Movie Trailers - December 1942

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1942

Total trailers found: 109

Cat People Trailer (1942)

05 December 1942

Sketch artist Irena Dubrovna (Simone Simon) and American architect Oliver Reed (Kent Smith) fall in love and marry after a brief courtship.

The Black Swan Trailer (1942)

04 December 1942

When notorious pirate Henry Morgan is made governor of Jamaica, he enlists the help of some of his former partners in ridding the Caribbean of Buccaneers.

Random Harvest Trailer (1942)

17 December 1942

An amnesiac World War I vet falls in love with a music hall star, only to suffer an accident which restores his original memories but erases his post-War life.

Went the Day Well? Trailer (1942)

07 December 1942

The quiet village of Bramley End is taken over by German troops posing as Royal Engineers. Their task is to disrupt England's radar network in preparation for a full scale German invasion.

Arabian Nights Trailer (1942)

25 December 1942

Jon Hall, Maria Montez and Sabu star in this lush, epic story of two half brothers who battle each oe

Aniki Bóbó Trailer (1942)

19 December 1942

It is Manoel de Oliveira's first feature-length film. Mostly children, from Oliveira's hometown, Porto, play in its story.

How to Fish Trailer (1942)

04 December 1942

Goofy demonstrates yet another pasttime, fishing. This humorous little film was one of a large number of pseudo-educational cartoons produced by Disney between 1940 and 1953 to feature Goofy at his most bumbling and inarticulate.

Les Visiteurs du Soir Trailer (1942)

05 December 1942

At the end of the 15th century, two minstrels Gilles and Dominique come from nowhere into the castle of Baron Hugues.

Andy Hardy's Double Life Trailer (1942)

01 December 1942

Andy (Mickey Rooney) is about to head off to college but he's got a few things to take care of before leaving.

Journey for Margaret Trailer (1942)

17 December 1942

An American newspaperman and his wife, caught in the London blitz, lose their unborn child in an air raid.

Destruction, Inc. Trailer (1942)

25 December 1942

Superman has to thwart wartime saboteurs tampering with things at the Metropolis Munitions Plant...who have captured Lois Lane and loaded her into a torpedo!

Thunder Rock Trailer (1942)

04 December 1942

David Charleston, once a world renowned journalist, now lives alone maintaining the Thunder Rock lighthouse in Lake Michigan.

White Cargo Trailer (1942)

12 December 1942

In Africa early in World War II, a British rubber plantation executive reminisces about his arrival in the Congo in 1910.

A Night to Remember Trailer (1942)

10 December 1942

A woman rents a gloomy basement apartment in Greenwich Village thinking it will provide the perfect atmosphere for her mystery writer husband to create his next book.

Ridin' Down the Canyon Trailer (1942)

30 December 1942

Roy Rogers takes on crooked wartime profiteers in the musical western Ridin' Down the Canyon. Posing as solid citizens, the crooks spend their evening hours stealing horses from local ranchers, then selling the steeds to the government at exorbitant prices.

Dawn on the Great Divide Trailer (1942)

18 December 1942

Buck Roberts is leading a wagon train of railroad supplies and Jim Corkle and his henchman Loder are out to stop them by using white men dressed as Indians for the attacks.

My Favorite Duck Trailer (1942)

05 December 1942

Porky tries to relax on a hunting and fishing trip, but Daffy, smugly pointing out the "No Duck Hunting" signs, subjects him to constant irritation.

Tennessee Johnson Trailer (1942)

01 December 1942

The tumultuous presidency of 17th-president Andrew Johnson is chronicled in this biopic. The story begins with Johnson's boyhood and covers his early life.

Pittsburgh Trailer (1942)

11 December 1942

Charles 'Pittsburgh' Markham rides roughshod over his friends, his lovers, and his ideals in his trek toward financial success in the Pittsburgh steel industry, only to find himself deserted and lonely at the top.

Army Surgeon Trailer (1942)

04 December 1942

Drama about military doctors and nurses during wartime.

Bellboy Donald Trailer (1942)

18 December 1942

Donald tries his best to be polite and dignified as a hotel bellboy. But when his first guest is Pete Junior, the job is next to impossible.

Gambling Hell Trailer (1942)

09 December 1942

A thriller about gunrunners in the Far East co-starring Erich von Stroheim and Sessue Hayakawa. When the Germans occupied France, the director was forced to replace von Stroheim with Pierre Renoir and re-shoot several sequences in order to secure distribution.

Case of the Missing Hare Trailer (1942)

12 December 1942

After a traveling magician puts a poster over his home, Bugs visits his act to get revenge.

By Night with Torch and Spear Trailer (1942)

31 December 1942

Found-footage upside-down, backwards spinning.

Whistling in Dixie Trailer (1942)

01 December 1942

Radio sleuth Wally 'The Fox' Benton travels to Georgia with his fiancé Carol to be married; and to help Carol's college chum, Ellamae Downs, solve a mystery involving a murdered man, old Fort Dixon, and buried treasure.

The Great Gildersleeve Trailer (1942)

17 December 1942

A small-town blowhard runs for water commissioner while fighting to win custody of his niece and nephew.

Time To Kill Trailer (1942)

24 December 1942

Lloyd Nolan is back as detective Michael Shayne who's in search of a stolen coin.

American Empire Trailer (1942)

11 December 1942

Richard Dix as Dan Taylor and Preston S. Foster as Paxton Bryce are two longtime friends seeking their fortune in Texas after the war.

Le Bienfaiteur Trailer (1942)

11 December 1942

Reunion in France Trailer (1942)

25 December 1942

Frenchwoman Michele de la Becque, an opponent of the Nazis in German-occupied Paris, hides a downed American flyer, Pat Talbot, and attempts to get him safely out of the country.

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon Trailer (1942)

25 December 1942

Starting in Switzerland, Sherlock Holmes rescues the inventor of a bomb-sight which the allies want to keep from the Nazis.

Ding Dog Daddy Trailer (1942)

04 December 1942

A dumb mutt falls in love with the metal statue of a greyhound.

Commandos Strike at Dawn Trailer (1942)

30 December 1942

A gentle widower, enraged at Nazi atrocities against his peaceful Norwegian fishing village, escapes to Britain and returns leading a commando force against the oppressors.

Lykken kommer Trailer (1942)

21 December 1942

Det rige par Jytte og Ole bruger livet til fest og ballade. Efter endnu en aften og nat med fest beslutter ægteparret at blive skilt.

Life Begins at Eight-Thirty Trailer (1942)

09 December 1942

Kathy lives in a cramped New York flat with her father Madden Thomas, a celebrated actor brought down by drink.

Wen die Götter lieben Trailer (1942)

05 December 1942

Biography of Mozart

The War at Sea from Hawaii to Malay Trailer (1942)

02 December 1942

A Japanese wartime propaganda drama made nearly a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor to celebrate the victory.

Warsaw Ghetto Trailer (1942)

31 December 1942

No information available regarding the film's director. Just under 10 minutes of over an hour's footage survive.

Stand by for Action Trailer (1942)

31 December 1942

U. S. Navy Lieutenant Gregg Masterman, of The Harvard and Boston Back Bay Mastermans, learned about the sea while winning silver cups sailing his yacht.

Malombra Trailer (1942)

17 December 1942

A nineteenth-century Italian noblewoman, imprisoned in a foreboding lakeside palazzo by her uncle, comes to believe she's possessed by a long ago mistress of the manor.

China Girl Trailer (1942)

09 December 1942

China Girl charts the exploits of two-fisted newsreel photographer Johnny Williams (George Montgomery), stationed in Burma and China in the early stage of WW II.

Kan doktorn komma? Trailer (1942)

21 December 1942

A rural doctor in the north of Sweden must travel for hours to his patients. When a young woman has a serious case of appendicitis the doctor must bring her on a dangerous trek downriver to reach the clinic.

Mug Town Trailer (1942)

18 December 1942

Steve Bell, Tommy, Pig, Ape, and String are run of town. Steve, while hopping a freight card and trying to avoid the brakeman, is killed.

Baby paa eventyr Trailer (1942)

26 December 1942

Jealousy Trailer (1942)

25 December 1942

A film based on the book Il marchese di Roccaverdina by Luigi Capuana about a marquis who is in love with his servant Agrippina but is unable to marry her because of her status.

A Tornado in the Saddle Trailer (1942)

15 December 1942

A good entry in one of the better B-Western series of the 1940s, A Tornado in the Saddle starred Russell Hayden as the new sheriff of Crestview.

En herre i kjole og hvidt Trailer (1942)

21 December 1942

The Rangers Take Over Trailer (1942)

25 December 1942

Texas Ranger Sergeant Jim Steele (Jim Newill) spots Pete Dawson (Bud Osborne) taking horses over the Mexico-Texas border, but Dawson has an alibi.

The Great Impersonation Trailer (1942)

18 December 1942

An Englishman (Ralph Bellamy) kills a German look-alike and poses as a Nazi spy in London.

The Story of the Pope Trailer (1942)

17 December 1942

The public and private life of Eugenio Pacelli, elected Pope Pius XII.

Flying Fortress Trailer (1942)

05 December 1942

Drama written in flames and told with the staccato of canon-fire!

El baisano Jalil Trailer (1942)

03 December 1942

Aristocratic but penniless, the Veradada have to resort to loans Lebanese businessman Jalil, whose son Selim, suffers the scorn of Martha, the daughter of the Veradada wasteful.

Borrah Minevitch and His Harmonica School Trailer (1942)

26 December 1942

Borrah Minnevitch and His Rascals play popular songs on their harmonicas.

So You Think You Need Glasses Trailer (1942)

26 December 1942

A humorous but informative look at how an average man can remedy common vision problems. (Taken from)

The Prince and the Pauper Trailer (1942)

03 December 1942

Two look-alike boys, one a poor street kid and the other a prince, exchange places to see what the other's life is like.

Fünftausend Mark Belohnung Trailer (1942)

20 December 1942

A big explosion in a pulp mill causes a lot of damage. The police suspect a crime and put up a 5,000 Mark reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

The McGuerins from Brooklyn Trailer (1942)

31 December 1942

Two taxi-fleet operators meet a girl and cross a mobster.

Johnny Doughboy Trailer (1942)

31 December 1942

A grown-up Jane Withers is joined by a whole slew of former child stars in the lightweight Republic musical Johnny Doughboy.

Det æ'kke te å tru Trailer (1942)

26 December 1942

Himlaspelet Trailer (1942)

21 December 1942

"The Heavenly Play" - Mats Ersson is engaged to Marit and they plan to get married in the spring. But when the plague comes, the people accuse Marit of witchcraft.