Movie Trailers - May 1946

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1946

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The Stranger Trailer (1946)

25 May 1946

Wilson of the War Crimes Commission is seeking Franz Kindler, mastermind of the Holocaust, who has effectively erased his identity.

The Postman Always Rings Twice Trailer (1946)

02 May 1946

Illicit lovers plot to kill the woman's older husband.

A Night in Casablanca Trailer (1946)

10 May 1946

The Marx Brothers are employed at a hotel in postwar Casablanca, where a ring of Nazis is trying to recover a cache of stolen treasure.

Bedlam Trailer (1946)

10 May 1946

Nell Bowen, the spirited protege of rich Lord Mortimer, becomes interested in the conditions of notorious St.

She-Wolf of London Trailer (1946)

17 May 1946

A young heiress finds evidence suggesting that at night she acts under the influence of a family curse and has begun committing ghastly murders in a nearby park.

Cluny Brown Trailer (1946)

01 May 1946

Amateur plumber Cluny Brown gets sent off by her uncle to work as a servant at an English country estate.

Heartbeat Trailer (1946)

01 May 1946

A female escapee from a reform school joins a pickpocket academy in Paris.

In Dutch Trailer (1946)

10 May 1946

In Holland, Pluto acts as a milkman (dog?) leaving canisters of milk on the town's doorsteps. While going about his job, he falls head over heels in love with Dinah the dachshund.

Winter Wonderland Trailer (1946)

12 May 1946

A farm girl has a romance with a ski instructor.

The Milky Waif Trailer (1946)

18 May 1946

Jerry is awakened from a nightmare by a knock on the door: someone has left a foundling in a walnut shell with a note, giving his name as Nibbles and saying he needs lots of milk.

The Virginian Trailer (1946)

05 May 1946

Arriving at Medicine Bow, eastern schoolteacher Molly Woods meets two cowboys, irresponsible Steve and the "Virginian," who gets off on the wrong foot with her.

A Noisy Household Trailer (1946)

15 May 1946

A comedy about an army squad guarding the fake airport during WWII.

Without Reservations Trailer (1946)

13 May 1946

Kit Madden is traveling to Hollywood, where her best-selling novel is to be filmed. Aboard the train, she encounters Marines Rusty and Dink, who don't know she is the author of the famous book, and who don't think much of the ideas it proposes.

The French Key Trailer (1946)

18 May 1946

Private detective Johnny Fletcher and his sidekick Sam Cragg skip out on their rented room, but when they sneak back to retrieve their luggage, they discover a dead body on the bed, holding a gold coin in its hand.

Dark Alibi Trailer (1946)

25 May 1946

After three men are convicted of bank robberies, Charlie becomes suspicious. After some investigation Charlie finds the men are innocent and that the fingerprint evidence used to convict them had been forged.

Hair-Raising Hare Trailer (1946)

25 May 1946

A sneaker-wearing, hairy monster chases Bugs through a castle belonging to an evil scientist.

Messieurs Ludovic Trailer (1946)

03 May 1946

So Goes My Love Trailer (1946)

01 May 1946

Country girl Jane Budden goes to the big city, determined to find and marry a wealthy man. Instead, she meets and marries Herman Maxim, a struggling inventor.

The Phantom Thief Trailer (1946)

02 May 1946

Boston Blackie, in the 11th film of the Columbia series, indulges in some wit-trading with a squirmy spiritualist who deals in blackmail, murder and the occult.

That Texas Jamboree Trailer (1946)

16 May 1946

With the backing of the Mayor, Brady is running a crooked gambling operation. When Sheriff Curt shuts him down, he reopens when the Mayor charters his place as a private club.

The Well-Groomed Bride Trailer (1946)

17 May 1946

A man and a woman fight over the last bottle of champagne left in San Francisco--she wants it for a wedding, and he wants to use it to christen a ship.

One More Tomorrow Trailer (1946)

31 May 1946

Shiftless playboy Tom Collier lives to jump from party to party--until he meets photographer Christie Sage.

The Bride Wore Boots Trailer (1946)

08 May 1946

Rich and beautiful Southern heiress Sally Warren loves horse-racing and running her horse-farm although her husband of seven years hates the four-legged mammals.

The Devil's Mask Trailer (1946)

23 May 1946

A San Francisco airplane bound for South America crashes, and among the scorched debris is found a shrunken native human head, neatly packaged.

They Made Me a Killer Trailer (1946)

03 May 1946

A young girl tries to prove a man innocent of robbery and murder charges.

Behind the Mask Trailer (1946)

25 May 1946

Falsely accused of murdering a crooked newspaper reporter, suave detective Lamont Cranston -- aka the Shadow -- vows to track down the real killer.

Two-Fisted Stranger Trailer (1946)

30 May 1946

Arriving to become the new Deputy, Steve Gordon takes over as Sheriff instead when he finds the Sheriff has been killed.

Unsure Runts Trailer (1946)

15 May 1946

The confidence-tricking Crow attempts to make the conscientious Fox the victim of various accidents in order to convince him that he needs to buy insurance.

Strange Triangle Trailer (1946)

17 May 1946

In this drama, a seductive woman uses her wiles upon both a traveling bank examiner and a manager to whom she is married.

Twin Husbands Trailer (1946)

10 May 1946

Leon Errol's wife blames him for his twin brother's mishaps.

Do You Love Me Trailer (1946)

17 May 1946

Katharine Hilliard, mousy dean of a stuffy music school, meets and is insulted by swing band leader Barry Clayton on a train.

Her Kind of Man Trailer (1946)

11 May 1946

A singer can"t choose between a charismatic gangster and an honest newspaperman.

Larceny in Her Heart Trailer (1946)

20 May 1946

In the second of the PRC "Michael Shayne" series,civic crusader Burton Stallings hires private detective Michael Shayne to locate the former's missing step-daughter Helen.

Terrors on Horseback Trailer (1946)

01 May 1946

Fuzzy's niece is killed in a stagecoach hold-up in this "Billy Carson" Western series entry starring Larry "Buster" Crabbe and Al St.

Night in Paradise Trailer (1946)

03 May 1946

Aesop (Turhan Bey) of fable fame poses as an old man and woos away a princess (Merle Oberon) who wants a king (Thomas Gomez) for his gold.

Valley of the Zombies Trailer (1946)

26 May 1946

A woman falls under the hypnotic spell of a resurrected madman.

The Man Who Dared Trailer (1946)

30 May 1946

A crusading reporter plans his own arrest and conviction for first degree murder, trying to show that the death sentence should be outlawed when based on circumstantial evidence alone, but his plan goes awry.

The Cat Creeps Trailer (1946)

17 May 1946

A black cat is suspected of being possessed by the spirit of a elderly murdered woman.

O.S.S. Trailer (1946)

26 May 1946

John Martin is part of an American spy team dropped into France during World War II to destroy the French railway system.

College Queen Trailer (1946)

17 May 1946

Tom Cannon, a tap-dancer senior at State University sets out to find a College Queen for the upcoming competition.

Rainbow Over Texas Trailer (1946)

09 May 1946

Roy visits his home town while on a personal appearance tour. While there he enters a pony express race.

Le Couple Idéal Trailer (1946)

31 May 1946

Diavalo is the popular hero of French serials circa 1912. Diana is an actress who falls in love with Diavalo.

Passkey to Danger Trailer (1946)

11 May 1946

An advertising man's new campaign for a fashion designer attracts the attention of mysterious characters.

La hija del payaso Trailer (1946)

02 May 1946

Circus clown and society matron compete for custody of their daughter.

The Public Prosecutor Trailer (1946)

20 May 1946

A tough-on-crime public prosecutor's world is turned upside down when his son is accused of murdering a dancer.

El Paso Kid Trailer (1946)

22 May 1946

Sunset Carson is a member of an outlaw gang led by Gil Santos, who have been holding up gold shipments dispatched from Laramie City.

Sun Valley Cyclone Trailer (1946)

10 May 1946

In this western, Red Ryder rounds up a gang of horse thieves who have been stealing cavalry horses.

In Old Sacramento Trailer (1946)

31 May 1946

Dashing Johnny Barrett has a secret identity: Spanish Jack, the masked bandit. Always one step ahead of the law, Barrett effortlessly balances his double life--robbing by night, romancing by day and always with a smile.

The Golden Hen Trailer (1946)

24 May 1946

A Terrytoons cartoon released 24 May 1946.

Loose in a Caboose Trailer (1946)

22 May 1946

Lulu tries to keep from getting thrown off of a train by the conductor after she can't find her ticket.

Apple Andy Trailer (1946)

20 May 1946

Andy Panda is very fond of apples and he eats a bushel of green apples, falls asleep and has a nightmare in which the devil is trying to entice him into Hades and stuffs him full of apple juice, applesauce and more apples.

Klondike Casanova Trailer (1946)

30 May 1946

At the Polar Bar & Grill in the Klondike, Popeye and Olive Oyl are the sole proprietors. Dangerous Dan McBluto, the owner of a fur farm, walks in and kidnaps Olive.

Throwing the Bull Trailer (1946)

02 May 1946

A well-to-do Spanish merchant offers a fortune in gold and the hand of his daughter in marriage to any matador who can kill the bull in the ring.

La Gloire est à eux Trailer (1946)

20 May 1946

Bodas trágicas Trailer (1946)

30 May 1946

Romantic triangles, rural/hacienda setting.

Hush My Mouse Trailer (1946)

03 May 1946

Take-off on the "Duffy's Tavern" radio program, with tough-guy Eddie G. Robincat demanding a meal of mouse knuckles, "of which we ain't got none," waiter Filligan informs his absentee boss on the phone.

Equestrian Quiz: What's Your I.Q.? No. 11 Trailer (1946)

18 May 1946

A series of questions testing one's knowledge of fun facts about horses and equestrian in general are asked.

Facing Your Danger Trailer (1946)

11 May 1946

Part of the Warner Brothers Sports Parade series, this short film chronicles the attempt by a group of men to navigate the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead.

Quiet Weekend Trailer (1946)

01 May 1946

Comedy of a family trying to spend a country weekend which is disrupted by an unpleasant friend of the son.

Studio Visit Trailer (1946)

11 May 1946

A humorous look round various studios on a film lot. One of the " Pete Smith Specialties", produced and narrated " by a Smith named Pete.