Movie Trailers - January 1946

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1946

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Tarzan and the Leopard Woman Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

An African tribe devoted to the leopard cult is dedicated to preventing civilization from moving further into Africa.

Three Strangers Trailer (1946)

28 January 1946

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, three strangers make a pact before a small statue of the Chinese goddess of Destiny.

The Harvey Girls Trailer (1946)

18 January 1946

Vittles, songs and dance are amply ladeled out when Judy Garland headlines The Harvey Girls, a joyous musical slice of Americana celebrating the restaurants that brought extra helpings of civilization to Old West rail passengers.

Book Revue Trailer (1946)

05 January 1946

A secluded bookstore comes to life in madcap, pop culture reference-heavy fashion.

Ritual in Transfigured Time Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

A social event choreographed in the manner of a dance, illuminated by concepts drawn from Greek legend; one of filmmaker Maya Deren’s most intriguing works.

My Reputation Trailer (1946)

26 January 1946

Tongues begin to wag when a lonely widow becomes romantically involved with a military man. Problems arise when the gossip is filtered down to her own children.

Springman and the SS Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

The first animated picture made by Jiří Trnka for adults. It is a comic story of a legendary chimney-cleaner who, with the help of a spring from an old lounge-chair, became the terror of the Prague occupation SS troops in World War II.

The Potted Psalm Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

A soundless mix of story fragments and images. Initially, images of death, a man with a guitar, a soirée.

Men without Wings Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

After an attack against the guard of the Third Reich, Nazi repression intensifies, and the Czechoslovakian resistance's organized sabotage in an aircraft factory leads to Gestapo shootings.

Shock Trailer (1946)

10 January 1946

In this thriller, psychiatrist Dr. Cross (Vincent Price) kills his wife and expects to get away with murder, until he discovers that the slaying was observed by a next-door neighbor, Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw).

Whistle Stop Trailer (1946)

25 January 1946

When beautiful Mary returns to her "whistle stop" home town, long-standing feelings of animosity between two of her old boyfriends leads to robbery and murder.

Cavalcade of Archery Trailer (1946)

12 January 1946

This short tells the story of archery through the ages, mostly using Warner Brothers archive footage.

A Letter for Evie Trailer (1946)

28 January 1946

Evie's co-workers at the uniform shirt factory, and her almost-fiancée's inability to kiss, inspire her to slip a letter into a size sixteen-and-a-half shirt for some anonymous soldier.

All the Cats Join In Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

A cool cat teen hears a tune on the jukebox at the malt shop and calls his girl; she rounds up a crowd and soon the place is jumping.

Strangler of the Swamp Trailer (1946)

02 January 1946

A number of swamp land men have died by strangulation and the inhabitants believe that an innocent man they hanged is seeking revenge on all of the male descendants of those responsible for his death.

The Christmas Dream Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Christmas has arrived. As a little girl and her parents enter the room, the little girl finds all kinds of toys under the Christmas Tree.

No. 3: Interwoven Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Hand-painted 35 mm stock photographed in 16 mm, color, 3:20 or 10 min. Reportedly cut down from about 30 min.

People Are Funny Trailer (1946)

11 January 1946

A comedy based on NBC's "People Are Funny" radio (and later television) program with Art Linkletter with a fictional story of how the program came to be on a national network from its humble beginning at a Nevada radio station.

The Scarlet Horseman Trailer (1946)

22 January 1946

Government agents work to interfere with schemes to trick the Comanches into war with the Texans.

100 dragspel och en flicka Trailer (1946)

31 January 1946

Partners Ville and Rulle have developed an improved accordion but competitors try to get their hands on it.

The Face of Marble Trailer (1946)

19 January 1946

John Carradine stars as Dr. Charles Randolph, a scientist dedicated to deciphering the secrets of life and death.

Glens Falls Sequence Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Starting in the late 1930s, illustrator and experimental animator Douglass Crockwell created a series of short abstract animated films at his home in Glen Falls, New York.

Badman's Territory Trailer (1946)

04 January 1946

After some gun play with a posse, the James Gang head for Quinto in a section of land which is not a part of America.

Hoppity Pop Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

An animated film in which colored shapes dance to calliope music. The visuals were drawn by Norman McLaren directly upon the film with pen and ink.

The Gift Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Trnka reached new heights of modernist abstraction with this innovative, surrealist mini-masterwork, which critic Jean-Pierre Coursodon praised as the Citizen Kane of animation.

Colonel Effingham's Raid Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

The story takes place in 1940. On the eve of America's entry in World War II, a colonel retired to his small Southern town, and discovers that there is a plan afoot to tear down Confederate Monument Square.

Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'un clown Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

The movie follows the clock round as music hall clown Beby takes off his make up, goes home for a meal, looks at photos and goes to bed to rise, spend a day in the village and perform with his new partner.

O sole mio Trailer (1946)

07 January 1946

Restless Blood Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Regina Linnanheimo plays Sylvi, whose child is run over by a bus, prompting her to drink poison. She goes blind in the process, causing her husband to lust after her much younger sister.

Abilene Town Trailer (1946)

11 January 1946

Marshall Dan Mitchell (Randolph Scott), who is the law in Abilene, has the job of keeping peace between two groups.

Fear Has Big Eyes Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Soviet cartoon animated film on the Russian folk tale "Cat and the fox". As Lisa deceived the animals and took away the gifts, designed by Kotofei Ivanovich, issued by Fox for the new ruler of the forest.

Reunion Trailer (1946)

02 January 1946

Live footage from concentration camps after the liberation, and the complex transport and lodging of masses of prisoners of war and other deported people back to their home countries, at the end of World War II.

A Close Call for Boston Blackie Trailer (1946)

24 January 1946

Blackie runs into a woman he formally loved who now is married with a kid. When her husband gets out of prison he's killed in Blackie's apartment and of course the police thing Blackie pulled the trigger.

Magical River Trailer (1946)

25 January 1946

Leopold Kohák married a rich widow a long time ago and now has nothing to do compared to his energetic wife.

Deadline for Action Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

How left-wing labor unions engaged in political activism to combat corporate influence on the U.S. Congress in the years following World War II.

Seeds of Destiny Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Oscar winning postwar propaganda film in support of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

This Is China Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

A fascinating compilation of scenes showing diversity and disparity in 1940s China. The ancient Forbidden City and Great Wall are followed by Shanghai’s metropolitan skyline; primitive farming methods are juxtaposed with mechanised factories; children in rags are contrasted with models wearing the latest fashions; Nationalist commanders and Communist leaders vie for support.

Neecha Nagar Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Neecha Nagar, released in 1946 is a Hindi film directed by Chetan Anand. This film is considered as one of the pioneering efforts in the field of expressionist social realism in Indian Cinema.

A Little Phantasy on a 19th-century Painting Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Taking "Isle of the Dead," a work by the Swiss symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin, as his starting point, Norman McLaren creates a deeply disturbing surrealist dream.

Bargain Counter Attack Trailer (1946)

10 January 1946

Lulu goes to a department store to exchange her doll for something else. While looking for a new item Lulu manages to terrorize the section manager, ski down the escalators, and cause a noahic flood in the store.

Los habitantes de la casa deshabitada Trailer (1946)

16 January 1946

Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A. Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Dirty Gertie is a nightclub entertainer from the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. She arrives on the Caribbean island of "Rinidad" to perform as the headliner in a revue at the Paradise Hotel.

The Animals and the Brigands Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

The second cartoon by Jiri Trnka that was a sensation at the festival in Cannes in 1946 when it defeated the world animation elite of the time.

Música en tu corazón Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Feature film.

A Defeated People Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

A Defeated People is a 1946 British documentary short film made by the Crown Film Unit, directed by Humphrey Jennings and narrated by William Hartnell.

One Way to Love Trailer (1946)

08 January 1946

A Chicago team of radio scriptwriters must split up when he takes a job with his bride-to-be's father, and the other must write commercial jingles.

Billet mrk. Trailer (1946)

13 January 1946

El diamante del Maharajá Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Feature film.

The Talking Magpies Trailer (1946)

04 January 1946

The magpies move into a nest in a tree right outside an old man's bedroom window. Chaos ensues as the magpies and the old man each try to best each other, the old man trying to get the magpies to be quiet, and the two of them being anything BUT quiet.

Ebberöds Bank Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Shahjehan Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Shahjehan (a raw Rehman in one of his first releases) is approached by a Rajput chieftain, Jwala Singh, narrating the plight of his foster daughter, Ruhi (Ragini), who is blessed with unheard of beauty.

The Magic Flute Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Animated short about the tale of the Magic Flute

Because of Him Trailer (1946)

18 January 1946

A young woman who wants to break into the theater schemes to become the protege of a famous Broadway star.

Here Comes the Circus Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

Watch and enjoy the large variety of acts in an old-fashioned circus!

A Winter Night's Dream Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

A young girl harbors a secret crush (sincere and pure feelings) on a famous writer. She read his every book, so when she hears of the opportunity of delivering a gift to his house she does everything in her power to become the tansporter (and succeeds).

Live Wires Trailer (1946)

12 January 1946

Slip gets fired from his job at a construction company for decking his boss. His sister, who got him a job at the company, is angry with him.

Fantasma por Acaso Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

A man dies and in heaven receives the mission of helping his former boss love life.

¡Ay qué rechula es Puebla! Trailer (1946)

31 January 1946

Two charros from Hacienda A come a-courtin' to hacienda B, owned by a friend of their father's. Also a horse-race.

The Fighting Guardsman Trailer (1946)

04 January 1946

A French Baron robs Louis XVI like Robin Hood.

A Guy Could Change Trailer (1946)

27 January 1946

A playboy is reformed by his daughter and fiancee.