Movie Trailers - June 1980

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1980

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The Blues Brothers Trailer (1980)

17 June 1980

Jake Blues is just out of jail, and teams up with his brother, Elwood on a 'mission from God' to raise funds for the orphanage in which they grew up.

The Island Trailer (1980)

13 June 1980

David Warner leads a band of modern day pirates who raid yachts and sail boats of people on vacation out in the Caribbean.

To The Stars By Hard Ways Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

A Star-ship discovers a dead alien space craft. All the humanoid crew are dead except for one woman. When revived she remembers nothing of the accident which crippled the space craft, and is brought back to earth to be studied.

Brubaker Trailer (1980)

20 June 1980

The new warden of a small prison farm in Arkansas tries to clean it up of corruption after initially posing as an inmate.

Dressed to Kill Trailer (1980)

25 June 1980

A mysterious, tall, blonde woman, wearing sunglasses murders one of a psychiatrist's patients, and now she's after the prostitute who witnessed it.

The Hearse Trailer (1980)

01 June 1980

Jane Hardy moves into the house left to her by her deceased aunt. After moving in Jane is haunted by a hearse following her around.

Bronco Billy Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

An idealistic, modern-day cowboy struggles to keep his Wild West show afloat in the face of hard luck and waning interest.

Galaxina Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

Galaxina is a lifelike, voluptuous android who is assigned to oversee the operations of an intergalactic Space Police cruiser captained by incompetent Cornelius Butt.

Urban Cowboy Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

Hard Hat Days Honky-Tonk Nights. John Travolta stars as a young man from the country who learns about life and love in a Houston bar.

Love and Lies Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

Vam i ne snilos... A movie about two high school kids who meet in class and fall madly in love with each other.

The Youth of Peter Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

The years of the tsar’s adolescence and youth were permeated with deadly danger coming from some of the Boyars, the rebellious Streltsy and Tsarevna Sophia who aspired for power.

Teheran '43 Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

Documents reveal in 1980 that the Germans planned to kill the Big Three in Teheran in 1943.This story starts in 1980 in Paris as the memories of Andrei Borodin (Igor Kostolevsky), a Soviet agent, take the action back to 1943 during the Teheran meetings of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.

The Children Trailer (1980)

13 June 1980

A nuclear-plant leak turns a bus-load of children into murderous atomic zombies with black fingernails.

Herbie Goes Bananas Trailer (1980)

25 June 1980

The adorable little VW helps its owners break up a counterfeiting ring in Mexico.

The Last Flight of Noah's Ark Trailer (1980)

24 June 1980

The only chance to escape a desert island is to convert the plane carrying many different animals into a boat.

Up the Academy Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

This puber-comedy is a kind of mixture between 'Animal House' and 'Police Academy'. Four boys are sent, for different reasons, to a the Sheldon R.

Can't Stop the Music Trailer (1980)

20 June 1980

Movie about the Village People filmed in a documentary style.

Rough Cut Trailer (1980)

19 June 1980

A romantic comedy with action and suspense. Two sophisticated jewel thieves join forces to steal $30 million in uncut jewels.

Night of the Juggler Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

An ex New York cop is desperate to find his kidnapped daughter.

The Stunt Man Trailer (1980)

27 June 1980

While on the run from the police, Steve Railsback hides in a group of moviemakers where he pretends to be a stunt man.

Marta the Pious Woman Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

A musical comedy based on the classic play by Tirso de Molina.

They Don't Wear Black Tie Trailer (1980)

24 June 1980

At the beginning of the Brazilian film "They Don't Wear Black Tie," a middle-class boy and girl are making plans to live happily ever after.

Virus Trailer (1980)

26 June 1980

Scientists in Antarctica desperately try to find a cure to a military virus that was released in a plane crash and has wiped out the rest of the world.

The Kid With A Tattoo Trailer (1980)

17 June 1980

One of Shaw Brothers' most productive directors, Sun Chung's action films had strong tension, snappy editing and slow motion which influenced up and coming martial arts director John Woo.

Do Not Shoot at White Swans Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

Egor Polushkin (Stanislav Lyubshin) is a kind-hearted, nature loving, artistic family man who is living in a small village.

Roadie Trailer (1980)

13 June 1980

A young Texas good ol' boy has a knack with electronic equipment, and that talent gets him a job as a roadie with a raucous traveling rock-and-roll show.

Fantastica Trailer (1980)

04 June 1980

In this Canadian made oddball mix of music and drama, an actress (Carole Laure) in a traveling musical revue is involved with the show's director until she meets and falls for an aging ecological activist.

Particularly Important Task Trailer (1980)

01 June 1980

Strategical factory should be evacuated. The movie shows how destinies of those working on the factory and their families are being broken.

Vacations in Prostokvashino Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

The continuation of the adventures of Fyodor and his friends from the Prostokvashino village.

Effects Trailer (1980)

01 June 1980

Some crew members of a company shooting a horror film begin to suspect that the "killings" in the movie are real, and that they are actually making a "snuff" film.

Contes pervers Trailer (1980)

25 June 1980

Episodic film about the sexual delights of some very beautiful women.

Whitcomb's War Trailer (1980)

15 June 1980

A businessman, a preacher, and a host of comic characters battle for spiritual control of a small mid-western town.

The Inheritance Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

In this standard Hungarian drama, the effects of sterility and jealousy on a marriage are played out against a backdrop of World War II and the rising Nazi persecution of Jews.

Wholly Moses Trailer (1980)

13 June 1980

Harvey and Zoey, two tourists in Israel, discover an ancient scroll about Herschel, the man who was almost Moses.

Ratha Paasam Trailer (1980)

14 June 1980

La Sucesión Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

Political intrigue drama which aired dimly, some of the most common vices Latin American government systems, at least hypothetically and not still be scenarios.

5 and 5 Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

A group of soldiers is sent to moshav for a few days of vacation. Or, maybe, not so vacation...

Kung Fu of 8 Drunkards Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

The drunken technique of martial arts has never been so expertly performed as in this kung fu classic.

Blázni, vodníci a podvodníci Trailer (1980)

05 June 1980

Squadron of Flying Hussars Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

A story about a colonel Denis Davydov - hero of the 1812 war.

Fearless Dragons Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

A shipment of gold, collected as charity, is high-jacked in transit. Two con-men witness the robbery, and become wrongly accused as the robbers.

The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything Trailer (1980)

13 June 1980

When Kirby inherits only one thing from his millionaire uncle: a pocket watch that can stop time. Only, the bad guys know that he has it, and will do anything to take it from him.

The Enigmatic Case Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

Johnnie To's directorial debut. This period martial arts mystery stars Damian Lau Chung-yan as Lu Tien-chun, an imprisoned swordsman, accused of killing three men.

Bruce, King of Kung Fu Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

Bruce Le stars as Bruce Lee, a young teenager who is the leader of the Liu City gang, who gets into trouble and street fights every now and again.

Augsburger Puppenkiste - Am Samstag kam das Sams zurück Trailer (1980)

10 June 1980

Father's Estate Trailer (1980)

21 June 1980

A country boy has to quit school in Reykjavík and move back home.

The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher Trailer (1980)

18 June 1980

Explores the life and work of the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher.

Cry of the Innocent Trailer (1980)

19 June 1980

A Green Beret-veteran businessman investigates the plane crash in Ireland that killed his family.

Dva Dolgikh Gudka v Tumane Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

All the countries' anti-terrorists' unite! That is, unite in a club for fans of detectives movies! Somewhere to the far north, a seaplane carrying a large sum of cash is forced to make a landing.

Marriage? Trailer (1980)

19 June 1980

Laurice Guillen's debut film, about a young couple about to get married.

My Mother the General Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

Unstoppable mother is doing everything she can in order to visit her son in the army.

The Empire Strikes Back Despecialized Edition Trailer (1980)

20 June 1980

Return to a galaxy far, far away in this exciting new chapter of the Star Wars Trilogy. Rejoin Luke Skywalker on his path to becoming a Jedi Knight as he travels to the far reaches of space in search of the mighty Jedi Master Yoda.

The Sicilian Defence Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

A group of police detectives are trying to prevent shipping abroad of stolen art valuables.

Larets Marii Medichi Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

Расследуя загадочное исчезновение антиквара Савиньи, следователи приходят к убеждению, что он был убит.

U Matrosov Net Voprosov Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

Алька Шанина и Саня Фокин познакомились в самолете. Алька собиралась поступать в театральный институт, а Саня, матрос рыболовецкого сейнера, направлялся через столицу в родную деревню на свадьбу.

Love Me Once Again '80 Trailer (1980)

21 June 1980

Kindergarten teacher Jeon Hye-yeong brings her son to the child's father, Shin-ho, to be raised. However, the child is unhappy with his father's family and dreams about living with his mother causing Shin-ho's growing frustration with the boy to turn to violence.

Still Life Trailer (1980)

01 June 1980

A man wanders his neighbourhood before going to sleep in his living room chair surrounded by the laughter of his grandkids.

Pursuit Trailer (1980)

26 June 1980

(no overview )

Night Accident Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

В одном из московских переулков милиция обнаружила пострадавшую женщину с травмой головы.

Lonely Star of Osaka Trailer (1980)

21 June 1980

Kanemoto served five years in prison for attacking Masao of the pro-North Korean organization, the killer of the president of the company who brought him up.