Movie Trailers - August 1940

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1940

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Kit Carson Trailer (1940)

30 August 1940

Frontiersman Kit Carson fights off Indian attacks on the trail to California.

Foreign Correspondent Trailer (1940)

16 August 1940

The European war was only beginning to erupt across national borders. Its titular hero, Johnny Jones, is an American crime reporter dispatched by his New York publisher to put a fresh spin on the drowsy dispatches emanating from overseas, his nose for a good story promptly leading him to the crime of fascism and Nazi Germany's designs on European conquest In attempting to learn more about a seemingly noble peace effort, Jones who walks into the middle of an assassination, uncovers a spy ring, and, not entirely coincidentally, falls in love.

The Return of Frank James Trailer (1940)

16 August 1940

Farmer Frank (Henry Fonda) and his ward (Jackie Cooper) hunt brother Jesse's killers, the back-shooting Fords.

Dance, Girl, Dance Trailer (1940)

30 August 1940

Judy O'Brien (Maureen O'Hara) is an aspiring ballerina in a dance troupe. Also in the company is Bubbles (Lucille Ball), a brash mantrap who leaves the struggling troupe for a career in burlesque.

Boom Town Trailer (1940)

30 August 1940

McMasters and Sand come to oil towns to get rich. Betsey comes West intending to marry Sand but marries McMasters instead.

Stranger on the Third Floor Trailer (1940)

16 August 1940

Newspaper reporter John McGuire plunges into a nightmare of guilt, fearing that his "evidence" has sentenced the wrong man to death.

Golden Gloves Trailer (1940)

02 August 1940

An amateur boxer's (Richard Denning) girlfriend (Jean Cagney) inspires him to face a ring pro entered by a gangster.

Doomed to Die Trailer (1940)

12 August 1940

Shipping magnate Cyrus Wentworth, downcast over a disaster to his ocean liner 'Wentworth Castle' (carrying, oddly enough, an illicit shipment of Chinese bonds) is shot in his office.

River's End Trailer (1940)

10 August 1940

An escaped criminal pretends to be a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in order to prove his innocence of murder.

The Range Busters Trailer (1940)

22 August 1940

A Phantom is murdering the hands at the Circle T Ranch. The Range Busters are recruted by the owner of the Circle T to stop the Phantom and discover his identity.

Pluto's Dream House Trailer (1940)

30 August 1940

Mickey Mouse is about to build Pluto a doghouse when Pluto digs up a magic lamp that speaks in black dialect.

One Crowded Night Trailer (1940)

09 August 1940

Essentially a low-budget version of Grand Hotel, this episodic crime drama takes place over the course of a night in a small motel.

Donald's Vacation Trailer (1940)

09 August 1940

Donald takes a kayak trip. When he gets to his campsite, he unloads the kayak, fights with his folding chair, and goes to sleep.

Flowing Gold Trailer (1940)

24 August 1940

A fugitive drifter (John Garfield) hired by a Texas oil driller (Pat O'Brien) becomes his rival for the boss's daughter (Frances Farmer).

I Love You Again Trailer (1940)

09 August 1940

Boring businessman Larry Wilson recovers from amnesia and discovers he's really a con man...and loves his soon-to-be-ex wife.

Karl för sin hatt Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

Urban girl falls for rugged forest ranger.

Rhythm on the River Trailer (1940)

28 August 1940

Popular songwriter Oliver Courtney has been getting by for years using one ghost writer for his music and another for his lyrics.

When the Daltons Rode Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

Young lawyer Tod Jackson arrives in pioneer Kansas to visit his prosperous rancher friends the Daltons, just as the latter are in danger of losing their land to a crooked development company.

The Great McGinty Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

Told in flashback, Depression-era bum Dan McGinty is recruited by the city's political machine to help with vote fraud.

Laughing at Danger Trailer (1940)

12 August 1940

Frankie Kelly, pageboy at the beauty salon ran by Madam Celeste, and his helper Jefferson find the routine broken when the body of one of the operators, Florence, is found in the dumbwaiter.

Captain Caution Trailer (1940)

09 August 1940

When her father dies, a young girl helps a young man take command of the ship to fight the British during the war of 1812.

Snurriga familjen Trailer (1940)

18 August 1940

Manager Blom and his family stop at a mountain hotel. Once there, all family members are insolent and even cruel to both guests and staff.

Springtime in the Rock Age Trailer (1940)

29 August 1940

Oversize garden pests overcome the springtime urge to garden. The story opens in the spring. A caveman starts working in his garden, where a humongous locust comes and eats his goods.

The Great Profile Trailer (1940)

30 August 1940

An alcoholic film star attempts a comeback. Director Walter Lang's 1940 comedy stars John Barrymore, Mary Beth Hughes, Anne Baxter, John Payne, Lionel Atwill and Edward Brophy.

Dr. Christian Meets the Women Trailer (1940)

05 August 1940

A conman arrives in town trying to sell his miracle methods of weight loss to the ladies. It's left to the good Dr.

Arizona Frontier Trailer (1940)

19 August 1940

A government agent (Tex Ritter) uncovers the truth behind a series of raids on a freight company.

Ceiling Hero Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

A series of blackout gags parodying aviation and aviation films. Gags include a parchutist whose parachute reads "Good to the last drop", jokes about LA's expanding city limits, and a satire of test pilot and their bravery.

Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt Trailer (1940)

31 August 1940

Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt is a 1940 British comedy film directed by Walter Forde starring Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch as Oxford 'scholars'.

Lucky Partners Trailer (1940)

02 August 1940

Ginger Rogers and Ronald Colman split a sweepstake prize to go on a fake honeymoon with predictable results.

Tangled Television Trailer (1940)

30 August 1940

In this 1940 entry from Columbia Pictures' "Color Rhapsodies" series, three television pioneers demonstrate how TV works.

Girl in the News Trailer (1940)

28 August 1940

An elderly lady manages to sneak some pills away from her nurse and dies of an overdose. The nurse is tried for murder and acquitted.

The Beloved Trailer (1940)

20 August 1940

Friends and family are trying to bring together newlyweds who separated immediately after the wedding.

The Lady in Question Trailer (1940)

07 August 1940

When a jury member takes in the defendant he couldn"t convict, she has a bad influence on his son.

You Can't Shoe a Horsefly Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

Hunky and Spunky are settling in for a nap, but a horse fly sees them and sees dinner. After battling the fly for a while, the youngster enlists dad's help.

Money and the Woman Trailer (1940)

17 August 1940

An embezzler's wife begs his boss for forgiveness, only to fall in love with him.

Power and the Land Trailer (1940)

31 August 1940

A documentary showing the struggle to bring electricity to rural areas of the United States.

Romeo in Rhythm Trailer (1940)

10 August 1940

This cartoon is by Rudy Ising, and is the last of a long line of black animal musicals done at MGM in the late 30s and early 40s.

Trenck, der Pandur Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

The Golden Fleecing Trailer (1940)

16 August 1940

A mild-mannered insurance salesman gets mixed up with gangsters.

Service With The Colors Trailer (1940)

31 August 1940

This drama is "dedicated to the soldiers of the United States Army." Men with diverse backgrounds enlist in the army and are all assigned to the same post.

Åh, en så'n advokat Trailer (1940)

26 August 1940

Driver Elof "Loffe" Karlsson ends his employment with the director Bergfeldt, who is divorcing wife Karin.

Wildcat Bus Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

A broke playboy signs on to help a young beauty save her ailing bus line.

Fashion Horizons Trailer (1940)

03 August 1940

Combines airplane trips and fashion. Heavy on the fashion.

Tante Pose Trailer (1940)

27 August 1940

The story of the sour old virgin who celebrates Christmas with the judge Bals. She makes life miserable for both the family and the other guests.

Pier 13 Trailer (1940)

23 August 1940

A policeman makes the startling discovery that his girlfriend is involved in a waterfront smuggling racket.

Oklahoma Renegades Trailer (1940)

29 August 1940

Stony Brooke, Rusty Joslin and Rico, known as The Three Mesquiteers, return to Oklahoma at the close of the Spanish-American War, and are concerned that some of their wounded buddies have no prospects for a satisfactory future.

Herz ohne Heimat Trailer (1940)

06 August 1940

Roll Wagons Roll Trailer (1940)

16 August 1940

The Army sends Tex Masters to find out who is supplying Indians with military guns.

Hired! Trailer (1940)

04 August 1940

A middle-aged auto sales manager is having poor results with his staff, so he gets some advice from his hanky-wearing father.

Hunting in the South Seas Trailer (1940)

30 August 1940

The film depicts one of the great hunts the South Sea Islanders. Come schools of fish in one of the bays on the island, so hurry on an alarm signal all the people out to sea to seal off the bay to drive the fish towards the coast and to impose there with spears.

Die drei Codonas Trailer (1940)

01 August 1940

'What's Your 'I.Q.'?': Number Two Trailer (1940)

08 August 1940

Questions and answers on various subjects, from Lady Godiva to the Panama Canal.

The Tulsa Kid Trailer (1940)

16 August 1940

A protegee of notorious outlaw Montana (Beery), young Tom Benton decides to stay on the good side of the Law upon reaching maturity.

Boy in Court Trailer (1940)

03 August 1940

Johnny is a troubled 15-year-old who falls in with a bad crowd, steals a car and gets caught by the police.

The Man I Married Trailer (1940)

09 August 1940

An American (Joan Bennett) vacations in Europe with her husband (Francis Lederer) and watches him turn into a Nazi.

Soak the Old Trailer (1940)

24 August 1940

Part of the "Crime Does Not Pay" series of short films.

Pas paa svinget i Solby Trailer (1940)

19 August 1940

Præsten i Solby låner 2.000 kr. i menighedsrådskassen for at betale for et af sine sognebørns hospitalsophold i Tyskland.

Hold That Tiger Trailer (1940)

10 August 1940

Victor Young and his Orchestra play "Tiger Rag".

Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive Trailer (1940)

16 August 1940

Popeye has a new car; Olive wants a driving lesson. Things don't go well.

Doing Impossikible Stunts Trailer (1940)

01 August 1940

Mystery Pictures is looking for a stunt man. Swee'pea tags along with Popeye, but he sends the tot home.