Movie Trailers - March 1941

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1941

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Topper Returns Trailer (1941)

21 March 1941

Topper is once again tormented by a fun-loving spirit. This time, it's Gail Richards, who was accidentally murdered while vacationing at the home of her wealthy friend, Ann Carrington (Landis), the intended victim.

Rage in Heaven Trailer (1941)

07 March 1941

Robert Montgomery plays a jealous man who plots to fake his death and incriminate his wife's suspected lover.

The Sea Wolf Trailer (1941)

21 March 1941

Shipwrecked fugitives try to escape a brutal sea captain who's losing his mind.

Meet John Doe Trailer (1941)

12 March 1941

As a parting shot, fired reporter Ann Mitchell prints a fake letter from unemployed "John Doe," who threatens suicide in protest of social ills.

Adam Had Four Sons Trailer (1941)

27 March 1941

Emilie has been hired to care for the four sons of wealthy Adam Stoddard and his wife, Molly. After Molly dies, Adam and the boys grow to depend on Emilie even more.

Horror Island Trailer (1941)

28 March 1941

A down-on-his luck businessman organizes an excursion to Sir Henry Morgan's Island for a treasure hunt only to encounter a mysterious phantom and murder.

Adventures of Captain Marvel Trailer (1941)

28 March 1941

On a scientific expedition to Siam young Billy Batson is given the ability to change himself into the super-powered Captain Marvel by the wizard Shazam, who tells him his powers will last only as long as the Golden Scorpion idol is threatened.

A Man Betrayed Trailer (1941)

07 March 1941

Bucolic lawyer John Wayne takes on big-city corruption in A Man Betrayed. He sets out to prove that an above-suspicion politician (Edward Ellis) is actually a crook.

A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob Trailer (1941)

14 March 1941

Steve is a shy quiet man who is an executive for a shipping firm. He meets Dot at the Opera where she had his seats and the next day she shows up as his temporary secretary.

Las Vegas Nights Trailer (1941)

28 March 1941

Frank Sinatra's first screen appearance was his very small role as a band singer in this minor 1941 musical, centered around the opening of a nightclub.


02 March 1941

In 1941 Dr RV Jones realised that the Germans had developed their own radar system that would account for increasing RAF bomber casualties.

The Bad Man Trailer (1941)

28 March 1941

Lopez is a bandit who has stolen the herd at Gil's ranch, so Hardy is about to foreclose. But Lucia has come back from New York and Gil is happy until he meets her husband, Morgan.

Footsteps in the Dark Trailer (1941)

08 March 1941

A high-society gent has a secret life - he writes murder mysteries and hangs out with the police attempting to solve crimes.

Notes of an Itinerant Performer Trailer (1941)

16 March 1941

Uta’s mother died when she was six years old; her father she never met. She was forced to adopt a traveller’s life when her grandmother died, and now she is a dancer and part of a family of actors who travel from town to town, setting up street performances.

Dead Men Tell Trailer (1941)

28 March 1941

A treasure map in four pieces, the ghost of a hanged pirate, a talking parrot, and a ship full of red herrings complicate Charlie's search for a murderer on board a docked ship.

Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat Trailer (1941)

27 March 1941

Lazy black folks in Lazy Town (Pop. 123½) are napping and attracting flies. They are so lethargic they even fight in slow motion.

Emergency Landing Trailer (1941)

07 March 1941

A test pilot and his weather observer develop a "robot" control so airplanes can be flown without pilots, but enemy agents get wind of it and try to steal it or destroy it.

A Gentleman's Gentleman Trailer (1941)

28 March 1941

Mickey Mouse lies in bed like a lord, getting served breakfast by man's (and mouse's?) best friend Pluto as gentleman's gentleman.

Knockout Trailer (1941)

29 March 1941

Director William Clemens' 1941 boxing drama stars Arthur Kennedy and Anthony Quinn.

Goofy Groceries Trailer (1941)

29 March 1941

Grocery store products come to life, along with caricatures of Jack Benny, Rochester and Ned Sparks, and take-offs on Superman and King Kong.

Uma Trailer (1941)

11 March 1941

Ine Onoda, the eldest daughter of a poor family of farmers, raises a colt from birth and comes to love the horse dearly.

Mr. District Attorney Trailer (1941)

27 March 1941

An assistant prosecutor (Dennis O'Keefe) and his spunky friend (Florence Rice) investigate a suddenly hot case.

Golden Eggs Trailer (1941)

07 March 1941

Donald reads in his newspaper that eggs are really going up in value and the price is skyrocketing. Donald realizes that if he had some eggs, he would be quite the wealthy duck so he breaks into a nearby hen-house and collects as many eggs as possible putting them all in a huge basket.

Tortoise Beats Hare Trailer (1941)

15 March 1941

An upset Bugs challenges the slick Cecil Turtle to a race.

I Wanted Wings Trailer (1941)

26 March 1941

The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance Trailer (1941)

06 March 1941

A reformed jewel thief fights to clear his name when he's framed for murder.

Man Made Monster Trailer (1941)

28 March 1941

Mad scientist turns a man into an electrically-controlled monster to do his bidding.

Third Dimensional Murder Trailer (1941)

01 March 1941

A 3-D short subject in which the narrator goes to a creepy old house in search of his missing aunt. There he encounters the Frankenstein monster, a witch, a wooden Indian who comes to life, and assorted other monsters and frightening characters, all of whom manage to throw something toward the camera.

The Charlie Chaplin Festival Trailer (1941)

31 March 1941

Four Chaplin shorts from 1917: The Adventurer, The Cure, Easy Street and The Immigrant, presented with music and sound effects.

City of Missing Girls Trailer (1941)

27 March 1941

A female reporter goes undercover to investigate the series of mysterious disappearances of young women, who were all linked to a local drama school.

Shadows on the Stairs Trailer (1941)

01 March 1941

Occupants of a London boarding house become suspects as a string of murders are discovered.

Play Girl Trailer (1941)

07 March 1941

When a gold digger starts to get a little old to ply her trade, she teaches a younger woman all her tricks.

Porky's Bear Facts Trailer (1941)

28 March 1941

Porky Pig works hard on his farm all year. On a neighboring farm, a bear lazes around and allows his animals to be idle.

Männerwirtschaft Trailer (1941)

21 March 1941

It Happened to Crusoe Trailer (1941)

14 March 1941

WARNING This cartoon features ignorant racial stereotypes and is NOT meant for children or the sensitive.

Old Bill and Son Trailer (1941)

01 March 1941

Old Bill has grumbled his way through the trenches of the First World War. Now it is the Second and, envious of his son, Young Bill, he decides to enlist.

Back in the Saddle Trailer (1941)

14 March 1941

Gene returns from the East with new ranch owner Tom Bennett to find everyone's cattle dying. Blaine has reopened the copper mine and the waste is poisoning the water supply.

Federal Fugitives Trailer (1941)

29 March 1941

A government agent goes undercover in order to apprehend a saboteur who caused a plane crash.

Hysterical High Spots in American History Trailer (1941)

30 March 1941

A comical twist on the history of America.

Here Comes Happiness Trailer (1941)

14 March 1941

Jessica (Mildred Coles) leaves her upper class home to assume an anonymous working class identity. She meets a blue collar guy, Chet (Edward Norris) and falls in love with the poor but ambitious man.

The Penalty Trailer (1941)

13 March 1941

In this crime drama, a ruthless gangster's son is soon following in his father's footsteps. When his daddy kills an FBI agent and a cabby, the boy sees it all.

L'allegro fantasma Trailer (1941)

16 March 1941

Flying Wild Trailer (1941)

10 March 1941

A group of young men who work at an aviation factory begin to suspect that a doctor who runs an air ambulance service is secretly a spy transporting secret information from the plant to enemy agents.

Spähtrupp Hallgarten Trailer (1941)

14 March 1941

The Cat's Tale Trailer (1941)

01 March 1941

The mouse, tired of being chased by the cat, convinces him there's no reason for it, and that the cat should talk to the dog and convince him too.

Sleepers West Trailer (1941)

14 March 1941

Private eye Mike Shayne encounters a large amount of trouble while attempting to guard a murder witness.

Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family Trailer (1941)

01 March 1941

After the death of her husband, Mrs Toda and her youngest daughter receive a frosty welcome from the extended family.

Landstormens lilla argbigga Trailer (1941)

22 March 1941

Spoiled upper class girl must join a home defense unit to learn military drill and fall in love with a lieutenant.

Fascist Boots Shall Not Trample Our Motherland Trailer (1941)

01 March 1941

Fascist Jackboots Shall Not Trample Our Motherland, a short animated film featuring Nazi Swine himself -- a cartoon character representing Nazi Germany, by Soyuzmultfilm, 1941.

Mr. Dynamite Trailer (1941)

01 March 1941

A ball player takes his girlfriend to a carnival, only to discover a ring of saboteurs.

Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Trailer (1941)

21 March 1941

A young mining engineer sets out to catch the killers of both his brother and a beautiful young girl's father.

En mand af betydning Trailer (1941)

23 March 1941

In Old Colorado Trailer (1941)

14 March 1941

Joe Weller has instigated a conflict over water rights between two ranchers. The idea is to have the ranchers do each other in then move in and take over.

Cliff Edwards and His Buckaroos Trailer (1941)

08 March 1941

Cliff Edwards and his musical cowhands run a dude ranch that isn't doing too well. When they hear a few easterners are coming out, they spruce up everything to make a good impression.

Il prigioniero di Santa Cruz Trailer (1941)

02 March 1941

A sea captain forbids his daughter to marry the man whose father he had killed many years before.

Sign of the Wolf Trailer (1941)

25 March 1941

Two German shepherds and their mistress (Grace Bradley) crash-land in Canada by a fox breeder's (Michael Whalen) farm.

Kopf hoch, Johannes! Trailer (1941)

11 March 1941

Iemitsu and Hikoza Trailer (1941)

26 March 1941

A sentimental tale of the filial love between shogun Iemitsu (matinee idol Hasegawa) and his loyal old retainer Hikoza (comedian Roppa, playing somewhat against type).

The Carpenters Trailer (1941)

15 March 1941

Carpenters Clancy, Mr. Teewilliger and Herman bumblingly struggle to build a house with disastrous results.

Olive's $weep$take Ticket Trailer (1941)

06 March 1941

Olive gets a phone call that she has won first prize in a sweepstakes, but she can't find her ticket.