Movie Trailers - July 1951

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1951

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Alice in Wonderland Trailer (1951)

03 July 1951

On a golden afternoon, young Alice follows a White Rabbit, who disappears down a nearby rabbit hole. Quickly following him, she tumbles into the burrow - and enters the merry, topsy-turvy world of Wonderland!

The Prince Who Was a Thief Trailer (1951)

02 July 1951

No movie overview available.

Pickup Trailer (1951)

21 July 1951

Low-budget, tabloid-lurid story with high camp value of older man falling for much younger beauty who's busy figuring out how she can kill him now that they're married.

On Moonlight Bay Trailer (1951)

26 July 1951

The Winfield family moves into a new house in a small town in Indiana. Tomboy Marjorie Winfield begins a romance with William Sherman who lives across the street.

Lucky Number Trailer (1951)

20 July 1951

Gas station owner Donald thinks he's just missed the winning number for a new Zoom V8 car but his nephews hear a correction, and find he really does have the winner.

Bright Victory Trailer (1951)

31 July 1951

A soldier blinded in war returns home and attempts to adjust to civilian life. Director Mark Robson's 1951 drama stars Arthur Kennedy (Academy Award nomination, Best Actor, for his performance), Peggy Dow, James Edwards, Will Geer, Nana Bryant, Julie Adams, Jim Backus, Richard Egan and Murray Hamilton.

The Law and the Lady Trailer (1951)

20 July 1951

A former housemaid (Garson) now works as a confidence trickster, but her plans for a big job in California go awry.

Rich, Young and Pretty Trailer (1951)

09 July 1951

A rancher's daughter visits Paris to meet her mother and find love.

Strictly Dishonorable Trailer (1951)

03 July 1951

A womanizing opera star is smitten by a young music student.

The Hoodlum Trailer (1951)

05 July 1951

Vincent Lubeck is a vicious ex-convict. His criminal activities are despised by his family, but he uses and abuses them in the course of his crimes.

Never Trust a Gambler Trailer (1951)

13 July 1951

A Los Angeles homicide detective (Tom Drake) falls for a fugitive's (Dane Clark) ex-wife (Cathy O'Donnell).

His Mouse Friday Trailer (1951)

07 July 1951

Jerry is far from Tom's servant here. Tom, shipwrecked, washes up on a tropical island. His first attempts at food - a coconut and a turtle - are much too hard.

Take Care of My Little Girl Trailer (1951)

06 July 1951

A young woman enters college and learns some hard truths about sorority life, including snobbery and the cruelty of hazing.

You're Only Young Twice Trailer (1951)

01 July 1951

Seeking her long lost uncle, Ada Shore arrives at Skerryvore University to find him working under another name as the Gate Keeper.

Two of a Kind Trailer (1951)

01 July 1951

Brandy Kirby (Lizabeth Scott ) and crooked Lawyer Vincent Mailer (Alexander Knox) plan to rob William (Griff Barnett) and Maida McIntyre (Virginia Brissac) by producing a convincing double for their long-lost son.

Leghorn Swoggled Trailer (1951)

27 July 1951

Little Henery the Chicken Hawk wants to trap Foghorn Leghorn for his dinner, and the barnyard dog says he will help Henery to catch Foghorn on one condition - that Henery find him a bone.

The Wearing of the Grin Trailer (1951)

28 July 1951

Porky Pig spends the night at an Irish castle after being caught in a storm, and gets in trouble with the two leprechauns who live there.

Let's Go Navy! Trailer (1951)

29 July 1951

The Bowery Boys join the Navy to catch some crooks who are posing as sailors.

Show Boat Trailer (1951)

13 July 1951

A dashing Mississippi river gambler wins the affections of the daughter of the owner of the Show Boat.

Gunplay Trailer (1951)

23 July 1951

Landry has Sam Martin killed. When Tim and Chito find Martin and his son, Chip says Matt Potter was responsible.

Black Sky Trailer (1951)

09 July 1951

A woman who works as employee in a fashion store has to care for her ill mother. At the same time she falls in love with a bohemian man.

Hurricane Island Trailer (1951)

16 July 1951

Ponce de Leon searches for the Fountain of Youth, but it's not an easy quest, thanks to bad weather, a treacherous lady pirate, warring Florida tribesmen, and a ship's cargo of man-hungry, marriage-minded maidens.

The Big Gusher Trailer (1951)

01 July 1951

Hoping to strike it rich, four people--two best buddies, a blonde waitress and a cheerful oldtimer--pool their resources so they can drill for oil.

The Dakota Kid Trailer (1951)

01 July 1951

Dakota Kid is a young outlaw who joins a gang headed by Ace Crandall. Crandall's aim is to unseat Sheriff Tom White and then use his power to enrich himself at the community's expense.

Dream of a Cossack Trailer (1951)

09 July 1951

Soviet filmmaker Yuri Raisman once more combines political dogma with solid entertainment values in Dream of a Cossack (aka Cavalier of the Golden Star).

Fort Worth Trailer (1951)

14 July 1951

Ex-gunfighter Ned Britt returns to Fort Worth after the civil war to help run a newspaper which is against ambitious men and their schemes for control.

The Mark of the Renegade Trailer (1951)

23 July 1951

Colorful adventure, based on a story by Zorro creator Johnston McCulley, with dashing Montalban sent to 1820s Los Angeles, which has been besieged by pirates, on a mission that requires him to romance the gorgeous Charisse.

Sensuality Trailer (1951)

25 July 1951

Saloon singer Aurora is sentenced to two years in prison for a prostitution conviction. When she gets out of prison, she gets romantically involved with Alejandro Luque, the respected judge who tried her case.

Government Agents vs Phantom Legion Trailer (1951)

04 July 1951

Two federal agents battle a gang that hijacks trucks carrying materials vital for the security of the country and sells them to foreign powers.

Nature's Half Acre Trailer (1951)

28 July 1951

Part of the "True-Life Adventure" series; follows wildlife in a meadow for a year. Won an Academy Aw)

Varieties on Parade Trailer (1951)

20 July 1951

A 54-minute filmed vaudeville variety show directed by Ron Ormond, starring Jackie Coogan, Lyle Talbot, and Tom Neal.

Slingshot 6 7/8 Trailer (1951)

22 July 1951

Out west, tenderfoot Woody uses his slingshot against Indian Buzz Buzzard in a shooting contest.

Rodeo King and the Senorita Trailer (1951)

15 July 1951

Lacey is after the profits of the Foster and Morales rodeo show. He has Morales killed during a stunt and then forces Foster to take him on as a silent partner.

La Hija De La Otra Trailer (1951)

18 July 1951

Husband and wife raise hubby's extra-marital child when the birth mother rejects it.

Stagecoach Driver Trailer (1951)

15 July 1951

Jim Bannon and his partner own a stagecoach line. With the coming of the telegraph and the end of the Pony Express, two men plot to take over and get the new mail contract.

Everything Will Turn Out Right! Trailer (1951)

25 July 1951

In the fictional town of Spoggenpoelville, Mr. Spog and Mr. Poel rule supreme. Though not particularly bright, they run and own everything.

Bullfight Trailer (1951)

10 July 1951

The film evokes all the aspects of bullfighting - its history, the bulls, the toreros, the arena, the audience - and involves numerous matadors from the era.

Pastry Panic Trailer (1951)

24 July 1951

Little Rocqueford is in the kitchen making a cake and accidentally drops an egg on the cat. The cat is highly offended by this affront to his dignity and, in the mêlées that follows, thinks he has killed Little Roqueford.

Crimen y castigo Trailer (1951)

05 July 1951

Adaptation of Dostoyevsky's novel about a student who plans a conceptual murder and then butts heads with a police detective.

G.I. Jane Trailer (1951)

06 July 1951

A civilian, ordered to report to his draft board, slips off into a dream about the army life ahead of him.

Boo Scout Trailer (1951)

26 July 1951

Casper the Friendly Ghost befriends a Boy Scout.

La duquesa del Tepetate Trailer (1951)

21 July 1951

Romantic comedy.

Folie douce Trailer (1951)

04 July 1951

The Thundering Trail Trailer (1951)

02 July 1951

Lash and Fuzzy have been sent to escort the new Governor to the Capitol City. West and his outlaw gang are out to stop them.

Las mujeres de mi general Trailer (1951)

13 July 1951

South-of-the-border screen idol Pedro Infante, Sr. headlines the period drama Las Mujeres De Mi General, set during the Mexican Revolution of the 1910s and '20s.

Café Cantante Trailer (1951)

05 July 1951

In the mid nineteenth century, flamenco singing and dancing bring together their most loyal fans in a tablao in Andalusia where Rosarillo, an attractive singer unleashes the passions of his audience.

Wherever She Goes Trailer (1951)

06 July 1951

Film biography of Eileen Joyce, the celebrated Australian pianist, concentrating on her childhood in the Tasmanian bush and the Kalgoorlie goldfields.

Zugverkehr unregelmäßig Trailer (1951)

26 July 1951

They Say I'm a Communist Trailer (1951)

12 July 1951

A worker overwhelmed by the economic crisis and the cost of living is accidentally propaganda of a political party, apparently from left, who convinces him to join their ranks and defending the working class.

Lost Planet Airmen Trailer (1951)

25 July 1951

Feature version of the 1949 serial, KING OF THE ROCKETMEN: Young member of scientific group uses new rocket-powered flying suit to thwart shadowy saboteur known only as "Dr.

Little Problem Trailer (1951)

21 July 1951

A Terrytoons cartoon released 22 July 1951.

Der schweigende Mund Trailer (1951)

26 July 1951

Pilgrim Popeye Trailer (1951)

12 July 1951

Popeye's been feeding a turkey in his backyard; it's Thanksgiving day, and his (3) nephews are all set to turn the turkey into the main course.

Hilfe, ich bin unsichtbar Trailer (1951)

06 July 1951

Los amantes Trailer (1951)

10 July 1951

A burglar and a bar girl fall in love and decide to go straight, but complications.

Yukon Manhunt Trailer (1951)

12 July 1951

In this North Woods adventure, the Mounties investigate a series of payroll robberies and discover that it is an inside job.

Jackson Pollock 51 Trailer (1951)

19 July 1951

The photography of German photographer Hans Namuth is largely credited for Pollock’s rise to fame, and as the painter gained a higher profile, along with Abstract Expressionism in general, Namuth returned to capture Pollock’s “action painting” on video for the short documentary below.

Bonanza Town Trailer (1951)

26 July 1951

A man's pursuit of some wanted criminals is hindered by the interference of a crooked judge.

Ingmar Bergman: Making Commercials Trailer (1951)

14 July 1951

In the early 1950's Ingmar Bergman made a series of imaginative commercials for the soap brand "Bris".

Suzana e o Presidente Trailer (1951)

10 July 1951

Country girl arriving in a big town falls in love with her boss, without knowing who he was.