Movie Trailers - June 1952

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1952

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Teachers are People Trailer (1952)

27 June 1952

As the narrator explains, educating children is one of the most important things today and the heroic man who takes on this role is "the school teacher" (Goofy, naturally).

Gift Horse Trailer (1952)

01 June 1952

Compton Bennett's war drama The Gift Horse follows the fortunes of ageing destroyer The Ballantrae and her crew from the time they come together in 1940 until the climactic raid on occupied St Nazaire in 1942.

The Scarlet Flower Trailer (1952)

05 June 1952

Before going on an overseas journey, a merchant father asks his three daughters what they would like him to bring back for them.

Clash by Night Trailer (1952)

16 June 1952

An embittered woman seeks escape in marriage, only to fall for her husband's best friend.

Pat and Mike Trailer (1952)

13 June 1952

Pat Pemberton (Hepburn) is a brilliant athlete, except when her domineering fiancé is around. The ladies golf championship is in her reach until she gets flustered by his presence at the final holes.

Diplomatic Courier Trailer (1952)

13 June 1952

A U.S. agent uses a State Department courier as a spy after Soviets kill his Salzburg contact.

Carson City Trailer (1952)

13 June 1952

Mine owner William Sharon (Larry Keating) keeps having his gold shipments held up by a gang of bandits.

Delirio tropical Trailer (1952)

24 June 1952

Vindictive rich girl spreads rumors about her rival being a witch. Townsfolk get all agitated.

The Importance of Being Earnest Trailer (1952)

02 June 1952

Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff are two men that are both pretending to be someone they are not.

The Brigand Trailer (1952)

24 June 1952

Carlos Delargo, the banished son of a royal princess of Mandorra, is returned to the kingdom to be tried for a murder change.

Water Birds Trailer (1952)

26 June 1952

Documentary on Water Birds Academy Award in 1953 for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel)

Man of Music Trailer (1952)

06 June 1952

The young composer Mikhail Glinka performs his new work at a soiree at earl Vielgorsky's house. However, the public is accustomed to Western music, and reacts coldly to the creation of the composer.

No Room for the Groom Trailer (1952)

13 June 1952

Alvah, a young GI who happens to own a vineyard, elopes to Las Vegas with Lee, his housekeeper's daughter.

Three for Bedroom C Trailer (1952)

26 June 1952

After beginning their train trip to California, a famous film actress and her daughter discover their compartment has also been assigned to a handsome biology professor.

Ain't She Tweet Trailer (1952)

21 June 1952

Sylvester Cat discovers Tweety Bird in a pet store window. Tweety is taken to be delivered by truck to a new owner - Granny.

The Rough, Tough West Trailer (1952)

14 June 1952

Charles Starrett returns as the Durango Kid in Columbia's Rough, Tough, West. For most of the film, however, Starrett is known as "Steve Holden," a former Texas Ranger who comes to a wide-open mining town to visit an old friend (Jack -- later Jock -- Mahoney).

Confidence Girl Trailer (1952)

20 June 1952

After successfully swindling thousands of dollars from hapless victims, conflicted con artist Mary (Hillary Brooke) decides to go straight, but her greedy boyfriend and partner, Roger (Tom Conway), convinces her to pull off one final scam before they get married.

Mi campeón Trailer (1952)

20 June 1952

Catita is a simple and poor woman who dreams of that her son stands out on something important to help her out of his humble.

Little Runaway Trailer (1952)

14 June 1952

A baby seal escapes from the circus and ends up in Jerry's backyard pond. Tom finds out soon enough when Jerry grabs a fish from Tom's plate, and when the circus offers a $10,000 reward, his goal is clear.

Where's Charley? Trailer (1952)

26 June 1952

Where's Charley? is a 1952 British musical comedy film directed by David Butler and starring Ray Bolger, Allyn Ann McLerie and Robert Shackleton.

Cripple Creek Trailer (1952)

30 June 1952

It's 1893 and gold is being smuggled out of the country. Instead of stealing gold bars, the outlaws are stealing high grade ore, having it smelted, and then having it plated to look like lead.

We Are All Murderers Trailer (1952)

06 June 1952

Originally titled Nous Sommes Tout des Assassins, We Are All Murderers was directed by Andre Cayette, a former lawyer who detested France's execution system.

Mother Trailer (1952)

12 June 1952

Okaasan is the story of a poor, working class mother with a sick husband who sacrifices herself to support her family in suburban Tokyo.

Has Anybody Seen My Gal? Trailer (1952)

25 June 1952

When a 1920s millionaire tests the fiber of his Vermont family, a young lady and her boyfriend feel the repercussions.

The Turn-Tale Wolf Trailer (1952)

27 June 1952

The Big Bad Wolf's proper little nephew has learned at school that his uncle was the fiend who blew the Three Little Pigs' houses down and is ashamed that his uncle could have committed such a deed, so his uncle tells him what REALLY happened.

Scarlet Angel Trailer (1952)

20 June 1952

After robbing a sea captain in New Orleans, a beautiful saloon girl flees and assumes a dead woman's identity.

The Winning Team Trailer (1952)

20 June 1952

Poor health and alcoholism force Grover Cleveland Alexander out of baseball, but through his wife's faithful efforts, he gets a chance for a comeback and redemption.

El derecho de nacer Trailer (1952)

27 June 1952

In Havana, turn of the century, Maria Elena is seduced by a man who leaves her pregnant and abandoned.

Glory Alley Trailer (1952)

06 June 1952

A New Orleans boxer (Ralph Meeker) backs out of a bout and leaves his girlfriend (Leslie Caron) for Korea.

Three Women Trailer (1952)

08 June 1952

The short stories of Guy de Maupassant enjoyed a renaissance in the early 1950s, thanks in great part to the Max Ophuls production Le Plaisir.

Jumping Jacks Trailer (1952)

11 June 1952

Hap Smith, nightclub entertainer, has a new act since his former partner Chick Allen joined the army: with lovely new partner Betsy Carter, Hap plays a clownish parody of a soldier.

Derby Day Trailer (1952)

09 June 1952

Entertaining ensemble piece dealing with several characters who are on the way to the races on Derby day.

Destinies of Women Trailer (1952)

12 June 1952

Berlin, seven years after WWII. Four women are looking for happiness and a good man in the divided city.

Havretunet Trailer (1952)

25 June 1952

A documentary that tells about life in the small rural community Havråtunet on Østerøya, as it has been lived for centuries.

The Last Mission Trailer (1952)

08 June 1952

The Last Mission (Greek: Teleftaia apostoli) is a 1950 Greek drama film directed by Nikos Tsiforos. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.

Tragico ritorno Trailer (1952)

12 June 1952

Angélica Trailer (1952)

12 June 1952

Gangster-y club-owner vs. chorus girl. Blackmail, murder...

The Hasty Hare Trailer (1952)

07 June 1952

A fey little Martian, with his green dog-soldier, K-9, arrive on Earth with instructions to bring back an Earth creature.

Walk East on Beacon! Trailer (1952)

01 June 1952

An FBI agent (George Murphy) works with a refugee scientist (Finlay Currie) and the Coast Guard to crack a Soviet spy ring in Boston.

Willie the Kid Trailer (1952)

25 June 1952

Little Willie's large imagination turns his family-home in the suburbs into the old Wild WEst when he puts on his cowboy suit, guns, holsters and hat, and goes out to play with his friend Archie.

Thundering Caravans Trailer (1952)

20 June 1952

Marshal Rocky Lane is sent to help the Sheriff who is under attack from both the miners whose ore wagons are disappearing and the newspaper editor for not catching the outlaws.

Verlorene Melodie Trailer (1952)

26 June 1952

Sergil chez les filles Trailer (1952)

06 June 1952

Here Come the Marines Trailer (1952)

29 June 1952

After Slip is drafted into the Marines, the rest of the gang volunteers so they can be with him. Sach discovers that the colonel knew his father and he is promoted.

Youth of Chopin Trailer (1952)

16 June 1952

As directed by Aleksander Ford in 1952, this Polish-language period drama chronicles the life, times and accomplishments of revered Warsaw-born Romantic composer Frederic Chopin, here played by Czeslaw Wollejko (Danton).

Processo alla città Trailer (1952)

16 June 1952

Turn-of-the-century Naples. Salvatore Ruotolo and his wife are murdered and their bodies are found in different locations.

Youth of the Son Trailer (1952)

25 June 1952

The story of a father and two teenaged sons, and the rivalry between the two siblings as they begin to discover the attraction of girls.

Susie the Little Blue Coupe Trailer (1952)

06 June 1952

From a brand new car in a showroom that draws every eye, to a discard in a second-hand lot and ultimately Skid Row, Susie's story has the highest of highs, and plummets to the lowest of lows.

The Count from Pappenheim Trailer (1952)

22 June 1952

Directed by Richard Eichberg.

I Dream of Jeanie Trailer (1952)

15 June 1952

The life and career of famed American composer Stephen Foster.

Gold Fever Trailer (1952)

15 June 1952

Magician-turned-actor John Calvert, previously the suave leading man of Film Classics' "Falcon" series, is a curious choice to star in the rough-and-tumble western Gold Fever.

Woodpecker in the Rough Trailer (1952)

18 June 1952

Woody is challenged to a zany game of golf.

Song of Courtship Trailer (1952)

29 June 1952

Chinese Opera comedy from Hong Kong directed by Yeung Kung-Leung.

The Dike Builders Trailer (1952)

30 June 1952

Coq en pâte Trailer (1952)

02 June 1952

Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie Trailer (1952)

27 June 1952

At the fiftieth anniversary of his town's founding, the town's first barber recalls his long-dead, spirited bride and the flaw in his own character that helped bring about her loss and others.

La justicia del lobo Trailer (1952)

12 June 1952

Masked avenger rights wrongs in his home town. Second of four in a series.

Friend or Phony Trailer (1952)

19 June 1952

To convince Popeye to throw away his spinach, Bluto fakes his death, after showing clips of "spinach moments" from a couple earlier shows.

Flamenco Trailer (1952)

13 June 1952

This 79-minute documentary, per its title, is a nonstop display of the best flamenco dancers in Spain.

Smuggler's Ball Trailer (1952)

08 June 1952

Smuggler's Ball is the English-language title for this French-Belgian seriocomedy. The action takes place along the borders separating Belgium, Holland and France.