Movie Trailers - September 1945

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1945

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Rome, Open City Trailer (1945)

27 September 1945

ROME, OPEN CITY is a landmark in film history. Filmed in secrecy during the Nazi occupation of Italy, the film shows a realistic portrayal of the underground resistance in Italy in 1945.

A Cage of Nightingales Trailer (1945)

06 September 1945

In France, in 1930, a supervisor of a boarding school for young offenders seeks to awaken the music by forming a choir, despite the skepticism of his boarding school director.

Rhapsody in Blue Trailer (1945)

22 September 1945

Fictionalized biography of George Gershwin and his fight to bring serious music to Broadway.

Dead of Night Trailer (1945)

04 September 1945

Architect Walter Craig, seeking the possibility of some work at a country farmhouse, soon finds himself once again stuck in his recurring nightmare.

Mildred Pierce Trailer (1945)

24 September 1945

After her cheating husband leaves her, Mildred Pierce proves she can become independent and successful, but can't win the approval of her spoiled daughter.

Hockey Homicide Trailer (1945)

21 September 1945

A crowd gathers at the skating rink to watch the big championship hockey game of the Pelicans versus the Aardvarks.

Isle of the Dead Trailer (1945)

01 September 1945

On a Greek island during the 1912 war, several people are trapped by quarantine for the plague. If that isn't enough worry, one of the people, a superstitious old peasant woman, suspects one young girl of being a vampiric kind of demon called a vorvolaka.

Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne Trailer (1945)

21 September 1945

A society lady engineers a marriage between her lover and a cabaret dancer who is essentially a prostitute.

Our Vines Have Tender Grapes Trailer (1945)

06 September 1945

Life in small town Wisconsin. Selma and Arnold, aged 7 and 5, pal around together between their two farms.

The House on 92nd Street Trailer (1945)

10 September 1945

The US Government tries to track down embedded Nazi agents in the States.

The Crime Doctor's Warning Trailer (1945)

27 September 1945

A criminal psychologist treats an artist whose blackouts coincide with a series of murders.

The Bashful Buzzard Trailer (1945)

13 September 1945

Beaky Buzzard, the shyest, dopiest young buzzard in his family, is sent out to catch something to eat.

Painted Boats Trailer (1945)

01 September 1945

In this modest drama, set during World War II, two rival boat families battle it out for supremacy.

Arnhem Trailer (1945)

28 September 1945

Portrait of Arnhem destroyed by war. Citizens and volunteers clear the rubble and start the reconstruction of their city.

Behind City Lights Trailer (1945)

10 September 1945

This Republic programmer stars Lynne Roberts as a country gal who is slickered by a couple of city-fied jewel thieves, played by Peter Cookson and Jerome Cowan.

Frontier Fugitives Trailer (1945)

01 September 1945

Rhythm Round-Up Trailer (1945)

06 September 1945

Arriving in Arizona, the band members discover that the hotel is haunted and that it properly belongs to young Jimmy Benson (Curtis), the nephew of the previous owner.

Bandits of the Badlands Trailer (1945)

14 September 1945

Sunset Carson plays a wandering cavalier who rides into the Badlands (hence the title). Heroine Peggy Stewart is bedeviled by bandits who've been raiding the livestock of her ranch.

Jungle Raiders Trailer (1945)

14 September 1945

Greedy traders have kidnapped a researcher, hoping he will reveal the location of a treasure in a hidden village.

Blazing the Western Trail Trailer (1945)

08 September 1945

Stage line owner Brent has his men robbing Halliday stages and when his manager Waring learns of it, Brent has him killed.

La freccia nel fianco Trailer (1945)

08 September 1945

Started in the summer of 1943 by Lattuada and , the because of the war that raged in Italy at the time, the shooting was interrupted several times only to stop for good in September of the same year.

I Love a Bandleader Trailer (1945)

13 September 1945

A painter suffering from amnesia convinces himself that he's a famous bandleader and finds romance with a pretty singer.

That Night with You Trailer (1945)

28 September 1945

In this musical comedy, a young singer becomes so desperate to appear on Broadway that she goes to a prominent producer and tells him that she is the daughter who resulted from his day-long marriage to a young woman he knew years ago.

Scotland Yard Investigator Trailer (1945)

30 September 1945

A London curator (C. Aubrey Smith) loses the Mona Lisa to a collector (Erich von Stroheim), who discovers it's a fake.

Flor de durazno Trailer (1945)

08 September 1945

City slicker scams on young farmgirl while her fiance's in USA on a work permit.

Arson Squad Trailer (1945)

11 September 1945

Tom Mitchell is an insurance investigator and Fire Capt. Joe Dugan is chief of the police department's arson troubleshooters.

Apology for Murder Trailer (1945)

27 September 1945

Reporter Kenny Blake (Hugh Beaumont) falls in love with scheming and possibly murderous Toni Kirkland (Ann Savage).

Rustlers' Hideout Trailer (1945)

02 September 1945

A cowboy and his sidekick fight evil guys who want to rustle cattle in order to get hold of land.

St. Val's Mystery Trailer (1945)

19 September 1945

Como yo te quería Trailer (1945)

26 September 1945

Romantic comedy/drama.

Along the Navajo Trail Trailer (1945)

15 September 1945

U.S. Deputy Marshal Roy investigates the disappearance of a government agent who has come to Dale's father's Ladder A Ranch.

First Yank Into Tokyo Trailer (1945)

05 September 1945

A U.S. pilot (Tom Neal) undergoes plastic surgery and drops into Japan to get a captive scientist's (Marc Cramer) atomic secrets.

Love, Honor and Goodbye Trailer (1945)

15 September 1945

A lawyer's wife walks out on him, then poses as a French nurse to spy on him.

Do Not Disturb Trailer (1945)

08 September 1945

Do Not Disturb, produced by Institute of Design head Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and his students in 1945, is the perfect encapsulation of this brio.

Duffy's Tavern Trailer (1945)

27 September 1945

The staff of a record factory drown their sorrows at Duffy's Tavern, while the company owner faces threats of bankruptcy.

Lenteboden Trailer (1945)

21 September 1945

With spring, the first lapwing eggs appear. A short impression of the Friesian tradition of egg collecting.

Hasta que perdió Jalisco Trailer (1945)

13 September 1945

Young landowner wants to get married, but family problems are interfering with his plans.

Song of the Prairie Trailer (1945)

27 September 1945

Joan Wingate's wealthy father doesn't want his daughter to go into show business. As they vacation in the west she gets a job with Dan Tyler's show and uses Wingate money to keep him afloat.

Phantom of the Plains Trailer (1945)

07 September 1945

Red Ryder tries to warn a duchess that her newfound beau has a history of murdering his wives.

Outlaws of the Rockies Trailer (1945)

18 September 1945

Outlaws of the Rockies is the fourth of Columbia's revitalized "Durango Kid" series. Charles Starrett is back in the saddle as the masked do-gooder Durango, aka easygoing sheriff Steve Williams.

Come Out Fighting Trailer (1945)

29 September 1945

The police commissioner asks some local street kids to toughen up his sissy son.

Swooning the Swooners Trailer (1945)

14 September 1945

Frankie, the skinny, crooning alley-cat, is serenading his fan-pack of female animals late at night, who are swooning off the fence in droves, but the homeowner trying to sleep is not impressed and he belts Frankie with a tomato and chases him away.

Adventures of Rusty Trailer (1945)

06 September 1945

Fearing that his recently-acquired step-mother, Ann Dennis, is competing with him for his father's affections, and saddened by the death of his dog, young Danny Mitchell, in the first film of the long-running "Rusty" series, seeks consolation in the companionship of a ferocious, Nazi-trained police dog, Rusty, brought to the U.

Fram för lilla Märta Trailer (1945)

29 September 1945

The unemployed musician Sture manages to become a member of a women's orchestra. Therefore he dresses himself up in ladieswear and calls himself Märta.

No Sail Trailer (1945)

07 September 1945

Donald and Goofy rent a sailboat. This boat is a bit unusual: to rent it, you put a nickel in a slot, and the mast and sail pop up.

Swingin' on a Rainbow Trailer (1945)

01 September 1945

A young girl goes to New York to find a band leader who has stolen all the songs she wrote and is passing them off as his own.

Aesop's Fable: The Watchdog Trailer (1945)

28 September 1945

A Terrytoons cartoon released 28 September 1945. The classic "dog vs. rabbit" routine, but this time with a whole gang of mischievous hares!

Where Time Stands Still Trailer (1945)

22 September 1945

In this Traveltalks series entry, we visit a region in Guatemala where the native Indian tribes live like their ancestors, without using most of the benefits of modern man.

The Shanghai Cobra Trailer (1945)

29 September 1945

Someone is attempting to steal radium stored in a bank. Death by cobra venom connects a number of murders.

Shady Lady Trailer (1945)

07 September 1945

A crook becomes the victim of a crafty card player who works for the District Attorney.

La vita ricomincia Trailer (1945)

21 September 1945

A compelling portrayal of postwar Rome

The Fatal Witness Trailer (1945)

15 September 1945

A playboy produces an airtight alibi when he is questioned about the murder of his wealthy aunt.

A Gun in His Hand Trailer (1945)

15 September 1945

A young man graduates from the police academy at the top of his class. He then teams up with some local thieves and uses his knowledge of police procedures to commit several warehouse robberies.

Winky the Watchman Trailer (1945)

07 September 1945

A dentist explains to a group of schoolchildren about the continuous battle going on inside out months between "good" blobs that are trying to protect our teeth and "bad" blobs that are trying to fill them full of cavities.

Vértigo Trailer (1945)

06 September 1945

Young woman's fiance unexpectedly falls in love with her mom, and ends up arranging the young woman's death.

Gaslight Follies Trailer (1945)

28 September 1945

Four-part documentary (each part of which was also available as a short subject) relating to films and other customs of the 1910s and 1920s.

Bröderna Östermans huskors Trailer (1945)

20 September 1945

The Österman brothers have come to realize that they need a housekeeper. Oldest brother Kalle travel to town and return with the young and modern Anna.

Screen Snapshots Series 25, No. 1: 25th Anniversary Trailer (1945)

07 September 1945

A look back at 25 years of Columbia's series of newsreels chronicling the film industry and the lives of Hollywood stars.

Spade Cooley: King of Western Swing Trailer (1945)

01 September 1945

This short chronicles the rise in popularity of Spade Cooley and his unique blend of country and swing music.

Carnival Courage Trailer (1945)

06 September 1945

Willoughby Wren gets a job at a circus and, with the help of this magic hat, saves the circus from an escaped gorilla.