Movie Trailers - April 1945

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1945

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Tarzan and the Amazons Trailer (1945)

29 April 1945

A group of archaeologists asks Tarzan to help them find an ancient city in a hidden valley of women. He refuses, but Boy is tricked into doing the job.

Identity Unknown Trailer (1945)

02 April 1945

A soldier survives a bombing in which his three fellow soldiers were killed. When he recovers he discovers he has amnesia, and since his companions' bodies were burned beyond recognition, the army doesn't know which one of the four he is.

Blood on the Sun Trailer (1945)

26 April 1945

Nick Condon, an American journalist in 1945 Tokyo, publishes the Japanese master plan for world domination.

The Southerner Trailer (1945)

30 April 1945

Sam Tucker, a cotton picker, in search of a better future for his family, decides to grow his own cotton crop.

Keep Your Powder Dry Trailer (1945)

01 April 1945

A debutante (Lana Turner), a serviceman's bride (Susan Peters) and a girl (Laraine Day) from a military family join the Women's Army Corps.

The Enchanted Cottage Trailer (1945)

28 April 1945

A homely maid and a scarred ex-GI meet at the cottage where she works and where he was to spend his honeymoon prior to his accident.

Sudan Trailer (1945)

18 April 1945

A desert pickpocket (Jon Hall), his sidekick and an escaped slave (Turhan Bey) help an incognito queen (Maria Montez) in danger.

God Is My Co-Pilot Trailer (1945)

07 April 1945

Robert L. Scott has dreamed his whole life of being a fighter pilot, but when war comes he finds himself flying transport planes over The Hump into China.

The Power of the Whistler Trailer (1945)

19 April 1945

A young woman seeks an amnesiac's true identity in the clues in his pockets. Part of The Whistler film series.

Brewster's Millions Trailer (1945)

07 April 1945

Monty Brewster is a pennyless, former U.S. Army soldier back from World War II Europe who learns that he has inherited $8 million from a distant relative.

Beyond the Pecos Trailer (1945)

26 April 1945

Shortly before Universal Pictures disbanded its "B" unit, the studio inaugurated an energetic western series starring Rod Cameron.

The Shooting of Dan McGoo Trailer (1945)

14 April 1945

Dangerous Dan McGoo (Droopy) faces the wolf, a dangerous outlaw who is trying to steal his girl Lou, during the Alaska gold rush.

Betrayal from the East Trailer (1945)

24 April 1945

A carnival showman tries to keep Japanese spies from sabotaging the Panama Canal.

The Clock Trailer (1945)

25 April 1945

A G.I. en route to Europe falls in love during a whirlwind two-day leave in New York City.

The Man from Morocco Trailer (1945)

17 April 1945

With the ending of the Spanish Civil War, a dispirited band of volunteers from the International Brigades seeks refuge in France.

African Diary Trailer (1945)

20 April 1945

Goofy narrates his own quest to Africa accompanied by various tour guides. He is in search of wild game.

Twilight Trailer (1945)

13 April 1945

Neurotic society doctor struggles with anomie and existential despair.

Escape in the Fog Trailer (1945)

05 April 1945

A nurse recovering in a hospital from a nervous breakdown keeps having dreams where she sees two men trying to murder a third.

Girl No. 217 Trailer (1945)

09 April 1945

A Russian peasant woman is captured by Nazis and sold into slavery in Germany. Shown in Cannes in 1946.

The Horn Blows at Midnight Trailer (1945)

28 April 1945

A trumpet player in a radio orchestra (Jack Benny) falls asleep during a commercial and dreams he's the angel Athanael.

Ivan the Terrible, Part I Trailer (1945)

23 April 1945

During the early part of his reign, Ivan the Terrible faces betrayal from the aristocracy and even his closest friends as he seeks to unite the Russian people.

Rockin' In The Rockies Trailer (1945)

17 April 1945

A group of entertainers decide to put on a show at a western ranch.

Two O'Clock Courage Trailer (1945)

13 April 1945

After nearly running over him with her cab, Patty Mitchell picks up a fare who claims to have amnesia.

Jerky Turkey Trailer (1945)

07 April 1945

A dopey Pilgrim goes hunting a turkey who speaks in a Jimmy Durante impersonation and runs the local black market.

The Monster and the Ape Trailer (1945)

20 April 1945

A famous scientist invents a humanoid robot (the titular "monster"), so a greedy rival scientist plans to steal it for use in his criminal plans.

Circumstantial Evidence Trailer (1945)

22 April 1945

An innocent reporter escapes from prison on the eve of his planned execution.

Earl Carroll Vanities Trailer (1945)

05 April 1945

Broadway producer Earl Carroll was a Ziegfeld-like entrepreneur who staged lavish revues featuring attractive young ladies.

It's in the Bag! Trailer (1945)

21 April 1945

The ringmaster of a flea circus inherits a fortune...if he can find which chair it's hidden in.

La vida en un hilo Trailer (1945)

26 April 1945

After burying his late husband, a young widow leaves his pronvincial life and heads to the city. It was a very hard stage in her life, and she had to bear it with resignation, but now she's willing to make up for lost time.

Salome, Where She Danced Trailer (1945)

17 April 1945

During the Austrian-Prussian war, Anna Marie is a dancer who is forced to flee her country after she is accused of being a spy.

Hollywood and Vine Trailer (1945)

25 April 1945

A young girl arrives in Hollywood determined to become a star in the movies, but finds that attaining stardom is a lot more difficult then she counted on.

The Return of the Durango Kid Trailer (1945)

19 April 1945

A masked outlaw steals from bank robbers to help the poor.

Crime, Inc. Trailer (1945)

15 April 1945

A crime reporter writes book to expose names and methods of the criminal leaders. He is held on a charge after refusing to explain how he got his information, but is released and helps to expose the syndicate.

A Few Quick Facts: Fear Trailer (1945)

15 April 1945

Private Snafu learns about fear

Man elsker kun een gang Trailer (1945)

04 April 1945

Peter Soeborg and Susanne have been happily married for a month. He is a postman, but very gifted voice and in a couple of years participated as korherre Alhambra Theatre's operettas.

Eve Knew Her Apples Trailer (1945)

12 April 1945

Radio singing star, Eve Porter, wants a vacation during her show's summer hiatus, but her manager and press have booked her for additional work.

The Master Key Trailer (1945)

24 April 1945

Before the outbreak of WWII, Nazi sympathizers plot to undermine America.

Having Wonderful Crime Trailer (1945)

12 April 1945

Newlyweds (George Murphy, Carole Landis) drag their lawyer friend (Pat O'Brien) to a mountain resort on a search for a missing magician.

Your Job in Germany Trailer (1945)

15 April 1945

Your Job In Germany is a short film made for the United States War Department in 1945 just before Victory in Europe Day (VE).

A Medal For Benny Trailer (1945)

16 April 1945

Benny's girl friend (Dorothy Lamour) is being romanced by the town ne'er do well (Arturo de Cordova) who keeps coming up with get-rich-quick schemes.

Shadows of Death Trailer (1945)

19 April 1945

With the railroad coming to Red Rock, trouble is expected and Billy has been sent to help his friend Fuzzy who is the town's sheriff, judge, and barber.

Corpus Christi Bandits Trailer (1945)

20 April 1945

After the Civil War, veteran Jim Christi (Allan Lane) returns to Texas, where he is unjustly accused of murder.

Slippers Trailer (1945)

21 April 1945

Film-opera based on Tschaikovsky's adaptation of Gogol's story, 'Noch' pyered Rozhdestvom.'

Hollywood Scout Trailer (1945)

14 April 1945

This short film focuses on a day in the life of a Hollywood talent scout assigned to cast animals.

I'll Remember April Trailer (1945)

01 April 1945

The daughter of a formerly wealthy man tries to get a job singing on a radio show, but gets involved in a feud and murder.

Prevention and Control of Distortion in Arc Welding Trailer (1945)

12 April 1945

An instructional film created for Lincoln Electric Company by Walt Disney Productions. The main message of the film is "Controlled shrinkage prevents distortion.

The Golden Road Trailer (1945)

20 April 1945

Soviet border guards are fighting a gold smugglers near the Chinese and Mongolian borders.

G.I. Honeymoon Trailer (1945)

06 April 1945

In this romantic comedy, set during WW II, an newlywed army couple are unable to consummate their marriage, as on their wedding night the husband is called away to sentry duty.

Fisherman's Luck Trailer (1945)

06 April 1945

Opening with a few painful punful examples of various types of fish...a sunfish 'sets' and a starfish 'comes out', Gandy Goose and his pal go deep-sea fishing with the intent to land one of the denizens of the deep, with no luck until a whale appears.

Fall Guy Trailer (1945)

14 April 1945

Part of the Crime Does Not Pay short series.

Le père Chopin Trailer (1945)

19 April 1945

It's All in the Stars Trailer (1945)

12 April 1945

A Terrytoons cartoon released 12 April 1945.

Der Erbförster Trailer (1945)

05 April 1945

1945 German film.

Song of the Sarong Trailer (1945)

01 April 1945

An adventurer is promised $1 million if he can recover a fortune in pearls, but they are guarded by a tribe of fierce natives.

Despertar a la vida Trailer (1945)

11 April 1945

Swan Song Trailer (1945)

27 April 1945

A middle-age woman and a young composer live a tragic romance.

Victory in the Ukraine and the Expulsion of the Germans from the Boundaries of the Ukrainian Soviet Earth Trailer (1945)

01 April 1945

Dovzhenko and Solntseva's documentary about the end of the war.

Read All About It Trailer (1945)

08 April 1945

An account of the technique of reading the tabloid press in an intelligent manor via differing editorial techniques that leads to three styles of newspapers giving varying accounts of a strip-tease act.

Beau Ties Trailer (1945)

19 April 1945

Lulu is angry when she sees her boyfriend Fatso out with another girl. To make it up to Lulu, Fatso promises to marry Lulu when they grow up.

Mickey the Great Trailer (1945)

06 April 1945

A group of young actresses reminisces about their days as part of a gang of kids, headed by Mickey McGuire.