Movie Trailers - November 1946

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1946

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Song of the South Trailer (1946)

12 November 1946

Uncle Remus draws upon his tales of Brer Rabbit to help little Johnny deal with his confusion over his parents' separation as well as his new life on the plantation.

The Razor's Edge Trailer (1946)

19 November 1946

A adventuresome young man goes off to find himself and loses his socialite fiancée in the process. But when he returns 10 years later, she will stop at nothing to get him back, even though she is already married.

Nocturne Trailer (1946)

11 November 1946

A cop is suspended from the force when he gets to personally involved in solving the murder of a womanizing L.

Never Say Goodbye Trailer (1946)

09 November 1946

Phil and Ellen Gayley have been divorced for a year, and their 8-year old daughter, Flip, is very unhappy that her parents are not together.

Introspection Trailer (1946)

15 November 1946

This is from a collection of artsy shorts entitled "Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1894-1941".

Courage of Lassie Trailer (1946)

08 November 1946

Bill's separated from his litter, making friends with the wild creatures until he's found and adopted by young Kathie.

Undercurrent Trailer (1946)

28 November 1946

An unsuspecting wife of a power hungry husband, is driven to madness by his deception.

The Verdict Trailer (1946)

23 November 1946

Forced to retire because his techniques are deemed "old-fashioned," a Scotland Yard detective and his friend conspire to dupe a young arrogant detective by committing the perfect murder.

The Chase Trailer (1946)

16 November 1946

Chuck Scott gets a job as chauffeur to tough guy Eddie Roman; but Chuck's involvement with Eddie's fearful wife becomes a nightmare.

The Trap Trailer (1946)

30 November 1946

When a troupe of showgirls with their impresario and press agent vacation at a Malibu Beach resort, two of them are garroted.

Roughly Squeaking Trailer (1946)

23 November 1946

Scheming mice Hubie and Bertie convince a cat that he is, in fact, a lion.

Back Streets of Paris Trailer (1946)

27 November 1946

Madame Rose runs a seedy hotel in a suburb of Paris. Strong-minded but without the least moral scruple, she once killed her husband whose honesty was a hindrance to her business.

Walking on Air Trailer (1946)

01 November 1946

Shaw is the south end of a horse for an ice show, but she longs to be a ballerina. It looks like she will achieve that goal, but will her oversized ego get in her way?

Two Years Before the Mast Trailer (1946)

22 November 1946

In 1834, Charles Stewart (Alan Ladd), the spoiled, dissolute son of a shipping magnate, is shanghaied aboard the Pilgrim, one of his father's own ships.

The Devil's Playground Trailer (1946)

15 November 1946

Hoppy finds a wounded girl and later finds Judge Morton who claims the girl is his daughter and he is looking for her.

Rhapsody Rabbit Trailer (1946)

09 November 1946

When Bugs attempts to perform Liszt's Second Hungarian Rhapsody, he is troubled by a mouse.

The Night Comes Too Soon Trailer (1946)

30 November 1946

When ghosts inhabit an Englishwoman's home, Dyall, a ghost hunter of sorts, takes on the poltergeists.

Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive Trailer (1946)

01 November 1946

Wild man of the jungle Goofy is swinging through the treetops when he notices great white hunter Donald Duck pulling into port on his safari boat.

Les démons de l'aube Trailer (1946)

20 November 1946

Santa Fe Uprising Trailer (1946)

15 November 1946

The Duchess, the aunt of Red Ryder, comes to town to protect her property. Crawford, a town big-shot behind an outlaw gang, tries to prevent her from reaching her destination, but the attack is thwarted by Red.

La Otra Trailer (1946)

20 November 1946

The lovely Dolores Del Rio has an acting field day in the Mexican La Otra (The Other One). Del Rio plays twin sisters, one the wife of a millionaire and the other a poverty-stricken manicurist.

Sioux City Sue Trailer (1946)

21 November 1946

A Hollywood scout (Lynne Roberts) averts disaster for a singing cowboy (Gene Autry) she has misled.

The Magic Bow Trailer (1946)

25 November 1946

Biography of the famous Italian violinist Nicola Paganini which focuses as much on the musician's romances as it does on his craft.

Montecassino nel cerchio di fuoco Trailer (1946)

20 November 1946

Directed by Arturo Gemmiti

Mio figlio professore Trailer (1946)

28 November 1946

Beauty and the Bandit Trailer (1946)

09 November 1946

In Old California, a young Frenchman transporting a chest full of silver travels by stagecoach to San Marino, to complete a complex business deal.

Terror Trail Trailer (1946)

21 November 1946

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) returns to Ret Butte intending to sell his cattle ranch. Saloon owner, Duke Catlett (Lane Chandler) is the secret owner of a sheep flock which graze on the cattle lands--leaving them useless for cattle.

Wife Wanted Trailer (1946)

02 November 1946

Career-slipping movie star Carole Raymond (Kay Francis) buys in as a real estate partner of Jeff Caldwell (Paul Cavanagh).

Don Ricardo Returns Trailer (1946)

05 November 1946

Un drama nuevo Trailer (1946)

25 November 1946

The Sixth of June at Dawn Trailer (1946)

14 November 1946

The film starts by a visit to bucolic Normandy before the events. This peaceful atmosphere is shattered by Operation Overlord, minutely described in the second part of the documentary.

North of the Border Trailer (1946)

15 November 1946

Revenge plot, set in Canada

Silver Range Trailer (1946)

16 November 1946

Veteran cowboy star Johnny Mack Brown plays a cattle buyer turned prairie sleuth in this low-budget oater from Monogram, which co-stars perennial old-timer Raymond Hatton as a retired U.

Lucia di Lammermoor Trailer (1946)

18 November 1946

Appointment with Crime Trailer (1946)

04 November 1946

Small-time jewel thief Leo Martin (William Hartnell) is deserted by his partners-in-crime, club owner Gus Loman (Raymond Lovell) and driver Hatchett (H.

Sure Cures Trailer (1946)

02 November 1946

Documentary showing different "home remedies" for various ills.

Aqui esta Juan Colorado Trailer (1946)

18 November 1946

Post-Revolutionary army battles ongoing insurgencies.Also romances.

The Crackpot King Trailer (1946)

15 November 1946

The Little King wants a wife, so his Court Hypnonist, using foul means for a devious purpose, brings him Sweet Suzette, who has no interest in marrying the King.

Betty Co-Ed Trailer (1946)

28 November 1946

The plot gets under way when Joanne, a carnival hootchy-kootchy dancer, is accepted into a snobbish college sorority when it is assumed that she hails from a blueblooded Virginia family.

Nobody Lives Forever Trailer (1946)

01 November 1946

A con artist falls for the rich widow he's trying to fleece.

Secret of the Whistler Trailer (1946)

07 November 1946

The Whistler, mysterious narrator of the radio series of the same name, "knows many things" for he "walks by night.

Slappily Married Trailer (1946)

07 November 1946

Joe's wife, who thinks he's been carrying on with another woman, moves out.

Affairs of Geraldine Trailer (1946)

18 November 1946

When the wealthy Mrs. Cooper passes away, she divides her estate between her sons, Henry and Wayne, and her only daughter, the tomboyish Geraldine.

It Rains on Our Love Trailer (1946)

09 November 1946

Maggi meets David after having missed her train, and they spend the night together. Penniless, the young lovers break into a summer cottage.

Humo en los ojos Trailer (1946)

13 November 1946

Heated rivalry over a bar-girl in a dive-y waterfront saloon.

My Dog Shep Trailer (1946)

01 November 1946

An orphan boy on his way to live with his uncle picks up a stray dog, and the two become fast friends.

Outcry Trailer (1946)

06 November 1946

The Fistic Mystic Trailer (1946)

28 November 1946

Popeye and Olive enter the city of Badgag and spot Bluto doing magic tricks. He hypnotizes Olive like a snake charmer.

Mouse Menace Trailer (1946)

02 November 1946

Porky has a particularly menacing mouse in his house; after his traps, and an increasingly nasty set of cats all fail, Porky builds a robot cat.

Mr. Hex Trailer (1946)

09 November 1946

Sach is given a post-hypnotic suggestion that turns him into a championship prizefighter.

Criminal Court Trailer (1946)

20 November 1946

In a break from his heroic "Falcon" role, Tom Conway stars as Steve Barnes, a criminal attorney known for his unorthodox courtroom tactics.

The Plainsman and the Lady Trailer (1946)

11 November 1946

Film about the early days of the Pony Express and the crooked businessman who opposed it.

Stars Over Texas Trailer (1946)

18 November 1946

Eddie Dean is a Cattlemen's Association agent investigating a serious rash of rustlings along with sidekicks Soapy (Roscoe Ates) and Waco (Lee Bennett.

Rolling Home Trailer (1946)

01 November 1946

An elderly rodeo rider, his young grandson and their injured horse help transform the lives of various citizens in a small town.

Landrush Trailer (1946)

18 November 1946

The Durango Kid rides again in Columbia's Landrush. As ever, the masked do-gooder, alias Steve Harmon, is played by Charles Starrett.

Dive-Hi Champs Trailer (1946)

01 November 1946

1946 Oscar nominated short film

Tony Bacillus & Co. Trailer (1946)

15 November 1946

Tony Bacillus & Co (1946) is a comical public information film about the threat of tuberculosis in which TB is represented by a menacing puppet, who attempts to infect a little boy puppet by placing various hazards - spitting, coughing and drinking unpasteurised milk - in his path.

Negro Leagues Baseball Trailer (1946)

15 November 1946

Footage of Reece 'Goose' Tatum and other players, taken prior to a game between the Indianapolis Clowns and the Kansas City Monarchs.

The Uninvited Pests Trailer (1946)

28 November 1946

Farmer Al Falfa and his dog try to have a private picnic, but Heckle & Jeckle decide to freeload.

L'Ennemi sans visage Trailer (1946)

20 November 1946