Movie Trailers - July 1955

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1955

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Mister Roberts Trailer (1955)

13 July 1955

A hilarious and heartfelt military comedy-drama co-directed by John Ford and Mervyn LeRoy, Mister Roberts stars Henry Fonda as an officer who's yearning for battle but is stuck in the backwaters of World War II on a noncommissioned Navy ship run by the bullying Capt.

Revenge of the Creature Trailer (1955)

22 July 1955

Men capture the creature from the Black Lagoon and make him an aquarium attraction, from which he escapes.

It Came from Beneath the Sea Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

A Giant Octopus, whose feeding habits have been affected by radiation from H-Bomb tests, rises from the Mindanao Deep to terrorize the California Coast.

Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple Trailer (1955)

12 July 1955

After years on the road establishing his reputation as Japan's greatest fencer, Takezo returns to Kyoto.

Land of the Pharaohs Trailer (1955)

24 July 1955

In ancient Egypt the Pharaoh Khufu is obsessed with acquiring gold and plans to take it all with him into the "second life.

Strategic Air Command Trailer (1955)

12 July 1955

Air Force reservist Lt. Col. Robert (Dutch) Holland is recalled into active duty at the peak of his baseball career.

Creature with the Atom Brain Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Murders, with victims dying from spines broken by brute strength, erupt in the city and the killers, when encountered, walk away unharmed by police bullets which strike them.

House of Bamboo Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Eddie Kenner (Robert Stack) is given a special assignment by the Army to get the inside story on Sandy Dawson (Robert Ryan), a former GI who has formed a gang of fellow servicemen and Japanese locals.

Drei Männer im Schnee Trailer (1955)

14 July 1955

Wichita Trailer (1955)

03 July 1955

Former buffalo hunter and entrepreneur Wyatt Earp arrives in the lawless cattle town of Wichita Kansas.

One Desire Trailer (1955)

20 July 1955

The "one desire" of ex-gambler Clint Saunders and bar woman Tacey Cromwell is to escape their shady former lives and settle down to respectability.

Pete Kelly's Blues Trailer (1955)

31 July 1955

In 1927 Kansas City Pete Kelly and his jazz band play nightly at a speakeasy. A local gangster starts to move in on them and when their drummer is killed Kelly gives in.

The Virgin Queen Trailer (1955)

22 July 1955

Sir Walter Raleigh overcomes court intrigue to win favor with the Queen in order to get financing for a proposed voyage to the New World.

Not as a Stranger Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Lucas Marsh, an intern bent upon becoming a first-class doctor, not merely a successful one. He courts and marries the warm-hearted Kristina, not out of love but because she is highly knowledgeable in the skills of the operating room and because she has frugally put aside her savings through the years.

The Scarlet Coat Trailer (1955)

28 July 1955

A Colonial major (Cornel Wilde) turns traitor to catch a British spy (Michael Wilding) plotting with Benedict Arnold.

Barbados Quest Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Director Bernard Knowles' 1956 British thriller stars Tom Conway as a private investigator searching for a stolen rare stamp.

King Dinosaur Trailer (1955)

17 July 1955

In 1960, four American scientists travel to a planet that has just entered Earth's solar system to see if it's able to support an Earth colony.

John and Julie Trailer (1955)

26 July 1955

The adventures of two children who runaway to London to see the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

I Am a Camera Trailer (1955)

21 July 1955

In the early thirties, aspiring writer Christopher Isherwood, living in Berlin, meets the vivacious, penniless singer Sally Bowles.

Double or Mutton Trailer (1955)

23 July 1955

Ralph Wolf wants to steal sheep; Sam Sheepdog wants to stop him. Ralph's tricks include digging a tunnel, walking a tightrope, launching a guided missile, dressing as Little Bo Peep, shooting a cannon and growing Sam's hair.

The Rats Trailer (1955)

06 July 1955

After the fall and before the wall.

The Night Holds Terror Trailer (1955)

13 July 1955

A group of escaped convicts holds a household prisoner as the police close in.

Der Pfarrer von Kirchfeld Trailer (1955)

20 July 1955

One Way Ticket to Hell Trailer (1955)

07 July 1955

An innocent high school girl becomes a drug addict after she falls in with the wrong crowd.

Betrayed Women Trailer (1955)

17 July 1955

Love-starved gun molls (Carole Mathews, Beverly Michaels) escape from a prison farm where matrons make their lives miserable.

Nana Trailer (1955)

26 July 1955

Nana or Nanà is a French-Italian film by Christian-Jaque starring Charles Boyer. It is an adaptation of Émile Zola's novel Nana.

Spy Chasers Trailer (1955)

31 July 1955

Slip and the gang (Bowery Boys) foil foes of the exiled, incognito king of Truania (Sig Ruman).

Interrupted Melody Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Interrupted Melody is the inspirational filmed biography of world-renowned Australian soprano Marjorie Lawrence.

Bedtime Bedlam Trailer (1955)

03 July 1955

Woody is running a babysitting service and is offered $50 by one couple if he will look after their "baby".

The Lonesome Trail Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Back from the Indian wars, a cowboy wages a single-handed war against a land baron and his henchmen. After his shooting hand is disabled, he masters the bow and arrow to take on the gang one arrow at a time!

The Magic City Trailer (1955)

18 July 1955

A look at poverty in post-war Athens. Kosmas, a young man living in the slums, constantly tries to make ends meet, hoping for a better day.

Radio Stories Trailer (1955)

24 July 1955

Three short stories based on radio competitions, all linked by speaker Gabriel and his fiancee. Two inventors who want to patent a piston and need money, a thief who answers a phone call while robbing and a child who needs to go to Sweden for an operation are the protagonists of these stories around the radio.

Chicago Syndicate Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Not long after starring in Las Vegas Shakedown, Dennis O'Keefe headed eastward to appear in Chicago Syndicate.

The Wolves Trailer (1955)

03 July 1955

A group of five rookie insurance salespersons, driven to desperation by the impossibility of their work in Japan's failing postwar economy, form a plan to rob a cash delivery truck in order to provide for their families.

How To Be Very, Very Popular Trailer (1955)

22 July 1955

Two strippers on the run hide out in a college fraternity. Director Nunnally Johnson's 1955 musical comedy stars Betty Grable, Sheree North, Robert Cummings, Charles Coburn, Tommy Noonan, Orson Bean, Fred Clark, Alice Pearce, Rhys Williams, Willard Waterman, Leslie Parrish and Jesslyn Fax.

Gulebagavali Trailer (1955)

29 July 1955

A king has two wives. He banishes his first wife as an astrologer told him that he would lose his vision because of her son.

Älskling på vågen Trailer (1955)

22 July 1955

The Swedish/American actor Jack Harris visits the old country for the first time in his life. One of the journalist, Ingrid Billberg, is particularly interested in getting an interview with him.

Solang es hübsche Mädchen gibt Trailer (1955)

07 July 1955

Ai Sureba Koso Trailer (1955)

05 July 1955

The Green Buddha Trailer (1955)

09 July 1955

Yankee charter pilot Morris inadvertently finds himself in the midst of thieves who have purloined a costly antique jade figure from an exhibit.

This Is a Life? Trailer (1955)

08 July 1955

Parody of "This is Your Life," with Elmer Fudd as the host and Bugs Bunny as the guest of honor, much to the disgust of Daffy Duck.

Puss 'n Boots Trailer (1955)

03 July 1955

A Life in the Balance Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

A widower's (Ricardo Montalban) little boy leads the police to a killer of sinners (Lee Marvin) in Mexico City.

Foxfire Trailer (1955)

12 July 1955

A part-Indian mining engineer looks for gold in an Arizona ghost town with his socialite bride.

The Phantom Horse Trailer (1955)

20 July 1955

Following the tragic death of his father, a young boy's family trains his horse to compete in the local derby.

Geliebte Feindin Trailer (1955)

27 July 1955

Der Himmel ist nie ausverkauft Trailer (1955)

20 July 1955

The Vassal's Neck Trailer (1955)

26 July 1955

Japanese film.

I due compari Trailer (1955)

03 July 1955

Gyakushu Orochimaru Trailer (1955)

17 July 1955

An early fantasy film starring Tomisaburô Wakayama

Der Hauptmann und sein Held Trailer (1955)

07 July 1955

Danssalongen Trailer (1955)

29 July 1955

Love, jealousy, music and drugs in violent wild youth thriller. Takes place at the legendary dance-hall Nalen in Stockholm.

Ang Ibong Adarna Trailer (1955)

04 July 1955

In this retelling by Manuel Conde, this film follows the in search of three princes for a mythical bird, the Ibong Adarna, not only for the cure to the ailing king.

Gadgets Galore Trailer (1955)

30 July 1955

This Warner Bros. short reviews in an often humorous way the impact of the automobile on the United States.

Chantage Trailer (1955)

19 July 1955

An atmospheric tale about a national blackmail organization, where no one can be trusted.

Miss Tulip Stays the Night Trailer (1955)

01 July 1955

Gorgeous Kate Dax (Diana Dors) and her crime-writer husband, Andrew (Patrick Holt), investigate the murder of eccentric spinster Miss Tulip (Cicely Courtneidge) at a remote country cottage.

Mulher de Verdade Trailer (1955)

06 July 1955

AL Gassad Trailer (1955)

07 July 1955

Al Gassad- Body

La fuerza del deseo Trailer (1955)

22 July 1955

Wicked girl uses nude modeling as a way to seduce a wealthy painter into marriage, while still trying to keep an artschool stud piece on the side.

Poop Goes the Weasel Trailer (1955)

07 July 1955

A Paramount Noveltoon (production number P14-6) which finds Waxey the Weasel invading a chicken-coop where a chicken named Wishbone has just been hatched.