Movie Trailers - March 1945

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1945

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Children of Paradise Trailer (1945)

15 March 1945

Filmed during the German occupation, this French milestone centers around the theatrical life of a beautiful courtesan and the four men who love her.

Dog Watch Trailer (1945)

16 March 1945

As a ship's crew is on shore leave, seadog Pluto is left to stand watch. He sees a threatening shape, but it turns out to be a cache of bones.

The House of Fear Trailer (1945)

16 March 1945

The Good Comrades are a collection of varied gentlemen who crave one thing - solitude. They reside at Drearcliff House, ancestral home of their eldest member.

Between Two Women Trailer (1945)

28 March 1945

A young doctor proves his worth at a metropolitan hospital.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Trailer (1945)

01 March 1945

Dorian Gray, wishing to remain young and handsome for eternity, essentially sells his soul so that a portrait can age instead of him.

A Royal Scandal Trailer (1945)

26 March 1945

Catherine the Great falls in love with an army officer who is plotting against her.

Manhunt of Mystery Island Trailer (1945)

17 March 1945

Claire Forrest seeks her kidnapped scientist father, hidden somewhere on Mystery Island. He is held and forced to work on diabolical inventions by Captain Mephisto, a costumed villain.

Dillinger Trailer (1945)

02 March 1945

The life of American public enemy number one who was shot by the police in 1934.

The Affairs of Susan Trailer (1945)

28 March 1945

Susan is about to be married, but the wedding may get called off after her fiancee summons three former beaus.

Rough, Tough and Ready Trailer (1945)

22 March 1945

The story is the old bromide about two brawling buddies, duking it out over the same girl, in this case pert Jo Matheson (Jean Rogers).

Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors Trailer (1945)

12 March 1945

The first Japanese feature-length animated film. It was directed by Mitsuyo Seo, who was ordered to make a propaganda film for the war by the Japanese Naval Ministry.

Two People Trailer (1945)

23 March 1945

When the prestigious Dr. Arne Lundell completes the most important work of his life, a colleague from the University of Stockholm, Dr.

Delightfully Dangerous Trailer (1945)

31 March 1945

Young Sherry Williams dreams of having a singing career, and she idolizes her older sister Josephine, who has gone to New York to perform on the stage.

Bring on the Girls Trailer (1945)

30 March 1945

A millionaire joins the Navy hoping to find a girl who'll marry him for himself, not for his money. A beautiful gold-digger who works at a resort hotel sets out to get him.

Pan-Americana Trailer (1945)

22 March 1945

A New York magazine sends its editors to South America to find beautiful girls.

Raiding the Raiders Trailer (1945)

09 March 1945

A colony of rabbits (and their newborns) is terrorized by a wake of marauding vultures (who fly around like bad enemy Second World War airplanes- even though they are supposed be an Indian tribe).

Strange Illusion Trailer (1945)

31 March 1945

An adolescent believes that his widowed mother's suitor may have murdered his father.

Utah Trailer (1945)

21 March 1945

A singing ranch foreman (Roy Rogers) and his friend (George "Gabby" Hayes) urge a chorus-girl heiress (Dale Evans) not to sell the property.

Woody Dines Out Trailer (1945)

31 March 1945

Woody Woodpecker goes out to dine and accidentally stumbles into a taxidermist's shop, thinking it is a restaurant.

Fashion Model Trailer (1945)

02 March 1945

When two employees of a clothing factory are murdered, the shadow of suspicion falls upon a lowly stock boy.

El rebelde (Romance de Antaño) Trailer (1945)

09 March 1945

A landowner indirect kills another because of false rumors. Time passes. The son of the dead want the offender to pay their share.

Me he de comer esa tuna Trailer (1945)

01 March 1945

Ranchera comedy, romantic triangle.

Hotel Berlin Trailer (1945)

02 March 1945

An assortment of diverse characters gather at the Hotel Berlin in World War II Germany.

En ny dag gryer Trailer (1945)

28 March 1945

dansk film der skal ses

Ein Mann wie Maximilian Trailer (1945)

13 March 1945

Salty O'Rourke Trailer (1945)

22 March 1945

A gambler (Alan Ladd) and his buddy (William Demarest) find a wise-guy jockey for their long-shot horse.

Tops in the Big Top Trailer (1945)

15 March 1945

Bluto is the ringmaster; Popeye is the star attraction. Bluto covets Popeye's assistant Olive. Popeye sticks his head in a lion's mouth, but Bluto has put a steak on Popeye's head.

Post War Inventions Trailer (1945)

23 March 1945

Gandy Goose is reading a book about Post-War Inventions. Sourpuss doesn't like it one bit, and that night he dreams that he has come to a hall of new inventions.

Sliphorn King of Polaroo Trailer (1945)

18 March 1945

This Swing Symphony cartoon from Walter Lantz features the sweet trombone playing (for Jackson)of Jack Teagarden and baritone Lee Sweetland as the speaking and singing voice of Jackson, the trombone-playing merchant-marine sailor who is shipwrecked in the icy wastes of the far north.

Rough Ridin' Justice Trailer (1945)

14 March 1945

Steve Holden (Charles Starrett) and his men successfully raid a wagon train. Among the local ranchers who decide to stop the raiding are Virgil Trent (Wheeler Oakman) and his daughter Gail (Betty Jane Graham).

Ángela es así Trailer (1945)

25 March 1945

Thunderhead - Son of Flicka Trailer (1945)

15 March 1945

A young boy tries to train Thunderhead, a beautiful white colt and the son of his beloved Flicka, to be a champion race horse.

The False Bride Trailer (1945)

03 March 1945

A comedy directed by Joe Stöckel.

It's a Pleasure Trailer (1945)

03 March 1945

It's a Pleasure is a 1945 film starring Sonja Henie. Don Martin is a star hockey player with the Wildcats until he is barred from Hockey for hitting a referee.

The Eyes Have It Trailer (1945)

30 March 1945

Donald receives a mail order hypnosis kit complete with hypnotic goggles and decides to test it on Pluto.

The Man Who Walked Alone Trailer (1945)

15 March 1945

In this comedy drama a war hero returns home following a medical discharge and ends up entangled with a young woman speeding away from her wedding day in her fiance's car.

Life with Feathers Trailer (1945)

24 March 1945

A spurned love bird tries to get Sylvester to put him out of his misery.

Das alte Lied Trailer (1945)

29 March 1945

Daffidilly Daddy Trailer (1945)

25 March 1945

Little Lulu's daddy gives her a blue posey to exhibit at a flower show. She loses it on the way and a bulldog prevents her from reacquiring it, but she outwits him and proceeds to the show.

Magica-Lulu Trailer (1945)

01 March 1945

Lulu goes to see the magic show with the magician's act.Lulu wants to be part of the magic show but she finds trouble.

The Corn Is In Danger Trailer (1945)

28 March 1945

'Kornet er i fare' is a classic of Danish documentary. It informs the viewer about various corn vermin and their danger.

Seeing El Salvador Trailer (1945)

30 March 1945

This Traveltalks short starts in San Salvador, El Salvador's capital, emphasizing the Spanish architectural heritage.

Scrappily Married Trailer (1945)

29 March 1945

Henry the rooster attempts to sneak out but his wife, Chickenpie, catches him and orders him to sit on the eggs, a job he hates.

See My Lawyer Trailer (1945)

09 March 1945

Olsen and Johnson

Camino del infierno Trailer (1945)

15 March 1945