Movie Trailers - March 1940

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1940

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The Grapes of Wrath Trailer (1940)

15 March 1940

Tom Joad returns to his home after a jail sentence to find his family kicked out of their farm due to foreclosure.

Virginia City Trailer (1940)

23 March 1940

Union officer Kerry Bradford escapes from a Confederate prison and races to intercept $5 million in gold destined for Confederate coffers.

Road to Singapore Trailer (1940)

22 March 1940

Bing Crosby an Bob Hope star in the first of the 'Road to' movies as two playboys trying to forget previous romances in Singapore - until they meet Dorothy Lamour.

Young Tom Edison Trailer (1940)

15 March 1940

Inventor Thomas Edison's boyhood is chronicled and shows him as a lad whose early inventions and scientific experiments usually end up causing disastrous results.

Strange Cargo Trailer (1940)

01 March 1940

Convicts escaping from Devil's Island come under the influence of a strange Christ-like figure.

Elmer's Candid Camera Trailer (1940)

02 March 1940

Elmer takes up wildlife photography

Adventure in Diamonds Trailer (1940)

08 March 1940

A government pilot (George Brent) falls for a woman (Isa Miranda) helping her partner (John Loder) smuggle diamonds out of South Africa.

Charlie Chan in Panama Trailer (1940)

01 March 1940

Charlie impersonates an employee of the U.S. government to foil an espionage plot which would destroy part of the Panama Canal, trapping a Navy fleet on its way to the Pacific after maneuvers in the Atlantic.

Three Cheers for the Irish Trailer (1940)

16 March 1940

Peter Casey has been with the New York City police department for 25 years. He's totally surprised when he's asked to retire on his 25th anniversary with the force.

The Marines Fly High Trailer (1940)

04 March 1940

Marine lieutenants Dan and Jim fight bandits in the South American jungle, while competing for the attention of beautiful Joan Grant.

Drums of Fu Manchu Trailer (1940)

15 March 1940

Movie serial that was later edited together into a feature movie.

My Crimes After Mein Kampf Trailer (1940)

09 March 1940

The film shows the seizure of power by the Nazis and Hitler wants a trial, at a time when France has just declared war on Germany (Sept.

Band Waggon Trailer (1940)

23 March 1940

A plot involving spies in a haunted castle gives this team of celebrated British wireless comedians plenty of scope for laughs.

Midnight Limited Trailer (1940)

20 March 1940

The Phantom Robber gets a fortune in jewels and some valuable papers from a robbery on the crack train "The Midnight Limited" and Val Lennon and his pretty assistant, Joan Marshall, are on his trail.

My Universities Trailer (1940)

01 March 1940

My Universities (Moi universiteti) is the last installment of Russian director Mark Donskoy's "Maxim Gorki" trilogy.

Double Alibi Trailer (1940)

01 March 1940

A man's ex-wife is found murdered, and he finds himself to be the prime suspect.

Women Without Names Trailer (1940)

14 March 1940

Joyce and Fred MacNeil's honeymoon comes to an abrupt and unsatisfying halt when Fred is accused of murder.

Millionaire Playboy Trailer (1940)

14 March 1940

A young millionaire gets hiccups whenever he kisses a pretty woman.

Bullets for Rustlers Trailer (1940)

05 March 1940

Steve Beaumont, an operative for the Cattleman's Protective Association, is assigned the difficult task of breaking up a murderous gang of rustlers led by Ed Brock and Strang.

The Showdown Trailer (1940)

08 March 1940

European bad guy Baron Bendor leads some local townsmen in a plot to obtain horses through theft. Hoppy and his sidekicks Lucky and Speedy must find and expose the horse thieves.

Frau nach Maß Trailer (1940)

23 March 1940

Jack Pot Trailer (1940)

09 March 1940

An entry in MGM's Crime Does Not Pay series, which deals with illegal gambling and illegal bookmaking.

Stern von Rio Trailer (1940)

20 March 1940

Confederate Honey Trailer (1940)

29 March 1940

Nett Cutler (Elmer Fudd) romances Crimson O'Hairoil in this send-up of Gone With the Wind (1939).

Rewi's Last Stand Trailer (1940)

31 March 1940

Star-crossed lovers, Robert and Ariana, are caught up in the New Zealand wars of the 1860s. Ariana is claimed by the Maniapoto people as one of their own and, despite Robert's chivalrous defence, is taken by them and must help them prepare for war.

Home on the Range Trailer (1940)

23 March 1940

To the sound of the title song being sung by a campfire, a cow and her calf are bedding down for the night.

It's a Date Trailer (1940)

22 March 1940

An aspiring actress is offered the lead in a major new play, but discovers that her mother, a more seasoned performer, expects the same part.

Kriminalkommissar Eyck Trailer (1940)

21 March 1940

Ants in the Plants Trailer (1940)

14 March 1940

A classic about an anteater who makes life rough for a colony of ants. In the ant community, the queen spreads warnings of their greatest enemy, the Anteater.

Gang War Trailer (1940)

28 March 1940

Two mobs fight for control of the jukebox racket.

Pardon My Berth Marks Trailer (1940)

22 March 1940

Buster, a reporter, takes a train trip and winds up innocently involved with a gangster's wife.

The Ghost Comes Home Trailer (1940)

08 March 1940

Comic mayhem results when a small town pet store owner, mistakenly believed killed during a sea voyage, turns up very much alive.

Rockin' Thru the Rockies Trailer (1940)

08 March 1940

The stooges are frontier guides leading a minstrel show west. When hostile Indians run the horses run off they are stranded.

Familien Olsen Trailer (1940)

18 March 1940

Familien Olsen is a 1940 Danish family film directed by Lau Lauritzen, Jr. and Alice O'Fredericks.

The House Across the Bay Trailer (1940)

01 March 1940

An aircraft designer falls for an imprisoned gangster's wife.

Alice in Movieland Trailer (1940)

03 March 1940

In a U.S. town that could be anywhere, 18-year-old Alice Purdee wins a free trip to Hollywood. With the assistance of a cheerful porter, she takes the night train and dreams about her arrival.

There's No Tomorrow Trailer (1940)

22 March 1940

The story of a once-respectable woman who re-encounters her first love, now a successful doctor. Reduced to nude-dancing in a sleazy dive, with a son to support, Evelyne (Edwige Feuillère) borrows money at an outrageous interest rate in order to create a facade of respectability--and, it goes without saying, Georges falls in love with her all over again.

Crimes at the Dark House Trailer (1940)

01 March 1940

A madman kills a man who has just inherited a large estate, then impersonates his victim to gain entrance to the estate so he can murder his enemies.

Der Feuerteufel Trailer (1940)

05 March 1940

Pilgrim Porky Trailer (1940)

15 March 1940

The Pilgrims, led by captain Porky Pig, set sail from Plymouth for America. We get a series of ocean sailing blackout gags, including a running bit between our narrator and the cook, looking for a fish suitable for dinner, a singing trio interrupted by seasickness, flying fish (in airplanes).

The Riveter Trailer (1940)

15 March 1940

Dodgy construction foreman Pegleg Pete has just fired his riveter. Donald is in need of a job, so he pretends to be experienced and gets it, lacking any competitor.

Little Orvie Trailer (1940)

11 March 1940

Family film, based on a Booth Tarkington tale, about a young boy who takes extreme measures to keep the stray dog he befriends.

La famille Duraton Trailer (1940)

06 March 1940

The Farmer's Daughter Trailer (1940)

29 March 1940

Backstage comedy, starring Martha Raye and Charles Ruggles, about a theatrical producer rehearsing his new show with a temperamental leading lady.

Pioneers of the West Trailer (1940)

12 March 1940

Pioneers of the West is a 1940 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie[1] directed by Lester Orlebeck.

Polterabend Trailer (1940)

21 March 1940

Rudi, who’s been quite the ladies’ man, finally wants to settle down and marry Hilde. So as to not get into a touchy situation with all his many women, he plans to bring them all together the night before his wedding.

Isle Of Destiny Trailer (1940)

08 March 1940

A pretty socialite / pilot runs into gun smugglers when she lands her plane on a Pacific island.

A Hundred Thousand Dollars Trailer (1940)

23 March 1940

Rancho Grande Trailer (1940)

22 March 1940

A ranch foreman (Gene Autry) helps three youngsters protect their inheritance from foreclosure.

The Big Premiere Trailer (1940)

09 March 1940

It is a premiere night at the Fox Carthay Circle theater, and the Our Gang show up to observe the festivities.

Blackboard Revue Trailer (1940)

15 March 1940

In this episode of A Color Rhapsody, the blackboard drawings come alive, as the characters on screen gather together for class.

Free, Blonde and 21 Trailer (1940)

28 March 1940

Stories of women who live in an all-women hotel. One (Bari) works hard and marries a millionaire; another (Hughes) cheats and goes to jail.

My Son, My Son! Trailer (1940)

21 March 1940

My Son, My Son! is a 1940 American drama film based on a novel by the same name written by Howard Spring and directed by Charles Vidor.

Forgotten Girls Trailer (1940)

15 March 1940

A disillusioned factory worker is charged with the attempted murder of her mother's lover.

Way Back When a Nightclub Was a Stick Trailer (1940)

13 March 1940

A comic look at prehistoric life.

Goodness! A Ghost Trailer (1940)

08 March 1940

Harry's grandfather's spirit inhabits his old policeman's uniform, which is being used in an amateur play.

Ma! He's Making Eyes at Me Trailer (1940)

14 March 1940

In this musical, a sharp witted press agent teams up with an unemployed chorine and dubs her "Miss Manhattan" to promote a cheap line of clothing.

Primrose Path Trailer (1940)

22 March 1940

Ellie Mae lives on Primrose Hill with her good-hearted and fancy free mother, her drunken father, her younger sister and a mean-spirited grandmother.

Laugh It Off Trailer (1940)

09 March 1940

As WWII begins, vaudeville entertainer Tommy Towers is called up to serve. He arranges a job for his girlfriend at the local pub.

The Fight for Life Trailer (1940)

07 March 1940

The Fight for Life was documentary filmmaker Pare Lorentz' first "dramatic" film, utilizing the talents of several top New York stage actors.