Movie Trailers - November 1980

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1980

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Raging Bull Trailer (1980)

14 November 1980

When Jake LaMotta steps into a boxing ring and obliterates his opponent, he's a prizefighter. But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he's a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment.

Tender Cousins Trailer (1980)

19 November 1980

Teenage Julien (Thierry Tevini) loves his teenage cousin Julia (Anja Shute) among flowers in summer of '39 France.

The Amorous Sisters Trailer (1980)

28 November 1980

Comedy about some schoolgirls being taught anatomy (of the sexual nature) by the sexually frustrated Barbara Moose.

El sexólogo (Memorias de un visitador medico) Trailer (1980)

13 November 1980

A pharmaceutical salesman travels around the country and has sexual adventures in every place, but no woman really interests him.

The Long Good Friday Trailer (1980)

01 November 1980

Harold, a prosperous English gangster, is about to close a lucrative new deal when bombs start showing up in very inconvenient places.

Fantozzi Against the Wind Trailer (1980)

20 November 1980

Heaven's Gate Trailer (1980)

19 November 1980

Harvard graduate James Averill (Kris Kristofferson) is the sheriff of prosperous Jackson County, Wyo.

Shogun Assassin Trailer (1980)

11 November 1980

A Shogun who grew paranoid as he became senile sent his ninjas to kill his samurai. They failed but did kill the samurai’s wife.

House on the Edge of the Park Trailer (1980)

06 November 1980

Alex (David Hess) is a darkly sinister thug driving around New York City at night when he spots a young woman (Karoline Mardeck) driving alongside him.

Christmas Evil Trailer (1980)

01 November 1980

A toy factory worker, mentally scarred as a child upon learning Santa Claus is not real, suffers a nervous breakdown after being belittled at work, and embarks on a Yuletide killing spree.

The Stationmaster Meets His Match Trailer (1980)

12 November 1980

The story of Bendegúz, the teenage boy who never succeeds in anything and about whom everybody's first though is "I wish you had been hanged when you were born!" drops out of school and becomes a cowboy.

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead Trailer (1980)

18 November 1980

A sailor takes an American businessman and his girlfriend to an island where the businessman wants to build a resort.

Hell of the Living Dead Trailer (1980)

17 November 1980

A tough female reporter and her cameraman boyfriend team up with a four-man commando unit in the New Guinea jungle whom are fighting flesh-eating zombies.

Lulu Trailer (1980)

07 November 1980

Lulu models for a young painter who tries to seduce her. When her husband enters the room he dies from a heart attack.

Taxi zum Klo Trailer (1980)

01 November 1980

Frank Ripploh tries to keep his professional and personal life separate. During the day, he is a dedicated school teacher.

The Boogey Man Trailer (1980)

07 November 1980

A young girl witnesses her brother murder a man through a reflection in a mirror. Twenty years later the mirror is shattered, freeing his evil spirit, which seeks revenge for his death.

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End Trailer (1980)

07 November 1980

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End is a 1980 British film based on the eponymous character created by Vivian Stanshall.

Little Lord Fauntleroy Trailer (1980)

25 November 1980

Young Cedric (Ceddie) Errol and his widowed mother (known only as "Dearest") live in genteel poverty in 1880s Brooklyn after the death of his father.

Hex vs. Witchcraft Trailer (1980)

19 November 1980

A compulsive gambler weds a ghost who helps and hinders him in both horrid and hilarious ways.

La dottoressa ci sta col Colonnello Trailer (1980)

11 November 1980

Colonel Anacleto Punch, military doctor, falls in love with the beautiful and sensual South African Dr.

Legend of the Fox Trailer (1980)

15 November 1980

Chin Siu Ho plays a young man who believes himself to be an orphan. Until one rainy night when he and three different men find themselves taking shelter from the storm in the same place.

The Gadfly Trailer (1980)

03 November 1980

The movie set in 1840s Italy under the dominance of Austria, a time of tumultuous revolt and uprisings.

Mama Dracula Trailer (1980)

19 November 1980

A female vampire must bathe in the blood of virgins in order to stay alive. The trouble is that virgins are in short supply nowadays, and she is running into major problems in finding one.

Marilyn: The Untold Story Trailer (1980)

10 November 1980

The story of how Norma Jean, once an orphan in Hollywood California, becomes Marilyn Monroe, the movie star and celebrity.

El hombre de moda Trailer (1980)

14 November 1980

The Babysitter Trailer (1980)

28 November 1980

Overprotective mother Liz Benedict meets 18 year-old orphan Joanna Redwine and hires her as house help and live-in companion to rambunctious daughter Tara.

Elephant Wife Trailer (1980)

08 November 1980

An adventure / horror story.

Berlin Chamissoplatz Trailer (1980)

01 November 1980

Maison De Plaisir Trailer (1980)

12 November 1980

Eva runs a male brothel and one day her limousine runs down Laure . She takes her in and there is a lesbian scene.

A Fêmea do Mar Trailer (1980)

12 November 1980

The lonely Jeruza lives in a simple isolated house by the seaside with the siblings Cassandra and Ulisses and the family survives by selling handicrafts for a local store.

The Apple Trailer (1980)

21 November 1980

Musical set in the 'future', e.g. 1994. A young couple enters the world of the music industry, but also the world of drugs.

City After Dark Trailer (1980)

28 November 1980

The hidden nightlife of ordinary people living in Manila unveils. Lovers and families conflict with each other as they live on the streets, which are rampant with drugs and prostitution.

Writhing Tongue Trailer (1980)

22 November 1980

Masako, a five-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Chiba, gets a tiny scratch on her finger while playing with mud in a marsh.

Grown-Ups Trailer (1980)

27 November 1980

Dick and Mandy, a young working class couple, move into a council house in Canterbury, and find Mr. Butcher, one of their former teachers, living next door.

Solo für Martina Trailer (1980)

30 November 1980

Kiss [1980] Sydney Australia Trailer (1980)

21 November 1980

First ever Kiss show in Downunder during their Unmasked tour. Recorded live at Showgrounds, Sydney, 0

Agee Trailer (1980)

14 November 1980

A documentary about author James Agee.

Emilio Varela vs Camelia la Texana Trailer (1980)

27 November 1980

Emilio tries to retire from Camelia's gang; she has her men bushwhack him, but he escapes and plans revenge.

Doctor Who: State of Decay Trailer (1980)

22 November 1980

Still trapped in E-Space, the Doctor's TARDIS materialises on a medieval planet. The townsfolk live in fear of the Three Who Rule, who govern from their mighty castle.

Les mystères de Paris Trailer (1980)

15 November 1980

TV mini series. An adaptation of Eugene Sue's popular novel.

The Two Faces of Evil Trailer (1980)

29 November 1980

A family on holiday stop to pick up a mysterious hitch-hiker and live to regret it.

UFO Syndrome Trailer (1980)

14 November 1980

A documentary exploring the existence of UFOs and the possible visit of aliens to Earth at sometime t

Gol Kralı Trailer (1980)

01 November 1980

O Gigante da América Trailer (1980)

23 November 1980

A caboclo's soul wanders through purgatory (or hell), visiting many places until he boards a ship whose destination is unknown.

Le Rebelle Trailer (1980)

12 November 1980

A young rebel tries to change his ways in order to provide for his sister.

Illusion Trailer (1980)

03 November 1980

The intricate relations between an Artist, an Actress and a Poet are seen against the background of one of the most dramatic events in the recent history of Bulgaria: uprising, which broke out in 1923.

Disciples of Hippocrates Trailer (1980)

21 November 1980

The story revolves around Ogino, who is in the last year of his medical studies. Between lectures, exams, on field training, his commitment as a pro-reformist militant and his girlfriend, Ogino is starting to wonder if he's really cut out to be a doctor.

Lost Souls Trailer (1980)

26 November 1980

Determined to escape from the harsh regime of China to the freedom of Hong Kong, three youths are captured by Mr.

Kiss [1980] 1980 TV Compilation Trailer (1980)

21 November 1980

Shandi (Promo), Kids Are People Too (US TV), Poprock (German TV), Countdoqn (Australian TV), What Ma)

Talk Dirty to Me Trailer (1980)

21 November 1980

A self-proclaimed ladies man brags to his somewhat dense buddy that he can seduce any woman he wants to.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Trailer (1980)

20 November 1980

Adaptation of the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Age of the Earth Trailer (1980)

17 November 1980

A personal vision of contemporary Brazil and its evolution, with a number of archetypes which recall some of Glauber Rocha's previous films : the Indian, the Colonizer, the Nordeste man, the Worker, the Amazon, the Bourgeois and a black Christ bringing new revolutionary hope for the Third World.

The Contract Trailer (1980)

17 November 1980

Bearing traces of the old Anton Chekhov play The Wedding, The Contract is set during an "arranged" ceremony.

Polladhavan Trailer (1980)

06 November 1980

A 1980 Tamil movie.

Vishwaroobam Trailer (1980)

06 November 1980

Die Samenräuberinnen Trailer (1980)

11 November 1980

Con la muerte en ancas Trailer (1980)

06 November 1980

Roving gunslingers team up against a common enemy, but then they turn on each other.

Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story Trailer (1980)

05 November 1980

Filmed on location at Alcatraz Island, this two-part "whole story" actually concentrates on a handful of the denizens behind the cold grey walls of "The Rock".

The Georgia Peaches Trailer (1980)

08 November 1980

Two sisters & their moonshinerunning boyfriend outwit the Dragon Lady of the Southern crime belt in this comedy car chase / action-packed undercover investigation story.

The Idolmaker Trailer (1980)

14 November 1980

Based on the life of rock promoter/producer Bob Marucci, who discovered, among others, Frankie Avalon and Fabian.