Movie Trailers - September 1943

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1943

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Sahara Trailer (1943)

02 September 1943

Sergeant Joe Gunn and his tank crew pick up five British soldiers, a Frenchman and a Sudanese man with an Italian prisoner crossing the Libyan Desert to rejoin their command after the fall of Tobruk.

I Dood It Trailer (1943)

01 September 1943

Constance Shaw, a Broadway dance star, and Joseph Rivington Reynolds, a keen fan of hers, marry after she breaks up with her fiancé.

The Flemish Farm Trailer (1943)

06 September 1943

Wartime commando story based on fact. Allied airman risks return (on the ground) to occupied France for the honour of his regiment.

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Trailer (1943)

17 September 1943

During WWII several murders occur at a convalescent home where Dr. Watson has volunteered his services.

Le Corbeau Trailer (1943)

28 September 1943

French village doctor becomes target of poison-pen letters sent to village leaders, accusing him of affairs and practicing abortion.

So Proudly We Hail Trailer (1943)

08 September 1943

A group of U.S. Army nurses leaves San Francisco for their tour of duty in Hawaii in December 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor changes their destination, and their lives.

Thank Your Lucky Stars Trailer (1943)

25 September 1943

An Eddie Cantor look-alike organizes an all-star show to help the war effort.

Fired Wife Trailer (1943)

04 September 1943

A Broadway producer's Girl Friday must make sure that her recent marriage is kept secret. If it gets out, she will lose her job.

The Silent Village Trailer (1943)

30 September 1943

The true story of the massacre of a small Czech village by the Nazis is retold as if it happened in Wales.

The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler Trailer (1943)

10 September 1943

A man who is a dead ringer for Adolf Hitler plans to murder him and take over his identity.

Wintertime Trailer (1943)

17 September 1943

Nora and her uncle get railroaded into spending the night at a broken-down hotel in Canada. After Nora falls for the handsome owner, she convinces her uncle to invest in the inn and modernize it.

The Kansan Trailer (1943)

10 September 1943

Wounded while stopping the James gang from robbing the local bank, a cowboy wakes up in the hospital to find that he's been elected town marshal.

Salute to the Marines Trailer (1943)

02 September 1943

It is a comic book propaganda film which has Beery as a retired USMC NCO who, when the Japanese invade the Philippines, leads a heroic defense, first by strangling a Nazi agent, and then dying in his dress blues uniform while blowing up a bridge.

Adventures of the Flying Cadets Trailer (1943)

07 September 1943

Four youthful cadets are implicated in a series of murders, and must attempt to clear themselves of suspicion.

Podvodnaya Lodka T-9 Trailer (1943)

22 September 1943

Великая Отечественная война. Советская подводная лодка Т-9, пройдя через минные заграждения Северного моря, проникает во вражеский порт.

Top Man Trailer (1943)

17 September 1943

In this WW II musical, a young man suddenly finds himself in charge of his family when his father is called to war.

A Corny Concerto Trailer (1943)

25 September 1943

A Corny Concerto is an American animated cartoon short produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions and distributed by Warner Bros.

Hail to the Rangers Trailer (1943)

15 September 1943

In this western, fake settlers make themselves at home on an ex-ranger's ranch and drive him away. A shady newspaper publisher and a gambler then conspire to take over the land.

Romeo y Julieta Trailer (1943)

02 September 1943

Verona's peace is disturbed by the rivalry between noble families: the Montesco and the Capuleto, irreconcilable enemies.

Hiss and Make Up Trailer (1943)

10 September 1943

An old woman has a cat, a dog, and a canary. The cat and dog fight even worse than normally; fed up, she tells them both off, then threatens to throw them both out if there's any more trouble.

Corvette K-225 Trailer (1943)

29 September 1943

The story of a Canadian WWII naval vessel, with a dramatic subplot concerning her first captain.

Revenge of the Zombies Trailer (1943)

17 September 1943

When Dr. Von Altermann's wife Lila dies mysteriously at his spooky mansion, her relations suspect murder.

Dona Barbara Trailer (1943)

16 September 1943

A woman hardened by her past now runs a ranch she acquired through manipulation and bribery

Blazing Frontier Trailer (1943)

04 September 1943

In the 19th and last of the PRC "Billy the Kid" series (first six with Bob Steele and last 13 with Buster Crabbe), a feud develops between the settlers and the railroad detectives in Red Rock Valley.

Mexicanos al grito de guerra Trailer (1943)

16 September 1943

In times of the French Intervention, a student of Nunó, author of the Mexican National Anthem, falls in love with the niece of the French Ambassador, which causes quite amusing complications.

La vispa Teresa Trailer (1943)

04 September 1943

After the son of a rich engineer falls for a social climber, his parents set up a trip to Venice for him, hoping they can get the girl out of his mind.

Footlight Glamour Trailer (1943)

30 September 1943

Mr. Dithers is trying to encourage a businessman to build a war-time manufacturing plant on land he owns while Dagwood tries to prevent the businessman from learning his daughter is involved in a local theatre production.

Mysteries of Paris Trailer (1943)

08 September 1943

Johnny Come Lately Trailer (1943)

03 September 1943

Cagney is a human dynamo as a drifter who helps save ailing Grace George from losing her newspaper. The pace is fast, and audiences of all ages will be pleased.

The Man Who Sold His Soul to the Devil Trailer (1943)

20 September 1943

A banker who lost everything in the stock market is on the verge of committing suicide when the Devil appears to him and offers to give him a fortune every day on one condition: he must do evil things with the money! Will the banker keep his end of the deal.

Always a Bridesmaid Trailer (1943)

24 September 1943

The Andrews Sisters harmonize their way through yet another 60-minute Universal musical quickie. The plot this time concerns a Lonely Hearts club which is used as a front by con artist Colonel Winchester (Charles Butterworth).

Andy Panda's Victory Garden Trailer (1943)

07 September 1943

Andy Panda and his dog Balmer plant a victory garden, while a pesky rooster eats their plants. Andy wants to plant a new garden with the help of his dog.

Dizzy Pilots Trailer (1943)

24 September 1943

The Three Stooges, as the Wrong Bothers, aided the war effort by inventing a new plane in this below-average two-reel comedy.

The Gold Brick Trailer (1943)

01 September 1943

A fairy encourages Snafu to duck out of his training regime for his own reasons.

L'Inévitable M. Dubois Trailer (1943)

22 September 1943

With a hand of steel, Hélène efficiently runs a big luxury perfume factory in Grasse. There is no room for fun in her dull businesswoman's life.

Kungsgatan Trailer (1943)

17 September 1943

Young woman Marta dreams of a better future and leaves her parent's cabbage patch and move to Stockholm.

Here Comes Kelly Trailer (1943)

19 September 1943

Cocky Kelly's (Eddie Quillan) girlfriend (Joan Woodbury) helps him straighten up enough to get a job as a process server.

I nostri sogni Trailer (1943)

27 September 1943

Valkoiset Ruusut Trailer (1943)

12 September 1943

A 1943 film by director Hannu Leminen

Hoosier Holiday Trailer (1943)

13 September 1943

During World War II three brothers go to enlist in the Air Force, but since they're farmers they're told they're needed at home more than in the service.

Raiders of Red Gap Trailer (1943)

30 September 1943

One man wants to control all the land in the state to graze all his cattle. His band of outlaws are raiding ranchers and homesteaders, trying to drive them out.

Menschen die vorüberziehen Trailer (1943)

14 September 1943

El espectro de la novia Trailer (1943)

02 September 1943

British-born David T. Bamberg was a magician who went by the stage name of Fu Manchu. He was so popular in Mexico and South America that he was given the opportunity to star in a series of crime / horror / mystery films between 1943 and 1949.

Trail of Terror Trailer (1943)

06 September 1943

Trail of Terror is a PRC Studios western starring Dave O'Brien (here billed as Dave "Tex" O'Brien) and Jim Newell.

Čtrnáctý u stolu Trailer (1943)

24 September 1943

Hit Parade of the Gay Nineties Trailer (1943)

18 September 1943

Newsreel-type short about music from the 1890s making a resurgence in the '40s

Noche fantastica Trailer (1943)

06 September 1943

Due to a rail accident, the passengers of a train had to be housed in a nearby town while awaiting the arrival of a relief convoy.

Sjätte skottet Trailer (1943)

24 September 1943

Georg Winkler meet Marguerite Hoffman at the casino in Monte Carlo. They become an item and travel the world with their act - Winkler is an accomplished marksman.

Little Miss Pinkerton Trailer (1943)

18 September 1943

The Gang tries to solve a murder mystery contest in a department store window. However they soon get caught up in a real caper when they stumble upon two crooks robbing the store.

Naar man kun er ung Trailer (1943)

16 September 1943

He Dood It Again Trailer (1943)

04 September 1943

Mighty Mouse animated short, although here he is still called Super Mouse. Saul's Lunch Wagon is quiet during the day.

As You Want Me Trailer (1943)

13 September 1943

A woman wants to teach her unfaithful husband a lesson for his constant stepping out. However, she might fall into her own trap when she falls in love with an attractive pianist.

El Ametralladora Trailer (1943)

28 September 1943

Peasant farmer and landowner are rivals for a woman. Sequel to Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes.

Spotlight Scandals Trailer (1943)

24 September 1943

A down-on-his luck actor teams up with a singing barber to do a vaudeville act. Its success eventually leads them to Broadway, but things start to go awry.

Murder On The Waterfront Trailer (1943)

18 September 1943

A sailor and his wife become involved in a murder investigation.

Zirkus Renz Trailer (1943)

10 September 1943

Circus film featuring Rene Deltgen.

Dangerous Blondes Trailer (1943)

23 September 1943

Mystery writer Barry Craig (Allyn Joslyn) an his wife Jane (Evelyn Keyes, prefer solving crimes rather than writing about them, and they get a chance when killings plague the fashion photography studio of Ralph McCormick (Edmund Lowe, after his secretary, Julie Taylor(Anita Louise, reports an attempt to murder her there.

Cartoons Ain't Human Trailer (1943)

02 September 1943

Popeye sits down to make a cartoon. He shows the results to Olive and his nephews: it's a damsel-in-distress scenario, starring him and Olive, with live music and sound effects by Popeye.

Room and Bored Trailer (1943)

29 September 1943

Fox has a furnished apartment which he desires to rent to a nice, quiet, respectable citizen like himself, and he especially wants no riff-raff tenant.

Tiger Fangs Trailer (1943)

10 September 1943

A big-game hunter travels to Malaya to help stop the Nazis and Japanese from destroying the rubber industry.