Movie Trailers - November 1944

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1944

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Meet Me in St. Louis Trailer (1944)

23 November 1944

In the year before the 1904 St Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York.

The Woman in the Window Trailer (1944)

03 November 1944

A seductive woman gets an innocent professor mixed up in murder.

Henry V Trailer (1944)

24 November 1944

Olivier mustered out of the navy to film this adaptation of Shakespeare’s history. Embroiled in World War II, Britons took courage from this tale of a king who surmounts overwhelming odds and emerges victorious.

Mouse Trouble Trailer (1944)

23 November 1944

Tom's new book on "how to catch a mouse" doesn't prove too helpful against Jerry; actually, Jerry seems to make better use of it than Tom.

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Trailer (1944)

15 November 1944

In the wake of Pearl Harbor, a young lieutenant leaves his expectant wife to volunteer for a secret bombing mission which will take the war to the Japanese homeland.

One Body Too Many Trailer (1944)

24 November 1944

An insurance salesman, Albert Tuttle, is hired as a body guard for a millionaire.

Dark Waters Trailer (1944)

21 November 1944

Leslie Calvin, the sole survivor of a submarine accident, goes to her relatives in order to recover emotionally.

The Doughgirls Trailer (1944)

25 November 1944

Arthur and Vivian are just married, but when the get to their honeymoon suite in Washington D.C., they find it occupied.

The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks Trailer (1944)

23 November 1944

In the Madrid of the 19th century a young man plays roulette. A mysterious character helps him by pointing with his walking stick the next number where the ball is going to fall.

Bluebeard Trailer (1944)

11 November 1944

Young female models are being strangled inexplicably. Will law enforcement be able to stop the crime wave before more women become victims?

Two Thousand Women Trailer (1944)

06 November 1944

Downed English airmen hide out with women in a Nazi concentration camp in France.

Dead Man's Eyes Trailer (1944)

10 November 1944

Artist David Stuart is blinded by a jealous assistant / model. His fiance's father generously offers his eyes for a sight restoring operation.

The Stupid Cupid Trailer (1944)

25 November 1944

Cupid (Elmer Fudd) is on the prowl around the farm. With his ever-accurate arrows, he spreads love to sometimes unwilling recipients.

Zorro's Black Whip Trailer (1944)

16 November 1944

Popular latter-day serial queen Linda Stirling starred in the title role in this well-made 12 chapter serial produced by genre specialist Republic Pictures.

Something for the Boys Trailer (1944)

01 November 1944

The oddly-assorted Hart cousins: revue singer Blossom, con man Harry, and machinist Chiquita (who gets radio through her teeth!), inherit southern plantation Magnolia Manor, which alas proves to be a "termite trap" and tax liability.

Don't Take It to Heart Trailer (1944)

13 November 1944

A stray World War Two bomb releases the ghost of the 3rd Earl of Chaunduyt after 400 years. A visiting professor, while wooing the beautiful Lady Mary, daughter of the present Earl, finds him an ally in his fight on behalf of the villagers to protect their ancient rights against a meddling newcomer.

Brazil Trailer (1944)

30 November 1944

Brazil is perhaps the best of the handful of American films made by Brazilian singing sensation Tito Guizar.

Bowery Champs Trailer (1944)

25 November 1944

Copy boys Muggs and Glimpy investigate a murder. They locate the ex-wife of the murdered man and become convinced she is innocent.

Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Trailer (1944)

02 November 1944

In 1923, two young ladies depart unescorted for a tour of Europe, meeting two eligible men aboard ship.

The Princess and the Pirate Trailer (1944)

10 November 1944

Princess Margaret is travelling incognito to elope with her true love instead of marrying the man her father has betrothed her to.

Otte akkorder Trailer (1944)

04 November 1944

I Won't Play Trailer (1944)

11 November 1944

In this Warner Bros. short, a Marine in a South Sea island during World War II, Joe Fingers, tells tales of the influence he's had on various personalities.

Ski For Two Trailer (1944)

12 November 1944

Planning a vacation, Woody reads in the newspaper about Swiss Chard Lodge which promises lots of good food (which, as Woody says, is his "favorite dish").

Six O'Clock in the Evening After the War Trailer (1944)

16 November 1944

Designed as a successor to "They Met In Moscow", with the same director, star and composer, "Six P. M.

Love Story Trailer (1944)

20 November 1944

After discovering that she has only a short time left to live, concert pianist Lissa travels to Cornwall for the final fling of her life.

End of the Road Trailer (1944)

10 November 1944

A crime writer believes that a man imprisoned for committing the notorious "Flower Shop Murder" is innocent of the crime.

Alaska Trailer (1944)

18 November 1944

A man who has been framed on a murder charge is placed in the custody of a crooked U.S. marshal, who is secretly running a murderous claim-jumping gang.

No Dough Boys Trailer (1944)

24 November 1944

The stooges are dressed as Japanese soldiers for their job as magazine models. On their lunch break they go into a restaurant with their Japanese uniforms on causing the proprietor to mistake them for the real thing, and a chase ensues.

Enemy of Women Trailer (1944)

10 November 1944

Playwright Joseph Goebbels (Paul Andor) turns Nazi propagandist and loses his girlfriend (Claudia Drake) to another man (Donald Woods).

The Missing Juror Trailer (1944)

16 November 1944

A detective tries to stop whomever is murdering the jurors on a notorious murder case.

Medal for the General Trailer (1944)

06 November 1944

A retired general helps out by sheltering some evacuees during WWII.

Yankee Doodle Donkey Trailer (1944)

26 November 1944

A donkey tries to enlist in the WAGS, a group of Army dogs. However, after a series of tests, he is deemed unfit for service.

Umwege zu Dir Trailer (1944)

21 November 1944

Careless Fritzi, the wife of a much older professor, has secretly been meeting with the unmarried Baron von Burghammer.

The Silly Goose Trailer (1944)

08 November 1944

Short directed by Hans Fischerkoesen.

Enter Arsene Lupin Trailer (1944)

24 November 1944

French jewel thief Lupin (Charles Korvin) robs an heiress (Ella Raines) on a train, then follows her to England and saves her life.

Faces in the Fog Trailer (1944)

30 November 1944

Tom and Cora Elliott love their active social life so much that they neglect their daughter Mary and son Les.

And Now Tomorrow Trailer (1944)

22 November 1944

Emily Blair is rich and deaf. Doctor Vance, who grew up poor in Blairtown, is working on a serum to cure deafness which he tries on Emily.

The Great Mike Trailer (1944)

15 November 1944

Story of a boy and his horse. Mike is the horse and is owned by Speck (Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer) and his best friend Jimmy (Rober "Buzz" Henry), together they have a paper route, on which they deliver papers to customers via a wagon pulled by Mike.

Zoya Trailer (1944)

23 November 1944

The true story of one of Russia's most beloved national heroines. During the Nazi siege of Moscow, a fearless 18-year-old girl named Zoya risked her life as a partisan fighter.

Fuku-chan's Submarine Trailer (1944)

09 November 1944

Fuku-chan was one of the most popular newspaper comic strip boy-characters in Japan at the time. The film portrays a submarine attack on an enemy cargo ship.

Sergeant Mike Trailer (1944)

09 November 1944

In this patriotic war drama, a soldier becomes quite upset when he is transferred from the highly coveted machine-gun unit to the canine corps.

Ghost Guns Trailer (1944)

17 November 1944

Supernatural events on the range prompt an investigation by cowboy Brown in this western.

La vida inútil de Pito Pérez Trailer (1944)

07 November 1944

Episodes from the life of an alcoholic hobo.

Zorro's Black Whip Trailer (1944)

15 November 1944

Law of the Valley Trailer (1944)

04 November 1944

Dan Stanton and Condon are foreclosing on a group of ranchers in order to gain a land-monopoly. They have one of the ranchers, whose property supplies the others with water, killed.

At the Circus Trailer (1944)

17 November 1944

Some happy mice are listening to an old radio program that features their hero, Mighty Mouse!

El camino de los gatos Trailer (1944)

26 November 1944

Love story and family-melodrama set during the Mexican War Of Independence, 1860s.

Be Patient, Patient Trailer (1944)

29 November 1944

The Fox is overweight and his doctor has put him on a light diet, which lasts only until the Fox arrives home hungry and prepares himself a large meal.

Three Is a Family Trailer (1944)

23 November 1944

Based on a play by Phoebe and Henry Ephron, Three Is a Family is a 1940s farce that frequently substitutes noise for humor.

Dir zuliebe Trailer (1944)

17 November 1944

1944 film.

Junge Herzen Trailer (1944)

30 November 1944

1944 German film.

Sheriff of Sundown Trailer (1944)

07 November 1944

Bringing his large cattle herd to Sundown, rancher Tex Jordan must sell his cattle to corrupt baron Jack Hatfield.

Lulu at the Zoo Trailer (1944)

16 November 1944

Little Lulu goes on a tour of the zoo, but she gets into trouble by feeding the animals, which is against the rules!

Me ha besado un hombre Trailer (1944)

10 November 1944

Spanish refugee could only get across the border using fake documents that belonged to her brother and now she's stuck with the male identity.

Ella, él y sus millones Trailer (1944)

30 November 1944

La vida empieza a medianoche Trailer (1944)

09 November 1944

Silvia Heredia, since her arrival to Madrid is staying at her best friends' house, Mary. Her aim is to work as a secretary of a famous novelist.

Vigilantes of Dodge City Trailer (1944)

15 November 1944

This "Red Ryder" entry stars Gordon "Wild Bill" Elliot as Ryder. The heroine (Linda Stirling) is having troubles with the freight company that she owns.

Cyclone Prairie Rangers Trailer (1944)

09 November 1944

It's World War 2 and saboteurs are out to destroy the ranchers food crop. Steve Travis and sidekick Cannonball have been called in to investigate.

A Lady Fights Back Trailer (1944)

11 November 1944

The saga of the Normandie is recounted from her life as a luxury liner, the horrific fire that nearly destroyed her, and her resuscitation to join in the war effort.

Il cappello da prete Trailer (1944)

10 November 1944

The baron of Santafusca, descended from a noble family, leads a dissipated life. To pay debts he is forced to sell his house.