Movie Trailers - February 1941

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1941

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The Lady Eve Trailer (1941)

25 February 1941

It's no accident when wealthy Charles falls for Jean. Jean is a con artist with her sights set on Charles' fortune.

Western Union Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

When Edward Creighton leads the construction of the Western Union to unite East with West, he hires a Western reformed outlaw and a tenderfoot Eastern surveyor.

The Strawberry Blonde Trailer (1941)

22 February 1941

Biff Grimes is desperately in love with Virginia, but his best friend Hugo marries her and manipulates Biff into becoming involved in his somewhat nefarious businesses.

Cheers For Miss Bishop Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

Ella Bishop is an inhibited girl whose frustrations grow as she approaches womanhood. As a women, her ambitions to teach cause her to lose her only opportunity for true love.

Freedom Radio Trailer (1941)

04 February 1941

Hitler's doctor is gradually realising that the Nazi regime isn't as good as it pretends to be when his friends start to "disappear" into the camps.

Tobacco Road Trailer (1941)

20 February 1941

Shiftless Jeeter Lester and his family of hillbilly stereotypes live in a rural backwater where their ancestors were once wealthy planters.

Wings of Victory Trailer (1941)

01 February 1941

The film is based on the biography of Valeri Chkalov (1904 - 1938), a Russian pilot, who set several long distance flight records.

Blondie Goes Latin Trailer (1941)

27 February 1941

The 8th film in the Blondie series - Blondie Goes Latin. Mr. Dithers invites the Bumstead's on a South American cruise.

The Devil Commands Trailer (1941)

03 February 1941

A scientist kills innocent victims in his efforts to communicate with his late wife.

The Little Whirlwind Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

Mickey wants some of the cake Minnie has just baked, so he offers to clean up her yard. As he's working, a tiny tornado (smaller than him) with a mind of its own comes along and causes trouble.

The Kid's Last Ride Trailer (1941)

10 February 1941

The fifth film in the 24-film Range Busters series finds "Crash", "Dusty" and Alibi, on their way to Gopher City to become the town's peace officers.

So Ends Our Night Trailer (1941)

27 February 1941

An anti-Nazi on the run and a young Jewish couple race across Europe trying to escape Hitler's ever powerful influence.

Nice Girl? Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

Jane is a nice girl and has had her eyes on a young man who seems more interested in his hand-built car than in Jane.

Back Street Trailer (1941)

07 February 1941

Previously filmed in 1932, and remade a third time in 1961, this second film version of Fannie Hurst's novel stars Margaret Sullavan as a fashion designer in love with a married banker (Charles Boyer).

Free and Easy Trailer (1941)

28 February 1941

This brief (56-minute) MGM B-picture was adapted from Ivor Novello's play The Truth Game. Max and Florian Clemington (Robert Cummings and Nigel Bruce), pretend to be members of the landed gentry.

Forbidden Passage Trailer (1941)

08 February 1941

This entry in MGM's series of shorts, "Crime Doesn't Pay", features the U.S. Department of Immigration's efforts to halt the smuggling of illegal aliens into the country.

Meet Boston Blackie Trailer (1941)

20 February 1941

When a murder occurs on an ocean liner docked in New York, the trail leads to Coney Island and a spy ring.

The Monster and the Girl Trailer (1941)

28 February 1941

After a young woman is coerced into prostitution and her brother framed for murder by an organized crime syndicate, retribution in the form of an ape visits the mobsters.

Road Show Trailer (1941)

18 February 1941

Rich playboy Drogo Gaines is in imminent danger of marrying a gold digger, and escapes by feigning insanity.

Andy Hardy's Private Secretary Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

Andy's gone and done it this time. All set to graduate from high school and he flunks his English exam -- in spite of the fact that Aunt Milly is his teacher, and that the Judge has gone to all the trouble of getting him his very own private secretary (Kathryn Grayson in her screen debut).

So Long Mr. Chumps Trailer (1941)

07 February 1941

The stooges are street cleaners who find some valuable bonds and return them to their owner. The man is so grateful that he offers them a big reward if they can find an honest man with executive ability.

Niels Pind og hans dreng Trailer (1941)

03 February 1941

Det lille lokaltog kommer møjsommeligt tøffende ind på Torslev station. Stationsforstanderen står iført tøfler på perronen og venter på toget.

Flight From Destiny Trailer (1941)

08 February 1941

A dying professor (Thomas Mitchell) decides, as a favor to society, to kill a woman wrecking his friends' (Geraldine Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Lynn) marriage.

El Zorro de Jalisco Trailer (1941)

07 February 1941

Isabel, the daughter of Don Antonio; a rich land owner in Tepestates, Jalisco returns to her town after five years away, to visit her father.

Blonde Inspiration Trailer (1941)

07 February 1941

A writer (John Shelton) of pulp Westerns cranks out more words than his editor and publisher (Albert Dekker) want to pay for.

Along the Rio Grande Trailer (1941)

07 February 1941

A trio of cowboys infiltrate a cattle rustler's gang to seek vengeance for one of their fathers' murder.

Across the Sierras Trailer (1941)

13 February 1941

Elliott is hunted by Curtis who has spent six years behind bars because of his testimony. After knocking out several baddies and putting up with the zany antics of his sidekick Taylor, Elliott guns down his antagonist, but Luana Walters, the girl he almost marries, will not abide a gunslinger so Elliott is compelled to ride off alone into the sunset once more.

Quiet! Pleeze Trailer (1941)

06 February 1941

Poopdeck Pappy has a hangover (though he won't admit to Popeye that's the problem). He asks Popeye to help him by keeping the noise down.

The Haunted Mouse Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

A starving cat wandering in the wilderness sees a sign that says, "Ma's Place/Home Cooking/3 Miles." The cat speeds into town, without noticing the sign that says, "Ghost Town / Population 100 Ghosts.

So You Won't Squawk Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

Mobster Louie the Wolf sends an unsuspecting handyman (Keaton) to gather up the collection money owed him, hoping the sap will get rubbed out by Slugger McGraw, a rival gangster.

The Trial of Mary Dugan Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

Mary Dugan is a young woman accused of murdering her billionaire lover. In the process, his defense d

Fair Today Trailer (1941)

24 February 1941

Cartune cartoon set in a country fair.

I Look at You Trailer (1941)

20 February 1941

Alan Ladd was discovered by Sue Carol for his incredible voice in radio. And then she married him. In I Look At You, he is sweet and graceful.

The Great Mr. Nobody Trailer (1941)

15 February 1941

A publicity man promotes his newspaper, but finds his boss always steals the credit.

Father's Son Trailer (1941)

12 February 1941

A young boy seeks love and understanding from his cold, demanding father.

Rytmus Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

An experimental film from Jirí Lehovec, mixing the sound process with animated rhythms.

The Great Train Robbery Trailer (1941)

28 February 1941

Tom Logan is a railroad detective who takes it upon himself to halt the activities of his crooked brother Duke.

L'enfer des anges Trailer (1941)

13 February 1941

The Crackpot Quail Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

A dog chases a quail through the forest; the quail keeps outsmarting the dog (and keeps referring to the dog as "doc").

Vedavathi Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

Battle Squadron Lützow Trailer (1941)

28 February 1941

Propaganda film telling the story of a German bomber crew taking part in the invasion of Poland and attacks on British shipping.

Livet går vidare Trailer (1941)

28 February 1941

"Life Goes On" - The Swedish officer Mikael Bourg has served with the French army in Africa. When he returns to Sweden after many years abroad to recover from malaria, he meets his son, a student who prefers partying with his frat friends instead of his bank job; a disappointment in his father's eyes.

Vissza az úton Trailer (1941)

17 February 1941

Fishing Made Easy Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

Sourpuss is frustrated fishing on a pier, as the fish are too smart for him. Oscar shows up with a book about fishing and makes it look easy-for a while.

Hochzeitsnacht Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

Murder Among Friends Trailer (1941)

28 February 1941

A society doctor (John Hubbard) helps an insurance-company file clerk (Marjorie Weaver) check deaths related to a big policy.

Abdul the Bulbul Ameer Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

The familiar song is adapted into a cartoon short. Abdul The Bulbul-Ameer, a rotund Arab, gets into a brawl with Ivan Skavinski Scavar, a preening Russian Cossack, over an offense to Abdul's pride.

Meet the Chump Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

A comedy about a man who tries to avoid giving up the $10,000,000 trust he's been administering so well that there's hardly any money left.

Fightin' Fools Trailer (1941)

25 February 1941

Spanky and the Our Gang kids go to battle over pranks with a rival gang.

Whispers Trailer (1941)

08 February 1941

In this John Nesbitt's Passing Parade short we see how gossip can be used to spread propaganda or to ruin a person's reputation.

Ride, Kelly, Ride Trailer (1941)

07 February 1941

Jockey (Stephens) struggles against gamblers with the help of stable trainer (Pallette) and horse onwer's daughter (Quigley).

Citizen's Army Trailer (1941)

22 February 1941

Men from a variety of backgrounds and professional fields are trained for the British Home Guard. Describes the development and standardization of this volunteer citizen's army.

City Bound Trailer (1941)

22 February 1941

Filmed after the start of the blitz, but with little visual reference to this, 'City Bound' is an exploration of the daily commute into London from the suburbs in 1941.

Exercícios de Defesa Contra Ataques Aéreos em Abrantes Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

We were in the middle of World War II when the Portuguese army held a defense exercise against air strikes in Abrantes.

Food for America Trailer (1941)

17 February 1941

Mrs. Harwood, a lady of a certain social position, decides to research her women's club presentation on the American dairy industry by visiting Meadow Gold facilities across the country.

El milagro de Cristo Trailer (1941)

27 February 1941

A 1941 film.

Scotland Speaks Trailer (1941)

22 February 1941

Survey of the part played by Scotland in the national war effort including farming, coal mining, and shipbuilding.

Australia Marches with Britain: Highlights of the National War Effort Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

This film extols the over-producing wheat, meat, dairy, timber, steel, and Merino wool industries of Australia as assets to the Allied war effort.

About Faces Trailer (1941)

21 February 1941

State of the American people's teeth during the Great Depression.

Battle of Brains Trailer (1941)

14 February 1941

This film illustrates the difference between World War II and the war of 1914, emphasizing the importance of mechanization, and contrasting the mobile tactics with the immobility of trench warfare.