Movie Trailers - August 1933

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1933

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Turn Back the Clock Trailer (1933)

25 August 1933

While recuperating in a hospital after he's hit by an automobile, a struggling shopowner dreams what his life might have been like if he'd made different choices twenty years earlier.

The Private Life of Henry VIII Trailer (1933)

17 August 1933

Laughton won an Oscar for his portrayal of the 16th-century English monarch in Alexander Korda's biographical account.

The Ghoul Trailer (1933)

01 August 1933

British Egyptologist Professor Morlant finds a magic jewel in the tomb of an Oriental idol. This talisman is supposed to grant immortality to those who are buried with it.

Lullaby Land Trailer (1933)

19 August 1933

A baby is transported to Lullaby Land, where pacifiers grow on trees, diapers, bottles, and potty chairs march on parade, and the gingham dog comes to life.

Dinner at Eight Trailer (1933)

29 August 1933

Social climbing Millicent and Oliver Jordan throw a dinner for a bunch of New York society types, each of whom has much to reveal.

The Midnight Patrol Trailer (1933)

03 August 1933

Novice policemen Stan and Ollie bungle a burglary investigation.

Before Dawn Trailer (1933)

04 August 1933

Joe Valerie stashed a million dollars in gold from a robbery 15 years earlier. Now that he lay dying a painful death, he trades the location of the money to Dr.

Morning Glory Trailer (1933)

18 August 1933

Eva Lovelace, would-be actress trying to crash the New York stage, is a wildly optimistic chatterbox full of theatrical mannerisms.

The Snowman Trailer (1933)

24 August 1933

A young Eskimo and his animal friends build a snow man, only for it to come to life and terrorize the local wildlife.

Bitter Sweet Trailer (1933)

21 August 1933

A young girl falls in love with a young conductor in Vienna, and they marry. However, their marriage is threatened by a wealthy man.

Snow-White Trailer (1933)

01 August 1933

Trouble starts when the queen's magic mirror says Betty Boop is fairest.

Her First Mate Trailer (1933)

03 August 1933

A camp butcher on an Albany night boat dreams of the South Seas.

Blind Adventure Trailer (1933)

18 August 1933

An American tourist in foggy London stumbles on a corpse and a criminal ring. Robert Armstrong plays Richard Bruce, an American in fog bound London who stumbles into the midst of international intrigue, with Helen Mack as Rose Thorne, an innocent dupe.

De blaa drenge Trailer (1933)

15 August 1933

Sylvia Grøn bliver fyret som lærerinde. I stedet slår hun sig sammen med sin store beundrer, skuespilleren Herman Sander.

The Fighting Parson Trailer (1933)

01 August 1933

A cowboy on the run from a posse finds the clothes and ID of a preacher on the trail. He assumes the man's identity, but when he arrives at the nearest town, he rides into the middle of a hanging--and the man who is being hanged knows his real identity.

Three-Cornered Moon Trailer (1933)

08 August 1933

Wiped out by the Depression, a woman (Mary Boland) and her eccentric Brooklyn family face the notion of work.

Bosko's Picture Show Trailer (1933)

26 August 1933

Bosko runs a movie theater that shows a wacky newsreel with Jack Dumpsey, a slapstick short from Haurel and Lardy, and a turn-of-the-century melodrama starring Honey.

Galloping Romeo Trailer (1933)

04 August 1933

Money is mysteriously disappearing from a locked trunk atop the stage even though the trunk arrives still locked.

Tarzan the Fearless Trailer (1933)

11 August 1933

Mary Brooks' father, who has been studying ancient tribes, falls into the hands of "the people of Zar, god of the Emerald Fingers.

20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang Trailer (1933)

12 August 1933

Ray of Sunshine Trailer (1933)

25 August 1933

Hans, living in Vienna during the Great Depression, intends to drown himself in the river after losing his livelihood.

Tugboat Annie Trailer (1933)

04 August 1933

Waterfront couple raise their son to be a sea captain. He grows up to be rather snotty and rebels against drunken Beery.

Sing, Sinner, Sing Trailer (1933)

16 August 1933

A singer on a gambling ship is married to a wealthy playboy. When he is found murdered, all evidence points to her as the culprit, and she is put on trial for the crime.

One Man's Journey Trailer (1933)

31 August 1933

Dr. Eli Watt, a widower, comes to a small town, considering himself a failure in his attempt to have a meaningful career in New York.

This Day and Age Trailer (1933)

25 August 1933

DeMille returns to the high school milieu of The Godless Girl when that institution was still so fresh on the mass culture landscape that any examination of it felt ultra-contemporary and important.

Gruß und Kuß - Veronika Trailer (1933)

28 August 1933

Moonlight and Pretzels Trailer (1933)

01 August 1933

Karl Freund directed this backstage musical comedy.

The Old Man of the Mountain Trailer (1933)

04 August 1933

Betty Boop goes to see the fearsome Old Man of the Mountain for herself; he sings the title song and a duet with Betty.

Cubby's World Flight Trailer (1933)

24 August 1933

A Van Beuren "Aesop Fable" cartoon featuring Cubby Bear.

Captured! Trailer (1933)

19 August 1933

While waiting out World War I in a German POW camp, Captain Fred Allison discovers that his oldest and dearest friend Digby has also been captured and put into the same camp with him.

Narcotic Trailer (1933)

01 August 1933

As the opening scroll tells us, Narcotic was "presented in the hope that the public may become aware of the terrific struggle to rid the world of drug addiction.

Hooks and Jabs Trailer (1933)

24 August 1933

Harry is down and out. A woman friend from a temperance union loans him a buck. He goes to a bar and orders a glass of milk to get a free sandwich.

Pale-Face Trailer (1933)

11 August 1933

Flip's lunchtime picnic with his sweetheart (a human one) is interrupted by an Indian attack. The buffoonish "Injuns" drive them to a log cabin with their arrows, and there's a grand shootout.

Handlebars Trailer (1933)

26 August 1933

A humorous history of the bicycle since 1819.

Borinage Trailer (1933)

25 August 1933

Documentary about a miner's strike in Borinage.

Stoopnocracy Trailer (1933)

18 August 1933

S.O.S. Iceberg Trailer (1933)

30 August 1933

A expedition goes in search of a party lost the year before.

The Big Brain Trailer (1933)

04 August 1933

The Big Brain is a 1933 American drama film directed by George Archainbaud and written by Sy Bartlett and Warren Duff.

Man of the Forest Trailer (1933)

24 August 1933

Beasley, who is after Gayner's land, plans to kidnap his daughter. But Dale overhears their plan and kidnaps her himself.

A Certain Mr. Gran Trailer (1933)

15 August 1933

Un certain monsieur Grant Trailer (1933)

12 August 1933

Ranger's Code Trailer (1933)

14 August 1933

We're in the Money Trailer (1933)

26 August 1933

After the last human has left the department store, the toys walk over to the music department where they start performing the Warren/Dubin song "We're in the money".

One Year Later Trailer (1933)

24 August 1933

A man is convicted of killing his boss, whom he suspected of having an affair with his wife. On board the train taking him to prison for his execution are a reporter, who is dying of lung cancer and wants to interview the condemned man--and who also has some inside knowledge of the circumstances of the man's case.

Voltaire Trailer (1933)

05 August 1933

George Arliss plays the title role in this biographical drama.

Tango Trailer (1933)

01 August 1933

The "Tango Bar" is the fashion of the moment. The city's party-goers have chosen the small, cozy, intimate local venue for the night's wee hours.

Fem raske piger Trailer (1933)

20 August 1933

Money Talks Trailer (1933)

12 August 1933

This exuberant comedy about Jewish domestic life tells the story of an old man who is to inherit a legacy if he can prove he is in need, and who thus begins to gamble spectacularly with his savings.

Lördagskvällar Trailer (1933)

22 August 1933

Matinee Idol Trailer (1933)

29 August 1933

A well-known actor is murdered. Another performer becomes an amateur sleuth so she can prove her sister is innocent of the crime.

How to Break 90 #6: Fine Points Trailer (1933)

04 August 1933

The ultimate Bobby Jones golf series reaches its climactic conclusion on board a speeding train to oblivion.

Skyway Trailer (1933)

29 August 1933

A cocky young pilot, at the urging of his girlfriend, takes a nice, "safe" job at the bank where her father is president.

Beer and Pretzels Trailer (1933)

25 August 1933

Ted Healy and the 3 Stooges are fired and evicted from a theatre because Ted is annoys women working there.

Deluge Trailer (1933)

17 August 1933

A massive earthquake strikes the United States, which destroys the West Coast and unleashes a massive flood that threatens to destroy the East Coast as well.

The Big Chance Trailer (1933)

28 August 1933

Gangsters try to get a boxer to throw an important fight.

Liebe muss verstanden sein Trailer (1933)

03 August 1933

Kickin' the Crown Around Trailer (1933)

03 August 1933

Smugglers are on the loose and a thriving black market in salami is plaguing the nation. Clark and McCullough are hired to catch the smugglers.

The Nut Factory Trailer (1933)

03 August 1933

Dentures have gone missing at the Old Lady's Home, and Cubby is called in to investigate. After much sleuthing, he finds the answer: the squirrels have been using them to build a massive nut-processing factory, as nutcrackers and scoops.

Notorious But Nice Trailer (1933)

04 August 1933

A lover selflessly steps aside to let her guy go so he can hook up with a rich dame. Sadly, the goodie good girl ends up marrying some scum bag gambler.

Shanghai Madness Trailer (1933)

03 August 1933

In the 1920s Pat Jackson destroys a Chinese post and is discharged from the Navy. Li Po Chang hires him to run a gunboat up the river.