney Island Trailer (1943)

18 June 1943

Set at the turn of the century, smooth talking con man Eddie Johnson weasels his way into a job at friend and rival Joe Rocco's Coney Island night spot.

Frontier Fury Trailer (1943)

23 June 1943

In this western, a decent Indian agent loses his job and his good name after someone steals the government money he was to deliver to a tribe.

Captive Wild Woman Trailer (1943)

04 June 1943

An insane scientist doing experimentation in glandular research becomes obsessed with transforming a female gorilla into a human.

Angels of Sin Trailer (1943)

23 June 1943

A well-off young woman decides to become a nun, joining a convent that rehabilitates female prisoners.

Campo de' fiori Trailer (1943)

23 June 1943

Fugitive from Sonora Trailer (1943)

30 June 1943

In this western, a paroled desperado and his twin, a preacher, wander about the Old West to bring "salvation.

Colt Comrades Trailer (1943)

18 June 1943

While oil drilling, Hoppy and California discover an underground well - a potential threat to Jebb Hardin's monopoly on water in the region.

The Hungry Goat Trailer (1943)

24 June 1943

A goat is starving because scrap metal drives have snapped up all the cans. He finds his way onto a battleship - a giant tin can! The first sailor he sees is Popeye, who he is more than happy to turn into a goat himself.

Yanks Ahoy Trailer (1943)

29 June 1943

Sergeants flirt with a nurse aboard ship and go fishing for a Japanese Sub.

Frontier Law Trailer (1943)

01 June 1943

A town is cleared of crime when a group of cowboys under the direction of Hayden battles an outlaw gang.

Henry Aldrich Swings It Trailer (1943)

23 June 1943

Teenager Henry Aldrich (Jimmy Lydon) decides to take matters into his own hands when his high school principal forbids the student band from playing swing music.

The Bloodstain Trailer (1943)

21 June 1943

Camelia, a prostitute who works in a low-class cabaret in Mexico City (called "The Blood Stain') meets Guillermo, a young man from the country who just arrived in the city looking for a better life.

Confessions of a Vice Baron Trailer (1943)

30 June 1943

On the eve of his execution, a vice-rackets bigshot recalls his various exploits in crimes such as abortion and white slavery, in which he frequently operated under an alias.

Who Killed Who? Trailer (1943)

19 June 1943

A murder has occurred at Gruesome Gables, and the dog detective trying to find the killer was has to deal with some suspicious suspects and a haunted house.

Miss London Ltd. Trailer (1943)

14 June 1943

Askey stars as a man trying to save his flagging escort agency. A new partner suggests getting some new girls in, just in time for the soldiers' leave.

Wagon Wheels West Trailer (1943)

09 June 1943

A lawman seeks revenge.

Pandora's Box Trailer (1943)

11 June 1943

A Terrytoons cartoon released 11 June 1943.

Crime Doctor Trailer (1943)

22 June 1943

Amnesia victim, Robert Ordway, becomes the country's leading criminal psychologist. When he is hit on the head (by someone from his past) he suddenly remembers his previous life as a criminal.

Romance in a Minor Key Trailer (1943)

25 June 1943

Song of Texas Trailer (1943)

14 June 1943

A man of no worth brags to his daughter back East that he is rich and owns a big ranch. When she decides to pay a visit to her father, Roy and his buddies agree to pretend that the poor man is the owner of the ranch.

Fátima, Terra de Fé Trailer (1943)

02 June 1943

Having abandoned his family due to religious differences, Dr Silveira moves to Coimbra, where he dedicates himself to his patients, and rejecting any attempts at reconciliation.

The voice of the heart Trailer (1943)

23 June 1943

Mr. Spyros is released from prison after having served time for the murder of his wife's lover. He accidentally meets a young couple who want to get married, but the mother of the girl is against the marriage.

Le capitaine Fracasse Trailer (1943)

19 June 1943

A destitute baron joins a troupe of travelling actors.

The Aristo-Cat Trailer (1943)

18 June 1943

Meadows the butler quits after being tormented by the spoiled family cat, who finds he is unable to survive on his own, especially after meeting the mice Hubie and Bertie.

The Heir Trailer (1943)

06 June 1943

A few days before the planned wedding of the chief inheritor von Halleborg, he experiences a terrible blow: his beloved bride Julia has a riding accident and dies of her injuries.

Le baron fantôme Trailer (1943)

16 June 1943

Elfy, Countess of Saint-Hélié's daughter, was brought up with her foster sister Anne, in an old dilapidated castle whose landlord, Baron Julius Carol, disappeared mysteriously some day.

Wolves of the Range Trailer (1943)

21 June 1943

Dorn is after the rancher's land and is trying to stop Banker Brady from helping them. When his man Hammond kills Brady, there is a run on the bank.

Get Going Trailer (1943)

21 June 1943

Judy King (Grace McDonald), newly arrived in Washington, applies for a secretary job with a government agency and while being interviewed by Bob Carlton (Robert Paige), an agent with the bureau, jokingly hints she may be a spy.

Liebespremiere Trailer (1943)

11 June 1943

Lady of Burlesque Trailer (1943)

01 June 1943

After one member of their group is murdered, the performers at a burlesque house must work together to find out who the killer is before they strike again.

Santa Trailer (1943)

11 June 1943

Santa is a beautiful and very humble young girl living in Chimalistac, a small and quiet spot south of the 1930's Mexico City.

That's Why I Left You Trailer (1943)

12 June 1943

Young couple Joe and Mary Thompson love each other and their children despite the struggles that they have that are typical of most young couples early on in their married life, such as the basics of trying to make ends meet.

Canine Commandos Trailer (1943)

28 June 1943

A Walter Lantz Andy Panda cartoon released June 28, 1943.

Follies Girl Trailer (1943)

26 June 1943

In PRC's Follies Girl, Wendy Barrie plays dress designer Anne Merriday, who becomes the object of middle-aged millionaire J.

Sarong Girl Trailer (1943)

11 June 1943

A dancer in a girlie show plots revenge when a judge orders her show closed.

Fifth Column Mouse Trailer (1943)

15 June 1943

In an allegory for World War II, one mouse's attempt to appease the cat of the house in exchange for a regular supply of cheese puts all the mice in danger.

Submarine Alert Trailer (1943)

28 June 1943

Nazi spies use a stolen shortwave transmitter prototype to broadcast top secret shipping info to an offshore Japanese sub.

Quelli della montagna Trailer (1943)

07 June 1943

Tree for Two Trailer (1943)

23 June 1943

The Fox is a tree surgeon, who provides his services to the weather-beaten old tree the Crow calls home and doesn't want fixed.

Sant'Elena piccola isola Trailer (1943)

26 June 1943

Die kluge Marianne Trailer (1943)

10 June 1943

Coming!! Snafu Trailer (1943)

01 June 1943

Introducing Private Snafu, the nation's worst soldier and his various versions in different branches of the armed forces.

All By Myself Trailer (1943)

11 June 1943

Career woman Jean. almost a partner in Mark's advertising firm, has been falling in love with Mark, who of course is unaware of it.

…und die Musik spielt dazu Trailer (1943)

08 June 1943