Movie Trailers - September 1946

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Aldeia dos Rapazes Trailer (1946)

30 September 1946

Short film about an orphanage.

Pian delle stelle Trailer (1946)

17 September 1946

Italian fugitives from German war camps unite to form "Lupo", a partisan brigade which uses their knowledge of the countryside to wage their own personal war on the Germans.

Rio Grande Raiders Trailer (1946)

09 September 1946

Sunset Carson, ace driver for the Harding Stagecoach Line, persuades his boss Frank Harding (Edmund Cobb) to hire his brother, Jeff (Bob Steele), recently released from the penitentiary.

Dresden Trailer (1946)

14 September 1946

A film about Dresden - before, during, and after the war.

La pródiga Trailer (1946)

27 September 1946

Möte i natten Trailer (1946)

30 September 1946

A journalist is writing a critical article about the prison service in Sweden. The magazine's editor in chief does not agree with him and removes the article.

The Goal Rush Trailer (1946)

26 September 1946

The story of dogs and cats playing each other at football. Includes sing-a-longs of various college fight songs.

The Jail Break Trailer (1946)

19 September 1946

In this classic Western cartoon, Bad Bill Bunion's horse helps his master escape from Alcatraz Island Prison.

Det glada kalaset Trailer (1946)

03 September 1946

Bojan runs a guest house, with economical problems. She decides, therefore, to arrange a big party. If she will go bankrupt, it might as well happen to cheerful music.

Trigger Fingers Trailer (1946)

20 September 1946

Blacksmith Pinto Peters (Raymond Hatton) calls on his old friend, Sam "Hurricane" Benton (Johnny Mack Brown), to help him clear his son, Jimmy (Riley Hill), of a murder charge.

Dunia Trailer (1946)

01 September 1946

Shown in Cannes 1946.