Movie Trailers - October 1951

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1951

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Scrooge Trailer (1951)

31 October 1951

Ebeneezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim) contentedly meanders through his life as a cruel miser until one fateful Christmas Eve when he is visited by three ghosts.

Early Summer Trailer (1951)

03 October 1951

A family chooses a match for their 28-year-old daughter Noriko, but she surprisingly has her own plans.

The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel Trailer (1951)

16 October 1951

The life and career of Erwin Rommel and his involvement in the plot to assassinate Hitler.

Love Nest Trailer (1951)

10 October 1951

Jim and Connie's postwar New York building troubles keep Jim from working on his novel. Ex-WAC from Jim's army days Roberta moves in, further upsetting Connie but pleasing Jim's friend Ed.

Bride of the Gorilla Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

The owner of a plantation in the jungle marries a beautiful woman. Shortly afterward, he is plagued by a strange voodoo curse which transforms him into a gorilla.

Summer Interlude Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

Ballet dancer Marie reminisce of a summer 13 years ago when she was a teenager and met Henrik on vacation in the archipelago.

The Red Inn Trailer (1951)

19 October 1951

A group of travelers, including a monk, stay in a lonely inn in the mountains. The host confesses the monk his habit of serving poisoned soup to the guests, to rob their possessions and to bury them in the backyard.

Close to My Heart Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

A journalist's wife insists on adopting an abandoned child.

Angels in the Outfield Trailer (1951)

19 October 1951

Paul Douglas, stars with Janet Leigh, as the hot-tempered Pittsburgh Pirates manager whose hard-luck team goes on a wining streak thanks to some heavenly intervention.

Utopia Trailer (1951)

17 October 1951

Stan and Ollie are marooned on an atoll. This was their last film together.

Ballot Box Bunny Trailer (1951)

06 October 1951

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Ballot Box Bunny is a 1950 animated Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies theatrical cartoon short released in 1951, directed by Friz Freleng and written by Warren Foster.

Mød mig på Cassiopeia Trailer (1951)

03 October 1951

Komponisten John Berger er plaget af ægteskabelige problemer og kæmper med en deadline for musikken til en operette.

Anne of the Indies Trailer (1951)

18 October 1951

After seizing an English ship, buccaneer captain Anne Providence spares Pierre LaRochelle from walking the plank - as he's in irons he is presumably no friend of England.

Across the Wide Missouri Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

In the 1830's beaver trapper Flint Mitchell and other white men hunt and trap in the then unnamed territories of Montana and Idaho.

Fathers are People Trailer (1951)

21 October 1951

George Geef rushes to the office to inform his fellow employees, "Hey, fellas! I'm a father!". Unfortunately, Geef later learns that, with fatherhood, comes responsibility and lots of it.

Nit-Witty Kitty Trailer (1951)

06 October 1951

Tom has amnesia and believes he's a mouse. Jerry, finding him more obnoxious as a fellow rodent than as a cat, seeks to cure him with a blow to the head.

Slaughter Trail Trailer (1951)

15 October 1951

Three outlaws rob the stage and then flee. When their horses give out they murder some Indians to get fresh ones.

Surcos Trailer (1951)

26 October 1951

A farm family moves into a city maybe at the end of the Spanish Civil War. They move in with the sister of the farmers wife.

Doña Perfecta Trailer (1951)

10 October 1951

Director Alejandro Galindo directs the legendary Delores Del Rio in a classic drama from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema that portrays political change in Mexico through the microcosm of one family struggling with tradition in a time of change.

The Whip Hand Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

A small-town reporter investigates a mysterious group holed up in a country lodge.

A Bear for Punishment Trailer (1951)

20 October 1951

Junyer Bear has a number of surprises for Good Ol' Pa on Good Ol' Father's Day, whether he wants them or not.

Thunder on the Hill Trailer (1951)

17 October 1951

Sister Mary presides over a convent where a convicted murderess, who is being escorted to Death Row, is stranded by bad weather.

Ella y Yo Trailer (1951)

02 October 1951

Pedro Muñoz is a womanizer that does not escape one until Irene Garza arrives and makes him to see his luck, while the aunt of her tries to separate them.

The Family Secret Trailer (1951)

21 October 1951

When his son accidentally kills someone, a lawyer must defend the man wrongly charged with the murder.

Texas Carnival Trailer (1951)

05 October 1951

A Texas carnival showmen team is mistaken for a cattle baron and his sister.

Elephant Stampede Trailer (1951)

28 October 1951

Bomba the Jungle Boy swings into action when an elephant herd is threatened by ivory hunters.

The Hunting Ground Trailer (1951)

10 October 1951

The Blue Veil Trailer (1951)

26 October 1951

Louise Mason is a young widow who fills her empty life with the task of becoming a children's nurse. As the years pass, and the widow tries to find her own place in life, her young charges, the children of various employers, grow and soon find themselves ready to face the world.

Lady Godiva Rides Again Trailer (1951)

25 October 1951

Marjory Clark wins a competition in her Midland town and finds herself in a Festival of Britain procession as Lady Godiva - though not in the buff.

Ten Tall Men Trailer (1951)

26 October 1951

Sgt. Mike Kincaid of the French Foreign Legion learns, from a Riff prisoner, that an attack will soon be made by the villainous Hussin on the Legion's outpost of Tarfa.

Fort Defiance Trailer (1951)

09 October 1951

It's just after the Civil War and Ben Shelby arrives looking for Johnny Tallon whom he plans to killn

Love and Desire Trailer (1951)

09 October 1951

A French crew is working on location in Spain. But when they want to film a scene in which Gérardn the male star is supposed to be swimming across a river, the matinée idol proves water-shy and the director decides to double him.

Little Egypt Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

A belly dancer causes a scandal with her suggestive dancing at a Worlds Fair exhibition at the turn of the 20th century.

Utah Wagon Train Trailer (1951)

14 October 1951

Rancher Rex Allen receives a summons from his uncle. an old time frontiersman, that he is in trouble.

Appointment with Venus Trailer (1951)

08 October 1951

At the outbreak of WWII the British realise they can't prevent the invasion of the Channel Islands. However, someone realises that a prize cow is on the islands and the Nazis mustn't get hold of her.

The Tanks Are Coming Trailer (1951)

31 October 1951

An American tank crew fights its way into Germany in World War II.

Unknown World Trailer (1951)

26 October 1951

With the cyclotram, an atomic-powered rock-boring vehicle, Dr. Jerimiah Morley leads an expedition into a subterranean world.

The Lady Pays Off Trailer (1951)

04 October 1951

The naive Evelyn Warren, elected school teacher of the year by Time Magazine, goes to Las Vegas, where she loses a lot of money.

The Son of Dr. Jekyll Trailer (1951)

31 October 1951

The son of the notorious Dr. Henry Jekyll is determined to prove that his father's reputation has been unjustly deserved.

Jungle Manhunt Trailer (1951)

04 October 1951

Football player Bob Miller, played by an actual football player, is lost in the jungle. Who else to find him but Jungle Jim.

Bannerline Trailer (1951)

12 October 1951

A young crusading reporter in a small town tackles civic corruption.

Let's Make It Legal Trailer (1951)

31 October 1951

The divorce of Hugh and Miriam Halsworth becomes final at midnight. Hugh wouldn't dream of calling it off, but can't abandon his rose garden.

Frihed forpligter Trailer (1951)

07 October 1951

The Madame Gambles Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

Employess of a dress shop battle with a crooked gambler to get their jobs back.

Deux sous de violettes Trailer (1951)

31 October 1951

Lyntoget Trailer (1951)

17 October 1951

El Papelerito Trailer (1951)

25 October 1951

Fuddy Duddy Buddy Trailer (1951)

17 October 1951

Mr. Magoo has mistaken a walrus for a human friend and various sight gags are shown in typical Magoo fashion.

Crosswinds Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

A sailor gets his boat stolen from him after he's set up for a crime.

Passage West Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

In 1863, having escaped from a rock-quarry prison in Salt Lake, six inmates led by convicted murderer Pete Black take over a small wagon train headed by preacher Jacob Karns.

Four Days Trailer (1951)

01 October 1951

A melodrama adapted from a play concerning the neglected wife of a financially embarrassed business man.

Fireworks Over the Sea Trailer (1951)

25 October 1951

A fishing union depends on two brothers to make up the losses caused by the dishonest captains they replaced.

Tanz ins Glück Trailer (1951)

19 October 1951

Way Leading to Happiness Trailer (1951)

19 October 1951

South of Caliente Trailer (1951)

14 October 1951

"King of the Cowboys" Roy Rogers stars with his real-life wife, Dale Evans, in this Western about a hardworking farmer who helps a struggling rancher by transporting her prize horse to Mexico.

Noche de perdición Trailer (1951)

04 October 1951

Shortly before a nightclub artist leaves Mexico for an international tour, she's witness to a murder.

Come Fill The Cup Trailer (1951)

24 October 1951

Director Gordon Douglas' 1951 drama stars James Cagney as a newspaperman battling his alcoholism. The cast also includes Gig Young (Oscar nominee, Best Supporting Actor), Phyllis Thaxter, Raymond Massey, James Gleason, Selena Royle, Larry Keating, Sheldon Leonard and King Donovan.

Adventures of Captain Fabian Trailer (1951)

06 October 1951

An ambitious girl (Micheline Presle) uses a sea captain (Errol Flynn) to climb the social ladder in old New Orleans.

The Great Galeoto Trailer (1951)

15 October 1951

A young musician and dreamy, called "Ernesto", is forced to live in Madrid to die his father, in the house of executor of the testament, "don Julio Villamil", who is married to actress Teresa Labisbal, of which "Ernesto Acedo" was enamored platonic.

Amar fué su pecado Trailer (1951)

10 October 1951

Two sisters fall in love with the same man. Plus fatal illness.