Movie Trailers - October 1952

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1952

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Ikiru Trailer (1952)

09 October 1952

Kanji Watanabe is a middle-aged man who has worked in the same monotonous bureaucratic position for decades.

Limelight Trailer (1952)

31 October 1952

A fading music hall comedian tries to help a despondent ballet dancer learn to walk and to again feel confident about life.

İngiliz Kemal Lawrens'e Karşı Trailer (1952)

10 October 1952

Alraune Trailer (1952)

22 October 1952

A scientist creates a murderess when he artificially inseminates a prostitute with the seed of an executed killer.

Springfield Rifle Trailer (1952)

25 October 1952

Major Lex Kearney, dishonorably discharged from the army for cowardice in battle, has actually volunteered to go undercover to try to prevent raids against shipments of horses desperately needed for the Union war effort.

Trick or Treat Trailer (1952)

10 October 1952

Donald's nephews come by for halloween and plays tricks on them. But Witch Hazel was watching, and offers to help the boys get even.

Way of a Gaucho Trailer (1952)

16 October 1952

Set in the Argentina of about 1875 in which a customary punishment for killing was a sentence to army service.

The Lusty Men Trailer (1952)

24 October 1952

Retired rodeo champion Jeff McCloud agrees to mentor novice rodeo contestant Wes Merritt against the wishes of Merritt's wife who fears the dangers of this rough sport.

The Happy Time Trailer (1952)

30 October 1952

A violinist (Charles Boyer) and his brother (Louis Jourdan) guide one's son through his crush on the family maid in 1920s Ottawa.

Flat Top Trailer (1952)

26 October 1952

A rock hard commander trains Navy Carrier Pilots during the Second World War

Hurricane Smith Trailer (1952)

02 October 1952

South Sea freebooters fight for hidden treasure and the love of the beautiful Luana.

Lone Star Trailer (1952)

24 October 1952

Rip-roaring big star, big budget semi-historical story about cattle baron Devereaux Burke, who is enlisted by an aging Andrew Jackson to dissuade Sam Houston from establishing Texas as a republic.

The Golden Hawk Trailer (1952)

08 October 1952

A 17th-century French pirate (Sterling Hayden) sides with an English noblewoman (Rhonda Fleming) who's posing as a pirate.

The Thief Trailer (1952)

15 October 1952

1952 black and white Cold War spy film, entirely without dialog

Ils sont dans les vignes Trailer (1952)

31 October 1952

The World in His Arms Trailer (1952)

09 October 1952

Gregory Peck is a boisterous sea captain in the Pacific Coast, circa 1850, who has a plan to buy Alaska from the Russians… if they don’t kill him first.

Horizons West Trailer (1952)

11 October 1952

Brothers Dan and Neil Hammond return to Texas after the Civil War. Ambitious Dan turns to rustling and then shady land deals to build an empire.

Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice Trailer (1952)

01 October 1952

A childless middle-aged couple faces a marital crisis of sorts.

Venetian Bird Trailer (1952)

01 October 1952

Private eye Edward Mercer (Richard Todd) travels to Venice to locate a man due a reward for his aid in the war.

Parasakthi Trailer (1952)

16 October 1952

"Parasakthi" narrates the misfortunes that befall the members of a Tamil family. The youngest sister gets widowed and becomes the victim of an attempted rape by a temple priest.

Two Weeks Vacation Trailer (1952)

31 October 1952

After several long days at work, Goofy finally takes a much needed vacation. However, his trip never quite gets off the ground mainly because he spends most of it stuck behind a slow moving trailer.

Three Dark Horses Trailer (1952)

16 October 1952

A campaign boss is looking for three delegates to the presidential convention, delegates that are too stupid to discover that his candidate, Hammond Egger, is a crook.

Love's a Luxury Trailer (1952)

01 October 1952

A theatre producer and actor try in vain to have a quiet week in a country cottage. But their efforts turn into comic disaster as a variety of wives, girlfriends and scoutmasters arrive uninvited.

The Four Poster Trailer (1952)

08 October 1952

Jan de Hartog's two-person stage play The Fourposter has always seemed to attract married acting couples, a tradition established by the play's first Broadway stars Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.

In the Name of the Law Trailer (1952)

26 October 1952

Deemed "the D.W. Griffith of Turkish Cinema," Omer Lutfi Akad directs this 1952 film based upon real events that took place in İstanbul, in the following years of World war II.

The WAC From Walla Walla Trailer (1952)

10 October 1952

An unsophisticated country girl accidentally joins the army. Director William Witney's low-budget 1952 military comedy stars Judy Canova, Stephen Dunne, George Cleveland, June Vincent, Irene Ryan, Allen Jenkins, Roy Barcroft, Thurston Hall, George Chandler, Dick Wessel, Dick Elliott, Carl Switzer, Phyllis Kennedy and Jarma Lewis.

My Wife's Lodger Trailer (1952)

01 October 1952

My Wife’s Lodger finds hapless soldier Willie Higginbottom (Dominic Roche) hoping for a hero’s welcome when he returns home after the war.

Nadando em Dinheiro Trailer (1952)

27 October 1952

Isidoro, a poor guy, suddenly becomes a millionaire, and gets into the most bizarre situations.

Because You're Mine Trailer (1952)

01 October 1952

A famous opera singer (Mario Lanza) falls for his sergeant's (James Whitmore) sister (Doretta Morrow) at boot camp.

Toughest Man in Arizona Trailer (1952)

10 October 1952

Marshal Landry captures outlaw Girard and bringing him in finds a woman and two children, the only survivors of an Indian attack.

Everything I Have Is Yours Trailer (1952)

31 October 1952

Backstage musical about a husband-and-wife act hoping to find success on Broadway.

The Moment of Truth Trailer (1952)

22 October 1952

After attending to a suicidal young man, Dr Richard learns that his wife has been unfaithful for years.

The Bandit of Tacca del Lupo Trailer (1952)

04 October 1952

Lightning Trailer (1952)

09 October 1952

Mikio Naruse's second adaptation of a novel by Fumiko Hayashi stars Hideko Takamine, the director's frequent muse, as bus conductress Kiyoko Komori, the youngest daughter in a family of squabbling half-siblings.

Tree for Two Trailer (1952)

03 October 1952

A rough and tough bulldog named Spike sets out with his admirer, a small dog named Chester, to rough up a cat.

South Pacific Trail Trailer (1952)

19 October 1952

Rex, Slim and the boys are fired by a wealthy rancher but decide to help him out when his daughter intends on marrying a shifty, gold-digging actor.

Mademoiselle Gobete Trailer (1952)

04 October 1952

Ghost Ship Trailer (1952)

01 October 1952

A luxury ship is haunted by the ghosts of a crew that had disappeared off the ship years before.

Battle Zone Trailer (1952)

26 October 1952

Two Marine Corps combat photographers compete for the love of a Red Cross nurse during the Korean War.

Captive Women Trailer (1952)

10 October 1952

In a post-apocalyptic New York City, three tribes of mutants (the Norms, the Mutates and the Upriver people) battle each other to survive.

The Raiders Trailer (1952)

31 October 1952

A rancher who has staked a claim during the California gold rush goes after the gang of murderous claim-jumpers who have stolen his claim and murdered his wife.

The Overcoat Trailer (1952)

03 October 1952

The classic Nicolas Gogal fable The Overcoat is given a European flavor by Italian filmmaker Alberto Lattuada; some consider the film to be Lattuada's best "psychological study.

Cruise Cat Trailer (1952)

18 October 1952

Tom is the official cat on the cruise ship S.S. Aloha, but he'll be kicked off if the captain finds even one mouse.

Zítra se bude tančit všude Trailer (1952)

24 October 1952

Hotsy Footsy Trailer (1952)

22 October 1952

Magoo's at a Rutgers alumni dance and winds up squaring off with a pro wrestler at the arena across the alley, thinking he's dancing with the wife of an old friend.

Amaya Trailer (1952)

07 October 1952

5 poveri in automobile Trailer (1952)

14 October 1952

The EGGcited Rooster Trailer (1952)

04 October 1952

Foghorn Leghorn's sharp-tongued, domineering wife orders him to sit on their egg while she goes out to play bridge, but Foghorn becomes careless, allowing little Henery the Chicken Hawk to take the egg away.

Lady in the Fog Trailer (1952)

13 October 1952

In this murder mystery, a woman's brother is killed in a freaky accident, or so she believes. Fortunately for her, an American journalist is more suspicious and so begins roaming the London streets in search of the killer.

May Night, or the Drowned Maiden Trailer (1952)

30 October 1952

The son of an obstinate mayor cannot get his father's consent to wed the beautiful Hanna. He receives unexpected assistance from evil, mysterious forces – Satan, witches, and rusalki – who work together to bring the couple happiness, bringing mayhem and celebration.

True Boo Trailer (1952)

24 October 1952

It's Christmas Eve, and what Casper wants for Christmas is a friend. When his uncles steal his note for Santa, he goes out to find one.

A Killer Walks Trailer (1952)

01 October 1952

Psychological thriller about an odd family with Harvey playing the older domineering son, who resents both his overbearing grandmother and his younger brother.

It Started in Paradise Trailer (1952)

28 October 1952

A talented dress designer, who lets nothing get in the way of her success, rises in the fashion world then loses contact with her own humanity.

Caught on the Bounce Trailer (1952)

09 October 1952

Joe Besser needs money to pay back a loan of $2500 and travels to ask his aunt for the money. She boards the train, along with a man who looks like a wanted bank-robber, and tells Joe she needs $2500 herself and can not help him.

Vater braucht eine Frau Trailer (1952)

16 October 1952

My Wife's Best Friend Trailer (1952)

09 October 1952

When a man confesses to his wife that he has been unfaithful, she imagines all the different ways that historical figures such as Cleopatra and Joan of Arc might handle the situation.

Geisha Waltz Trailer (1952)

02 October 1952

1952 Japanese film directed by Kunio Watanabe.

The Great Who-Dood-It Trailer (1952)

19 October 1952

Woody Woodpecker is having a good time wandering around the County Fair and blowing his bubble gum, and is a big distraction to Buzzy Buzzard's attempts to sell his home-made tonics.

La mentira Trailer (1952)

08 October 1952

When Demetrio arrives at the mine to meet his brother Ricardo, he finds out that Ricardo has committed suicide for the love of a woman.

Karneval in Weiß Trailer (1952)

30 October 1952