Movie Trailers - September 1933

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1933

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Lady for a Day Trailer (1933)

13 September 1933

Never-wed, poor, rough around the edges Apple Annie has always written to her daughter, Louise, in Spain that she is married and a member of New York's high society.

Wild Boys of the Road Trailer (1933)

22 September 1933

At the height of the Great Depression, Tommy's mother has been out of work for months when Eddie's father loses his job.

Puppy Love Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

Mickey's in trouble when Pluto and Fifi eat Minnie's chocolates.

Passing Fancy Trailer (1933)

07 September 1933

Two Tokyo co-workers come across a destitute young lady in search of a place to live.

I've Got to Sing a Torch Song Trailer (1933)

23 September 1933

Blackout gags and music, including the title song originated in the movie musical Gold Diggers of 1933.

Penthouse Trailer (1933)

08 September 1933

Gertie Waxted (Myrna Loy) knows how a notorious gangster Jim Crelliman runs his rackets, because she’s long been under the hoodlum’s thumb.

Buddy's Day Out Trailer (1933)

09 September 1933

This cartoon has some amusing sight gags like a car going back through a fence and crashing into various animals before landing in Cookie's yard or a train that seems on its way into crashing into a car with Elmer and Happy inside when Buddy and Cookie use a ladder to derail the locomotive in another direction.

Broadway to Hollywood Trailer (1933)

15 September 1933

Broadway to Hollywood is a through-the-years saga about a show business family. Frank Morgan and Alice Brady play vaudeville headliners of the 1880s whose fame is eclipsed by their son (played as a youth by Jackie Cooper, then as an adult by Russell Hardie).

Berkeley Square Trailer (1933)

15 September 1933

A young American man is transported back to London in the time of the American Revolution and meets his ancestors.

To the Last Man Trailer (1933)

15 September 1933

In Kentucky just after the Civil War, the Hayden-Colby feud leads to Jed Colby being sent to prison for 15 years for murder.

Golden Harvest Trailer (1933)

21 September 1933

A play by Nina Wilcox Putnam was the source for the empire-building drama Golden Harvest. Chester Morris stars as ambitious grain trader Chris Martin, who through fair and foul means corners the wheat market and becomes a millionaire.

Brief Moment Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

A high living society playboy marries a nightclub singer, and she soon realizes that, though they're genuinely in love, the husband's endless partying completely dominates and is destroying their marriage.

Beauty for Sale Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

A beautiful woman lands a job at an exclusive salon that deals with the wives of wealthy businessmen.

The Solitaire Man Trailer (1933)

22 September 1933

Which of the six passengers aboard a plane flying from Paris to England is the notorious jewel thief known as The Solitaire Man? Director Jack Conway's 1933 mystery stars Herbert Marshall, Elizabeth Allan, Lionel Atwill, Mary Boland, May Robson, Ralph Forbes, Lucille Gleason, Robert McWade and Harry Holman.

The Pied Piper Trailer (1933)

16 September 1933

The people of Hamelin, overrun with rats, offer a bag of gold to anyone who can get rid of the rats. A piper offers to do the job, and successfully lures the rats into a mirage of cheese, which disappears.

One Sunday Afternoon Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

Middle-aged dentist Biff Grimes reminisces about his unrequited love for beautiful Virginia Brush and her husband Hugo, his ex-friend, who betrayed him.

The Big Bluff Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

The Steeple Chase Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

Mickey is set to ride Thunderbolt in the big race; his owner, the Colonel, has bet everything. But the stable-hands goof off and incapacitate the horse.

I Was A Spy Trailer (1933)

04 September 1933

During World War I, a young nurse in a hospital in German-occupied Belgium is secretly feeding military information to the British.

Bureau of Missing Persons Trailer (1933)

08 September 1933

Butch Saunders has been transferred to Missing Persons because he was too brutal in other police work.

The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon Trailer (1933)

24 September 1933

Utensils and food dance, sing, and play in the kitchen, until a lump of dough turns into a monster and they all unite to stop it.

I Heard Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

The miners at Never Mine go to Betty Boop's Tavern (a jazz-jumpin' place) for lunch; back in the mine, Bimbo delves into weird realms.

Deserter Trailer (1933)

18 September 1933

A wise and forgiving communist leader decides to send a young worker, Karl Renn, as an international delegate to the Soviet Union after the worker had deserted a picket-line and had expressed doubts about the methods of class struggle in in his own country.

Goodbye Again Trailer (1933)

09 September 1933

Flirtatious mix-ups abound when a celebrated novelist tangles with an old flame and her suspicious husband.

Stage Mother Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

A vaudeville performer is reunited with the teenage daughter she was forced to give up as a toddler. She teaches her the only profession that she knows.

Dora's Dunking Doughnuts Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

Schoolteacher Andy Wilson makes his usual morning stop for coffee and donuts at Dora's Home Bakery. Today he enjoys talking to Dora so much that he is late to school for the first time.

Bosko's Mechanical Man Trailer (1933)

26 September 1933

Bosko creates a robot. The only problem is that his creation goes mad wreaking havoc.

Hitlerjunge Quex Trailer (1933)

10 September 1933

A Nazi propaganda film based upon the life and death of Hitler Youth Heini Volker, killed while distributing flyers in a Communist neighborhood.

Rafter Romance Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

A working girl shares her apartment with an artist, taking the place in shifts.

Damaged Lives Trailer (1933)

15 September 1933

An extramarital affair leads to a young couple contracting venereal disease.

Doctor Bull Trailer (1933)

22 September 1933

In this engaging adaptation of James Gould Cozzen's novel The Last Adam, film icon Will Rogers portrays Dr.

The Emperor Jones Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

Unscrupulously ambitious ,Brutus Jones escapes from jail after killing a guard and, through bluff and bravado, finds himself the emperor of a Caribbean island.

Tout pour l'amour Trailer (1933)

15 September 1933

Ship of Wanted Men Trailer (1933)

08 September 1933

A shipful of fugitives from justice pulls up on a Pacific Island where there are no extradition laws.

The Premature Father Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

Architects' Congress Trailer (1933)

05 September 1933

Architects' Congress is Lázló Moholy-Nagy's cinematic journal which recorded the 4th meeting of the CIAM (International Congress of Modern Architecture) in August of 1933.

Dance, Girl, Dance Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

Vaudevillian Joe Pitt sweeps young Sally Patter off of her feet and steals the lovestruck girl away from her small-town family to join his act.

Menu Trailer (1933)

23 September 1933

A chef helps a housewife cook a duck dinner that will not give her husband indigestion.

Five and Dime Trailer (1933)

17 September 1933

Oswald is out on the street in a good mood, but a rainstorm drives him into a Five & Dime store, where he finds songs, jokes and a bride.

I Loved a Woman Trailer (1933)

23 September 1933

The son of a ruthless meatpacking king goes through a number of changes in ideals and motivations as he reluctantly inherits the mantle and falls in love.

Bedtime Worries Trailer (1933)

08 September 1933

An Our Gang Comedy. Spanky's parents are trying unsuccessfully to get Spanky to spend a peaceful first night in his own room.

Lover Divine Trailer (1933)

08 September 1933

A section from the life of composer Franz Schubert as a material for a love story.

King Klunk Trailer (1933)

04 September 1933

Pooch the Pup takes his girlfriend and an anthropomorphic camera to the jungle in search of the giant ape, King Klunk.

The Wolf Dog Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

The story of a boy, a dog, and a man. The boy discovers he is heir to a shipping line, and travels to Los Angeles, accompanied by inventor/radio operator Bob Whitlock and Irene Blaine.

Unsichtbare Gegner Trailer (1933)

26 September 1933

The Fatal Note Trailer (1933)

28 September 1933

The Little King prepares to play the piano, but a evil witch has put a bomb in it.

Rufus Jones for President Trailer (1933)

08 September 1933

A fantasy satire on politics in which a little boy dreams that he becomes President of the U.S. and his 'mammy' is Vice President.

I Yam What I Yam Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

Popeye, Olive Oyl and Wimpy are shipwrecked on an island of hostile Indians

Seasoned Greetings Trailer (1933)

22 September 1933

The owner of an unsuccessful greeting-card store attempts to sell 'talking' greeting cards in the form of records.

Use Your Imagination Trailer (1933)

02 September 1933

The Masquerader Trailer (1933)

03 September 1933

A drug-addicted member of Parliament needs to take time off and secretly pull his life together, so he gets his lookalike cousin (both played by Ronald Colman) to agree to temporarily assume his identity.

Torch Singer Trailer (1933)

08 September 1933

When she can't support her illegitimate child, an abandoned young woman puts her up for adoption and pursues a career as a torch singer.

Marching Along Trailer (1933)

30 September 1933

Comic strip character The Little King in an animated short, produced by Van Beuren studios.

Une femme au volant Trailer (1933)

15 September 1933

A young sportsman, heir to a tyre manufacturers wants to end the rivalry between his father's company and their main rival, by marrying the daughter of the rival family.

Der Traum vom Rhein Trailer (1933)

07 September 1933

Une vie perdue Trailer (1933)

08 September 1933

Too Much Harmony Trailer (1933)

23 September 1933

A singer is involved with two women in his life, one a "good" girl and one a "bad" one."

Ist mein Mann nicht fabelhaft? Trailer (1933)

28 September 1933

600 000 francs par mois Trailer (1933)

01 September 1933

Matricule 33 Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933