Movie Trailers - March 1946

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1946

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Baby Bottleneck Trailer (1946)

16 March 1946

As the baby boom commences, and with the delivery service overworked, Porky and Daffy are placed in charge of a baby factory, where they help the stork keep up.

No Leave, No Love Trailer (1946)

10 March 1946

A soldier returns with his pal from fighting in the Pacific during World War II only to discover his fiancee has married someone else.

Night Editor Trailer (1946)

29 March 1946

"Night Editor" was based on the already existing radio program in which a newspaper editor would recount the 'inside story' of some bit newspaper story, and later became a television series.

Song of Arizona Trailer (1946)

08 March 1946

Song of Arizona is a 1946 American Western film directed by Frank McDonald and starring Roy Rogers. s

Just Before Dawn Trailer (1946)

07 March 1946

In the 7th film of the "Crime Doctor" series based on the radio program, Dr. Robert Ordway is summoned to take attend a diabetic, and gives an injection of insulin taken from a bottle in the patient's pocket.

From This Day Forward Trailer (1946)

02 March 1946

A young American soldier, with an honorable discharge, returns home from World War II to his bride, whom he married after a short courtship and has not seen for several years.

Springtime for Thomas Trailer (1946)

30 March 1946

It's spring, and Tom is much more interested in the female cat next door than in Jerry.

Strange Impersonation Trailer (1946)

16 March 1946

A female research scientist conducting experiments on a new anesthetic has a very bad week. Her scheming assistant intentionally scars her face, her almost-fiancee appears to have deserted her and she finds herself being blackmailed by a women she accidentally knocked down with her car.

The Mask of Diijon Trailer (1946)

11 March 1946

A stage illusionist plots revenge after a particularly humiliating comeback attempt.

House of Horrors Trailer (1946)

29 March 1946

An unsuccessful sculptor saves a madman named "The Creeper" from drowning. Seeing an opportunity for revenge, he tricks the psycho into murdering his critics.

God's Country Trailer (1946)

15 March 1946

Lee Preston, aka Leland Bruce, kills a man in self defense but flees to the redwood country when the law makes it a murder charge.

A Knight for a Day Trailer (1946)

08 March 1946

By accident, Cedric (Goofy), replaces his master, Sir Loinsteak, in the armor just before the joust with champion Sir Cumference.

Gunning for Vengeance Trailer (1946)

21 March 1946

Steve Landry arrives as the new Marshal of a town that is having trouble with outlaws. When an outlaw escapes over the State line out of his jurisdiction, the Durango Kid brings him in.

The Gay Cavalier Trailer (1946)

30 March 1946

The Cisco Kid (Gilbert Roland) sets out on a double mission of rescuing a girl from forsaking her true love by marrying a supposedly wealthy suitor to save the old family hacienda, and he is also after the outlaws that robbed a stage carrying gold for the Mission.

Cinderella Jones Trailer (1946)

09 March 1946

Judy Jones can claim inheritance only if she marries a genius.

Lonesome Lenny Trailer (1946)

09 March 1946

Screwy Squirrel becomes the playmate of a lonesome, dopey, but strong dog Lenny, in a broad parody of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men.

Sentimental Journey Trailer (1946)

06 March 1946

An actress becomes taken with Hitty, a young orphan prone to dreaming. Julie soon finds out that she is ill and has only a short time to live.

Perilous Holiday Trailer (1946)

20 March 1946

Pat O'Brien makes the casual acquaintance of fellow American Ruth Warrick while on vacation in Mexico City.

Murder Is My Business Trailer (1946)

07 March 1946

Michael Shayne is a private detective who is disliked greatly by Pete Rafferty, local chief of police detectives.

Blonde Alibi Trailer (1946)

01 March 1946

Martha O'Driscoll fits the title role nicely in this B-noir thriller.

Uncivil War Birds Trailer (1946)

29 March 1946

The stooges are civil war soldiers who are constantly changing uniforms to avoid the opposing armies.

To Each His Own Trailer (1946)

12 March 1946

During World War I, small-town girl Josephine Norris has an illegitimate son by an itinerant pilot. After a scheme to adopt him ends up giving him to another family, she devotes her life to loving him from afar.

Jéricho Trailer (1946)

13 March 1946

Miss Susie Slagle's Trailer (1946)

04 March 1946

A student nurse falls in love with a young intern in 1910 Baltimore, but tragedy ensues when he contracts a fatal disease.

The Lady or the Tiger? Trailer (1946)

28 March 1946

Author Frank R. Stockton, often asked the question, finally decides to divulge the untold ending of his story, The Lady or the Tiger?

Fear Trailer (1946)

02 March 1946

B-movie film noir take on Crime and Punishment. A college student gets deeper and deeper in trouble when he takes a loan from a shady college professor.

Swing Parade of 1946 Trailer (1946)

19 March 1946

Swing Parade of 1946 is musical comedy film. In it the Three Stooges help an aspiring singer, Carol Lawrence (Gale Storm), and a nightclub owner, Danny Warren (Phil Regan), find love.

The Kid from Brooklyn Trailer (1946)

21 March 1946

Shy milkman Burleigh Sullivan accidentally knocks out drunken Speed McFarlane, a champion boxer who was flirting with Burleigh's sister.

Soy un Prófugo Trailer (1946)

11 March 1946

A janitor in a large bank is accused of pulling of a major heist. He is forced to become a fugitive while hunting for the real culprits.

They Knew Mr Knight Trailer (1946)

05 March 1946

After a chance train encounter with Laurence Knight, Tom Blake's family's fortunes prosper on the beneficence of the great financier.

Throw a Saddle on a Star Trailer (1946)

14 March 1946

Sheriff of Redwood Valley Trailer (1946)

29 March 1946

Redwood Valley residents raise $50,000 for blasting a mountain tunnel to bring a new railroad there. Town leader Bidwell engineers a plot to steal the money and to blame it on the Reno Kid (Bob Steele) who has recently broken out of prison in order to clear himself of false charges that sent him there and caused him to lose his ranch.

My Old Kentucky Home Trailer (1946)

28 March 1946

Nellie and her father, the Colonel, are comfortable in their "Old Kentucky Home" until Wolfie knocks on the door.

Mr. Noisy Trailer (1946)

22 March 1946

This All-Star Comedy (production number 7437, and a remake of 1940's "The Heckler" with Charley Chase) has Shemp Howard, noise-maker and heckler deluxe, hired by two gamblers to rattle a ball team while the gamblers bet on the opponents.

Sol y sombra Trailer (1946)

14 March 1946

A drama film directed by Rafael E. Portas.

Hop Harrigan: America's Ace of the Airways Trailer (1946)

27 March 1946

Hop Harrigan, a top Air Corps pilot, leaves the military and he and his mechanic, Tank Tinker, open up a small charter air service.

L'affaire du Grand-Hôtel Trailer (1946)

29 March 1946

Song of the Clouds Trailer (1946)

06 March 1946

Sylvio, a successful singer, has found a way to take a peaceful vacation, safe from his female adulators: to travel incognito.

13. revír Trailer (1946)

08 March 1946

The Spider Woman Strikes Back Trailer (1946)

22 March 1946

A young girl goes to work as a live-in caretaker for a spooky old woman. She doesn't know that every night, the woman drains some blood from her to feed her strange plant.

Private Snafu Presents Seaman Tarfu in the Navy Trailer (1946)

02 March 1946

Private Snafu (Situation Normal All Fucked Up) presents his brother Tarfu (Things Are Really Fuckey

Cross of Love Trailer (1946)

08 March 1946

The daughter of a lighthouse keeper runs away with a shipwrecked businessman to the city. But instead of her dreams, she ends up selling herself in the streets, until a painter finds her as an ideal model for his next painting.

Young Widow Trailer (1946)

04 March 1946

A young bride tries to rebuild her life after she learns her husband has been killed in the war.

Hare Remover Trailer (1946)

23 March 1946

Elmer Fudd is a mad scientist who wants to turn Bugs Bunny into a fiend. Bugs tricks this ersatz Dr. Jekyll into drinking his own mixture; later, each thinks the other has changed into a bear.

Jan Savitt and His Band Trailer (1946)

15 March 1946

This "Melody Masters" short traces Jan Savitt's career from first violinist in a symphony orchestra to leader of a top-rated jazz and recording outfit.

Quentin Quail Trailer (1946)

02 March 1946

Take-off on Fanny Brice's "Baby Snooks" radio program. An exasperated Mr. Quail tries to catch a worm for his whining daughter, Baby Toots, and gets the worst from a tough crow who has designs on the worm himself.

Together in the Weather Trailer (1946)

21 March 1946

Judy lives in the fair-weather clock and Punchy over in the foul-weather, but Judy, a lovely blonde de-icer and no shrinking violet, has aspirations of luring Punchy into taking up residence in her clock.

House Tricks? Trailer (1946)

15 March 1946

Olive is building a house when the boys happen by. They show off a bit to convince her to let them build her house for her.

The Wicked Wolf Trailer (1946)

07 March 1946

All of the mice gather around a giant TV to watch a fairy tale about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Wolf and his buddies are laying in wait for Goldilocks.

Bored of Education Trailer (1946)

01 March 1946

Lulu answers wrong on a history quiz after cheating off of Tubby. While sitting in the corner and wearing a dunce cap Lulu falls asleep and dreams of chasing Tubby through history to get back at him.

Chevalier d'un Jour Trailer (1946)

08 March 1946

The Temptation of Barbizon Trailer (1946)

13 March 1946

Daniel Gelin and Juliette Faber star as a blissfully happy honeymooning couple. They are so happy that they arouse the jealous attentions of Satan.

Le Chanteur inconnu Trailer (1946)

05 March 1946

Misión blanca Trailer (1946)

28 March 1946

Gentlemen With Guns Trailer (1946)

26 March 1946

While Fuzzy is waiting for his mail order bride, McCallister frames him for murder. McCallister then advises Matilda to marry Fuzzy so she will get the money when he is hung.

Visiting Vera Cruz Trailer (1946)

16 March 1946

This Traveltalks entry looks at the people, customs, and landmarks in Vera Cruz, the main port city of Mexico.