Movie Trailers - October 1940

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1940

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The Great Dictator Trailer (1940)

15 October 1940

Dictator Adenoid Hynkel tries to expand his empire while a poor Jewish barber tries to avoid persecution from Hynkel's regime.

Christmas in July Trailer (1940)

18 October 1940

An office clerk loves entering contests in the hopes of someday winning a fortune and marrying the girl he loves.

Seven Sinners Trailer (1940)

25 October 1940

Beautiful chanteuse 'Bijou' (Marlene Dietrich) cascades through Malaysia's ports of call eventually landing in a handsome lieutenant's lap.

The Door with Seven Locks Trailer (1940)

12 October 1940

This early British horror film was called "Chamber of Horrors" when it was released in the United States.

Angels Over Broadway Trailer (1940)

02 October 1940

A playwright persuades a con artist to help an embezzler go straight.

Blondie Plays Cupid Trailer (1940)

31 October 1940

The Bumstead family is off to see relatives in the country when Blondie runs into Charlie and Millie, an eloping couple needing her help.

A Dispatch from Reuter's Trailer (1940)

19 October 1940

German Julius Reuter (Edward G. Robinson) sends 19th-century news by carrier pigeon and then by wire, founding a news agency.

Down Argentine Way Trailer (1940)

11 October 1940

An American girl on vacation in Argentina falls for a wealthy racehorse owner.

Knute Rockne All American Trailer (1940)

05 October 1940

The story of legendary Notre Dame football player and coach Knute Rockne.

Third Finger, Left Hand Trailer (1940)

11 October 1940

Magazine editor Margot Merrick pretends to be married in order to avoid advances from male colleagues.

Young Bill Hickok Trailer (1940)

21 October 1940

Bill Hickok, assisted by Calamity Jane, is after a foreign agent and his guerrilla band who are trying to take over some western territory just as the Civil War is coming to a close.

Prehistoric Porky Trailer (1940)

11 October 1940

Caveman Porky awakens and plays with his pet Rover, a massive dinosaur. After Rover's playfulness causes a disruption to the prehistoric peace and quiet, Porky's copy of "Expire" magazine arrives in the mail, filled with ads for fashionable new bearskins.

North West Mounted Police Trailer (1940)

22 October 1940

Texas Ranger Dusty Rivers ("Isn't that a contradiction in terms?", another character asks him) travels to Canada in the 1880s in search of Jacques Corbeau, who is wanted for murder.

The Flying Squad Trailer (1940)

12 October 1940

Inspector Bradley of Scotland Yard is on the trail of the murderous ringleader of a smuggling organization in London.

Hit Parade of 1941 Trailer (1940)

14 October 1940

In this musical, the second entry in a five-film series, a thrift shop owner sells his business and buys a small time radio station.

From Mayerling to Sarajevo Trailer (1940)

10 October 1940

An Austrian prince's doomed love affair with a Czech countess sparks turmoil across Europe.

The Villain Still Pursued Her Trailer (1940)

11 October 1940

Victorian melodrama gets a big send-up in this spoof production of the old play "The Drunkard; or, The Fallen Saved.

Cherokee Strip Trailer (1940)

10 October 1940

Richard Dix stars as Dave Morrell, the new marshal of Goliath, Oklahoma. Immediately upon arrival, Morrell finds himself at odds with banker Coy Barrett (Victor Jory), who is actually the leader of all local criminal activities.

May Fairy Tale Trailer (1940)

25 October 1940

Ríša, a student of law, neglects his studies in favour of parties and pranks. His angry father refuses to continue helping him out of his debts.

A Little Bit of Heaven Trailer (1940)

10 October 1940

A child from the New York tenements sings on a radio quiz show and is eventually hired to a big-bucks contract, which allows her and her family to move into a posh apartment, with all the usual problems that accompany sudden wealth.

Tugboat Annie Sails Again Trailer (1940)

26 October 1940

Two rival tugboat captains compete for local business.

The Gay Caballero Trailer (1940)

04 October 1940

The Cisco Kid and his buddy Gordito arrive in town and learn that Cisco is supposedly dead. Not only that: Before his death, he is believed to have attempted to steal Susan Wetherby's land.

The Green Archer Trailer (1940)

25 October 1940

Columbia's 12th serial of 57 total (following 1940's "Deadwood Dick" and ahead of 1941's "White Eagle") is another of director's James Horne's "classics" where he evidently figured that the same reactions that served him well in Laurel and Hardy films would work well in action serials where he has all hands, heroes and villains alike, doing some kind of over-the top "take", no matter the situation.

Too Many Girls Trailer (1940)

08 October 1940

Mr Casey's daughter, Connie, wants to go to Pottawatomie College and without her knowledge he sends four football players as her bodyguards.

No Census, No Feeling Trailer (1940)

04 October 1940

The stooges get jobs as census takers and wind up in a fancy mansion looking for people to survey. Moe and Larry are recruited to join a bridge game, while Curly adds Alum to the lemonade.

The Flag of Humanity Trailer (1940)

19 October 1940

This 'Special' entry from the Warners/Vitaphone shorts department is less the story of Clara Barton, and more the story of how Clara Barton helped further the cause of the Red Cross in the United States and the birth of the American Red Cross.

Mystery Sea Raider Trailer (1940)

26 October 1940

June McCarthy has unwittingly aided an undercover Nazi naval officer with acquiring a "mother ship" for German submarines in the Atlantic.

Hullabaloo Trailer (1940)

25 October 1940

A professional golfer who has become a businessman for his fiancee helps a vagrant get a job and ends up losing his own.

Gallopin' Gals Trailer (1940)

26 October 1940

Time for the big horse race. We drop in on the fillies, who gossip in New York accents. That's followed by a pre-race fashion parade.

West of Abilene Trailer (1940)

20 October 1940

Frontiersman Tom Garfield (Starrett) and his pals endeavor to save their land from the clutches of slimy easterner Forsyth (Don Beddoe).

How Wet Was My Ocean Trailer (1940)

04 October 1940

A timid pig tries to go swimming at the beach, but somehow he keeps getting tangled up with Sourpuss's fishing line.

The Quarterback Trailer (1940)

15 October 1940

A comedy featuring Morris in a dual role as a dumb twin and a star football player, and a smart twin studying to become a college professor.

The Old Swimmin' Hole Trailer (1940)

21 October 1940

Teenager Betty Elliott has decided to take over the business and social affairs of her father Doc Elliott.

Ein Leben lang Trailer (1940)

11 October 1940

The Shining Path Trailer (1940)

07 October 1940

Tanya Morozova, an illiterate but industrious textile factory worker, finds happiness through her education and the Stakhanovite movement.

Barnyard Follies Trailer (1940)

05 October 1940

A country orphanage puts on a show with some musicians to save their 4H club from being shut down by greedy politicians.

Trailing Double Trouble Trailer (1940)

10 October 1940

When Moreland's henchman attack Bob Horner the Range Busters break it up. Horner dies but they get the baby Moreland was after.

Untamed Trailer (1940)

04 October 1940

Waldo's Last Stand Trailer (1940)

05 October 1940

The gang offers to help their pal Waldo attract customers to his lemonade stand. Redecorating their clubhouse as a lavish nightclub, the kids stage an elaborate floor show, with Darla Hood as the star vocalist.

Good Night Elmer Trailer (1940)

25 October 1940

Elmer Fudd spends an endless night trying to fall asleep amid myriad frustrations, in particular, a candle that won't go out.

Karusellen går Trailer (1940)

05 October 1940

Swedish comedy from 1940. Carnival director Knut Lindberg has ended up in the hands of the usurer Director Aronsson and his shady practices trying to take over Lindberg's funfair.

They Knew What They Wanted Trailer (1940)

19 October 1940

When visiting San Francisco, Tony Patucci, a ageing winegrower from the Napa Valley, sees waitress Amy Peters and falls in love.

I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now Trailer (1940)

31 October 1940

In this low-budget musical, two sets of politically ambitious parents attempt to pair up their youngsters who unfortunately despise each other and only pretend to like each other to please their parents.

Drums of the Desert Trailer (1940)

06 October 1940

On his way to a post as special adviser of the new parachute troops of the French Foreign Legion in Morocco, Paul Dumont meets the beautiful Helene on the ship.

Die unvollkommene Liebe Trailer (1940)

17 October 1940

Nyannyan-myao hoi Trailer (1940)

24 October 1940

Phantom Castle Trailer (1940)

10 October 1940

Early Japanese three-part samurai / fantasy serial.

Dulcy Trailer (1940)

04 October 1940

A dizzy young woman aranges to turn her inventor-boyfriend's vacation into a chance meeting with a possible investor who happens to be her brother's future father-in-law.

Mexican Spitfire Out West Trailer (1940)

29 October 1940

Dennis heads west to work on an important business deal minus the Mexican Spitfire, Carmelita. His hot-tempered spouse decides to surprise him, but ends up as the surprised one when she sees him with another woman.

Piccolo alpino Trailer (1940)

20 October 1940

The Homeless Flea Trailer (1940)

12 October 1940

A flea settles into a new dog.

My Pop, My Pop Trailer (1940)

17 October 1940

Popeye's 99-year-old father won't admit he's too old to help Popeye build a ship. Popeye tells him to build one side while he builds the other; Pappy's side is a mess.

Slightly Tempted Trailer (1940)

18 October 1940

A con man tries to sell phony stocks to unwary investors.

Holiday Highlights Trailer (1940)

11 October 1940

Blackout gags about the holidays. New Year's (the baby speaks to us). Valentine's Day, Washington Day, etc.

Just a Cute Kid Trailer (1940)

05 October 1940

When he has to pay a debt to a fearsome money lender, a man accepts the help of a friend who takes him to a scientist where he can sell his body, but things get worse than expected.

Vi masthuggspojkar Trailer (1940)

23 October 1940

Quicker'n a Wink Trailer (1940)

12 October 1940

In this Pete Smith Specialty, Dr. Harold E. Edgerton demonstrates stroboscopic photography, which he helped develop.

Melody and Moonlight Trailer (1940)

10 October 1940

Jane Frazee made her starring film debut in the Republic B-plus musical Melody and Moonlight. The plot is motivated by the show-biz aspirations of bellboy Danny O'Brien (Johnny Downs).

Frontier Vengeance Trailer (1940)

10 October 1940

Jim Sanders (Don 'Red' Barry), young cowboy, returns to his hometown for a reunion with his boyhood friend Clay Blackburn (George Offerman Jr.

Ôhinata-mura Trailer (1940)

30 October 1940