Movie Trailers - November 1955

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1955

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I Live in Fear Trailer (1955)

22 November 1955

Kiichi Nakajima, an elderly foundry owner convinced that Japan will be affected by an imminent nuclear war, resolves to move his family to safety in Brazil.

Picnic Trailer (1955)

18 November 1955

The morning of a small town Labor Day picnic, a drifter (Hal Carter) blows into town to visit an old fraternity buddy (Alan Benson) who also happens to be the son of the richest man in town.

Guys and Dolls Trailer (1955)

03 November 1955

In New York, a gambler is challenged to take a cold female missionary to Havana, but they fall for each other, and the bet has a hidden motive to finance a crap game.

Artists and Models Trailer (1955)

07 November 1955

Eugene and Rick are two struggling artists who share apartment. However, Rick has problems with that, because Eugene is obsessed with pulp fiction comic books and has nightmares because of that.

The Bespoke Overcoat Trailer (1955)

01 November 1955

Fender is a lowly clerk in the warehouse of clothing manufacturers Ranting and Co. His one ambition is to have an overcoat of his own.

The Cockleshell Heroes Trailer (1955)

16 November 1955

During WW2, German ships are "safely" docked upriver at Bordeaux, but the British send a team of kayakers to attack them.

The Tender Trap Trailer (1955)

04 November 1955

Charlie Reader is a successful theater agent. He is also successful with young ladies. One day he is visited by his old friend Joe, married with three children.

Man with the Gun Trailer (1955)

05 November 1955

A stranger comes to town looking for his estranged wife. He finds her running the local girls. He also finds a town and sheriff afraid of their own shadow, scared of a landowner they never see who rules through his rowdy sidekicks.

Lady Godiva of Coventry Trailer (1955)

02 November 1955

Fictionalized account of events leading up the famous nude ride (alas, her hair covers everything) of the militant Saxon lady.

Le amiche Trailer (1955)

18 November 1955

Clelia, a self-made woman coming from humble means, travels back to Turin, her hometown, to scout locations for the successful Roman atelier she works for.

Twelfth Night Trailer (1955)

21 November 1955

Shakespeare's comedy of gender confusion, in which a girl disguises herself as a man to be near the count she adores, only to be pursued by the woman he loves.

Quentin Durward Trailer (1955)

23 November 1955

During the 15th century reign of France's King Louis XI, a young Scottish man is sent by his English Lord to woo a French lady on his behalf.

Queen Bee Trailer (1955)

07 November 1955

A devilish Southern woman, married to a man who despises her, manages to manipulate those around her under the guise of being kind.

The Naked Dawn Trailer (1955)

02 November 1955

Santiago, a jolly modern bandito, has just lost his partner when he happens on the isolated farm of young Manuel and Maria Lopez.

Timeslip Trailer (1955)

01 November 1955

An atomic scientist is found floating in a river with a bullet in his back and a radioactive halo around his body.

The Deep Blue Sea Trailer (1955)

01 November 1955

A woman is unhappy in her marriage to a boring, stiff judge, so she takes up with a wild-living RAF pilot, who ends up being more than she can handle.

The Rawhide Years Trailer (1955)

28 November 1955

Ben Matthews gives up the flashy life of a riverboat gambler, hoping to settle down in Galena with his girlfriend, luscious entertainer Zoe.

Good Morning Miss Dove Trailer (1955)

23 November 1955

Beloved schoolteacher reflects back on her life and former students when she is hospitalized...

Artistas e Modelos Trailer (1955)

06 November 1955

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Trailer (1955)

27 November 1955

Target Zero Trailer (1955)

15 November 1955

Drama set during the Korean War, released in 1955.

Desert Sands Trailer (1955)

18 November 1955

The French Foreign Legion battles rebellious Arabs in North Africa.

I Died a Thousand Times Trailer (1955)

09 November 1955

I Died a Thousand Times is essentially a remake of the 1941 crime-drama classic High Sierra. Jack Palance steps into the old Humphrey Bogart role as Roy "Mad Dog" Earle, the ageing bank robber who intends to pull off one last heist before retiring.

She Was Like a Wild Chrysanthemum Trailer (1955)

29 November 1955

Now an old man, Masao returns to his childhood home and begins to recall his upbringing in this abandoned sector of Japan.

The View from Pompey's Head Trailer (1955)

04 November 1955

Anson Page, a lawyer with Southern roots leaves New York, his wife and his kids for Georgia. His assignment is to investigate the case of Garvin Wales, a famous writer, now nearly blind and embittered, whose royalties have apparently never reached him.

The Blue Peter Trailer (1955)

01 November 1955

A Merchant Navy hero of the Korean War returns to England after three years of captivity in Communist hands, his mind confused by brain-washing and indoctrination at the hands of his captors, and accepts a post as an instructor at the Outward Bound Sea School.

Josephine and Men Trailer (1955)

09 November 1955

1955 British comedy starring Glynis Johns.

Angel in the Mountains Trailer (1955)

25 November 1955

Mr. Angel goes winter sporting and at the same time investigates his son's fiancee.

Hill 24 Doesn't Answer Trailer (1955)

01 November 1955

First movie produced in Israel deals with the outbreak of hostilities during the war for independence in 1947.

The Eternal Breasts Trailer (1955)

23 November 1955

Fumiko, mother of two children and wife of an unfaithful man who shows a low self esteem, shares her family life with her asleep vocation as a poetess.

Sincerely Yours Trailer (1955)

05 November 1955

He dazzled America for decades with his musical artistry. Now fans as well as those curious about this exciting entertainer’s unique appeal can relive the Liberace magic in his only starring film, Sincerely Yours.

The Vanishing American Trailer (1955)

17 November 1955

A woman arrives in New Mexico to claim property she's inherited and receives an education in the greedy exploitation of the local Navajo.

Story of Second Class Private Trailer (1955)

15 November 1955

First film in a series of military-themed comedies from Shochiku.

Tom and Jerry Trailer (1955)

30 November 1955

A priest tries to save a marriage that appears to be headed for the rocks in time for Christmas.

Pecos Pest Trailer (1955)

11 November 1955

Jerry's eccentric uncle, Pecos, a Texan mouse, comes to spend the night with him before his musical performance on television the next day.

Blunder Boys Trailer (1955)

03 November 1955

The stooges go to criminology school and graduate with the lowest possible honors. The boys join the police force and are assigned to track down a crook called the "Eel", who disguises himself as a woman.

Father of Four: In the Countryside Trailer (1955)

07 November 1955

Its summer and everyone are going on holiday to a small fisher town in Jutland.

Texas Lady Trailer (1955)

23 November 1955

Claudette Colbert plays Prudence Webb, who arrives in the wide-open town of Fort Ralston, Texas, to assume control of her late father's newspaper.

Dervisi Trailer (1955)

11 November 1955

Dervisi: This 1955 documentary reveals the strange practices of one of the most ancient Muslim denominations and rites that aim to achieve mystical ecstasy.

Heir-Conditioned Trailer (1955)

26 November 1955

Sylvester is a rich cat, courtesy of his deceased mistress, who has left him 3 million dollars. His alley cat friends, hope to sponge off his good fortune, and Sylvester is eager to share with them.

That's My Mommy Trailer (1955)

19 November 1955

When a duck hatches from the egg underneath Tom, he is convinced he is his mother. Tom thinks that he would like to eat the newborn duck, but Jerry shows him the truth while saving him from being eaten.

Die Sennerin von St. Kathrein Trailer (1955)

25 November 1955

Il padrone sono me Trailer (1955)

17 November 1955

Simon And Laura Trailer (1955)

02 November 1955

Bickering married performers (Peter Finch and Kay Kendall) agree to star in a "Mr. and Mrs." TV show.

Hold Back Tomorrow Trailer (1955)

01 November 1955

Suicidal hooker Cleo Moore agrees to spend the night with condemned prisoner John Agar in this Hugo Haas film noir.

Bunco Busters Trailer (1955)

20 November 1955

A member of the Bunco squad introduces the Case of the Gullible Woodpecker. It seems that Woody wins a pot full of dough that con man Buzz Buzzard notices and sets his sights on stealing.

Irena do domu! Trailer (1955)

26 November 1955

A factory foreman discovers (to his discontent) that his housewife secretly takes driving lessons in order to get a job and send their son to kindergarten.

The Hurdy-Gurdy Trailer (1955)

12 November 1955

Two poor portable barrel piano players ramble through Greek countryside and play in fairs. They meet by chance with a rich runaway girl whose father offers a large reward to her finders.

Cops Is Tops Trailer (1955)

03 November 1955

Olive joins the police force. Over-protective Popeye follows her around, "rescuing" her but she's fully capable of handling herself.

Young Love Trailer (1955)

04 November 1955

Story of first love affair during summer school holidays, in a pastoral setting. -- BFI

The Crooked Web Trailer (1955)

30 November 1955

Undercover agents investigate a murderer in Chicago.

Cadena de mentiras Trailer (1955)

02 November 1955

A lawyer cannot stop lying. And he gets into trouble when a lie becomes true.

Roman einer Siebzehnjährigen Trailer (1955)

04 November 1955

Rhythm and Sound Trailer (1955)

10 November 1955

National folk dances performed by "Tanec" folk dancers) from Skopje.

L'ultimo amante Trailer (1955)

03 November 1955

Roman Legion-Hare Trailer (1955)

10 November 1955

Yosemite Sam, as head of a Roman legion, is ordered by Emperor Nero to find a victim to toss to the lions, or else he'll be the victim.

Je suis un Sentimental Trailer (1955)

10 November 1955

Golfo-Girl of the Mountains Trailer (1955)

09 November 1955

Spiridon Peresiadis (1864 - 1918) was one of the best writers of the dramatic idylls and mountain adventure genre that flourished into the late nineteenth century in Greece.

Portrait of Alison Trailer (1955)

29 November 1955

An actress (Terry Moore) and an artist (Robert Beatty) are linked by his brother (William Sylvester) to deadly smugglers sought by Scotland Yard.

Sleeping Beauty Trailer (1955)

16 November 1955

German-made adaption of the famed Grimm Brothers fairy tale.