Movie Trailers - November 1942

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1942

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Casablanca Trailer (1942)

26 November 1942

In Casablanca, Morocco in December 1941, a cynical American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.

You Were Never Lovelier Trailer (1942)

19 November 1942

The Acunas, a rich Argentine family, have the tradition that the daughters have to get married in order, oldest first.

Sky Trooper Trailer (1942)

06 November 1942

Donald is stuck on KP at an air training base. Sergeant Pete gives him a huge pile of potatoes to peel first, then gives him some tests: close your eyes and touch fingers, pin the tail on the airplane.

The Palm Beach Story Trailer (1942)

07 November 1942

Gerry and Tom Jeffers are finding married life hard. Tom is an inventor/ architect and there is little money for them to live on.

Seven Sweethearts Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

Little Deft Michigan follows the customs of old-world Holland and is known for its Tulip Festival. The owner of the hotel insists that his seven daughters marry in order, from eldest to youngest.

Pluto at the Zoo Trailer (1942)

20 November 1942

Pluto walks past the zoo and sees the huge bone the sleeping lion has but getting it out is easier said than done.

Eleventh Hour Trailer (1942)

20 November 1942

Using Clark Kent as a cover, Superman travels to Japan as a saboteur during the war.

Road to Morocco Trailer (1942)

10 November 1942

Two carefree castaways on a desert shore find an Arabian Nights city, where they compete for the luscious Princess Shalmar.

Wild Honey, or, How to Get Along Without a Ration Book Trailer (1942)

06 November 1942

Barney sets off in search of honey, but his various gadgets don't always work out they way they should.

The Undying Monster Trailer (1942)

27 November 1942

A werewolf prowls around at night but only kills certain members of one family. It seems like just a coincidence but the investigating Inspector soon finds out that this tradition has gone on for generations and tries to find a link between the werewolf and the family, leading to a frightening conclusion.

The Gaucho War Trailer (1942)

20 November 1942

In Salta Province in 1817 during the War of Independence, the irregular forces commanded by General Martín Güemes carry out a guerrilla action against the Spanish army.

Gentleman Jim Trailer (1942)

14 November 1942

As bareknuckled boxing enters the modern era, brash extrovert Jim Corbett uses new rules and dazzlingly innovative footwork to rise to the top of the top of the boxing world.

Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant Trailer (1942)

01 November 1942

The doctor (Lionel Barrymore) has a Kansan (Van Johnson), an Australian and an Asian from Brooklyn to choose from.

A Tale of Two Kitties Trailer (1942)

21 November 1942

Two alley cats, Babbitt and Catsello, decide to make a meal out of Orson as he sleeps in his nest atop a telephone pole.

The Cursed Village Trailer (1942)

23 November 1942

A story about poverty, honour and forgiving.

Springtime in the Rockies Trailer (1942)

06 November 1942

Broadway partners Vicky Lane and Dan Christy have a tiff over Christy's womanizing. Jealous Vicky takes up with her old flame and former dance partner, Victor Price, and Dan's career takes a nosedive.

Lucky Jordan Trailer (1942)

16 November 1942

A gangster (Alan Ladd) escapes from boot camp with a canteen girl (Helen Walker) and finds his gang's new boss (Sheldon Leonard) helping Nazi spies.

Seven Days' Leave Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

Soldier Johnny Grey is engaged to marry singer Mapy Cortes, but his plans go awry when he learns that he is the heir to $100,000 from his great-grandfather -- a bequest that comes with a catch: before claiming the money, Johnny must marry a descendant of his great-grandfather's Civil War enemy, General Havelock-Allen.

Who Done It? Trailer (1942)

06 November 1942

Two dumb soda jerks dream of writing radio mysteries. When they try to pitch an idea at a radio station, they end up in the middle of a real murder when the station owner is killed during a broadcast.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy Trailer (1942)

07 November 1942

A distinguished professor finds his well-ordered life tospy-turvy after he is forced to take in a pregnant widow.

Once Upon a Honeymoon Trailer (1942)

27 November 1942

A radio correspondent tries to rescue a burlesque queen from her marriage to a Nazi official.

Pirates of the Prairie Trailer (1942)

20 November 1942

In one of his better early Westerns, Tim Holt, as Deputy Marshal Larry Durant, is sent to Spencerville where a gang of vigilantes has been terrorizing the citizenry.

Riding Through Nevada Trailer (1942)

02 November 1942

Riding Through Nevada is a western starring Charles Starrett

Seven Miles from Alcatraz Trailer (1942)

18 November 1942

After Pearl Harbor, convicts at Alcatraz prison live in fear of bomb attacks, driving Champ Larkin and his pal Jimbo to a desperate escape attempt which lands them on a tiny lighthouse island, where they take over.

Heart of the Golden West Trailer (1942)

16 November 1942

Lambert owns the trucking line that ships cattle to market. When he raises his rates Roy decides to ship the cattle on the River Boat.

Fall In Trailer (1942)

20 November 1942

An Army sergeant's photographic memory puts him in conflict with a Nazi spy.

Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood Trailer (1942)

05 November 1942

Blackie receives a call from a friend who asks him to retrieve some money from his apartment and deliver it to him in California.

Red River Robin Hood Trailer (1942)

01 November 1942

An honest cowpoke (Tim Holt) comes to the rescue when the ranchers of Red River, AZ have their property seized by a greedy businessman (Eddie Dew).

X Marks the Spot Trailer (1942)

04 November 1942

A private detective, soon to enlist in the army, is drawn into one final case when his police officer father is killed in the line of duty.

The Payoff Trailer (1942)

24 November 1942

The city's District Attorney is murdered, and a newspaper reporter investigates. He starts finding out that everything wasn't quite as cut and dried as it appeared to be.

Sock-a-Bye Baby Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

The stooges mistakenly kidnap a baby they find on their doorstep. When the cops and the baby's mother come looking for the baby, the boys panic and flee into the country with the cops (one of them is the baby's father) pursuing them by motorcycle.

Silver Queen Trailer (1942)

14 November 1942

A girl is dismayed to discover that her deceased father has left her destitute and in debt.

To the Shores of Tripoli Trailer (1942)

09 November 1942

Chronicle of a spoiled rich boy who joins the Marines with an off-handed attitude and finally becomes a battle-wise soldier.

Soy puro mexicano Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

Band of outlaws stumble across an espionage ring of Axis agents embedded in an out-of-the-way hacienda.

Hitler- Dead or Alive Trailer (1942)

12 November 1942

A team of ex-con bounty hunters go to Germany in search of Hitler. If they can find him, a million dollar reward is to be paid to them.

Puck Trailer (1942)

01 November 1942

A Finnish film directed by Hannu Leminen which premiered in 1942.

That Other Woman Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

A secretary by the name of Emily Borden comes up with a convoluted plan to get her boss to marry her which backfires after some bad advice.

War Dogs Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

A young boy donates his pet, a police dog, to the army to be trained as a war dog.

South of the Border with Disney Trailer (1942)

23 November 1942

Disney short.

The Great Mr Handel Trailer (1942)

09 November 1942

A lavish period drama produced in 1942 by Lord Rank's G.H.W. Productions Ltd.

Diesel Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

El Verdugo De Sevilla Trailer (1942)

28 November 1942

Comedy set in Spanish boarding house.

Valley of Hunted Men Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

Fugitive Nazis threaten to take over the Wyoming range in this Three Mesqueteers outing, which also warns about the danger of blithely assuming that every German-American is a fifth columnist.

Radio Dynamics Trailer (1942)

14 November 1942

An abstract sequence of coloured shapes pulsating in a pattern.

Toll Bridge Troubles Trailer (1942)

27 November 1942

The fox is gaily driving down the highway on his motor-scooter. The Crow, using his "Sucker Detector", spots the Fox as an obvious sucker.

Boogie Woogie Sioux Trailer (1942)

30 November 1942

A group of indians are dancing in boogie-woogie style. Immeadiatly comes the rain but the indians are still singing.

Outlaws of Boulder Pass Trailer (1942)

28 November 1942

Harkness controls Boulder Pass and his men are overcharging the ranches for its usage. When Tom Cameron steps in to rob the tollgate keepers and return the money to the ranchers, he gets caught.

Boss of Rawhide Trailer (1942)

20 November 1942

In the 8th film of the 22-film series, Texas Rangers Tex Wyatt, Jim Steele and Panhandle Perkins are sent to the district of Rawhide to investigate the killings of several ranchers.

The Hidden Hand Trailer (1942)

07 November 1942

Everybody seems to have had a good time making the overripe melodrama The Hidden Hand, especially cadaverous Milton Parsons as insane-asylum escapee John Channing.

Der 5. Juni Trailer (1942)

01 November 1942

Jenny und der Herr im Frack Trailer (1942)

08 November 1942

Einmal der liebe Herrgott sein Trailer (1942)

08 November 1942

Meine Freundin Josefine Trailer (1942)

04 November 1942

La Blanca Paloma Trailer (1942)

02 November 1942

Widow Martina runs her late husband's shop with a new partner, Fernando, also a widow. They're about the same age, and their sons could not be more different.

En herre med bart Trailer (1942)

14 November 1942

The title of this film "En herre med bart" translates as "A Gentleman with mustaches". It is the the story of a married couple, a hardworking lawyer and his wife.

Así se quiere en Jalisco Trailer (1942)

13 November 1942

Romantic triangle, land-owner and two employees.

Sommerliebe Trailer (1942)

26 November 1942

Der Seniorchef Trailer (1942)

27 November 1942

The Yanks Are Coming Trailer (1942)

09 November 1942

In this upbeat WW II musical, a popular band joins the army with the idea of putting on shows for troops overseas.

Palace of the Singing Raccoon-Dogs Trailer (1942)

05 November 1942

In this Japanese retelling of Cinderella, Okuro (Takayama) is the unfortunate stepdaughter of a family of tanuki: shape-shifting raccoon dogs.