Movie Trailers - April 1951

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1951

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The Thing from Another World Trailer (1951)

29 April 1951

Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a blood-thirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost.

Mr. Peek-a-Boo Trailer (1951)

06 April 1951

A simple civil servant Léon, who has the unusual ability to walk through walls, falls madly in love with a hotel thief by the name of Susan.

The Lemon Drop Kid Trailer (1951)

02 April 1951

When the Lemon Drop Kid accidentally cheats gangster Moose Moran (Fred Clark) out of his track winnings, the Kid promises to repay Moose the money by Christmas.

Only the Valiant Trailer (1951)

13 April 1951

Only the Valiant, a classic western adventure, based on a novel by Charles Marquis Warren, the film tells the story of a Cavalry officer who volunteers for a suicidal mission to fight the hostile Apaches in an effort to prove his loyalty to his men and the woman he loves.

The Tales of Hoffmann Trailer (1951)

04 April 1951

Hoffmann is a lovelorn young man in Nuremberg who is watching his latest love, Stella, dance in the ballet.

Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. Trailer (1951)

10 April 1951

A naval adventure, based on the novels by C.S. Forester, about the heroic, 19th-century British seafarer.

Father's Little Dividend Trailer (1951)

12 April 1951

In this sequel to Father of the Bride, newly married Kay Dunstan announces that she and her husband are going to have a baby, leaving her father having to come to grips with the fact that he will soon be a granddad.

Jerry's Cousin Trailer (1951)

07 April 1951

When Tom's harassment gets out of hand, Jerry writes to his Cousin Muscles, a tough inner city mouse, and asks for his help.

The Browning Version Trailer (1951)

06 April 1951

On the last day of term at a boys private school, a new master arrives to familiarise himself. His predecessor, Crocker-Harris, is much hated in the school, but his younger wife seems more popular, and not only with the pupils.

Fourteen Hours Trailer (1951)

01 April 1951

A young man, morally destroyed by his parents not loving him and by the fear of being not capable to make his girlfriend happy, rises on the ledge of a building with the intention of committing suicide.

Santa Fe Trailer (1951)

01 April 1951

After their service in the Civil War, four brothers go their separate ways, but later find themselves on opposite sides of a final showdown.

Circle of Danger Trailer (1951)

17 April 1951

An American travels to Europe to find out the details about his brother's death. As he digs deeper the incident become more mysterious.

The Great Caruso Trailer (1951)

16 April 1951

Loosely traces the life of tenor Enrico Caruso (1873-1921). He loves Musetta, in his home town of Naples, and then Dorothy, the daughter of one of the Metropolitan Opera's patrons.

Olivia Trailer (1951)

27 April 1951

Olivia captures the awakening passions of an English adolescent sent away for a year to a small finishing school outside Paris.

Susana: The Devil & the Flesh Trailer (1951)

11 April 1951

The story of a girl of questionable mental stability who escapes from incarceration and ends up at a plantation where she disrupts a working family's daily routines and chemistry.

The Man from Planet X Trailer (1951)

27 April 1951

While watching for a planet that may collide with earth, scientists stationed in Scotland are approached by a visitor from outer space.

Day of the Fight Trailer (1951)

26 April 1951

American short subject documentary film in black-and-white, which is notable as the first picture directed by Stanley Kubrick.

The Dark Light Trailer (1951)

23 April 1951

The crew of a lighthouse rescues people they believe to be survivors of a shipwreck, only to find out that they are a gang of bank robbers on the run from the law.

Apache Drums Trailer (1951)

01 April 1951

A gambler is thrown out of a western town, but returns when the town is suddenly threatened by a band of marauding Apaches.

My Forbidden Past Trailer (1951)

25 April 1951

An 1890s New Orleans heiress tries to buy a married doctor's love with her tainted family fortune.

Soldiers Three Trailer (1951)

01 April 1951

Kiplingesque tale of British forces in 19th-century India.

Five Trailer (1951)

25 April 1951

The world is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. Only five Americans survive, including a pregnant woman, a neo-Nazi, a black man and a bank clerk.

The Scarf Trailer (1951)

06 April 1951

John Ireland stars in this thriller as a man who breaks out of an asylum for the criminally insane, where he has been committed for strangling a girl with a scarf.

Boniface somnambule Trailer (1951)

05 April 1951

Victor Boniface's life is not exactly a rest cure. Just imagine: Victor is both a store detective and a .

Ghost Chasers Trailer (1951)

29 April 1951

A ghost helps the Bowery Boys capture a gang of crooks led by a mad doctor.

Lightning Strikes Twice Trailer (1951)

12 April 1951

Richard Trevelyan (Richard Todd) was convicted of murdering his wife, given an 11th-hour Death Row reprieve and freed under unusual circumstances after retrial.

On the Riviera Trailer (1951)

20 April 1951

In this fast-paced remake of the Muarice Chavlier vehicle Folies Bergere, talented Danny Kaye plays both a performer and a heroic French military pilot.

Katie Did It Trailer (1951)

01 April 1951

Katherine Standish, who has been brought up in a strict manner in a prudish New England town, falls in love with a city slicker commercial artist, Peter Van Arden.

Ginza Cosmetics Trailer (1951)

14 April 1951

Italy is usually cited as the anchor of the neo-realist movement in cinema, but Mikio Naruse's Ginza Cosmetics (1951) is a reminder that Japan had its own output equally rooted in realism.

The Last Outpost Trailer (1951)

04 April 1951

The cavalry defend a small town from indians.

Bullfighter and the Lady Trailer (1951)

26 April 1951

An American takes up bullfighting to impress the ladies but learns to respect the sport.

Deseada Trailer (1951)

04 April 1951

Mother and daughter in love with the same man.

Raton Pass Trailer (1951)

07 April 1951

The ambitious Ann arrives with the stagecoach in Raton Pass to find herself in the midst of a feud between the Challon and the Pozner families.

Awaara Trailer (1951)

07 April 1951

Raju lives as a derelict as a result of being estranged from his bitter father, a district judge, who threw Raju's mother out of the house years ago.

I Can Get it For You Wholesale Trailer (1951)

05 April 1951

A ruthless fashion designer steps on everyone in her way in order to reach the top of her profession.

Cold War Trailer (1951)

27 April 1951

George Geef gets sent home from work to tend to his cold.

Edward and Caroline Trailer (1951)

06 April 1951

French filmmaker Jacques Becker's Edouard et Caroline has been described as a film without a story. This isn't quite true, though the most memorable aspect of the film is the byplay between the two title characters.

Das Tor zum Frieden Trailer (1951)

26 April 1951

Saddle Legion Trailer (1951)

07 April 1951

A cattle inspector runs a rustling ring on the side.

Il tradimento Trailer (1951)

10 April 1951

A business is wrongly accused and convicted for the murder of his associate.

Bibi Fricotin Trailer (1951)

11 April 1951

Ett hörn i norr Trailer (1951)

01 April 1951

Shows images from the industries in the Scandinavian countries and highlights the affinity between those countries.

Henry Moore Trailer (1951)

30 April 1951

A documentary on the work of artist Henry Moore.

Thunder in God's Country Trailer (1951)

07 April 1951

Hidden Valley has managed to retain its Old Western atmosphere, free of modern-day corruption, until escaped convict Smitty arrives with plans of taking over and opening the town up as a gambling resort.

Ivo, the Monk Trailer (1951)

27 April 1951

A young man's fight between love and the monastic discipline.

Danger Zone Trailer (1951)

20 April 1951

A San Francisco man (Hugh Beaumont) is paid to bid on a saxophone and escort a woman to a yacht party.

Worm's Eye View Trailer (1951)

01 April 1951

Incidents in the lives of a group of R.A.F. men living in billets.

Notes on the Port of St. Francis Trailer (1951)

12 April 1951

Experimental, impressionistic documentary of San Francisco with narration based on a poem by Robert e

Teresa Trailer (1951)

05 April 1951

An Italian war bride has problems dealing with her husband's possessive mother.

Negro es mi color Trailer (1951)

06 April 1951

Negro Es Mi Color (literally translates to "Black Is My Color"), the 1951 Tito Davison Mexican racia)

Bedtime for Bonzo Trailer (1951)

05 April 1951

College prof Peter Boyd tries to salvage his professional and personal reputation by using a lab chimp to prove that environment trumps heredity in behavioral development.

Whirlwind Trailer (1951)

16 April 1951

A singing postal inspector (Gene Autry) and his partner (Smiley Burnette) save a woman's (Gail Davis) estate from fraud.

Burlada Trailer (1951)

04 April 1951

Fancy gentleman uses his charms to exploit a bunch of women.

Venom and Eternity Trailer (1951)

19 April 1951

In this experimental film, Isidore Isou, the leader of the lettrist movement, lashes out at conventional cinema and offers a revolutionary form of movie-making: through scratching and bleaching the film, through desynchronizing the soundtrack and the visual track, through deconstructing the story, he aims to renew the seventh art the same way he tried to revolutionize the literary world.

Die letzte Heuer Trailer (1951)

11 April 1951

Becsület és dicsőség Trailer (1951)

12 April 1951

The Awful Sleuth Trailer (1951)

18 April 1951

Comedy short.

Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Disappeared Trailer (1951)

01 April 1951

Adaptation of an Arthur Conan Doyle novel, in which Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate the secret of a wealthy businessman.

Identité judiciaire Trailer (1951)

18 April 1951

Identite Judiciare stars Raymond Souplex as wily French police inspector Basquier. The villain is Berthet (Jean Debucourt), a high-ranking government official.

Don Daredevil Rides Again Trailer (1951)

10 April 1951

Stock-footage from Republic Pictures' earlier Zorro serials was served up once again in this 12 chapter cliffhanger, this time without the financially strapped studio having to credit Zorro creator Johnston McCulley or pay any royalties.