Movie Trailers - October 1963

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From Russia with Love Trailer (1963)

11 October 1963

Agent 007 is back in the second installment of the James Bond series, this time battling a secret crime organization known as SPECTRE.

The Monsters Trailer (1963)

26 October 1963

The myths of the sixties are satirized in 20 episodes.

Contempt Trailer (1963)

29 October 1963

Screenwriter Paul Javal's marriage to his wife Camille disintegrates during a film production as she spends time with its producer.

Frau Holle Trailer (1963)

12 October 1963

No overview found.

Tom Jones Trailer (1963)

06 October 1963

Tom loves Sophie and Sophie loves Tom. But Tom and Sophie are of differering classes. Can they find a way through the mayhem to be true to love?

Hands Over the City Trailer (1963)

09 October 1963

Rod Steiger is ferocious as a scheming land developer in Francesco Rosi’s Hands over the City, a blistering work of social realism and the winner of the 1963 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion.

Samurai Pirate Trailer (1963)

26 October 1963

An adventurous and daring sailor sets sail to the castle of an ailing king to stop an evil premier, hungry for power and wealth, from succeeding the throne and marrying the king's beautiful daughter.

Johnny Cool Trailer (1963)

01 October 1963

A deported gangster trains an Italian convict to take over his operations in the U.S.

The Running Man Trailer (1963)

01 October 1963

An insurance man (Alan Bates) gets chummy in Spain with a couple (Laurence Harvey, Lee Remick) who have collected on a fake death.

The Organizer Trailer (1963)

23 October 1963

Professor Sinigaglia (Marcello Mastroianni) is the title character in this darkly comedic Italian drama about mistreated factory workers in the city of Turin.

The Old Dark House Trailer (1963)

30 October 1963

An American car salesman in London becomes mixed up in a series of fatal occurrences at a secluded mansion.

The Comedy of Terrors Trailer (1963)

14 October 1963

An undertaker who hasn't had any 'customers' in a long time is forced the pay one year's back-rent. To get money he starts to kill people in order to get new clients.

Bussen Trailer (1963)

04 October 1963

The protagonist is a jovial bus driver, well beloved by his passengers, essentially the whole community around him.

She and He Trailer (1963)

18 October 1963

As her husband Eiichi becomes more entangled in his life as businessman, Naoko looks for ways to expand her own life even as her husband's life shrinks in scope and intimacy.

West 11 Trailer (1963)

08 October 1963

Joe Beckett (Alfred Lynch) forgoes working for a living in this seedy district of London. He hangs out in jazz clubs and chases women, which makes him lose what little money he has remaining.

The Fire Within Trailer (1963)

15 October 1963

Alain Leroy is a recovering alcoholic who decides to end his life, but first decides to visit his friends in Paris one last time, in an attempt at finding a reason to continue living.

Il terrorista Trailer (1963)

25 October 1963

Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment Trailer (1963)

21 October 1963

During a two-day period before and after the University of Alabama integration crisis, the film uses five camera crews to follow President John F.

Muriel Trailer (1963)

08 October 1963

A chamber drama about a widow and her son who live in an antique shop in Boulogne. The widow invites a man whom she loved twenty-two years earlier to visit.

A New Kind of Love Trailer (1963)

10 October 1963

The fashion industry and Paris provide the setting for a comedy surrounding the mistaken impression that Samantha Blake (Joanne Woodward) is a high-priced call girl, who is to be interviewed by Steve Sherman (Paul Newman), a journalist looking for insights on the profession.

Man in the Middle Trailer (1963)

01 October 1963

In a remote jungle outpost in the Far Eastern theater of World War II, a hotheaded American soldier murders an allied British sergeant in cold blood.

Three Girls in Paris Trailer (1963)

12 October 1963

Three girls in Paris is the story of three Danish girls (Ghita Nørby, Susse Wold and Hanne Borchsenius) traveling to Paris, but after having placed suitcase and money on the hotel and takes off in the city, they forget what it's called and where it is located.

Maniac Trailer (1963)

30 October 1963

The rape of his teenage daughter instigated a violent, maniacal retribution on the perpetrator for which Georges was incarcerated in an asylum for the insane.

Rampage Trailer (1963)

09 October 1963

A German zoo hires two hunters to catch a rare breed of panther in Malaysia. The girlfriend of one of the hunters accompanies them on their hunt.

Cry of Battle Trailer (1963)

09 October 1963

During World War II, the spoiled son of a wealthy businessman finds himself involved in the guerrilla movement fighting against the Japanese, and finds romance and adventure.

Casablanca, Nest of Spies Trailer (1963)

10 October 1963

Casablanca 1942. While French Police Chief Maurice Desjardins is busy having careless fun with some loose girls, members of the French Resistance kill a man at the harbor and steal his briefcase full of important documents from the Third Reich.

El hombre de papel Trailer (1963)

05 October 1963

A deaf and mute vagabond finds a large denomination bill in a Mexico City dump, and while he tries to buy something with it, others try to con him into giving it away.

The Secret Seven Trailer (1963)

31 October 1963

Greece is under the power of Rabirius, from which rise a few patriots led by Axel. He is taken prisoner and condemned to die of hunger and thirst.

All the Way Home Trailer (1963)

17 October 1963

In the early 1900's Tennessee, a loving family undergoes the shock of the father's sudden, accidental death.

Transport From Paradise Trailer (1963)

25 October 1963

Czechoslovakian Zbynek Brynych directs this psychological drama set in World War II Terezin ghetto. A dark, visual portrayal of the trials and tribulations the Theresienstadt people faced on a daily basis presented in a series of memorable stories.

Ursus in the Land of Fire Trailer (1963)

31 October 1963

Hamilan, a cruel and ambitious general, murders his king and places himself on the throne with the former king's evil niece as his queen.

Mary, Mary Trailer (1963)

24 October 1963

A man on the verge of divorce is shocked by his wife's glamorous makeover.

Sexy proibitissimo Trailer (1963)

17 October 1963

A 'documentary' of stripping, from the dawn of humanity to the future.

Mad as a Mars Hare Trailer (1963)

19 October 1963

Marvin Martian is monitoring through his telescope a rocket launch on Earth. The rocket heads straight for him and lands on Mars.

Sandokan the Great Trailer (1963)

09 October 1963

After the capture of the Sultan of Muluder, Sandokan, the sultan's son, leads a guerilla army through treacherous jungles to free his father and defeat Queen Victoria's army of invaders.

Bamboo Doll of Echizen Trailer (1963)

05 October 1963

Based on a novel by Tsutomu Mizukami, a celebrated writer whose fictions also furnished plots for directors from Tadashi Imai to Masahiro Shinoda, this haunting melodrama focuses on a young bamboo worker who takes his father's prostitute as his wife.

An Almost Decent Girl Trailer (1963)

09 October 1963

An almost decent girl is a German-Spanish Romance of Ladislao Vajda from 1963. In Spain he was entitled Una chica casi formal on.

Hobo's Holiday Trailer (1963)

08 October 1963

A hobo participates in a bouncing-ball sing-along, featuring "Big Rock Candy Mountain," a song that describes a vagrant's fantasy world.

Stolen Hours Trailer (1963)

02 October 1963

A woman diagnosed with a brain tumor falls in love with her doctor. A reworking of the 1939 Bette Davis film "Dark Victory", director Daniel Petrie's 1963 film stars Susan Hayward.

Elskere Trailer (1963)

21 October 1963

Passion Holiday Trailer (1963)

01 October 1963

Four women take a boat trip to an island and run into a group of gangsters.

Scum of the Earth Trailer (1963)

08 October 1963

A naive and innocent teenage girl is blackmailed into modeling in the nude for a photographer who is in league with a teenage gang whose boss illegally sells photos of teenage girls being abused and degraded.

Trampa mortal Trailer (1963)

28 October 1963

A former convict, named Raul Vela, and a cabaret singer, called Clara, are a couple who tries to lead a normal life.

Yoso Trailer (1963)

05 October 1963

Yoso is truly a lost classic, set in the Nara Era (710-794), from Kinugasa Teinosuke the same writer/director who gave us the recognized classic Gate of Hell (Jigokumon, 1952) & the milestone silent surrealist masterpiece A Page of Madness (Kurutta Ippeji, 1926).

Schloss Gripsholm Trailer (1963)

04 October 1963

Haber's Photo Shop Trailer (1963)

23 October 1963

A priest who has been set free from prison recently joins a spy organization.

Cave of Lust Trailer (1963)

01 October 1963

In a 1963 review of this film for the Naigai Times, Minoru Murai coined the term "Pink film" by suggesting a "Pink Ribbon prize" should be awarded to these softcore erotic productions, which were known as "Eroductions" in the 1960s.

Freddy und das Lied der Südsee Trailer (1963)

28 October 1963

Marisol rumbo a Río Trailer (1963)

07 October 1963

Marisol and Mariluz are twin sisters. They live separated, Mariluz with their uncle in Rio de Janeiro, and Marisol with their mother, in Madrid.

L'assassin connaît la musique Trailer (1963)

16 October 1963

The World Ten Times Over Trailer (1963)

31 October 1963

Early 1960s realist drama following a day in the lives of two London flatmates. Sylvia Syms and June Ritchie star as Billa and Ginnie, two singletons sharing a London flat who both work as night club hostesses in the same Soho club.

Días de otoño Trailer (1963)

31 October 1963

Luisa is a small-town girl who works in the bakery of the widower Don Albino. Luisa dreams of marrying and loves children.

Sexy Magico Trailer (1963)

03 October 1963

Scenes showing sexual rites and dances around the world are contrasted with cabaret shows at places like the Crazy Horse Saloon.

Narthanasala Trailer (1963)

11 October 1963

This Hindu mythological film deals with the Viraata Parvam of the epic Mahabharata.

Balboa Trailer (1963)

21 October 1963

Frank Latimore is cast as Balboa, the heroic Spanish explorer who discovers the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, he must pacify the wrath of his enemies and battle his way through a forest inhabited by savage natives.

Méfiez-vous, mesdames! Trailer (1963)

02 October 1963

To Live a Life Trailer (1963)

21 October 1963

Early rare short document about famous one-armed photographer Josef Sudek by the "philosopher of Czem

Surya Sikha Trailer (1963)

03 October 1963

Christine Trailer (1963)

13 October 1963

Clown Ferdinand and the Rocket Trailer (1963)

17 October 1963

During undisturbed Clown Ferdinand clears his trailer to an unknown missile approaches the city. All men flee in a hurry, only Ferdinand did not hear the messages and drives carelessly with his old car through the deserted city.